Vampire Heaven Episode 7 Recap

We open with Hayato getting dressed when Sakurako enters worried about him being up and around. Hayato then asks how long she intends to live in the apartment with Ken and Koma. Sakurako asks what’s wrong and Hayato tells her to come live with him. He grabs her hand and goes to drag her out of the apartment, but Sakurako tells him that she cannot be by his side. He leaves without another word and Sakurako collapses to her knees.

Koma comes in and sees Sakurako’s dejected form. What’s wrong? Sakurako tries to keep her tears at bay and says that he hates her, but it can’t be helped since she cannot remain by his side or else she will end up drinking his blood. Koma looks on hurting for her friend as Sakurako says that her heart hurts even thought it has long been dead. Koma pulls her crying friend into a hug and cries with her.

The mood in the club is gloomy with both Koma and Sakurako all depressed. Aoi asks Ken to sing to try to brighten the atmosphere. Ken asks if she has managed to contact Hayato. Aoi replies she hasn’t and then says that Hayato has his own problems. What problems? Turns out that he is the son of a famous producer and CM maker. Go figure. Of course hearing about Hayato makes Sakurako all the more depressed. Enter Risa…with Hayato!

The two are all cozy and chatting it up on the couch in the club. Or rather…Risa is all cheery and chatty while Hayato just looks like a zombie. Risa calls out for Sakurako and Ken tries to go instead, but Sakurako assures him that she is fine and goes over. Risa orders a sangria and asks what Hayato wants. He replies nothing, but Sakurako doesn’t leave. She asks after his injuries. Hayato replies that they are better and this makes Sakurako somewhat happy to hear that he’s on the mend. She then goes to Aoi and says she will take an rushes out crying.

Koma brings the drink over instead and slams it down in front of Risa and Hayato with an angry glare telling them to enjoy it as it is her treat. Risa calls her scary and then brings up the fact that it looks like Sakurako was crying. Hayato lifelessly says he doesn’t care since the girl has nothing to do with him anymore. Enter Ken who angrily scolds Hayato for his actions and attitude. How much longer will Hayato keep hurting Sakurako? Ken then brings up Hayato’s half-heartedness. If he has such an amazing father, why is he wasting his talent in the club?

Hayato jumps to his feet and grabs Ken’s collar. He doesn’t do anything. Instead he just softly says he knows. Aoi then breaks in, if he knows, then why doesn’t he do something about it? If he keeps living his life half-heartedly then he should give up on Sakurako. If he wishes to be with her, then he has to man up and prepare himself. After this serious talk, Aoi puts on a smile and saunters out of the club. Hayato takes up Risa’s sangria and starts drinking it. He gets a shock. Ken explains that Komachi put a LOT of tobasco sauce in it. LOL. Trust Koma to do that. Nevertheless, Hayato drinks it all done and leaves as well. This makes Risa rather unhappy.

Koma goes up to the roof and tells Sakurako that Hayato must be suffering right now. What does she mean? Koma made her special juice as revenge for him hurting Sakurako. This makes her friend smile a little. This makes Koma glad. She then wonders what is so great about Hayato. Sakurako says she doesn’t know exactly why, but something about Hayato is good. Sakurako then teases Koma for having changed—didn’t she always complain about Hayato being a human?

Koma says that she still doesn’t like the fact that he is a human and then starts rambling about how painful it must be to love someone and because of that want their blood to the point you unintentionally kill him. It’s depressing and painful. Sakurako says it is okay as she will no longer remain by his side. However, she cannot deny that she likes him no matter what. Aoi watches this sisterly bonding and confession with a smile before leaving.

The next day Aoi is doing something outside the club. What? I’m not entirely sure, but when the Count’s goons try to get in they run into an invisible wall. This shocks them. How can that be possible? They wake up the Count to tell him they had a problem infiltrating the enemy’s place. The Count is angry—not at their failure, but because they woke him up to tell him about it. He threatens them with death and they quickly say they have found the girl helping Koma and Sakurako. This calms the Count down, but he’ll wait for another 8 hours so he can finish his sleeping. So ridiculous.

When Koma tries to enter the apartment, she, too, is rebuffed by the invisible wall and goes sprawling backwards. Ken and Aoi run up and Aoi apologizes since she had not yet given Koma the “key” which ends up being a bracelet. Koma gets to her feet and then slowly tries to get in again. When she can, she is happy and amazed by what Aoi can do.

The three then go into the club where they see Sakurako all depressed with Hayto’s guitar. Aoi sits down and asks if Sakurako knows whose guitar that is. It’s Ken’s, right? No, it’s Hayato’s. This surprises Sakurako. Aoi then reveals it was his father’s. Ken then pipes in and says Hayato demanded he throw it out. Really?

Love and hate are inseparable—you can’t help loving something as much as you want to break it.

Aoi then says that in summary Hayato is an immature brat. Koma replies that compared to the vapiresses everyone is immature. True. Sakurako then asks if the guitar is important to Hayato. Aoi says it is and asks Sakurako to look after it for him. Sakurako happily agrees. She puts the guitar down on the stage and everyone goes into the kitchen to prepare food for the opening.

Risa then comes into the club and takes the guitar away. Why? She goes outside where her friends are examining the barrier that Aoi put up. Risa hands the guitar over saying she didn’t find Hayato and asks her friends to trash the guitar. She then leaves and her friends ponder why they would throw Hayato’s guitar out and then which trash it belongs to. Two high school girls then come up and ask for the guitar to use at their festival. Sakurako notices the missing guitar and rushes outside. She sees Risa’s friends and asks them about it. When she learns they gave the guitar away she steals one of their scarves and rushes off in a blink of an eye.

Koma sees that Sakurako is missing and Ken asks where she could have gone. Koma says that she has a bad feeling and rushes out of the shop. When sunlight hits her skin she is instantly burned. She pulls her injured hand back into the shade and calls her friend an idiot. She then gets sunglasses and a parasol and Ken and Aoi help in the search for the missing vampire. All three are very worried about her.

Sakurako is walking home with the guitar. She is very weak and her clothes are all torn. She collapses to the ground and the scarf covering her head falls to the ground. She slowly gets to her feet and staggers on.

Aoi and Ken try to assure Koma that Sakurako is smart and found some shade to rest in, but Koma knows better. Knowing it could cost her life, Sakurako still went running after Hayato’s guitar. Enter Hayato and Koma grabs him by the collar and says that it is his fault, he “killed” her. She then tosses him aside and he demands to know what is wrong. Koma then quietly says that even though it would most likely kill her, Sakurako went in search of his guitar. Koma tears up and says Sakurako must be suffering. Hayato grabs her by the collar this time and demands to know what she is talking about.

Enter Sakurako. She falls to her feet hugging the guitar and Koma pulls her into a hug. Sakurako thanks her and Koma calls her an idiot. Sakurako then collapses and we get a voice over about how love is not just dangerous for the human, but for the vampire as well.

This week’s episode looks like we will finally get a fight between Koma and Sakurako thanks to Koma’s budding feelings for the angst-ridden guitarist.


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