30 Day Asian Drama Challenge Set 2 – Day 5

This is another repeat questions from the first set of the 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge, and this answer of mine didn’t change.

Day 05: Name an Asian drama that made you cry.

I don’t cry. Often. I racked my brains last time for a drama that made me cry and you can see the whole response here: www.asianaddictsanonymous.com/30-day-asian-drama-challenge-day-28/

In short, Bu Bu Jing Xin‘s ending did have me in tears even though I normally don’t cry. It…was just such a sad ending. Of course, that was a drama in which you knew you couldn’t get a happy ending. And now they are rebooting for a second season taking place in the present with the reincarnation of the princes and our modern lady whose consciousness was transported into the body of Ruo Xi. That news is almost enough to make you cry as you wonder how such a show could ever live up to the mastery of the first.


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