Spring Love Episode 14 Recap

The end is here, but we have a quite a few things that need wrapping up. How well will this be done? Answer: Not well at all. Sigh. Typical.

Ren Mei is crying over Tai’s body when the machine starts showing a heart beat again. This relieves everyone. However, that doesn’t mean that Tai is out of the woods. He returned to life, but only to fall into a deep coma from which he may never wake. Long feels that this is his punishment from heaven. It should be him lying there and not his youngest son. Ah Xiang and Ah Lun then go up to Tian He and blame him for Tai’s condition. Ren Mei rushes out to save him and says that Tai did everything he could for Tian He so imagine how horrible Tian He is feeling right now.

Ren Mei then goes to Long and tells him that Tai will definitely wake up and be all right as long as they have faith. She then walks over to Tai and holds his hand. She tells him that she knows he must be very tired and that is why he doesn’t wish to open his eyes. That’s fine. He can have a nice, long rest and the Longs will stay there with him. Tai just needs to promise that when he has slept enough that he will then wake up. Did he hear her? Ren Mei then crosses her pinkies with him that means he has promised her. She then tells him she will come visit him again tomorrow and to keep fighting. Enter Dr. Qin.

At the Zhao resort, Ren Hu is playing the stock market when his grandmother comes in. Has he heard the news about the Longs? She never would have thought that family would fall so low (and its basically all your grandson’s doing). She cannot believe that Ren Hu was adamant not to help them. Ren Hu reminds his grandmother they run a business, not a charity. Fine. That’s not why she’s there. The resort is obviously doing well, but why do the records show Ren Hu transferring profits. He’s not playing with shares again is he? Ren Hu assures her he isn’t (liar).

At the hospital, Dr. Qin asserts that both twins have a strong will to live, so Tai should be fine in the long run. Long is confused. What is going on? Dr. Qin then reveals that Granny Long tried to have the twins’ mother hit by a car so that she would miscarry. The plan went awry and Meizhi Zhi was saved. She then begged Mrs. Long to let the babies live. Mrs. Long agreed as long Meizhi Zhi never stepped foot in the Long house again. She agreed to this and took Tai with her since the baby was very sickly. Mrs. Long tried to stop her, but Dr. Qin pleaded with her to let Meizhi Zhi keep Tai. Long and Tian He are both shocked by this story that Qin has kept all of these years. He’s also shocked to learn that tablet he found in Japan was really his mother’s wishing both he and Tai health.

The angry boy goes out and asks why his grandmother lied to him and made him hate his mother so much. Since Granny Long loved him, why did she nurture his hatred until he even hurt his precious little brother? He then yells and asks what he should do now. Poor boy. We then cut to the Long house to see a leaf on the cherry tree.

Tian He goes back to his brother’s room and finds Ren Mei asleep holding his hand. He stares at Tai for awhile before quietly leaving. He leans against the wall outside and looks back at the door to his brother’s room. Ren Mei wakes up and wishes Tai a good morning. She asks if slept well and then tells him she dreamt he got out of bed and told her he was only playing a prank. Ren Mei then tears up and asks him to wake up soon.

Ren Mei then gets a phone call from Uncle Zhang and leaves the room. She tells him to assure Granny that she is fine and will be home shortly. She turns and there is Tian He still standing outside. Has he been standing there the whole night? Tian He says that since he hurt his little brother so badly, how could he leave? Ren Mei says that if Tai learns of Tian He’s worry, he will be very happy. Tian He then straightens up and and thanks her. For what? For speaking up on his behalf in front of everyone and not hating him for what he did to Tai. Ren Mei says that this is because he is Tai’s older brother and that Tai would definitely not want her to hate him. Tian He tells Ren Mei to go home now since he is there to watch over Tai. He also assures Ren Mei that she is Tai’s lighthouse and can definitely guide him back so she must not give up hope.

The Longs go to visit Tai and find Tian He sitting in the room asking him to wake up to help the Long resort as well as tell him everything about their mother and his life in Japan. He also tells Tai that he will tell him everything about Long and himself. Tian He complains that he was not a filial son and always rebelled against Long even though he knew his father was lonely. Tian He also admits to using his illness for over ten years to try to get his father to care about him once more. He wipes away tears and asks if he is immature. He then tells Tai that he has been lonely since he was a child and always envied those who had siblings. Now that he finally has a younger brother, can’t Tai let him be a good older brother? Tian He takes Tai’s hands and tells him to promise that he will wake up. Long silently closes the door.

Later when Tian He is passing through the hospital’s lobby he sees a newscast with Ren Hu and the village head about a partnership between the Zhao resort and the Long. Suspicious. He then goes to Tai’s room where Ah Lun and Ah Xiang are sitting outside. Ah Lun says Ah Pan wants him to forgive Tian He, but Ah Lun just isn’t that good of a person. Ah Xiang isn’t willing to forgive either and if Tai doesn’t wake up, he’s going to beat Tian He. The two boys go to walk away and Tian He says that he knows they are still angry with him, but are they willing to help him recover the Long home?

Ah Lun and Ah Xiang wear masks and corner the village head. They say their boss wishes to get rid of him since he has got he Long resort. Village Head says that Ren Hu wouldn’t possibly say that because of their interview earlier. Enter Tian He. So Ren Hu is the mastermind? Tian He then tells Ren Mei and asks for a favor. He wishes her to search Ren Hu’s office to locate the plans and see if she can glean if he has any investors as the construction project for the Long resort would be easily 10 million. While searching her brother’s office, Ren Hu comes in suddenly forcing Ren Mei to hide. She overhears him saying that he gets people to invest and manipulates the stock. Hmmm. He leaves and Ren Mei finds a business card on his desk. She then goes to a fancy restaurant to attract the attention of this investment specialist as he focuses on wealthy women. Thus she is able to glean more information about Ren Hu’s plans and market manipulations.

Tian He reports all of these findings to Ah Pan and Lao Tu. He reports that the company Ren Hu is using has great potential for going bankrupt given their investments and the bad economy. Ah Pan doesn’t understand all the technical stuff, and just wishes to know if Ren Hu will be in trouble. Of course! But…how will this help them regain the springs? Tian He agrees with Lao Tu. How can they use this news to their advantage to save the Long hot springs?

Ren Hu is in his office when he sees that news report about the company’s bankruptcy. He’s worried now. He can’t let the Zhao resort go bankrupt, too! Enter Granny and Ren Mei. Has Ren Hu still not learned his lesson? She warned him away from playing with shares. If it wasn’t for Ren Mei bringing Tian He there to talk to her, she would never have known just what her grandson was up to. Ren Hu is livid. How dare his baby sister tattle on him? Ren Mei tells him she was worried about both him and the resort. Ren Hu yells that he’s much smarter than her so she shouldn’t interfere.


You go Granny! It’s about time you smacked your arrogant grandson. Granny says that he still hasn’t come to his senses and has disappointed her. Ren Hu smiles and says he’s doing this all for their resort. Zhao points out that there is no connection between the Longs’ business or their own. Ren Hu reminds her about how she always told him the Long land was originally theirs. He’s kept those words in his heart all of these years. Her shocked expression says it all. Granny then says that year she was venting her frustrations and that was actually not the truth. This surprises Zhao and she’s on the verge of collapses…this is all her fault!

Enter Tian He who tells her not to blame herself. He then tells Ren Hu that he should have approached him directly. Tian He knows Ren Hu won’t believe him or back down, thus that is why he had Ren Mei bring him to the resort to talk to Granny Zhao. Tian He then tells Ren Hu that as long as he returns the Long resort, then they will pay off Xiao Xiang’s debt. Ren Hu says he doesn’t need the lecture and Tian He says he knows that right now Ren Hu is blinded by his grudge. Ren Hu smirks and says Tian He must be happy that the Zhao family is facing ruin. Granny says that they are not failing yet. Thanks to Tian He, she has managed to save the resort from going under so can’t Ren Hu give them back their home?

Tian He gets back home and Long asks what happened in the end. Tian He’s face looks bleak at first, but then he breaks into a grin and says they can return home now. This makes everyone happy. Ah Pan and Lao Tu immediately go to pack leaving Long and his eldest son alone. Long puts his hand on Tian He’s shoulder and compliments him. This makes Tian He smile happily.

At the hospital, Ren Mei tells Tai about Tian He getting the Long house back. No movement. Didn’t he hear what she said? Tian He then comes in and looks at his little brother with a face full of pain. He asks if Tai is doing okay. Ren Mei stands up and says that he’s unchanging. Tian He the apologizes to her. Why? He takes out her necklace and she wonders why he has it when she gave it to Tai. Tian He then reveals it was him that day and not Tai. Ren Mei cries and says that is going too far. Tian He reveals that he has never know what love is or how to love anyone. He doesn’t have the right to like Ren Mei, only Tai has the right to give her happiness.

Tian He says he has seen from a long time ago that Tai dearly loved Ren Mei. That is why he backed away quietly to ensure her happiness (with Tian He). Tian He then says that Tai’s greatest pain was that he fell in love with Ren Mei while pretending to be someone else that she loved. Tian He apologizes once more and says he has no right to keep the necklace as it is something Ren Mei should give to Tai. Ren Mei takes the necklace back and approaches Tai. She knows he can hear her. She tells him that she wishes to hear from his own mouth that he likes her so he needs to wake up. Ren Mei shakes his shoulder and cries, begging him to wake up and talk to her as she needs him. When she gets no response she cries into his shoulder while Tian He also tears up.

Tai’s spirit is still wondering in limbo. He’s already to go with his beloved mother when he hears Ren Mei’s voice once more crying and begging him to wake up and tell her how he feels. He then recalls his mother’s wish that she find a woman he loves and can be happy. His eyes widen and we cut to the hospital room where we can see his fingers move. Tian He sees this and calls out his little brother’s name. Ren Mei sits up and sees Tai’s eyes are open. Ren Mei goes to happily call for a doctor, but he shakes his head no. She takes off his oxygen mask and he apologizes for making her worry. Ren Mei cries and laughs and says it is okay since he’s awake. Tian He also cries happy that his brother is finally awake.

Later Tian He pays Tai a visit and watches him sleep. He puts down a bag of apples and goes to leave. Tia asks why he didn’t say anything. Tian He says he thought his brother was asleep. Tai says he’s been sleeping for too long now and asks Tian He to take a walk with him. Tian He asks if he can refuse his little brother’s request. Tai asks what he thinks. The two end up sitting behind the hospital looking up at stars. Tian He confesses he used to do that all of the time when he was ill. Tai reveals his mother used to do the same thing, too. That means she was thinking of Tian He.

The elder twin then asks about their mother and Tai lovingly describes what a good woman she was. Tian He says that Tai was fortunate to be able to live with Meizhi Zhi. Tai smiles and says Tian He’s life with the “old fogey” wasn’t bad either. Really? Or is Tai just comforting him? Tai says the latter and then cracks a smile. He assures his twin that Long really does love him, but is horrible at expressing it. Tian He then apologizes for the Ren Mei situation and tells Tai that the two must end up happy and together otherwise he’ll have to live with the guilt for the rest of his life. Tai smiles once more and then asks if all brothers are such busybodies. Tian He says she doesn’t know about other brothers, but he is. does that make him hateful? Tai then sees a shooting star and tells his brother to quickly make a wish.

Back in the hospital room, Tai tells Tian He that the wishes the Long hot springs will do well. What was Tian He’s wish? Tian He refuses to tell as wishes don’t come true if you tell. Tai chides him for not telling since he already told Tian He, but Tian He says that he will only reveal it once it comes true. Tai then feels apologetic for Tian He’s life while they were separated. He then says their mother used to sing to cheer up. What did she sing? Tai then starts singing a Japanese song. He tears up and stops singing. We then get to see all the scenes with Meizhi Zhi before she died. Tian He also cries.

The twins return to the Long home soon followed by Xiao Xiang who apologizes for running off and hiding when things got bad. Long tells her that is okay and that is now in the past. That night at dinner, Tai makes up the dishes his mother used to cook for Tian He. The other boy tries it misty eyed and says it is delicious. This makes everyone happy. Tian He then says that it is a bit overcooked. He then says he will had over the cooking of the food to Tai and he will be the manager. Silence. Tai isn’t considering going back to Japan is he? Tai then gets a call from Wenzi’s father.

Tai explains that Kenji is asking him to return to help out at the fish market. Long says his youngest never intended to stay, did he? Tai says that he doesn’t want to impede Tian He as he is the real successor of the springs. Ah Pan then comes to tell him he’s got a call from Granny Zhao. He answers it and gets a shocked look on his face. What did she tell him?

Tai meets up with Ren Mei and tells her that he is going back to Japan to settle matters with Kenji. Ren Mei asks what she will do then. Tai urges her to go to the states to study with Kate. But it’s for one whole year! This means they will be apart. Tai tells her that is okay because no matter where she is he will watch her fly, so she should just fly. She smiles and the two share a very sweet kiss.

Tai goes back to see Xiao Xiang’s restaurant is doing well and runs into Ren Hu who vows to keep competing with the Long resort. Tai tells him they will be sure to give him a run for his money. Tai then tells about Wenzi talking to him before she left. She knew that Ren Hu did many harmful things to the Long family and thus she felt very hurt since she fell in love with him. Ren Hu is over the moon! Wenzi confessed that she loves him!? Ren Hu is happy as he thought it was just his one-sided love. He then asks Tai to relay a message to Wenzi that he will prove he is not the wrong man to love.

The Long men stand outside under the cherry tree that has finally bloomed. Lao Tu takes their picture. We then cut to Tai busy packing when Tian He comes to see him. When his his flight? Tai reminds Tian He that there is no need to send him off. Tai then stands up and takes off his necklace. He hands it over to Tian He saying he found it in his mother’s drawer after she passed. It belongs to the successor of the resort. Tian He refuses to take it as the resort is both of their’s, not his alone. Tai tells him to take good care of it until he comes back. Tian He tells him not to worry and pulls him into a brief hug.

Ren Mei is also packing her things and looking rather depressed when Ren Hu comes knocking. He is coming to give her some money for her travels. Ren Mei says there is no need, but Ren Hu puts it into her hands saying she will need it overseas. Ren Mei takes it and he tells her to be careful while she is overseas. He turns his back to go and then confesses he caused their parents death. Ren Hu then reveals what happened with him and their father. Apparently Ren Hu only went up the mountain to break the Long sign and since Ren Mei wanted to pick flowers he took her with him. He then turns and tells her that he kept this inside his heart all of these years and unfairly pushed the blame on her. He’s a weak and horrible brother who did her wrong. He apologizes and asks for her forgiveness.

Enter Granny Zhao who again says that everything was caused by her. She thought it was all because of the children’s mother and thus she forced Ren Mei to give up ballet. She cries as she never thought that she had caused so much pain. She apologizes to both of the children and Ren Mei rushes up to hug her, telling her not to blame herself. They can start anew, can’t they?

Ye gads I’m already hating this ending as they are wrapping things up very quickly and there was really no real reason for the relationships to be healed all that quickly. They could have paced it a wee bit better. Even Tian He’s stopping of Ren Hu’s plot was very anticlimactic.

Ah Lun, Ah Pan, Lao Tu, and Ah Xiang stop Ren Hu and Ren Mei to say their goodbyes and give Ren Mei a letter from Tai urging her to come to Japan once she is done in the US. We then get a montage of everyone’s lives. Ren Hu has become nicer and even works with the Long family whose business is currently booming. Tian He writes to his brother and urges him to come back to Taiwan as they are missing him while Ren Mei does well in her dancing.

Tai then gets an unexpected early visit from Ren Mei. It hasn’t been a year yet! Ren Mei says the performances have ended and she came to visit him. She also says that she will not be going back to the US either as her dream of dancing has been fulfilled. Now she wants her new dream—to be with him forever. She tosses the fixed necklace at him and he pulls her into a hug.

End episode. End series.

Again…this had a few pacing flaws. Overall a nice drama but the ending throws everything off and makes some of what happened earlier seem overly dramatic and silly if they planned on ending things like this. How disappointing.

It turns out that Ren Hu really didn’t have a valid reason for his intense hatred of Tian He and the Long family. And why was it that Zhao felt so frustrated that year when she complained the Long’s stole their land? WTF? I mean…seriously? All that angst and melodrama because she was irritated with no valid reason! They could have planned out better motivations than they really did.

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