Spring Love Episode 13 Recap

So…will Ren Mei accept Tian He’s rather dubious proposal?

Lao Tu asks where Long Tai is and Ah Pan says he went out to distribute fliers. Did he take the bike? Ah Pan then reminds him that the bike is what Long gave to Tian He. So? What difference does that make? Of course Tian He overhears all of this and commands Tai to not touch his bike again. Why? Tai says there is no reason beyond the bike is his to begin with. Sheesh. Tai glares at him for a bit and then tosses the helmet on the ground saying as his brother likes and walks away. Tian He thinks to himself as his little brother walks away that he will reclaim everything that is his.

We then get to where we left off last episode with Tian He riding to pick Ren Mei up after practice. Meanwhile Tai is walking along the bridge when he runs into the depressed Wenzi. He asks what is wrong and Wenzi replies her heart is confused and she doesn’t know what to do any more. Wenzi then spouts that she is afraid of becoming more and more distanced from him. Tai has no idea what she is talking about and Wenzi replies that she doesn’t either. She then throws herself into his arms and cries about not understanding her own feelings. She then says she did him wrong. No. It’s just that you found someone else you liked more.

At this time Tian He smirks as he passes by Tai with Ren Mei on the back of the bike. Tai must be hurting now, right? Tian He then takes Ren Mei to his favorite place. He would go there and shout out his feelings and the mountains would answer back. This always made him feel better. Ren Mei recalls the night that Tai shouted out to comfort and encourage her. When she sees Tian He’s smile she asks him not to smile at her as it reminds her of Tai. This makes Tian He frown and Ren Mei wonders why she feels no warmth or comfort from Tian He when he and Tai look the same. Um…because he has a cold and callous personality while you can tell that Tai has a warm and caring one?

Seriously, it is annoying me how people can’t a) tell the twins apart and b) can’t understand why they aren’t the same. Sure. They are identical twins, but that doesn’t mean identical tastes and personalities. Tai grew up in the loving home of his mother while Tian He grew up in the poisonous home of his grandmother. The two boys are bound to be different. Ren Mei then apologizes and tells Tian He that her heart has been very confused. She was angry that Tai impersonated Tian He, but now whenever she sees the eldest twin, she can’t help but think of the youngest. Tian He snaps. Why is she telling him this? Did she think it would make him feel better? Tian He then angrily storms off on the bike leaving Ren Mei at the bridge.

When he gets home Tai asks if Tian He only wanted the bike back to pick up Ren Mei. Tian He turns to face his little brother and smirks. How could Tai court without a bike? Tian He then says that he is the one Ren Mei likes and thanks to Tai she likes him more and more. This cuts Tai to the quick, but he forces a smile and wishes their relationship success. So this means that Tai doesn’t like Ren Mei? Of course not. Tian He smirks and thinks to himself that he doesn’t think there is a way he can’t hurt Tai. He then says that Ren Mei is fun to play with. She is touched by everything he does and falls for him more and more while he just feels it’s a fun distraction from boredom. Tai grabs him by the collar and warns him about playing with Ren Mei’s feelings.

At the Zhao resort Ren Mei gets a text from Wenzi saying that she cannot wait any longer for Tai to leave with her. She is going to head back to Japan herself. This shocks Ren Mei. How could this be? She asks Zhang if he helped Wenzi get a taxi. Zhang replies that he didn’t. That’s weird. Enter Ren Hu who demands to know where Wenzi is going. Ren Mei tells him that Wenzi says she is going back to Japan.

In the taxi on the way to the airport Wenzi confronts her true feelings. She always thought that she had liked Tai. It is thanks to meeting Ren Hu that she realizes the only feelings she has towards Tai is that of a beloved [tooltip text=”older brother”]ge ge[/tooltip]. She was the only one who didn’t know her own feelings. It’s true as Tai always asserted she was nothing more than a beloved little sister to him. Wenzi also berates herself for being so indecisive. We then cut to Ren Hu desperately searching for her at the airport as she mentally says her goodbyes. Unfortunately, Ren Hu is too late.

Ren Mei is out walking trying to figure out why Wenzi would go back to Japan without her beloved Tai. At this time Tian He comes up and asks what she is doing daydreaming on the road. Ren Mei says that she is out buying groceries. If the relationship between her and her grandmother is better than why is she snatching work from the servants? Ren Mei says the employees are her friends. Tian He says that employees are merely his servants and not his friends. Ren Mei says that he is being unfair to Ah Pan and Lao Tu, but Tian He doesn’t care. He then tells her to get on the bike as he will take her to the market. This guy.

He then complains of the smell at the market and how the Long house is obsessed with revamping the menu, but can that really resurrect their dying business? He then goes to take her home, but Ren Mei rejects the offer. She also tells the conceited young man to never seek her out in the future. Burn. She then dresses him down for his attitude. Who cares if he was sick all of his life? That doesn’t give him the right to act as he does towards other. Tian He then says she’s an annoying idiot and busybody just like Tai. Ren Mei would rather be an idiot than be like him. Tian He then angrily snaps that neither Tai or her know their real feelings and roars off on his bike. OMFG!!!! Ren Mei is driving me crazy!!!! She is walking home and grumbling about how bad Tian He is. How dare he call not only her an idiot and fool, but also Tai? She pauses. Wait a minute…regarding what Tian He said…does this mean Tai actually likes her. Sigh. It’s so apparent he does to everyone else save you dummy.

At the Long household Tian He is livid that  Ren Mei dared to  reject him. She’s just like Ah Pan and Lao Tu—they only have Tai in their eyes not him. He then vows to make them regret that one day. He goes to walk away when he hears text notices. He picks up the phone and sees that Ren Mei is texting Tai asking to meet him. He deletes the message and says he won’t let the two meet up.

Spring Love Ep 13.0040

So what does Tian He do? He disguises himself as Tai and meets with Ren Mei instead. He is very mean towards her, but Ren Mei doesn’t care. She then takes out her necklace and says that she never threw the slipper out that he bought. Right now she wishes to confirm if he really does like her as she has realized that while she had a crush on Tian He in the past, the one she really likes is the one she thought was Tian He, but wasn’t. She fell hard for Tai because he was gentle, kind, passionate, and will do anything to help others. She then admits to misunderstanding the Wenzi situation and that is why she backed off. But thanks to Tian He she is taking the courage to come and confirm if Tai likes her or not.

Tai is looking for Ren Mei and learned from Ah Xiang that she was at her dance class. He wishes to talk to her about Tian He’s bad intentions. He then spots her with his brother and hides. Tian He gives her back the necklace and says it is impossible for him to like her. Ren Mei doesn’t believe that Tai doesn’t like her. If he didn’t he wouldn’t have done all that he has for her. That necklace is proof of his true feelings. Tian He then spots Tai. What is he doing there now? Tian He then says that he can’t believe Ren Mei’s love since she always asserted she has liked Tian He from the beginning. How can he believe her if she now says she likes Tai? What can she do to earn his belief? Give him the necklace. Ren Mei readily hands it over. Tian He then kisses her forehead and pulls her into a hug while Tai watches on in misery. I think the youngest twin was too far away to hear that his brother was impersonating…but isn’t it obvious by the hairstyle and clothes?

Tian He pulls away and says that Ren Mei should get going since it is late. He then promises to call her later. Ren Mei leaves and Tian He goes over to where Tai is hiding. Tai is such an idiot as he believes that Ren Mei is in love with Tian He since the boy says that the necklace is a symbol of their love. Dummy, that is the necklace you fixed for her. sigh. Tian He then says Tai doesn’t have to worry about his intentions as he is in love with the innocent and earnest Ren Mei. Tian He then warns Tai away from Ren Mei. He goes to leave, but Tai asks why Tian He wore his clothes to meet with Ren Mei. Tian He lies and says he randomly grabbed clothes and didn’t know they were his brother’s. He then takes off the sweater and throws it at Tai before smirking and walking away.

The next day Ah Lun and Ah Xiang return home after getting beat by angry customers. They also say that Xiao Xiang has gone missing. Enter village head who says that he received a report saying Xiao Xiang ran away. Long says he doesn’t believe the young woman would do such a thing. Be that as it may, since Long is the guarantor for the shop, her debt falls on him as the investor has decided to call in the debt now after such a disappointment. Ah Pan and Lao Tu says that they don’t have the money and beg the village head to talk to the investor. The investor doesn’t care and will seek legal action to take the hot springs if they don’t pay up. Long asks to meet the investor to talk, but the village head says he is only passing on the news and leaves. Tian He then comes in and tells Long that granny Long would be very disappointed in him.

Long goes and stares at the deed to the springs. He then works up his courage to visit he Zhao resort. Granny’s assistant runs into Ren Hu and tells him, but he refuses to let her go to Granny. Meanwhile, Ren Mei assures Long that the animosity Granny Zhao has held has been lessening and she will surely help. Long hopes this is the case when the assistant comes and tells Long that Ren Hu handles all such matters and will not loan any money. Ren Mei wishes to talk to her brother about the matter, but Long tells her not to fight and leaves. However, Ren Mei doesn’t listen and confronts Ren Hu about not helping the Long family. He says that he won’t help them as once they are his enemies they remain as his enemies. He then kicks her out.

That night Ren Hu’s lawyer comes and gives them one day to repay the money or else their property will be seized. This causes and uproar in the Long household. Tai packs his bags and heads out. As he leaves he see Lao Tu tearing up while hanging up his uniform. He also peeks in on Ah Pan who is crying and being comforted by Ah Lun. Meanwhile Long is sitting outside looking all depressed. Tai comes to find him and sits next to him. Long tells him that he’s already told the boys’ mother that he wronged her and can’t take the cherry tree or her as well. Tai tears up and says he believes his mother will understand and protect the house until they are able to return to it. Tian He then happens upon the two and just glares before walking away when he sees Ah Xiang who tells the Long and Tai they have to leave now.

The Long family stands outside the hot springs with tears in their eyes as the gates is closed on them and repossession papers are put on it. Long slowly reaches out his hand to the sign. Tian He then gripes that no matter how reluctant they are to regain it, they will never be able to. They should leave. He walks away and Ah Pan cries that she only wishes to look at it longer. Slowly the Longs turn and follow Tian He.

The Longs then go to Ah Xiang’s friend’s house. Tian He’s nose wrinkles up and he orders Ah Pan to clean the house and call him once the smell is gone. This upsets everyone, but Lao Tu tells her that there is an odor and cleaning should be done. Be that as it may, they don’t need Tian He’s surly and bossy attitude. That’s right. Tian He also looks very unhappy that he must share a room with everyone else.

The next morning Ah Pan is starving and complaining about not having any money to buy everyone food. She prays for God to send some money or food and she happens upon two bags. One full of food and one with soy milk. She takes it inside and tells everyone to eat. Long refuses as he has no appetite and Tai refuses as well as he isn’t hungry and must look for work to help support the family. Ah Pan and Lao Tu both say they will also get jobs to help. Tai tells them that they have suffered enough and he will take on this burden himself. But he doesn’t have any transportation, how will he get a job? They then tell him to just take Tian He’s bike since they don’t have any money for a new ride. Tai agrees to this and leaves.

Ah Pan gushes how good and generous the youngest twin is. It’s a blessing that the twins’ mother took him to Japan otherwise he’d end up spoiled and rotten like Tian He. Lao Tu warns her that Tian He will hear, but Ah Pan says he won’t because he’s asleep. The angry Tian He then gets out of bed and demands food be brought over to him. Ah Pan says she can’t as she doesn’t even have a tray to set it on. Lao Tu urges her to just quickly bring it to him. Ah Pan takes the food and drink over and hands it to him. Tian He says its cold (when its still warm) and that she must heat it up for him to eat. This is the straw that breaks Ah Pan’s back. She lights into him for his actions an attitude. She yells and wonders why he can’t be more like the self-sacrificing and warm Tai who has gone out to look for a job to support them instead of being unreasonable and complaining about the food. Lao Tu tries to stop her, but she won’t be stopped. Tian He demands to know why he should be like the “fake.” Ah Pan yells that Tai is NOT fake but Tian He’s little brother, why can’t he treat him better? Tian He has had enough and leaves. Lao Tu scolds Ah Pan who tells him she loves Tian He as her own son so her yelling at the eldest twin hurts more so, but she has had enough of him being like he is.

Tai has sought out construction work to help support the family and is told he can start on  trial period the next day. Meanwhile, the annoyed Tian He catches sight of the village head with a big envelope of money. Did he get favorable treatment for the Long Hot Spring matter? Guilty as charged. We then cut to Tai spying Long staring morosely at the Long house. He goes over to his father and asks why he came to the house alone. Long replies that he’s never left the house once. If he does not come back to look at it, his heart won’t be at ease. Tai then tells him he found a job so the family will be okay for the moment. He also tells Long that they will definitely get the hot spring back. He then asks his dad to come back home with him. This makes Long ecstatic. Tai finally called him dad! Tai silently begs his mother to protect the place until they return while his father silently revels in the fact that he lost the family home, but gained his youngest son.

It turns out that Ren Mei is the one who has been leaving the food. She is caught by Ah Pan and tells Ah Pan about Long being refused by Ren Hu so this was the only way she thought she could help. Ah Pan then reveals that Tai leaves early and comes home late as he is working hard for the family. Ren Mei then begs Ah Pan to keep her bringing the food a secret as she is afraid of offending Tai. We then cut to Tai working hard and accepting any overtime he possibly can. That night Tai can’t stop coughing and Tian He looks very unhappy that the others flock over his brother. However, Tai insists that he is fine.

The next morning, Ah Pan, Lao Tu and Long all worry over Tai. The boy’s forehead is warm. Thus they decide to go out and buy some medicine for the sick boy. In the meantime, Tian He gets up and finds a packet in his pocket. He recalls the doctor giving it to him and telling him that it will help him achieve his goal. TIan He then takes it and throws it away, missing the trashcan. Tai wakes up and sees it and thinks it’s the medicine Long was going to buy for him. He asks Tian He what it is and Tian He asks if Tai would believe it is poison. Tai doesn’t as Tian He wouldn’t tell him if it was. Tai then gets up and dumps the drugs into water. However, Tian He stops him at first from drinking it, but in the end, Tai gulps it down while Tian He looks rather worried. Enter Long who tells his youngest to stay and rest. Tai assures him he’s fine as he just took some medicine and leaves. Medicine? Long has his medicine with him. On the road to work, Tai begins to feel woozy and his vision blurs. He ends up crashing into the back of another car.

Tai is rushed to the hospital where the Longs wonder how Tai got his hand on so many sleeping pills. This is news to Tian He, so it wasn’t poison, but sleeping pills. Long is livid. He demands to know how his oldest son could do such a despicable thing. Tian He cannot believe that his father is accusing him with no proof or even listening to him. Tian He then says isn’t it better for one of them to die? Long cannot believe that he has a son who would kill his own brother. Long then slaps Tian He hard across the face and both recall the first slap from Tian He’s youth. Long then says that if Tian He doesn’t reflect on his attitude and mend his ways then he will sever all ties. Tian He then rushes out of the hospital.

He goes to his spot on the bridge and yells demanding to know why his father let him be born when he’s so eager to have him die. Enter Ren Hu who rubs it in Tian He’s face that he beat him and leaves. Tian He cannot believe that such a day has come. He then starts repeating to himself over and over that the world doesn’t need him as he is just a surplus. Uh-oh.

At the hospital, Tai wakes up and asks what happened. When he hears that Tian He confessed he gave Tai the sleeping pills, Tai says that it was his own mistake and not Tian He’s doing. This has everyone worried as Long was very harsh to Tian He. Tai then gets a sharp pain in his chest. He’s afraid his elder brother has gone and done something stupid.

Tai rushes off and runs into Ren Mei who tells him that someone saw Tian He heading to the sea. Tai says he is uneasy and will go bring his brother back. He instructs Ren Mei to  quickly go and tell the others. He then gets another sharp chest pain. We then get a replay of what happened when the series opened. Tai jumps into the sea to save Tian He who told him they should not both exist in this world. The two then struggle. Tai struggles to bring Tian He up the surface while Tian He struggles to break free and just drown.

The Longs and Ren Mei come to the water where they find both boys on land. Tian He is passed out and Tai opens his eyes briefly for a moment only to fall unconscious again. The twins are rushed to the hospital and we hear Tai says that they are brothers born in the same womb at the same time. But…if Tian He cannot exist in this world because of him, then he will be the one to leave as long as Tian He can let go of his anger. Tai then gets up and follows his mother who is calling out “Ryuta.” We then hear the flat line. Tian He tells Tai that he cannot leave without his permission. He cannot die! Long urges the doctor to save his son, but the doctor says that it is too late.

Ren Mei rushes in and bawls and tells him to come back—that he cannot die like that. We then cut to see Tai hearing Ren Mei’s voice as he is getting ready to leave with his mother.

Spring Love Ep 13.0173

End episode.

Oh, c’mon. We all know Tai isn’t really going to die.

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