Kuroshitsuji Live Action Movie

I admit being cautiously happy to learn that my favorite musical (yes, I know it was a manga and anime first, but I fell for Matsushita as Sebastian in the musical first) was going to be made into a live action movie. I tried to retain my cautious happiness when I learned they were going off on a different plot line NOT covered in the manga. Okay. I can handle divergence, I really can. That’s what I thought until I saw the first photos from the movie and learned just what they had changed in the plot.

Sniff. So Matsushita isn’t getting to play the movie version of Sebastian. I am okay with that, really. I love Mizushima Hiro as he has some great acting chops and has been gone for 3 years. But…the plot… really doesn’t have me looking forward to this as much anymore. Why? Why, you ask? T_T

They are fast forwading 130 years from the original manga timeline (back in Jack The Ripper London days). This means no Ciel Phantomhive. HOW can they cut Ciel out of the movie? The whole point of the manga is the relationship between the demon and the lordling of the Phantomhive house. To get rid of the main teenage boy character and replace it with a FEMALE one…who you dress up exactly like the boy from the manga…say what? I guess I should have been paying more attention back in March or April when the official cast was listed.

I just find this news disappointing. Will I still watch the movie when it comes out? Yes, I will. Can I make it through the movie? Who knows? Sometimes I’m okay and other times I have to stop watching before I finish as I’m just too disappointed.

The only other cast announced on the official homepage is Yamamoto Mizuki as Meidorin (Phantomhive maid).


  • Ok, agree with u. Not sure to watch it bcoz the main reason is the connection between Ciel n Sebastian. How the contract was done and the mansion they are staying. The era itself was dark n mysterious. How’s the other character? R they not too?

    • I can’t say at this time. The only other cast member listed on the website is Meidorin, who I am assuming is the klutzy maid from the manga. It will be sad if they basically take out all the original characters for new ones. What about Grell and the Undertaker and the bumbling detective?

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