30 Day Asian Drama Challenge Set 2 – Day 4

It’s a new question!

04. Favorite couple in an Asian drama?

I think it’s okay to take this liberally, don’t you? Oh, which couple to choose?

Hwang Jung Eum, Noh Min WooI actually really liked the Tae Ik/Man Ok couple from Full House Take 2. Those two were so cute together. His boyish happiness and churlishness hiding his true feelings and some maturity and her mom-like scolding and then their awkward love scenes. It was rather priceless. But then there is also Jiro Wang and Rainie Yang as Mars and Momo in ToGetHer and I just shipped them wholeheartedly. And then there’s the main couple from Stars Falling from the Sky. I liked how he fell for her after she had decided she wasn’t a woman but a mother. I also really like 8th Prince and Qing Chuan in Gong.

I am also a big fan of the leading couple in Mars. I think part of this reasoning is partially based on the fact that Vic was the Rui character in the Taiwanese version of HanDan while Barbie was the Makino character. That way I sort of got to see them end up together in a different drama…But, besides that, they were just a great couple that got together early on and the drama revolved around their relationship and the external forces around them.

And…I must say three of my favorite drama couples never meant to be: Hanazawa Rui and Makino Tsukushi in HanDan and Jan Di and Ji Hoo in Boys Before Flowers. I was always kind of a Rui/Makino fan in the manga, too even though if you logically think about it…neither Rui or Tsukasa were good choices for boyfriend material 😛 What is the third couple? Bae Doo Na and Kim Seung Woo from How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor. Those two just had that great friendship that unfortunately never led to love as she chose the 2nd male lead Park Shi Hoo. 😦 I like Park Shi Hoo, but that was back in his newbie acting days when he wasn’t the best actor and his character was just…meh, so I can says that even though I like him he didn’t deserve the girl in that series. Kim Seung Woo was so the better choice.

So…what was the question again…? Oh yeah, favorite. Um. I have lots of couples I like, but not sure I have one favorite.


  • In 100% agreement with Bae Doo Na and Kim Seung Woo! Their final scene in the airport still kills me.

    • I’m so happy that someone agrees! When I read some reviews, people complained about the rather large age gap and his “ugliness”. They are both more plain in the looks dept, but not ugly and in spite of an age gap, they had such great chemistry and tangible feelings for one another. That last scene T_T

      • UGLY! How could anyone call them ugly. He is the first Kdrama crush I ever had (Hotelier) and she is flat out stunning (though not cookie cutter). The age gap never bothered me and frankly, Park Shi Hoo’s character was kind of a jerk.

        • I know! Definitely NOT ugly. The age gap wasn’t that big of a deal to me either and yeah, PSH’s character wasn’t all that great.

  • Jiro Wang and Rainie! ❤

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