Crazy Love Episode 36 Recap

Did you ever notice that during the opening sequence that only Mi So and Kyung Soo actually look happy?

Anywho, Mi So sits on a bench looking at her mangled shoe when Kyung Soo comes up with a gym bag. He takes her ankle and does something to it. Does that feel better? Yes…how does he know how to do such things? Because he has often gotten injured in Judo. He does Judo? He had to learn it when he was a prosecutor working criminal cases. He then sprays on some pain reliever and Mi So assures him that is enough and she is fine. He then takes out his tennis shoes and slips them on her feet so she has something to wear. He smiles and comments on her small feet.

Kyung Soo then takes her ruined shoe to be repaired. The man says that the owner obviously works hard for a living. That she does. A hardworking person deserves to be happy. So…when can the shoe be done? Definitely not the same day. Give him a few days and then he will have it in excellent condition. Kyung Soo sighs and heads off. He returns to Mi So who tells him the headmistress has gone on ahead with the kids to the aquarium. Kyung Soo then tells her that her shoes will be ready in a few days. What to do since she needs to give him his shoes back. Kyung Soo smiles and tells her to take her time. He then drives her back home. She promises to bring him his shoes back the next day. Kyung Soo then rushes off to get her the box of plum sauce. He tells her its from his client and he hears its good for cooking and that she uses such stuff. Mi So is happy and starts rambling some more before finally saying goodbye and heading upstairs awkwardly in his shoes making Kyung Soo smile.

Inside the apartment, Mi So is tending her ankle and recalls the moment Kyung Soo held her. She puts her hand against her rapidly beating heart…seriously what is wrong with her (her thinking, not mine)? Enter Chan Ki who asks whose shoes are those. Mi So explains what happened with her shoes and Chan Ki gets all excited thinking that if a man lent her his sneakers, then they must be close. Does his sister have a boyfriend? Mi So quickly lies and says the shoe repairman gave them to her. Really? Chan Ki then says that since Mi So is single, she should start dating again. Nonsense. Chan Ki says it’s not nonsense. He thinks for minute, but thanks to their father, she’s having a hard time and has no time to do such things as dating. Mi So scolds him for saying something like that and reminds him that he and their father are everything to her. She then tells him to not make a nuisance out of himself at Kyung Soo’s office. He smiles and happily responds he won’t and that he’s doing much needed work. Kyung Soo puts on his jacket to go home when he stops and smiles as he thinks of Mi So. He shakes himself out of his happiness and heads out.

The next day Mi So has thoroughly cleaned Kyung Soo’s shoes and makes him that dish she was gushing about with the plum sauce he brought. Enter Jong Hee wondering why Mi So is making that dish—is it for Chan Ki (and Moon Do as an afterthought)? Mi So lies and says it is a client’s order. She didn’t make any for her own family as Jong Hee was coming over with food. Jong Hee then says she got eel for Chan Ki as the hot weather can be really tough on people. Mi So says that Jong Hee is so good to Chan Ki. Jong Hee immediately denies it’s for Chan Ki, but rather Yoon. Only Moon Do doesn’t lie eel. Mi So thanks her again and leaves. When she’s gone, Jong Hee wonders why she lied to Mi So. She then recalls the near kiss. She shakes herself. He’s seven years younger and doesn’t think of her as a woman, he’s off limits.

Yoo Jung calls out Hae Ryung for her bad attitude. Why can’t she accept Kyung Soo’s good intentions? Kyung Soo curls her lip and snarls that she hates to see Kyung Soo pretend and force himself. Yoo Jung reminds her that Kyung Soo is not one to do something he doesn’t mean. Hae Ryung’s response? Oh well, she cant’ do anything as she can’t control her anger or irritability. Yoo Jung then hands over concert tickets to Hae Ryung for Kyung Soo and Hae Ryung. She urges Hae Ryung to go invite Kyung Soo to the concert since she already confirmed Kyung Soo isn’t busy. Yoo Jung tells Tae San about her setup between Hae Ryung and Kyung Soo. Tae San asks her out, but Yoo Jung is concentrating hard on a new product development to pay Myung Ja back for the Parel fiasco. I really do wish to know why there is such bad blood between these two women.

Hae Ryung hands over the tickets and she acts all nonchalant saying she doesn’t feel up to it, but Kyung Soo smiles and says it sounds like fun. This shocks her. Hae Ryung then puts her arm through his and tells him that she wants to show his employees that they have a good relationship. Kyung Soo smiles and agrees. However…Hae Ryung’s happiness does not last. Mi So arrives and watches Hae Ryung throw a fit about a female employee who supposedly stared at her oddly. She demands Kyung Soo fire the woman and when Kyung Soo refuses she storms into the office to make the woman leave herself. Kyung Soo heaves a big sigh before chasing after her.

Someone needs a white jacket and padded walls.

Myung Ja is livid as Min Jae wishes to register a marriage with Na Young. I guess Korea doesn’t have as strict of laws about remarriage as Japan does….but then again, I think Japanese law is more strict on when women can remarry after a divorce, not men. Anywho, Myung Ja demands to know if Na Young will submit to a DNA test. Of course Yoo Jung walks by and overhears that Na Young is pregnant. Myung Ja blows another gasket when Na Young asserts she can raise the child as the next heir of CK. Myung Ja starts accusing her of all these horrible things and Min Jae actually stands up to her. Now…why couldn’t he assert himself more for his ex wife? Min Jae asks if Na Young is okay and Na Young says she is fine but the baby seems scared. Um…you’re what? A few weeks pregnant…how can the baby feel scared at this point? I’m not saying a fetus can’t pick up stuff from it’s mother…but…not at the tadpole stage. Min Jae asks if she need to go to the hospital. Myung Ja is sick of this act. She tells the to do whatever they want, but Na Young will never be accepted as her daughter-in-law.

Mi So heads to her place and scolds herself for making it. Jong Hee asks why she brought the food back. Mi So lifelessly says that the person cancelled the order. Chan Ki starts spouting off about bad customers and Jong Hee taps him to stop. She then starts grilling Mi So about liking someone. Jong Hee and Chan Ki demand the truth, but Mi So asserts she doesn’t have anyone she likes. Jong Hee then urges her to date an find someone ten times better than Min Jae. Mi So asserts she won’t love or marry again. Enter a depressed Moon Do. Mi So follows him into his room and asks if he was looking for Park again. Moon Do says that Park has already left for China. He then scolds himself for being a thoughtless idiot and taking out the security deposit. Mi So tells him to stop beating himself up as it is in the past now. They should be grateful the other two victims will be getting their money back. At least Mi So is getting lots of orders in so they won’t hurt too much.

Baek calls Na Young, shocking her. What could he possibly want? He wants to know where Eun Joo is and he believes Na Young can tell him that. Na Young lies that she doesn’t know and Baek demands the truth. She must know something since she commented about Eun Joo living somewhere miserably. Na Young says that since he said she would be miserable for stealing someone else’s husband, then its only right that Eun Joo is miserable like Mi So for stealing her life. Sooooo frustrating. She then says that Eun Joo is probably a divorcee selling kimbap on the street. You aren’t dumb. Put two and two together, Baek. The man snaps at her to shut up and Na Young laughs. He’s always so sensitive about Eun Joo. Na Young says she needs to go as she’s busy preparing for the wedding and she lives.

Baek sits and recalls Mi So selling kimbap and solving her down at Myung Ja’s party. He sighs. He then gets a call from Oh urging him to hurry over as president Gu is on his way and who knows what he will do? Gu starts dousing Oh’s office in kerosene when Baek arrives and grabs a hold of him. Gu asserts that he will not let Tae San or Kyung Soo go for what they did. Baek takes him out and Tae San doesn’t seem guilty at all for his dirty deeds.

Hae Ryung is on cloud nine after the musical. Kyung Soo even appears to be in a brighter mood as well. This makes Yoo Jung happy. She has the two kids come out for fruit and tells them about Min Jae’s plans to remarry (she leaves out the pregnancy part). Yoo Jung keeps defending Mi So and how she got the short end of the stick being kicked out of the Lee household for cheating when it was really Min Jae cheating. Hae Ryung tells Yoo Jung that she hates her mother defending Mi So all of the time. Yoo Jung is surprised by this, but promises to never do it again. Jesus. Stop catering to the lunatic already. Hae Ryung follows this up by saying that no one knows really what kind of woman Mi So is. Kyung Soo knows. Yep, yep.

Tae San returns home and urgently asks to speak to Kyung Soo in his bedroom. Kyung Soo is then told that no matter what Gu does, Kyung Soo must stay firm and not cave in to him. Kyung Soo asks what happened and Tae San talks about Gu coming and pouring kerosene everywhere threatening to set himself and the office on fire. Kyung Soo asks about the building deal, but Tae San assures him everything is fine and reminds him once more to not back down and cave in to Gu.

At JR, Chan Ki delivers letters to Kyung Soo who urges him to leave if this is all because he helped his father. Chan Ki says that isn’t it and he wishes to work there. Kyung Soo then invites the younger man to eat lunch with him. They end up eating black bean noodles which surprises Chan Ki as he thought a lawyer would eat fancy food. Kyung Soo apologizes for not taking him out to a proper lunch, but his meeting ran late. Chan Ki then says he should have asked Mi So to prepare lunch boxes for them. He then tells Kyung Soo about the dish Mi So made the other day. Kyung Soo recalls Mi So talking about using the sauce to make that very dish. Chan Ki then says that it was a work of art and tasted really good as it was made with the power of love. He then says that he thinks there is someone his sister likes. Kyung Soo asks if Mi So really said that. Chan Ki says that Mi So denies it, but its obvious she has a secret crush. This makes Kyung Soo grab his jacket and rush out.

Mi So goes to pick up her shoe and the man tells her that those shoes will take her to meet someone good. She wonders what he means, but happily leaves. She goes  to a bench by the water and pulls out Kyung Soo’s tennis shoes. She takes off her heels and puts them on. She stares down at the shoes and smiles like a teenager. She then recalls the food incident at his office, what happened on the island, and the bike incident. Oh yeah, undeniable chemistry there. She smiles once more and kicks her feet to look down at the sneakers.

Kyung Soo learns from the repairman that Mi So has already gotten her shoes. He calls her up and he asks where she is. She says she got her shoes back and will return his at the office. Kyung Soo spots her and says he will come to her instead. He sees her wearing his shoes and smiles. Happy moment. Mutual love. Go away Crazy Wife!!!! Let these two be together soon.

Soooo excited for next week!!!!!!!!!!! Want to know why? Kyung Soo admits he meant to kiss her and it looks like their relationship is going to get a whole lot closer! And then we have Na Young moving herself into the Lee house and having Min Jae wait on her hand and foot because she’s pregnant. Oy.

One comment

  • Thanks for the recap. We can definitely see that Mi Soo is falling in love with Attorney Seo but she is a little apprehensive, which you can understand. I love the smile on Attorney Seo ‘s face every time he thinks about and looks at Mi Soo. Love your quote” Go away Crazy Wife!!!” We are all hoping and praying but she is too obsess to do so. Before Mi Soo and Attorney Seo start their relationship I rather he try and resolve his marital issues first with his Drama Queen wife. I think next week Baek is going to find out that Mi Soo is the person he is looking for. Na Young as given him enough hints for him to investigate. I have a bad feeling that Drama Queen’s dad is going to be the reason why Attorney Seo will get seriously hurt due to his shady business deals. Looking forward to next weeks episodes.

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