Crazy Love Episode 35 Recap

Yesterday was crazy and I came home not feeling the best, so no Crazy Love recap, so double the goodness today.

So we backtrack a bit to see Mi So get shoved to the ground and her money taken by the thugs. Enter Kyung Soo who demands to know what happened. She tells him that she is fine and then demands for him to go as him seeing her like that was embarrassing enough.

The two end up sitting on a bench in the park. Selling on the streets is hard, isn’t it? Mi So says not really and then asks why he sought her out. Kyung Soo shares the good news that the men’s money will mostly likely be able to be returned after the investigation is complete. This makes Mi So happish. Kyung Soo then asks why she didn’t come to him in the first place about her father’s issue. Mi So says she didn’t tell him as she didn’t want to owe him any more. This upsets Kyung Soo as he just wishes to help her. She knows and she doesn’t want his help any more.

Mi So gets up to leave and Kyung Soo asks if he did something wrong. Mi So confronts him about the lunch orders and tells him she no longer wants him to be her daddy long legs. Kyung Soo only wishes to help her and cheer her up. Mi So snaps as she does not want his pity and walks off to her bike where she manages to break her heel. It’s not her day. I do have to say that who in their right mind would wear heels like that when they will be standing on the streets all day selling food.

Chan Ki is pacing back and forth wondering why he hasn’t heard from Kyung Soo about Moon Do’s case. He decides to call him for an update. Kyung Soo has just returned from his office when he gets the call. Chan Ki asks after the case and Kyung Soo tells him that Moon Do won’t be charged and that the money will be returned. This makes Chan Ki happy. This means that his noona doesn’t have to pay back the money herself, right? Right. Kyung Soo then asks Chan Ki to have the victims come to his office later so he can explain everything to them in detail.

Enter Mi So. Chan Ki happily tells her the news and she reveals she already knows. Chan Ki then chides her for yelling at him when he went to visit Kyung Soo when she did it herself. Mi So goes to tell him something, but Chan Ki cuts her off. Kyung Soo is a good man. Even if he helped bankrupt the Yoon factory, he was just doing his job, wasn’t he? Chan Ki then looks through the coolers and asked why the food was destroyed. Mi So lies and says she fell. Mi So then urges him to go back to the factory quickly since his lunch break is nearly over. Once he leaves, Mi So feels guilty for getting mad at Kyung Soo and snapping that she doesn’t need his pity. No, she needs his love.

Myung Ja is livid that Min Jae got Na Young pregnant. Myung Ja does not want Min Jae to marry the tainted woman and says that Na Young will be secreted away and once the baby is born they will do a DNA test and once it is confirmed that it is Min Jae’s baby they will take it from Na Young. Min Jae yells at his mother for being inhumane and rushes out of his office. Myung Ja then calls up Na Young and hands over a paper for Na Young will waive her parental rights. Myung Ja wants Na Young to go to the US where she will be well provided for. Na Young refuses and leaves the office grinning. Myung Ja doesn’t understand yet that Na Young is the one calling the shots. She then calls Min Jae up.

Na Young is already acting like the daughter-in-law. She makes the Lee family dinner. Myung Ja is livid. What is that girl doing there? Na Young sends Min Jae into the kitchen to finish setting the table for dinner and she touches Myung Ja’s arm saying she has made her favorite dishes. Myung Ja pushes Na Young’s hands off and the girl falls into the back of the cushy armchair. Okay, I’m not saying that there isn’t any danger to a newly pregnant woman, but we all know Na Young is playing it up. Myung Ja is horrified and Min Jae yells at his mom that he will not stand for it if Na Young loses their baby. Na Young fakely and innocently says that she will be okay as long as she lies down to rest. Min Jae anxiously leads her to his bedroom while Myung Ja cannot believe what just happened. Yeah, she can’t win against Na Young.

Once in the bedroom, Na Young reveals what Myung Ja did earlier about the parental right waiver. Min Jae is very unhappy. He tells Na Young not to worry as he will take care of things. Na Young thanks him and then Min Jae puts his head to her stomach to talk to his baby. Um…that scene just seemed all kinds of wrong. I mean, technically there is nothing wrong but the scene just seem forced. And we got Na Young happily smirking while he does this.

Kyung Soo sits depressed in his office recalling Mi So’s words from the other day when his assistant comes in and reminds him about the governmental sponsorship for entrepreneurs. He asks if women can apply. Yes, they can. We all know what he’s going to do now. He immediately seeks out Mi So and tells her about the program. So…he thinks she should apply? Of course. It will really help her out and let her be able to start her own business. Of course, she will need a backer and he is more than happy to do that for her. Of course, Mi So rejects this offer. She will take care of herself so he should stop interfering in her life. Kyung Soo doesn’t understand this. He tells her he worries about her and doesn’t want to see her having it so rough. Mi So says nothing and just walks away.

Aigoo. When this girl should accept help she doesn’t. Why does she only accept the bad and kick out the good? In a situation like this even if you aren’t the happiest that you are being helped out yet again, you should not give up the chance to better yourself as it is just plain stupid. Besides, Kyung Soo, unlike other people, is genuinely doing this out of the goodness of his heart (plus a dose of love and guilt) so there is no worrying about strings attached or some kind of backlash later.

Jong Hee is looking at a popular blog of a housewife who got rich and famous by blogging, giving cooking classes, etc. When Mi So comes in, Jong Hee encourages her to advertise on the woman’s site so she can get off the streets. So…Jong Hee is ashamed of her selling on the streets, too? No, she just wants things to be easier for Mi So. Of course Mi So complains that she takes it more as shame and criticism even though the words are meant well. Jong Hee picks up something is off, but before she can ask, Moon Do enters pulling Chan Ki by the ear.

Moon Do is livid to learn his son went to Kyung Soo for help. Did Mi So encourage him to go to that viper behind his back? Mi So asserts she didn’t and Chan Ki yells that he went on his own as somebody had to clean up his father’s mess. This shocks Moon Do. Say what? Let’s be honest, Moon Do makes a huge mess and never does anything to fix the problem himself. Moon Do picks up Chan Ki’s guitar to beat him with it and Jong Hee steps in trying to stop him. She ends up getting hit instead. After a brief moment of being daze she grabs the guitar and Chan Ki’s hand and makes a run for it while Moon Do sits on the floor and sobs about his pathetic life. Eyeroll.

Outside, Jong Hee says they should just sit and wait until Moon Do calms down. She then scolds Chan Ki for saying that out of anger. He asks if she is okay and she feels her head. Looks like she’s got a bump. Chan Ki looks at her head and the tension mounts. The two then quickly spring away from each other. Inside, Moon Do tells Mi So that he will never accept any help from Kyung Soo. Like father like daughter.

Hae Ryung is getting very hot under the collar because of Baek’s constant presence. She goes home and angrily tells her father she can’t do anything because of him. Why does he have to follow her around when she’s not a celebrity or a criminal (because she has LOTS of loose screws)? Oh immediately scolds Baek for not being discreet. Poor Baek. Yoo Jung invites him to stay for dinner, but he refuses and as he goes to leave, Hae Ryung tells him to wait and return a pair of shoes for him. This girl knows no shame. Enter Kyung Soo to see her throw the shoes and scream at Baek to get a refund. Poor Baek doesn’t need her flavor of crazy.

Hae Ryung goes into the bedroom and starts complaining that all the things she bought sucks. Kyung Soo comes in and scolds her for her behavior towards Baek. Hae Ryung doesn’t care. Kyung Soo then asks why she has been behaving so erratically—she stays out late drinking with her friends, etc. Hae Ryung angrily says that he should be happy since he doesn’t like her attention focused on him. She screams again and throws her new purchases around before storming out. We then get to see Baek recalling Na Young’s words and trying to call her. Looks like he’s curious more and more about if she knows where Eun Joo is.

At JR, the scam victims say they don’t care about the truth and will see Moon Do arrested. Kyung Soo then agrees to be the guarantor so if there are any problems, he will take care of their losses. This makes the men more amenable to let Moon Do off the hook and wait for the settlement. They leave and Chan Ki immediately starts scrubbing the glass table and vowing once more to work for free instead of paying the fee (which they don’t have the money for). Kyung Soo smiles and says that isn’t necessary when his assistant comes in for packages. Chan Ki takes them and rushes out to the post office making Kyung Soo laugh.

At the Yoon house, Chan Ki says he will be working part-time at the firm to repay Kyung Soo. Moon Do and Mi So urge Chan Ki to quit, but the boy feels obligated to pay him back. Moon Do storms out of the house and Mi So tells Chan Ki to reconsider. But Chan Ki is firm. He may be young and immature, but he has a plan. He knows Kyung Soo isn’t bad and asks Mi So to please understand and let him repay the man in the only way he knows how.

The kids from the orphanage are going on a cruise and Mi So has been hired to provide the lunchboxes. Jong Hee teases her for not buying new pumps when the old ones are falling apart. Mi So then arrives at the meeting place and the headmistress asks how she is doing. Mi So says she is okay and asks how the kids got to go on the cruise. The woman says its all thanks to attorney Seo. Mi So is not happy. It’s very awkward between them. Sigh.

Mi So and Kyung Soo take a walk together and she apologizes for his angry words. Kyung Soo then apologizes for not considering her feelings. Mi So says she knows that he only wants to help, but she felt bad for coming to rely on him so much. She apologizes once more and he tells her it is okay. A cyclist then cuts too close and when Mi So moves out of the way, her heel breaks again and Kyung Soo catches her. They both recall the passionate kiss on the island. End episode.

The preview for 36 have me squealing as Kyung Soo and Mi So are finally moving closer and closer together. Of course…Hae Ryung is still in the picture…but hopefully Kyung Soo will be able to get divorced…soonish.

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  • “Poor Baek doesn’t need her flavor of crazy.” hahaha hilarious! I love your recaps. Keep up the amazing work 🙂

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