Crazy Love Episode 34 Recap

In honor of Mi So, I have a song recommendation…”If You’re Going Through Hell” by Rodney Atkins (what can I say, I’m a country girl at heart?).

How weird that this episode doesn’t restart at the café. Mi So is at home putting on the finishing touches for her lunches and she recalls Kyung Soo’s words about forgetting what happened. She doesn’t have too much time to be depressed over it as her orders keep increasing. She gets over 30 orders a day now. Chan Ki wishes to help, but Mi So assures him that’s not necessary yet. Moon Do then runs in and tells them to say he isn’t home. This shocks our younger trio. What happened now?

They don’t have to wait long. Moon Do’s two friends who invested because of him charge in and burst into his room. They demand their money back if not they will turn him in for fraud. Moon Do asserts that he was also scammed, but they don’t believe him. Mi So then writes a contract saying they will pay the money back, just give them time. They give her until the end of the week and leave. Chan Ki yells at his dad demanding to know why he’s making life so difficult for poor Mi So and rushes out.

At the office, Kyung Soo gets a confirmation about his restaurant reservation and he asks if they managed to order the wine he wanted. They tell him they did and we cut to Hae Ryung who is busy getting ready for her date with her husband. She is not happy at all and tells her mother that she is only forcing herself to go. Yoo Jung asks if Hae Ryung is still upset about the misunderstanding—didn’t she already explain it? She thought it would be best for Hae Ryung and Kyung Soo was against the lie. This makes Hae Ryung feel a little better, but she of course has to throw the not biological mother thing in Yoo Jung’s face again. Yoo Jung gripes about Oh caving in and she’s just as bad. She only ever ends up catering and sucking up to her stepdaughter.

Min Jae cannot believe that he’s having a baby. He’s happy, but not prepared. Does Na Young expect him to marry her? Then…will he let their baby be born a bastard? But Na Young knows what his mother is like. She then throws in that he’s not really happy and it makes her unhappy. She didn’t expect him to react like that. She then says the doctor told her to be careful and avoid stress during her first trimester and she angrily snaps at him to take her home to rest. Min Jae rushes off to get ready to take her home and she smirks. She knows she has him eating out of the palm of her hand.

At the restaurant, Kyung Soo is actually trying to be good to his wife, but her reaction is not good. She feels he is being too fake. She then talks about how she fell for him when he was her tutor in high school.When she asked about his first love he said he didn’t have anything like that and she knew he meant it. Thus her goal was to become his first love and his last love. However, Kyung Soo has never looked at her like she was a woman. This makes Hae Ryung very uncomfortable and uncertain. What if a woman comes who is able to make his heart flutter? She then has a meltdown. She can’t take him acting in front of her. She gets up to leave and runs into a waitress whom she slaps and screams at and Kyung Soo rushes to hold her and stop her. She screams at him to let her go as she hates him. Seriously this girl is soooo unstable. Personally, I find it a rather sad and pathetic goal in one’s life to be someone’s first and last love. Seriously? That was her only ambition? Well…after ballet and since that went out the window, sinking on to that desperate dream seems a little foolhardy especially since she knows Kyung Soo’s attitude.

Mi So is sitting awake and worrying about the new problem when Chan Ki comes out. She isn’t sleeping yet? He then starts complaining about their father’s problems. Chan Ki feels really bad for Mi So and doesn’t want to be another problem for her. Mi So chides him for talking like that. Moon Do and he are her only family and she is grateful for having them especially since the divorce. She says that the only reason she is still breathing right now is because she still as her father and Chan Ki. She then vows to get the money to pay back the men. How? She laughs and says that she might win the lottery the next day. At least she’s trying to stay positive. It’s nice seeing her and Chan Ki’s relationship.

Evil Na Young arrives at Evil Mother-in-Law’s office as she is arranging a date for Min Jae. Na Young enters without even knocking and Myung Ja demands to know what business Na Young possibly could have with her after parting ways. Na Young grins and puts the ultrasound on the table. Myung Ja picks it up and we get a delayed shocked expression.

Mi So is trying to get a loan with no luck (she’s trying legit places that won’t hose you with insane interest rates). When this doesn’t work, Mi So calls up a friend to meet. Mi So isn’t happy that news of her divorce has spread so quickly, but she does gather up her courage to ask her friend So Jung for money. So Jung refuses as she hates to ruin a friendship over money. She then tries to give her bus fare money and Mi So refuses. That is very tacky. Is that how you wish to preserve a friendship? I get not wanting to mix friendship and money, but then to offer bus fare. It’s…rude…and insulting.

Jong Hee wonders where they could find a lawyer to consult with when they don’t have any money. She then recalls Kyung Soo. Chan Ki refuses this as its thanks to Kyung Soo partly that they are having so many problems and living like that. Jong Hee says that since he helped solve the debt problem, you know he feels guilty and would be willing to help. Chan Ki vows he will never see Kyung Soo, but he does break down and goes to visit him. Kyung Soo’s reaction was very happy to see Mi So’s little brother. Chan Ki reveals the whole sad story and then assures Kyung Soo that he will work like a dog cleaning and running errands to pay for the services. Kyung Soo asserts that isn’t necessary and says he will look into the matter to see what Moon Do can be charged with. He does says that he thinks he might be able to save Moon Do.

Chan Ki happily rushes to the apartment and tells Mi So about his meeting with Kyung Soo. Mi So is not happy at all. How could he tell Kyung Soo all of that? Chan Ki is taken aback—isn’t she close with him? Mi So refutes this. Chan Ki then says that it is Kyung Soo’s fault they ended up in such dire straits, so isn’t it only right for him to help them? Besides, he offered to trade odd jobs to pay for it. He only wanted to help Mi So and ease her burden. Mi So tells him to understand it from her perspective, plus they shouldn’t keep hounding Kyung Soo like he’s some criminal. She tells Chan Ki to never go back again and goes into the bedroom.

Na Young is back to her particular habit of hounding Baek. She wishes to have a meal with him, but he’s too busy for her. She then says she will probably not be able to see him for a long time as she will probably marry Min Jae soon. Is that so? Is she happy then finally getting what she wants? Na Young agrees and says she finally feels as if she can breathe. Baek’s expression shows that is NOT the answer he wanted. Does he still want her to feel sorry for Mi So? Baek chews Na Young out for stealing what wasn’t hers. Na Young says that means Eun Joo should be feeling guilty and miserable as well. Does this mean that Na Young knows where Eun Joo is? Na Young won’t tell him and urges him to look if he’s so interested.

Kyung Soo is busy working on Moon Do’s case when Mi So texts him and tells him everything is okay and he doesn’t need to worry. Kyung Soo then gets called out by his sunbae who tells him about visiting his older brother’s grave. So, Kyung Soo’s brother had a long fight with a terminal illness racking up immense debt for the Seo family. Thanks to Tae San, they were able to pay off the debt and get his brother treated. Kyung Soo then talks about how great his brother was, smart, good, etc. Kyung Soo always wished to be like him. His brother would be so disappointed if he knew how he was living now. Sunbae urges Kyung Soo to let go of his brother at long last and live his life for himself. The first step in doing that is to get away from Oh and the loyalty he feels towards the man for helping the Seo family.

Kyung Soo asks if there is really anything to worry about missing out on. Sunbae says there is. By the time he knew about how much he needed/wanted something it was already gone and he was missing it terribly. Sunbae (can’t remember this reporter’s name to save my life right now) then asks if Kyung Soo still likes that woman from before. Sunbae asks what it is that makes him love Mi So so much. Kyung Soo says he isn’t sure, but he loves her smile. It makes him happy to see him smile and makes him feel like he can be a better person. Kyung Soo then says his heart aches for her. He thought it was because of all the pain he caused in her life, but that isn’t it. He finds himself wishing to be in her thoughts and wishing she knew just how much he thinks of and longs for her. He knows that he shouldn’t and he is trying to stop himself from going further.

Mi So’s business is booming. Chan Ki wishes for her to stop doing the stall business since the lunch box business is going so well, but Mi So refuses as there will be days with few orders. She, Jong Hee, and Chan Ki then divvy up the orders. Mi So goes to a business where she is commissioned for an advanced order for a company picnic. This makes Mi So delighted until she learns that Kyung Soo is the lawyer for that business and is the reason they called her in the first place. So…he did a lot of marketing behind her back. Really, this can’t upset Mi So as he may be recommending her, but it’s her skills that are keeping people coming back to her.

Kyung Soo gets the good news that they can recover the missing money from the Chinese resort scam and he grabs his suit jacket and heads out. Meanwhile Mi So is setting up her stall when two thugs come up and start bullying her for not paying them money to set up her business. They knock over her table and smash her food and shove her to the ground, taking all of her money from her purse. All she can do is cry and demands to know why they are doing that. Enter Kyung Soo after the thugs leave. She’s upset and doesn’t want him to see her like that. She begs him to just leave and pretend he never saw her.

I swear Mi So has a sign tattooed on her forehead saying “I’m easy, bully me.” Why isn’t she can never stand up for herself most of the time? We’ve seen glimmers of hope that she can be a stronger woman…but they just never pan out well at all.

End episode.

Looks like things will get interesting next episode. Mi So feels that Kyung Soo is only helping her out of pity. Will he reveal that it’s not pity, but rather love?


  • I just wanted to say thanks for doing these recaps. I had started watching the show, but got so annoyed with Na Young and with Mi Soo too that I couldn’t keep watching the show, but I wanted to keep up with what was going on so that when she finally divorced him I could pick back up with watching, and your awesome recaps have let me do that! So big thank you to you for doing these recaps!

  • Thanks for the recap. Interesting episode. It gives you an insight in what Mi Soo is capable of. I feel bad for Attorney Seo, he is always trying to help others and he is getting the short end of the stick. It is time for him to have some happiness after all the pain he has to endure. I am laughing so hard at Min Jae and Na Young. He is about to know what really nightmare is about. How ironic is it that he gave up his wife for this whore and she is having his child after she killed his first born. What happens when he finds out the truth, will he love this child, will he divorce the whore, will he ask forgiveness or kill her.

    • That is a great question…just what will MJ do when he finds out the truth about just how evil NY is? If NY’s baby does end up making it into the world, I hope that MJ won’t end up hating it just because of its evil mother as I really don’t like it when children must suffer their parents’ sins (in fiction or in real life). But…I sincerely hope that NY miscarries.

      • People don’t think about consequences especially when children are involved. They assumed the other party will love the child because it’s a child. Not so fast, think about it for a second every time they see that child it brings back bad memories and the evilness involved in their inception. Yes, it is not the child’s fault but the mother never saw the bigger picture only her temporary happiness. That’s one of the reason why I cannot stand mothers or others you use their children for financial benefits and not for the love of them. Children are supposed to be a blessing not a burden and in this case the child will probably become a burden and be left by the way side.

  • Your recaps are very enjoyable; makes the story clearer. In several kdramas in the past and now CL it’s disturbing to watch crazy characters allowed to go psycho over and over. How long have Kyung Soo and Hae Ryung been married? Most husbands would have consulted with at least a family doctor to help his wife calm
    the screaming seizures. Then, onto a psychiatrist and a padded cell. Her father is an enabler! Of course without scary characters the action would not be as absorbing. The catchy title drew me in two months ago, but, like Chris, Na Young, Mi Soo, and EMIL were too much to stomach even for only 30 minutes. Drama Fever is now carrying CL with subs and I was lucky to catch the divorce episode. Now I’m hooked! Baek’s reaction to Na Young’s evil
    plot won’t happen for quite a while; so, I can enjoy Go Se Won — will he ever smile?

    • Awww, thank you. I’m glad they help make the story clearer.

      I personally think there is only two reasons that Kyung Soo has stayed with Crazy Wife for their 4-5 years of marriage.
      1. Guilt because he believes he’s the reason she can’t dance.
      2. Duty/obligation because her father Oh Tae San helped him and his family out when they got into a tremendous amount of debt because of his older brother’s terminal illness.

      Truthfully…NONE of those reasons would probably keep me around a woman who stalks me, verbally abuses me, and throws tantrums over every little thing. This woman is so unstable it isn’t even funny.

      Wait? You haven’t seen him smile? Oh, he’s smiled. In the episode after Mi So’s divorce helps her out and he wears such a refreshing and lively expression and his SMILE was to DIE for!!!!! Ahem. Fangirling over. Of course smiley time didn’t last long. I want him to be able to be happy with Mi So faster.

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