Crazy Love Episode 33 Recap

What new ways can this drama find to annoy me? First was the horribly drawn out kidnapping, then it was Mi So taking Min Jae’s beatings, and Na Young’s inner pointless monologues always annoy. Oh, and Baek not knowing who Mi So really is. I’m anxiously awaiting for that discovery.

So we open with Kyung Soo running in to save the screaming Mi So from the widdle mousie. This sends her into his arms and when tensions rise, Mi So tries to pull away, but Kyung Soo holds her fast and even pulls her closer. He kisses her and at first Mi So is in wide eyed shock, but she closes her eyes and soon responds. She does come to her sense and pulls away. Kyung Soo quickly apologizes. He then walks down to the water where he sits and recalls his first meetings with Mi So. He then casts his eyes back to the direction of the house where Mi So is in bed, but can’t get the kiss out of her mind. She sits up and puts her hand over her rapidly beating heart. She must be out of her mind. LOL.

Ah yes. I forgot how annoying the constant flashbacks are at times.

The next morning Kyung Soo is back in his business suit and he hesitates outside Mi So’s door when the ahjumma comes up and tells him Mi So left early as she had business to take care of. We then cut to Chan Ki and Jong Hee scolding Moon Do for taking out the security deposit and then trying to hunt down the man who stole it. Enter Mi So and Moon Do guiltily asks if she ate breakfast. Mi So ignores this question and asks what happened and why he did it. She understands he was trying to help, but that just made matters worse. Their contract is coming due and without the security deposit there is no guarantee they can keep the place and the rent will surely skyrocket. So  this means they become homeless? Min Jae then asks if it was just the security deposit—he didn’t sign his name over as a guarantor again, right? Moon Do is fairly certain that he didn’t (but doesn’t seem 100% confident).

Kyung Soo goes to his office where he keeps recalling the kiss and looking very pensive. we then cut to the Oh household where Hae Ryung is throwing a fit when her mother lies and says Kyung Soo left early. So he’s being a petty man because she threw out the food his parents sent? Yoo Jung scolds her daughter for throwing away the food to begin with. Doesn’t she know how filial Kyung Soo is and how hard it is on his parents since he lives with his in-laws? Of course Hae Ryung doesn’t care about such things. Everyone is wrong save for her. She then shouts her husband can stay at the office if he wants and not bother coming home. Oy. Aigoo. What a child. Yoo Jung then gets a call from Kyung Soo who says that he came straight to the office to look over important documents. Yoo Jung then says that she lied to Hae Ryung that he came home late and went out early to save the peace. Kyung Soo is sorry for causing her trouble and Yoo Jung apologizes for Hae Ryung’s behavior and the wounds it must cause him. She’s a good woman, she really is.

Kyung Soo sighs and tries to work, but he recalls Mi So telling him about her father being scammed. He picks up his phone to text her and hesitates. We then cut to Mi So busy making her food when she receives his text. He asks if she came home safely and for an update with her father’s new problem. He says he will stop by where she works to talk over things. Mi So replies that she is home safe and lies that she is taking the day off so he doesn’t need to come. Kyung Soo texts back and says that he is relieved she is okay and he then apologizes again for what happened.

Mi So goes back to making her kimbap and Jong Hee enters commenting that Mi So is very distracted—did something happen on the island? Mi So refutes that nothing happened and Jong Hee switches topics assure Mi So that the Yoon family can always move in with her if the worst should happen.

We then cut to Hae Ryung realizing that there is no sign of Kyung Soo coming home. The angry and disgusted woman then rushes out of the house. Eyeroll. She then barges in on Kyung Soo who is in the middle of a meeting. He asks why she is there and she immediately starts screaming asking him where he was last night that her mother had to lie for him. Kyung Soo calls her a “gijibae” (not the most flattering term for a female) saying that she’s disrupting his meeting. She continues screaming and demands he bring that wench he was with all night to see her. Again, eyeroll. He keeps trying to get her out of the office and reminds her that is his work and she starts screaming and throwing important documents everywhere. Real mature. His men quickly make a beeline out of fire while she sinks down onto the chair shaking her head and screaming like a lunatic.

Oh is livid as Kyung Soo let Hae Ryung storm off in her present state of mind. Yoo Jung tells him that his daughter was in the wrong and urges him to quickly call Baek to search all bars in Gangnam for Hae Ryung when she gets a call from a woman named Yoon Hee. Yoo Jung is horrified to learn her daughter is in a club in Cheongdamdang drunk out of her mind and trying to drive herself home. She tells her husband to quickly get Baek there as Yoon Hee is trying to keep Hae Ryung for doing anything stupid. The crappy part is that when it comes to drunks and accidents, they usually walk away okay while some poor innocent person ends up hurt critically or even dies. Totally off topic, but they say people who are drunk tend to get hurt less as they are in a more relaxed state believe it or not (meaning their body isn’t tensed up and resisting which can lead to further injuries). I am nothing if not a fount of useless information gleaned over the years.

Baek manages to bring Hae Ryung home safe and sound and she screams and cries about getting married to a bad man. Baek takes her into her room and lays her down. Yoo Jung thanks him for his help and he goes to report to Oh about all the trouble Hae Ryung caused at the bar. Baek managed to get her out before things got really bad, but he had to promise reparations. This horrifies Oh. He then asks Baek to act as Hae Ryung’s personal bodyguard. Baek is not happy, but like always he agrees to Oh’s request. Enter Kyung Soo who is immediately bawled out about Hae Ryung’s current circumstances.

Kyung Soo goes into their bedroom where Hae Ryung is sleeping peacefully. He then recalls the accident Hae Ryung caused by not wanting to break up and his unemotional marriage proposal. He sits down next to her and tucks her in. What does he really feel towards his selfish and childish wife?

Myung Ja gives Na Young her walking papers. The girl is unhappy and seemingly surprised, but does hand back her badge. Myung Ja does give her one piece of advice—never do again what she did to Parel. Sure, it helped them out, but it isn’t  a good thing for any self-respecting woman to do. SNAP! Well it is very obvious that Na Young doesn’t respect herself or anybody else. Na Young looks angry as she turns to go. She pauses when Myung Ja gets a call from Mrs. Jung about a match for Min Jae. Na Young then runs into Yoo Jung who rubs Na Young’s raw deal (even after using her own body) into her face before merrily going her own way. Na Young promises to get Min Jae and then she gags. This makes her smile evilly. She quickly goes to the doctor who confirms her pregnancy and then heads back to Min Jae’s office. She thanks her baby for coming at the right time and promises to raise him well and make him the president of the company. Min Jae comes in and apologizes for his mother’s behavior. Na Young then asks him to eat dinner with her as she’s been having sudden odd cravings. Min Jae agrees to this.

Now…I’m not married and nor have I ever been pregnant…but…do you really get test results and an ultrasound that fast as in same day? I suppose I could ask my older sister…but I’m too lazy.

Kyung Soo recalls Hae Ryung’s meltdown and calls Yoo Jung saying he’ll be home on time. He then asks after Hae Ryung because she hasn’t been answering her phone. Yoo Jung then says she has only been sleeping all day and not to worry. Meanwhile, Mi So is looking over Kyung Soo’s text and muttering about the apology and how she can ever look at him and smile again. Her father then comes home and she tells him not to worry about the security deposit since she talked to the landlord and agreed to a rent increase so they could stay. He then nervously asks if anyone is looking for him. No. He then goes into his and Chan Ki’s room and worries about the men who he got to invest in the scam. What will he do if they find out their money was taken?

In the kitchen, Jong Hee is helping Mi So cut up some leafy green plant I can’t identify when she asks Mi So to start up a business with her. Mi So is a good cook and she has a good knack for business, so together they should do well. Jong Hee’s idea is to sell home cooked meals to single people who don’t have the time or energy to cook for themselves. When Mi So gives her no response, Jong Hee demands to know what the woman is hiding from her. Mi So assures her there is nothing when she gets a call from the manager of JR asking her to deliver lunchboxes. She quickly refuses annoying Jong Hee. Mi So is crazy to refuse any order as they are desperate for money. She then gets a call from Chan Ki about a machine breaking and rushes off to the factory.

At the office, the manager tells Kyung Soo he ended up ordering Chinese for lunch since Mi So says she won’t deliver to the office as it is too far out of her way. This surprises him and as soon as the manager leaves he tries calling Mi So who ignores his call. He then texts her. He asks to meet her that afternoon as he has something to talk to her about.

He waits unhappily in their usual café as Mi So nervously makes her way there. She stares at his figure and assures herself that this isn’t anything. I’m assuming she means them meeting and their difficult to define relationship. She gathers her courage and enters. The two sit awkwardly and Kyung Soo again asks about the other day. Mi So apologizes for leaving on her own as she didn’t know how to face him. Kyung Soo knows that she was caught off guard. Mi So rambles and then says she thinks it is best to regard it s nothing happened. Why? Does she think it was a mistake? Mi So doesn’t answer this and says she doesn’t want it to make their relationship awkward. Kyung Soo then hesitates before saying that they should take it as nothing happened. This seems to hurt her as well as him.

End episode. Sigh.

Looks like Kyung Soo will try to woo back his wife who won’t take the overtures while Chan Ki reveals everything to Kyung Soo and Mi So gets her business disrupted by angry thugs. Sigh. Nothing goes right or easy for anyone. This series opened with Min Jae taking Mi So back promising things would be better and Hae Ryung telling Kyung Soo its his fault he (they?) were emigrating. So…with the baby…does Min Jae dump Na Young and the kid or does Na Young lose her meal ticket?

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