30 Day Asian Drama Challenge – Day 29

It’s the penultimate question! Yes, NeeNee is an English nerd and LOVES the word “penultimate.” I’ve explained it numerous times on this site, so I won’t explain it again 😛

Day 29: A Drama that made you cry from laughter?

Now this…I probably have done. But I don’t think there is one single drama that’s kept me consistently laughing so hard that I cry. And the thing is, while I am pretty certain I have actually watched a drama episode that *has* made me cry from laughter…I can’t think of a single one right off the top of my head.

There have been certain moments in the drama Last Cinderella that had me laughing pretty hard while shaking my head (Miura’s kicking his feet like a child on that hotel bed, the awkwardly cute tickling scene). I think I laughed quite a bit at certain points in You’re Beautiful, too. ATARU had some really great moments as well when they broke up the melodrama of the case with Chokozai’s antics. Jiro Wang and Jack Na in Absolute Boyfriend could even get me in stitches in some scenes when there was less seriousness going on…

Oguri Shun, Ishihara Satomi

But maybe…I think I’ll go with Oguri Shun’s and Ishihara Satomi’s Rich Man, Poor Woman. I think I had a lot of laughter that made me a little teary eyed with that drama even though it did have its share of dramatic and serious moments. Ishihara in particular is great at her rambling comedy which Oguri Shun’s teasing character really complemented well.

I also laugh sometimes at the sheer absurdity of drama plots and characters. Here are some more dramas that I had a good laugh with:

  • Hana Kimi (original Japanese version, not abysmal 2011 remake)
  • Mei-chan no Shitsuji
  • ToGetHer (this drama had a great serious side, but had some great quirky parts that made me laugh)
  • Down With Love
  • Gong/Palace
  • Bu Bu Jing Xin had some really nice lighter moments in the first part of the series before turning into a bit of a downer melodrama that kept me watching like crack.


  • It’s funny how the melodrama/romance gets in the way of comedy, so my three choices for dramas that made me laugh until I cried have very little romance and some melodrama.

    I would have to say Fantasy Couple, the character Kang Ja had me in stitches .

    Evasive Inquiry Agency, read somewhere that it was funny but don’t look for any romance or you will be disappointed.

    Unubore Deka, watched it for Nagase Tomoya and was not disappointed.

    Ataru, so many funny plot setups that just kept repeating themselves (the old couple, the tripping in front of the house, the posters). It was good but became too burdensome, I kept having to go back to actually pay attention to what a character was saying.

  • I like the new look! 🙂

    Yay Hana Kimi/YAB! Rich Man, Poor Woman is also another on my to-watch list – though it was fairly low because of the trope-ish title.

  • I swear, I’m the only one who liked the 2011 Hana Kimi remake, lol. I meet so many people who either have never seen it, or didn’t like it. Maybe I am so biased towards Maeda Atsuko that I don’t realise how bad it is, lol. But I really liked how Sano was played in the remake.

    • I neither hate it nor like it as I need to finish it first. I did do a first impression post back when it was airing and then kind of fell behind & never got around to finishing it.

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