Last Cinderella Episode 8 Recap

I have to say that what Miss Kasumi had to say to Tachibana makes me really ponder some things…

Episode 8: Farewell…and Thank You

So why has Tachibana’s ex come to find him? She is getting divorced from her husband! Tachibana says nothing at first as she explains that she can’t return home because her brother’s family is living with her parents. She goes to leave, but Tachibana stops her just as the staff fall through the door in their attempt to eavesdrop. Sakura quickly tries to fib about fixing a support bar, but Tachibana isn’t stupid. Sakura then apologizes and the two go about their usual bickering until one staff member covers Sakura’s mouth and holds her back. Tachibana then gives the key to his apartment over to the woman. She takes the key and apologizes for disturbing the work there. Tachibana gets really snippy with Sakura and Haru points out that this is the first time they’ve ever seen their boss that upset. Tachibana apologizes to the unhappy Choko and dispiritedly gets ready to color her hair.

Are there regrets for an old love from days back when?

Sakura and Miki go to Ken’s bar and Sakura reveals Tachibana’s ex has returned. This shocks Ken. So Kasumi-chan is back. Why? Apparently she’s getting a divorce. Ken reveals that Kasumi was Tachibana’s sempai in high school, but they didn’t start dating until after they had both graduated and then they dated for over 10 years or so. Ken had thought the two would end up married, but they suddenly broke up for some unknown reason. Soon after that Kasumi married another man. Sakura then says Tachibana’s love life is none of her business. Ken walks away and Miki wonders if dating for too long is bad since after marriage nothing will be fresh or new. She then complains about how she didn’t receive a proposal, etc. when she married. Sakura then brings up the steamy love-love pictures from the honeymoon in Hawaii to which Miki quickly covers her mouth and says she wishes to forget. Enter Shima. This really stilts the atmosphere. Miki runs out followed by Sakura who asks Shima to understand that Miki needs more time.

Tachibana returns home where he finds Kasumi acting like a housewife. He does asks why she is getting divorced. She says it has been bad for a long time now. When she asked for a divorce her husband accused her of cheating and I guess beat her. Man. Sounds so Crazy Love at this point. She then says she has always been thinking about Tachibana and how things could have been different. At that time when they parted ways she had not wanted to marry the man, but she had wanted to be with him and be in love with him forever…is that supposed to make sense ‘cause it doesn’t to an extent. Though love doesn’t always equal marriage fore everybody. Tachibana doesn’t know what to say to this and can only stand still in shock. Kasumi then comes over and gives him a back hug. I find her kind of selfish and unfair. Tachibana then turns and Kasumi goes in for a rather awkward kiss, which Tachibana does end up returning.

We then cut to Sakura trying to lean over the railing with binoculars to see into Tachibana’s apartment. When that doesn’t work, she presses her ear against the wall and gives that vile little dirty grin. Miki goes to press her ear against the wall, too, but silence ensues. What could they be doing? Aigoo. Sakura, Sakura. Anywho, morning comes and Miki is all depressed that all she knows how to do is cook. Sakura says it is a good thing to be able to do that for your family every day. She also reminds Miki that there is no proof of an affair, so don’t assume things. We also get a scene of how the Takenouchi house is in chaos thanks to Miki’s absence.

At the shop, Sakura is practicing greetings in different poses making Tomonori wonder just what is going one. He then looks at the reservation book and grins. So that’s why. Enter Hiroto. He’s having his hair done by Sakura today. And for once she isn’t wearing her usual baggy clothes. Her behavior of stopping and coyly going “this way” really grates and you can tell that Hiroto finds it odd at least…that’s what Miura’s expression looks like to me. Anywho, Tomonori comments that while there is a significant age gap, the couple looks cute together. This seems to displease Tachibana greatly. Is it just worry over Hiroto’s intentions or something else? They go back to the hair washing station where Sakura says she is nervous for some reason and accidentally drapes the dropcloth shawl thingy over half of Hiroto’s head. She apologizes and as she goes to fix it, they hear scissors drop. Sacrilege! Tachibana dropped his scissors and apologizes to his client. Wow. He’s so off.

Sakura is trimming Hiroto’s hair and catches him staring. He tells her that her serious side is very cute. She then warns him that she will cut his ear if he doesn’t stay still and they start giggling and acting like children. Tomonori and Nozomi then scold Sakura and tell her to stop flirting in the store. Haruko then goes over to Tachibana for a color check. She calls him multiple times, but he doesn’t move and continues cutting. Only when Sakura calls out to him does he come back to earth. He goes off for the color check and Hiroto asks if something happened to him. Sakura says it is only his excessive drinking, but her smile fades and a serious look overcomes her expression. Hiroto doesn’t miss that either. Sakura’s worried for Tachibana, no doubt about it.

Shima meets Kohei and apologizes as she believes it is all her fault. If only she hadn’t called him out to meet her. If only she had given a thought before she initially seduced him in the beginning. Kohei tries to assure her its not her sole fault and asks why she just didn’t confess that he had ED. Shima reminds him that she promised to keep it a secret and says it is too late anyways as Miki would still be hurt and confused. True. Shima sighs. When will she finally be a mature adult? She leans back and Kohei follows suit saying that at this rate, he will never be one. We then have a string of people passing by in all stages and walks of life from toddlers to an old couple.

At this rate I might never become an adult (:-|).

Hiroto’s haircut is finished and he and Sakura arrange to meet at the hotel at 5 the next day for their trip. They seems nervous and excited about it. HIroto then walks off. He looked good with his long wavy hair, but the shorter style suits him well, too.

Last Cinderella ep08 (848x480 x264).0050

The happy Sakura comes in and then starts bugging Tachibana about Kasumi spending the night. Haruko then comes out and says that Choko is there without a reservation to see him. Sakura then accuses him of double dealing. Meanwhile, Tachibana flashes back on Hiroto asking him to take care of Choko if he cares about Sakura at all. Oy. Again, still not the best idea. Anywho, Tachibana says nothing to this and goes out to greet Choko who is there to pick him up for lunch.

Sakura goes home and tries to get Miki to go to SOBAR (Ken’s place) with her, but she meets all kinds of rebuttals. Miki has already made a delicious dinner, there is beer already in the fridge, plus Sakura needs to be more frugal for marriage and eventual children. LOL. Sakura goes into her bathroom all frustrated. What will she do? She then texts Shima who is waiting in the bar and says that she cannot get Miki to go out tonight. Their plan will have to wait for a different day. Shima then asks for her bill and leaves.

The next day the usually dour Saki brightens up at the sight of her mother with Kakeru. I think I was right, Saki’s moodiness is stemming from issues with the home and Miki. I’m thinking she really doesn’t approve of her grandmother’s or even father’s attitude towards her mother at times. The three go to a park and Miki explains that she doesn’t know when she will be home as she and Kohei are fighting. They do wish to make up, though, its just that it will take some time. She then asks the kids to spend the night at Sakura’s when they have the day off from school as Sakura will be on a her trip with Hiroto. This makes the kids happy.

Last Cinderella ep08 (848x480 x264).0068

Hiroto is out clothes shopping with Choko for a suit to wear for his interview at their father’s company. He asks her to pick out another shirt for his important date with Sakura, but doesn’t reveal the reason why and Choko happily complies. Hiroto thanks her for her help and hands over cash to pay for the clothes when Choko went to hand over her credit card. I bet she’s jobless and only uses daddy’s money. She needs a job to get over her current stalker occupation. Anywho, Hiroto asks how things are going with Tachibana. Choko angrily replies that the woman who dumped him has returned and this is just as he started to turns towards her. Well…won’t she be even more unhappy if she learns the reason Tachibana really turned to her. She gripes about how its not right for that girl to come back now and says she won’t stand for it. She then excuses herself and the worried Hiroto warns her from doing anything rash. Rash? Chiyoko? Naw. 😉

At the shop, the irritable Tachibana takes out his frustration (over everything) on poor Tomonori. This causes Sakura to erupt at him and the two being their usual round of bickering when Haruko interferes and points out that Kasumi has arrives. Oy. This woman has brought a large bento and all the males are excited. Apparently she teaches a cooking class. Good for her. The female employees look on unhappily and Sakura gather them and shoos them out of the office, but not before wrinkling her nose up at Tachibana.

Kasumi leaves and Tomonori gushes about how lucky Tachibana is. Tachibana tells everyone to clean up and while Tomonori is still mooning over the refined Kasumi, Nozomi pushes into him spilling his hot drink everywhere. LOL. Poor boy. Meanwhile, outside the shop evil Choko is silently approaching Kasumi who is on the phone with her mom saying she will be staying the night over at a “friend’s” place. Don’t tell me crazy girl will push her down the stairs? She reaches out her hand to do just that when Sakura grabs her hand and drags her off to go eat. Close call.

Choko asks why Sakura interfered and laughs saying she wouldn’t have really pushed her. I’m not certain if Sakura believes her or not. Choko asserts she only wanted to talk to Kasumi and warn her away from Tachibana since she had already devastated the man once. Sakura says she understands the younger girl’s feelings, but Tachibana may not appreciate the interference. Sakura tells Choko to be straightforward and Choko says that Sakura has obviously never been hurt before. You wish to protect yourself. She can’t live a life whitewashing things like the older woman. She complains about Sakura never being able to understand her feelings and rushes off.

Enter Shima who asks who Choko is. Sakura explains she’s a client who may or may not be dating Tachibana. Shima asks after Miki and is relieved to hear Miki is doing okay. She asks if Sakura has talked to her about meeting with Kohei. Sakura refuses to stick her nose into that hornets nest. Shima then hands over a present for her trip with Hiroto—pink lacy underwear and a negligee.

The next day the kids are playing Life at Sakura’s and Sakura comes out wearing a pink dress and Miki compliments her on how good she looks and how she has been “rejuvenated” by Hiroto. Sakura then goes out to meet her awaiting prince and is shocked to seem him wearing the suit. Now, me pause here and says that Sakura has changed her behavior yet again. Sure, she’s always had the “old man” vibe, but when she first started with Hiroto it was overly silly teenybopper, then the lewd dirty old man of the past episode, and now we have her slightly refined and not 100% as silly attitude. She asks after his umbrella and he says he doesn’t have one, so she raises hers and he comes on in as they head off for their adventure.

Hiroto takes her to the hotel where they first met. Hiroto takes her hand and kneels on the stairs and welcomes his Cinderella. This makes the girl so happy. She is even more happy when she sees how Hiroto has had the room and bed decked out with flowers. They then have a drink and take a bunch of pictures where they take turn stealing pecks on the cheek. It’s cute, won’t lie.

Kasumi…has a rather clingy attitude as well. She seems very unhappy at Tachibana’s coldness and reserve. She even does another back hug, but receives no response. Serves her right. The unhappy girl then says she should head off and she leaves. We then get Kohei pounding on Sakura’s door with flowers apologizing and begging Miki to let him in to talk.

Back at the hotel, Hiroto is drunk and paying more attention to wine and cheese than to Sakura who is desperately showing skin and trying to attract his attention to her with no such luck. I kept chuckling. Then he demands more wine and Sakura figures what the heck and decides to join Hiroto in drinking all night. She refills his wine glass and the boy suddenly turns somber. He talks about injuring a girl, his parents divorce in grade school, his mother’s illness and subsequent death, and going back to live with his father who had a stepdaughter a year younger than he was. On a day their parents were gone, his little sister was hungry and wanted donuts. Hiroto tried making them and dropped the pan, giving his sister a horrible burn mark from the hot oil. Since the boy was scared, he didn’t do anything and just waited until their parents got home, thus she was inevitably left with a horrible scar. She’s never shown her naked body to anyone and has closed her heart off.

Sakura tries to reassure him that it was only an accident so not to beat himself up over it. Hiroto says be that as it may, he did harbor ill feelings towards the little girl as she held a special place in his father’s heart. He had wished ill on her thus it is like he intentionally did it even though he didn’t. Hiroto tears up and says his and his sister’s relationship will remained warped and twisted for the rest of  their lives. Sakura takes the wine glass out of his hand and wipes her own tears away before pulling the boy to her and wiping his tears. Hiroto then snuggles into her lap.

Okay, I’m not saying that he’s blameless or complicit, but it was an accident that happened as children and bad things happen. Even if he did mentally wish harm to her for being the apple of his father’s eye, I’m sure he’d never have carried anything out. I get that he feels guilty, but I am curious to know if she really does have to live with those scars. Is there no way of skin grafting or plastic surgery to at least reduce the scarring even if it cannot be completely erased?

The next morning Sakura wakes up and Hiroto’s head is still in her lap. He wakes up and Hiroto complains that he slept through the night when it was supposed to be their special night together. He then goes to rip off his robe to do it now, but Sakura replies she can’t as she has work to do. We then get a very childish Hiroto throwing himself down onto the bed and kicking and whining. LOL. Sakura tells him that it can’t be helped, but she had a fun time and was happy that he opened up to her about his past. He hugs her and she asks him to zip up her dress. He kind of throws them both down on the bed and says he won’t. Again, he’s being quite childish here, but it makes me smile.

At work Sakura is fairly oozing happiness even though nothing happened and Tachibana looks less than pleased. We then get a montage of our other main cast members. Nothing too exciting, just no one is feeling particularly good. Hiroto is on his way to his interview when he gets a text from Momo saying she will go to heaven with the baby inside her. The boy rushes off to Momo’s apartment where he finds her laying in a negligee. She cannot believe he fell for that text message. Hiroto collapses to his knees while Momo complains that he’s acting like a goody two shoes. His he job hunting for that woman? Hiroto thanks Momo for all she’s done for him and bows deeply asking her to please let him go. Momo…with all the other carp going on in this drama, we didn’t need her, too. Anywho, Momo asks what’s so great about Sakura and Hiroto talks of her pure heart and making him believe he can become a better person.

Momo is infuriated. Forget the age gap, she and Sakura are two very different people…does Hiroto get that? What? Is she hurt that Hiroto chose someone the complete opposite of her as the woman he truly loves? She goes over to Hiroto and shakes him. He understands, right? No matter what he and Sakura are unbalanced and don’t make sense. Hiroto says that might be true, but it’s not certain that he and Sakura won’t work out. He pushes her hands away and tells Momo that this is the first time he’s ever felt such a way about anyone before. Momo yells at him to get out as she doesn’t want an uncool guy who’s obsessed with an older woman. Hiroto gets up and Momo cries into her bed.

At SOBAR, Ken, Tachibana, and Kasumi are reminiscing about their fun youth. Where did the fun go? This makes Tachibana feel ill at ease. Enter Choko. Nothing like making Tachibana feel even worse—now he’s caught between the proverbial rock and hard place. Choko starts off talking nice enough to Kasumi and then brings up how happy Kasumi seemed when she was getting married. Tachibana tries to stop Choko, but Kasumi says it is okay. She apologizes for not remembering just who Choko is and announces her divorce. Nice Chiyoko disappears and Crazy Choko shows up. Is that why Kasumi is coming back to Rintaro after wounding him so deeply? Choko then states she hates seeing Tachibana like that and rushes out. Kasumi urges Tachibana to follow the younger woman as she will be leaving after she finishes her drink. He apologizes and takes off after her.

Tachibana looks around the nearby streets and cannot find her thus he ends up going to his normal batting cage. We then a reversal. Last time it was an emotional Sakura coming to the batting cage and not doing well. She gets batting advice and love advice from Tachibana. This time, it’s Sakura giving advice. It’s essentially a replay of the earlier scene with the roles reversed. The two then sit inside resting and Tachibana congratulates her for her overnight hotel stay. Sakura thanks him and then tells him they did nothing. That shocks him. Sakura then asks how things are going with Kasumi. Tachibana replies that he had thought he loved that woman all of these years, but it turns out it was only the grudge he held against her that he couldn’t forget. He’s pathetic, isn’t he? Sakura calls him a tiny guy. Tachibana then complains that she didn’t deny he was pathetic and petty and the two grin at each other. Nice to see the normal Tachibana.

He then asks if Sakura will be getting married. Sakura doesn’t know. Marriage is very serious. She isn’t interested too much marriage at her age, but she does really want a child. She’s too afraid to tell Hiroto this as she doesn’t wish to tie him down as he’s got a future ahead of him while she…doesn’t. Tachibana says that’s real love and Sakura wonders if she is being teased. Tachibana then says if he were to date anyone now it would be a person who matched him and that he would marry. Sakura then says tension could lead to romance instead of being tiring. That’s right…that could be a trigger. The two then think back to their accidental kiss and the atmosphere definitely tenses up.

They both then jump up and ask the clerk walking by to exchange their money so they can play some more. The man asks if they are dating and Sakura denies Tachibana is her boyfriend while the man bows and thanks the boy for taking care of “mother”—lol. The two then go into the batting cages once more where Sakura asks what Tachibana will do about Choko. Sakura then yells at him for being indecisive and to make himself clear. Tachibana tells her that he doesn’t know himself. The ball then comes flying at him and he is happily able to hit them once more making Sakura happy as well. These two. Such great friends.

I wonder just what a friend and a boyfriend are?

Sometimes a friend and boyfriend can be synonymous and other times be polar opposites. Anywho, Kasumi asks Tachibana if Choko is in love with him. Instead of waiting for an answer Kasumi tells him that she is in love with him as well. Her next sentence made me laugh though—“I hope you’re happy with Sakura.” This definitely surprises Tachibana. Kasumi then says that given Tachibana’s description of Sakura, she was not expecting the bare-faced beauty. This again surprises him—Sakura beautiful? Kasumi admits jealousy of seeing just how close the two are and how Sakura seems to make him happy. She then asks that in their past, it was Sakura Tachibana wanted at his side, right? That’s why even when they lived together, Kasumi always felt they were distant. She wishes him happiness and he asks if she is okay. Kasumi asserts that she won’t be okay with a straight face before asking him if she said that what would he do. She then warns him to stay away from sympathy as it will only hurt him and the woman that’s why he needs to properly face Choko. Kasumi bids him farewell and leaves.

Sakura puts in an order of spicy chicken while Miki worries over her children. Sakura then asks if Miki doesn’t want to see them. Miki then talks about how in high school before Sakura came, a boy asked Miki out (she was in track and field with Shima at the time) and Shima had Miki call the boy out and she told the boy she will not lose Miki to him. This makes Miki believe that Kohei and Shima probably weren’t having an affair. Sakura agrees with this when the buzzer sounds. Wow, that was some fast takeout. Sakura turns on the intercom and is shocked to see both Tachibana and Shima outside. “Geh!” What is it? Sakura forces a smile and says nothing before pressing the buzzer and telling them to come in. Miki isn’t believing anything—she called Shima, right?

At the Takenouchi household Kakeru (that’s the little boy’s name, right?) complains of being hungry while grandma bumbles around in the kitchen complaining of its narrowness and Miki for not doing anything about it. This really seem to irk Saki. Enter Kohei with bentos saving the day. Mrs. Takenouchi them complains about how horrible Miki is for abandoning her husband and kids. Finally Saki screams at her to stop taking badly about Miki and blames her grandmother for all their family problems. NICE! Granny deserves that. Kohei then collapses in pain.

We end with Sakura and Miki rushing out of her apartment after they get a call from Saki about Kohei being rushed to the emergency room. They are leaving just as Tachibana and Shima make it upstairs. Sakura quickly fills the two in on what is going on and grabs the pizza from Shima, giving it to Tachibana telling him to take it into her place. The three girls then rush to the hospital together while Tachibana looks all depressed to see the pictures of Sakura and Hiroto all over.

Again I’m wondering now if Sakura is the woman Tachibana claimed to be out of his reach or if it was really his married ex. I wouldn’t have thought that way, except she says that she was jealous as it was always Sakura he wanted by his side back then, right? Ah, so confused. Seeing the previews, I am not happy that we have Choko disrobing in front of Tachibana. Even if Sakura decides she wants Hiroto, that doesn’t mean Tachibana should be with a young girl who’s mentally unbalanced. Yes, that accident can scar a personality just as it can a body, but I think the scarring is just a tad too extreme.


  • Sakura’s “cute” acting annoys the hell out of me. I think she’s still being too “silly teeny bopper” for my liking, lol. But yay, we finally got Hiroto and Chioko’s history. It’s exactly what we already assumed but still, it’s good to have it actually confirmed. The Momo scene was utterly pointless except we finally heard Hiroto’s actual feelings about Sakura. Oh, and Tachibana saying that he thought he was still in love with Harumi but has now realised he wasn’t. I do think it was her he was talking about before, and now that he’s over her, he can move on with Sakura. I think with what Harumi said about Tachibana always wanting Sakura before, I don’t think it was something Tachibana ever realised about himself.

    And Saki finally cracking it at the Gran. Loved it. Finally someone freaking tells her what she needs to hear! Not that Gran will take any notice.

  • I’m glad that Miki left the house just so the family could realize how helpless they are without her, LOL. I also thought it was sweet when she talked about how she met Shima in school. Shima is always Shima-nee, after all! I wonder what Kohei told Miki though.

    Also when Kohei collapsed, I couldn’t help but think maybe it’s because of the medicine he might be taking for his ED? O_O””

    From the previews it looks like Choko has a really long scar all the way down her back. (btw, I wonder what she’s up to, ‘disrobing’ in front of Rintaro!!!! Is she gonna show him her scars?) Maybe the burns were too severe to fully reduce the scarring? I wonder what degree the burns were.

    Anyways I think this episode was really good for Hiroto x Sakura, but totally disappointing for Rintaro’s sidestory with his ex. I though Kasumi’s presence would change things up more

  • “.. Is it just worry over Hiroto’s intentions or something else?”

    This question seems to come up too many times in reference to Rintaro’s hidden feelings for Sakura. It’s really exhausting and pointless to wonder about a guy who doesn’t know his own heart. Just how many episodes does he need?

    He’s a good friend to her but that does not necessarily mean that it will transpire or evolve to a lasting relationship. Rintaro mentioned to Sakura that he wanted someone who matched him? Uhh.. You don’t even know who you are, what you want or if you had ever been in love with your ex or just mad??

    The guy is annoying! 😦

    • Yeah, Rintaro’s character is even more clueless than Sakura’s. He had no idea that for the past x number of years he really didn’t love his ex after all. Although…that could be an ideal thing. People *think* they feel one way, but it’s not until much later and some more experience (maybe re-experiencing or re-meeting a person) that they realize it wasn’t what they thought.

  • Finally!! Sakura looks like she put some care into her appearance. She looks good with a regular ponytail (even when it’s messy). Hope she doesn’t go back to that whopsided jumble of a hairstyle.

    The “scar that won’t disappear…” I so agree with you on this. They are a wealthy family…haven’t they heard of plastic surgery?! With all the medical advances, that scar could be reduced or eliminated.

    Sakura’s “…posturing?” seemed a little over-the-top to me. Just take off that robe and let nature take its course, for heaven’s sake!!

    That grandmother – UGH!!!

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