Crazy Love Episode 32 Recap

People in dramas shouldn’t be so gullible. I know Moon Do wanted to find more work to help out his daughter and son…but to be so blatantly ripped out in such an unbelievable scheme. Shakes head.

Mi So is up around 4 AM preparing her sandwiches and kimbaps. Moon Do hears her in the kitchen and is shocked she is up already. He asks why she’s that early and Mi So replies she has to be this early to get the commuter traffic. She then tells him she has dried pollock ready to be warmed up when Chan Ki wakes up. She then rushes out and Moon Do says he needs to hurry and lease a story soon. Um…operating a store takes a lot of capital and investment before you can necessarily turn any profit. Mi So has become much more people friendly and vocal after only a day. She even has people returning already since they love her food. Yay for Mi So!

Kyung Soo is gearing up for a meeting and has to revise a contract which equals a light lunch. He thinks of Mi So and then says he’ll buy everyone lunch boxes for lunch. He calls up Mi So who is having a break from customers. She heads over and Kyung Soo urges her to eat and have lunch with him. He then asks if she even ate breakfast. Caught. Mi So smiles and says she snacked while making the kimbap. Kyung Soo tells her to make sure to eat breakfast so she can work that much harder. He then hands over one of the boxes and tells her to eat up. So…how is work? Mi So says it was very difficult at first and that she must have led too comfortable a life. Okay. She wasn’t always a housewife. She actually used to work at Min Jae’s company…she must have some sort of degree and work experience to fall back on…so why selling on the streets? I’m really curious about that. Anywho. Mi So says that everyone she sells an item and gets her 1,000 won she smiles and bows automatically since she’s so grateful. Hearing people compliment her food makes her even happier and has her thinking about what she should make the next day.

The two dig into the food and Kyung Soo compliments her aged kimchi salad. Mi So explains she has old fashioned tastes and then tells him not to eat it if it doesn’t suit his own. Kyung Soo smiles and assures her that he likes it. He then notices she has as spot of food on her mouth. He laughs and tells her about it, but Mi So can’t seem to find it. Thus Kyung Soo gets very close to wipe it away and the tension SKYROCKETS. The two sit back in their respective corners looking a bit bothered. Oh, yeah. No denying the chemistry. Need you any more proof that you haven’t loved your husband the whole time as there wasn’t really any chemistry between Mi So and Min Jae?

Also…it always bothered me because at the beginning, Mi So only talked about how she always thought her husband would love her and cherish her forever. She never once mentions loving him as well. She must have loved him at one time to have married Min Jae, right? She isn’t the scheming type to want to land a better life since she had lead a pretty decent life until her father’s business went under.

I have no idea what Moon Do is doing, but he’s talking people into investing money with him to start a business in China. Yeah. This doesn’t bode well at all. Smells very fishy. His friends are worried about the legitimacy, but Moon Do assures them that it’s a friend from his childhood behind the business so it’s all okay. Moon Do calls up his friend who tries to encourage him to invest more than 10 million. Moon Do says he can’t as that was his security deposit money. He then rushes out to look for a storefront after telling his daughter to just wait and he will take care of her. The sentiment is nice, but he shouldn’t have trusted Chang Suk.

In his office, Kyung Soo is going over some paperwork when he recalls eating lunch with Mi So and laughs. He then gets a call from his mother saying that she sent some of his favorite halibut home. He tells her she didn’t have to do that and then asks after her health. We then cut to Mi So who arrives home and she also can’t help recalling the close proximity of Kyung Soo wiping off the food. She slaps her face between her two hands and tries to pull herself together. LOL.

At the Oh house, Hae Ryung opens the halibut her in-laws sent and she is disgusted. How much you want to bet she will throw it out on Kyung Soo? Kyung Soo arrives home and is happily greeted by Yoo Jung. She tells him she also just got home and will start on dinner. He then asks for that day’s paper. Yoo Jung points to it on the table and then heads into the kitchen. As Kyung Soo thumbs through the paper he hears Yoo Jung exclaim about the wasted halibut dish. I was right. Bad wife. Kyung Soo goes to see Hae Ryung who is happy he is home early. He, though, is not happy. Did she throw out his mother’s dish? Hae Ryung puts on her careless attitude and reminds him how much she hates his mother sending “weird” food. If you grow up in a poor household, you learn how precious food is and you loathe to waste it. Of course…Hae Ryung was born a spoilt, rich brat, so what would she know about how precious food is? Kyung Soo yells at her then for throwing it away without asking him. Hae Ryung jumps up. Did he just yell at her? His mother made the first mistake for sending it without her permission. She then proceeds to gripe about how she hates going to visit her in-laws because they have a home in the country that reeks of weird food. She slams out of the room and Kyung Soo angrily flings his brief case on the bed. Good man. He reigns in his temper against the evil wife unlike a certain cowardly wife beater.

At CK, Myung Ja is livid to learn that Parel is back in the scheme. How can they survive the next proposal now? Min Jae wishes to give up on it, but Myung Ja doesn’t want to. What is Na Young doing during this crisis when she’s needed the most. Well…our resident slut is in the men’s bathroom with Parel. He’s shocked. Did he come into the wrong bathroom (well, he’s obviously not French and the actor’s acting is soooo bad and fake)? Na Young tells him he’s in the right place and then smears lipstick on him. He’s outraged, but Na Young tells him to be calm. She then rips open her shirt and messes up her hair. He asks if she’s crazy. Honey, she’s certifiable. She then crouches down and screams. Oldest trick in the book. I’m surprised he just stood there. People come rushing in and Na Young yells at them to call the police. John Parel wishes to know what she wants from him as he’s being dragged out. Na Young smirks.

Yoo Jung is livid when she finds out. Where is he now then? Bering held by the police. There’s only 30 minutes before the presentation. Meanwhile, Myung Ja is happy. How could Na Young think of such a last minute and brilliant plan? Then again, she worked in a bar, didn’t she? That’s just how her mind spins. Eyeroll. Myung Ja’s little barbs are useless against someone like Na Young. Min Jae, on the other hand, is NOT happy with how Na Young handled the situation. Why did she have to do that? Oh…because she had no other choice. SNORT. Say what? She knew all along that Parel would be coming for the presentation. She had plenty of time to stop him using some other method and she resorts to this? Min Jae…well she is quite worthy for a twisted b*stard like you now…but you should be running in the opposite direction knowing how she handles things. Ko then comes in and reveals Yoo Jung is dropping out. This makes Myung Ja’s day.

Mi So is out selling when Baek and his men go by. This catches Baek’s attention. He stops in surprise, mouth hanging slightly open. His man asks what is wrong, but he remains silent. So what does Baek do? He does something totally awesome. This show needs have more of him in it. I’m so in love with Choi Dae Hoon at the moment for some reason. I really need to watch Bridal Mask. So much drama…so few hours in the day to watch it. Anywho. Baek goes to CK and Na Young is happy that he took the initiative to come and see her. Um…quick thought…wouldn’t it be bad for either Min Jae or Myung Ja to see the debt collector with her? Just saying. Baek hands over the lunchbox. She’s touched. Where’d he get it. Baek then says “that woman” was selling it. Woman? You know, the one that Na Young got kicked out was selling it on the street. So…he had to go and buy it? Baek says he had his men do it because seeing her face and knowing what he did to her made him feel bad. Na Young is livid. So he brings that food to her? Does he wish for her to feel sorry for Mi So as well and eat the food? Na Young throws it on the floor and says she does not pity Mi So at all. She then walks away and Baek sighs. Monster. That’s just what she is. Now…why doesn’t she rub it in his face just who Mi So really is?

Moon Do checks his account balance and there is no money from Chang Suk. When he calls, the phone number has already been given to someone new. Yep. Great job, you just got yourself and your friends thoroughly swindled. Meanwhile, Kyung Soo is recalling his argument with Hae Ryung when his assistant comes in with a present from their client Kim Kyung Ho. What is it? Plum sauced used in cooking and just think Mi So was talking earlier about how she used plum sauce in a dish she makes… Kyung Soo says that the assistant can give it to whoever needs it. His assistant says Kim sent the whole office some and this is Kyung Soo’s share. Kyung Soo then recalls Mi So’s words about cooking with it. We all know what he’s going to do with his share.

Mi So is trying out a new recipe with Jong Hee when Chan Ki comes out worrying about how he can’t get in touch with their father. Jong Hee is also certain something is up since Yoon has been acting weird lately. Jong Hee says that Yoon must have caused trouble again. Chan Ki then gets a call from the landlord looking for Moon Do for the rent. Why? It’s not do yet. Chan Ki is then floored to find out Yoon took out the security deposit on their house. Bad news for them since no one is really bringing in a steady income in that house.

Moon Do is completely drunk after having gone to find Chang Suk’s family. His sister tells him that Chang Suk hasn’t been back home in a long time and then asks if Moon Do got scammed by him. It’s best to just give up. Moon do then gets a call from Mi So. She asks him what happened with the deposit. He confirms he took it out and Mi So asks if he went gambling again. Moon Do apologizes and says it wasn’t that. He then explains about how he got cheated by Chang Suk. Moon Do cries and says he was trying to get enough money to buy Mi So a small storefront so she doesn’t have to work so hard. He then apologizes to her for making her life so difficult.

Mi So then asks if he’s been drinking. Moon Do then says that he won’t be able to face his children if he can’t get the money back. He should just die (his words, not mine). This really worries Mi So. Jong Hee then takes the phone and demands to know where Yoon is. When he doesn’t answer, she urges him to come back home. They will talk when he gets there. Moon Do keeps crying and says he won’t. How can he face them if they get kicked out of the house? He then tells her that he wishes to die. He asks Jong Hee if he should live or die? Jong Hee asks why he should die and again demands to know where he is. He hangs up instead.

Mi So decides to go out and look for her father. Chan Ki wishes to go too, but Mi Soo reminds him of his dialysis treatment and asks Jong Hee to take care of him. Jong Hee asks if Mi So has any clue where her father might be. Mi So knows of a friend on an island who Yoon might try to get money from and she takes off just as Kyung Soo arrives with the plum sauce. She tells him he’s in a hurry. Kyung Soo asks what is wrong and Mi So quickly explains the situation and how worried she is since he’s been drinking. She then says she thinks her farther might be on Su Boo island. Kyung Soo then tells her to hurry and get in the car to get there faster.

Moon Do is drinking on the edge of an outcrop and bashing himself. When he’s done scolding himself for his stupidity, he starts crying again and asking his daughter what they shall do now. Should have thought of that before taking out all that money. Sigh. Kyung Soo and Mi So arrive at Chang Suk’s sister’s shop and she tells them Moon Do has left a long time ago. Where did he go? She doesn’t know, but he was drunker than a skunk. Kyung Soo says they should look around and they take off running.

They search and search and Mi so tries calling her father, but he doesn’t answer. Kyung Soo assures her that Moon Do is probably fine. The two then split up to look for the missing man. Mi So then gets a call from Chan Ki. Has Moon Do contacted him? Nope. They are very worried about their missing father as they both have bad feelings. Mi So urges Chan Ki to call if Moon Do contacts him. Just as they are about to hang up, the drunk Moon Do returns home. Mi So asks to speak to him and Chan Ki hands over the phone. Yoon says he was about to kill himself, but his late wife appeared before him to stop him. Jong Hee takes the phone away and says that Moon Do is just really drunk, but otherwise fine.

Mi So crouches down in relief as Kyung Soo comes up. Did something happen? She happily says her father returned home. As Kyung Soo goes to lead her to a place to sit down, they get nailed by dirty water being thrown out by Chang Suk’s sister. Mi So goes to change her clothes and then she ends up falling asleep. When she wakes up it is now night and she overhears Chang Suk’s sister telling Kyung Soo that boats are grounded since the tide is too strong. Mi So goes back in and calls Chan Ki to tell him that the weather is keeping the boats from sailing so she’ll have to stay over night. Meanwhile, Kyung Soo calls the Oh house to tell them he’s stuck on Su Boo island for the night and will take the first boat back in the morning. Oh worries about what Hae Ryung will do when she finds out. Yoo Jung urges her husband not to tell anything to Hae Ryung.

Mi So apologizes for keeping Kyung Soo away from home. Kyung Soo assures her it isn’t her fault it’s the tide’s keeping them there. The two then say goodnight and we get that lovely awkward moment when they keep bumping into each other as they try to head into their mutual rooms. They finally get around one another and Mi So takes out the bedding and starts screaming as she sees a mouse. Kyung Soo rushes out of his room to see what the matter is and Mi So jumps into his arms. The tension builds and Kyung Soo pulls her even closer to him and then kisses her. Mi Soo’s eyes widen in shock.

End episode.

Well…previews from next week are a bit depressing. But I’m sure our couple’s relationship will work out…after a very loooong period of time since there’s still 68 episodes to go.

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