Crazy Love Episode 31 Recap

Na Young throws her parting shot at Mi So and happily walks away while Min Jae stamps his seal on the divorce papers. Myung Ja is in a celebratory mood and says now that “thing” is out of their life they should remodel his room. They have already wasted so much time on Mi So. Oy.

Mi So recalls Min Jae tossing her to the ground and saying that their marriage is over. She sits down on the curb and answers her phone crying. This freaks Jong Hee out. Her friend comes rushing to find her drinking at a roadside stand. Jong Hee is livid that Min Jae filed for the divorce. If he was going to do that, then why did he have to beat her? Mi So cries and wonders what she will do. Hae Ram’s father is not the same man she once knew. Of course he’s change—why else would he beat her? Mi So then cries and wonders how she can face her daughter now that she and Min Jae are splitting up. Jong Hee calls her a fool and says this is better than being beaten and pulls her into a hug saying everything will be just fine now.

Jong Hee takes the drunk Mi So home and Chan Ki helps put her to bed. Why did his noona drink so much when she can’t handle alcohol? Jong Hee tells him to wait until they are outside. The two then join Moon Do at the kitchen table. What is wrong with Mi So? Jong Hee sighs and reveals the whole sordid story. Jong Hee then warns the Yoon men not to bring up the subject until Mi So does herself.

At the Oh household, Yoo Jung reveals Mi So being accused of cheating and getting kicked out. This surprises Tae San. Didn’t Yoo Jung always talk about how good Mi So was? Yoo Jung says that the rumor is probably a ploy Myung Ja used to kick Mi So to the curb. Hae Ryung, on the other hand, is ready to believe her beloved unnie is a cheating cow. Yoo Jung again asserts that isn’t the case as Hae Ryung should know better since she met Mi So. Hae Ryung says that must have been Mi So’s mask. There is no smoke without fire. She won’t forgive anyone who cheats. Hae Ryung then goes to her room. Tae San complains about Mi So’s miserable fate when Kyung Soo returns home.

As soon as Kyung Soo gets into his room, Hae Ryung immediately asks how much money his female client is trying to get in alimony. Kyung Soo asks her to stop prying into his clients’ lives and Hae Ryung reiterates she must keep a close eye on the females ones as who knows when he will cheat on her since he doesn’t love her. Kyung Soo turns his back on Hae Ryung and then she drops the bomb that Mi So who didn’t seem like the cheating type even cheated on her husband. What does she mean? Hae Ryung then explains what happened to Mi So and then tells Kyung Soo to be careful of women who seem sweet and innocent. Kyung Soo recalls Mi So telling him how she did not want to divorce and you know he’s upset and hurting for her.

Mi So is still sleeping off her alcohol binge when Kyung Soo tries calling her. When he gets no answer, he recalls how Min Jae accused Mi So of having an inappropriate relationship with him. I guess he’s feeling guilty. Jong Hee finally wakes Mi So up. It’s already noon. Jong Hee tells Mi So to eat and then go back to bed. She also assures Mi So that she has told her brother and father everything. Jong Hee goes out into the kitchen and Mi So checks her phone and sees that Kyung Soo called. She doesn’t call him back and just heads out to eat.

The two girls start eating when Mi So’s phone rings. Jong Hee rushes off to bring it to Mi So. It’s Myung Ja…should they answer it? As soon as Mi So answers Myung Ja bawls her out for not answering sooner and then demands to know when Mi So will get her things out. Myung Ja then warns Mi So that if she doesn’t come get her stuff then she will have it all thrown out. Myung Ja hangs up on her and then calls up Min Jae who says he’s too busy with Na Young to come to see his mother. This makes evil MIL upset. Now that she got Mi So out of her son’s life…what to do about Na Young?

Meanwhile, Jong Hee is livid to learn that the Lees threw adultery charges at Mi So. Why didn’t her friend call her and have her come and help? Mi So then says she was only thinking about herself and trying to keep the family together that she didn’t realize how much her husband and mother-in-law hated her. I thought it was pretty obvious even given how clueless she is… Anywho, Jong Hee insists that they go get Mi So’s stuff now and say good riddance to such people.

Min Jae and Na Young arrive at the Lee house as Min Jae got dirty trying to milk a cow. Na Young says she will get his clothes ready while he goes to shower. She goes into the room and gloats about how she got Mi So kicked out. If only Mi So had walked out on her own, then Hae Ram would still be there. Omo. I guess the accident isn’t bothering her anymore if she can say such things so happily. Now all she needs to do is move into that room as Min Jae’s wife. Min Jae comes in and Na Young talks about how she feels like a married couple and how she’s dreamt of lying with him in that bed. Um…ew. Min Jae asks about the meeting they have and Na Young tells him there’s still time. Snuggle. Gag me.

Mi So and Jong Hee then arrive at the house and Jong Hee urges Mi So to quickly pack her things so they don’t have to meet anyone from the house. They enter the bedroom and find Min Jae and Na Young making out. Jong Hee is livid. The papers have just been signed and Na Young is already moving in? Min Jae angrily demands to know why they are there. Myung Ja called Mi So to get her stuff. Min Jae then yells that Mi So should have called the house before coming. OMFG. There is NO pleasing this flipping family. Jong Hee pushes up her sleeves ready to launch herself at Min Jae, but Mi So stops her. Na Young huffily exits the room to wait in the car. Mi So tells Jong Hee to wait for her outside as she needs to talk to Min Jae alone. Jong Hee follows her instructions only after making Mi So promise to yell if Min Jae gets out of hand. Min Jae asks what Mi So has to possibly say. Mi So asks if Min Jae has no regrets. Min Jae then says he regrets even marrying her. He has no lingering affection for her whatsoever. He then takes their wedding picture off the wall, slams it on the ground and stomps on it. He angrily rushes out while Mi So breaks down and cries. It’s not worth the tears.

Mi So leaves the room and Jong Hee asks to leave now that everything is packed. Mi So asks her to wait and looks at her baking things. She recalls the happy moment making brownies with her husband and daughter. She tears up and hastily wipes away her tears as Jong Hee comes over. She sees a tupperware bowl on the counter and asks if it is a dish Mi So made. Yes, she made it as its Myung Ja’s favorite. Mi So then leaves and Jong Hee smirks. LOL. We all know what she’s thinking. The two girls get back to the Yoon household and there is Kyung Soo waiting for Mi So with his puppy dog eyes. He’s soooo good at that expression.

Thus Jong Hee goes to the Yoon house by herself. Chan Ki wishes to know why the girls didn’t wait for him to come help and Jong Hee says that MIL, excuse me, EVIL WITCH demanded Mi So get her stuff out now or lose it all. Moon Do (who had earlier been on the phone looking for a job with an old friend who wanted him to invest thousands to start up a new business) asks if any of the Lees were home. Of course. Jong Hee then mutters about being so angry and Chan Ki worries that Min Jae hit his sister again. Jong Hee then confesses they found Na Young and Min Jae in bed together. Jong Hee then smiles broadly and says she did something to give them a piece of her mind. We then cut to Myung Ja arriving home and seeing her favorite dish smeared all over. Eh. Childish, yes, but the Lee family doesn’t act like rational adults. Yoon goes into his bedroom and cries for his poor daughter. What can he do for her?

Mi So drinks coffee with Kyung Soo and assures him the divorce wasn’t his fault so he shouldn’t worry and blame himself. Mi So then says that even though she tried to keep the marriage together, it just wasn’t meant to be. Mi So then asks if Kyung Soo knows what her one reason for staying was. No, he doesn’t. Mi So smiles and says love. Another gag me moment. Except Mi So says she thought Min Jae still loved her not that she still loved him…interesting. Mi So then says his harsh words and beatings were his love and him not wanting to give up on her. Wow…what a horrible rationalization. He did that because he already gave up on her. Then again…it’s not 100% suprising Mi So has this very warped view, especially when she was blaming herself for Hae Ram’s death. I love Kyung Soo’s response.

Mi So…that isn’t love. [Gasp! Really?] People say hatred is love and dislike is love also. I don’t agree. If you love, you shouldn’t do that. How can you do such a thing to someone you love? [Nods, nods.] If it’s also love, it may be a very selfish love. Whether it leaves a scar or tortures the other person, it means you do not care.

Mi So smiles and says she’s also beginning to let it go. It’s not for her husband, but for herself. Not quite sure she if means she’s letting Min Jae get away scott free for what he did… Anywho, Mi So then says she will be busy from now on as she must find a way to support herself so she doesn’t worry her brother or father. She smiles again and says she will be tougher from now on. She will also try to be like her name and live a life where she can smile more. This makes Kyung Soo smile briefly.

Kyung Soo walks Mi So back home. Will she stay with her father now? Yes. She had not wanted to come back home like she did, but now she has no other choice but to stay there and do her best to not worry her father and brother. She then tells Kyung Soo that she will work hard to turn her life around and show him how well she lives. She goes into the house and Kyung Soo silently thinks that he will watch her and see how she does turn her life around. Inside, Mi So unpacks and tells her daughter’s picture she will not cry any more. She then tells Hae Ram that she is buried in her heart. Mi So will also bury all the pain in her heart as well. She will show Hae Ram that she is living an independent life. Hae Ram will watch over her, right?

We then cut to Mi So out biking early in the morning with a smile on her face. She has bought groceries for sandwiches. and kimbap. She brings the groceries in and sets out to making the food. Chan Ki hears something and goes out into the kitchen and asks why she’s up so early. Mi So says she only knows how to make food so she is making food to sell at the train station. She then tells Chan Ki there’s leftover kimbap for them as well. Mi So gives a fighting cheer and heads out the door as her father wakes up. Moon Do asks what his daughter is doing so early in the morning. She’s going out to sell sandwiches and kimbap. Does she even know how to sell? Right. Chan Ki then worries as Mi So is the type to be shy in  crowd. Will she be able to do well?

Mi So is by the station and is just standing around while all the other peddlers are shouting and bringing in customers. She tries to raise her voice, but cannot manage to do it. Enter Kyung Soo in exercise clothes. He’ll take a sandwich. Mi So looks up happily and is shocked to find him. Kyung Soo then asks that since he’s the first customer, can he have ten of each to share with his coworkers at the office? Mi So asks if he came there just for her. Kyung Soo quickly refutes this. Not at all! He was out jogging and felt like he wanted to keep running. LOL. Total lie. We all know he’s there for her. Ah…at last to be out of some of the crazier Lee melodrama…for now.

Mi So returns his smile and then Kyung Soo says the other woman has already sold out and is packing up and leaving—Mi So had better hurry. Mi So clears her throat and tries again. Another failure. LOL. Kyung Soo asks if that way will really work. Mi So says it is her first time and Kyung Soo straightens up and tells her to watch him closely. From the belly…Kyung Soo then starts shouting and finally manages to attract a crowd. Notice how it is mostly women at first. That is the power of the super cute when he’s happy Kyung Soo.

The morning crowd has dispersed and Mi So urges Kyung Soo to hurry an get to work. He assures her he has nothing to do that morning and then says he will stay with her until she has managed to sell everything. They then head to the park where they succeed in selling everything save 2 rolls of kimbap. The two then sit down to eat the leftovers. Mi So is happy to have managed with his help. As it was her first time, she was so nervous earlier. Kyung Soo smiles and says he came because he was worried about her and she did not disappoint him (meaning he had a hunch she wouldn’t be the best at sales…?). Mi So then asks how he is so capable. Kyung Soo then proceeds to list all of his odd jobs he had while putting himself through college. Mi So laughs at his description of how he used to put toppings on pizzas so fast that you couldn’t even see his hands. Seeing and hearing her laugh makes Kyung Soo smile even broader. It’s a great change from his anxious face, his puppy dog face, his sad face, and his angry face. A genuinely happy face…it suits him well.

Kyung Soo talks about how he hasn’t seen her smile in a long time and how he hopes he will see her smile more often now. Mi So smiles wider and says she will. She then looks up at the sun through the trees and closes her eyes, inhaling a deep breath. Kyung soo looks over at her. He’s totally mesmerized. I think Mi So is starting to realize Mr. Lawyer likes her.

LOVE the scenes for episode 32. A KISS at last between the couple I don’t hate.


  • I have decided to Skip Episodes 5- 30 where she was abused and what not but Sisk wanted to stay with that guy.I am going to start watching from here where she has divorced , moved out , and trying to be Independent.The next step is Kyung Soos Independence. I am looking toward tote downfall of Myung Jas family.Thanks again for your recaps

    • You are most welcome. I know a few people were skipping the kidnapping and abuse. It did get redundant. I can’t wait for Kyung Soo to completely break with the Oh family as well and be able to be happy with Mi So.

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