30 Day Asian Drama Challenge – Day 26

I really have two…

Day 26: Name an overrated Drama?

  • Boys Over Flowers (Korean version)

Yes, it’s so many people’s gateway drama it seems…at least in the newer wave of drama watchers, but that doesn’t mean it was actually good. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t horrible and I did enjoy it, but looking back now that my first crush is gone, it could have been so much better. It is highly overrated given how popular it was and still is. There was some not-so-good acting, some horribly done plot points and even though it was over 20 episodes, the ending still was unsatisfactorily rushed. But, hey, it had a great budget so it was a very pretty, overrated drama. This drama…probably the least faithful in regards to the manga which might be another reason it takes a hit since this was a manga series I loved despite the initial plot. And…I’m still very much in love with the Japanese drama which stayed fairly faithful to the manga.

  • Secret Garden

I have NO idea why this was so popular. In all honesty, as much as I do like Hyun Bin, I did not really like his character at all and I thought he was always unfair to Gil Ra Im. He always complained that the poor girl never thought of his position or looked at things from his perspective. Well, when did he ever consider things from her vantage point? Like never. Seriously. Shakes head. Sure, he had a tragic past, so did she. It didn’t excuse his personality. Ah, and let us not forget that the bad ass stunt actress could put a weeping willow to shame and never really fought for her own relationship and feelings and just spent her time sniveling and feeling inferior. Plus, the plot got really stale for me after the Jeju incident when they initially switched. And that was another WTF ending that didn’t seem quite realistic, but whatever (in the aspect of how they got switched back). I did find it amazing that they actually had our leading man’s mother never accept the couple’s relationship and thus they still don’t have a wedding photo. Usually everything’s all hunky dory at the end of a series (even when it probably shouldn’t be).


  • agree . . . agree . . .

  • LOL at BOF. It definitely did not deserve the whirlwind of media attention, but I don’t begrudge it too much because I would never have discovered Lee Min Ho otherwise 😛

    • I don’t begrudge it, either. I’m just stating that it is an overrated drama in the grand scheme of things 😛

      Even though I was sorely disappointed by the time I finished the drama, I still have the entire series since I’m a nerd who collects all versions of something that I love, in this case HanDan. (I’ve done the same for Price & Prejudice, Emma, Sense & Sensibility, too :P)

      • Haha no worries – I watch all the versions of the manga dramas, even when the reviews weren’t fantastic, so I completely understand 🙂

  • Triple agree. Agree agree agree. I actually liked Secret Garden for the most part, but have no idea why it was so popular.

  • Omg are u seriously! Secret Garden is the best drama I have ever watched! I also adore BOF…
    And it’s so popular cuz it’s funny, sad, romantic at the same time!
    Also another thing! he’s so unfair to her cuz he’s so percky :/
    I’m huge fan of Secret Garden, it really touch my heart, it’s amazing …and I always watching it over and over again.

    • Once was enough for me, but in all fairness, everyone is entitled to their own tastes and opinions. I don’t hate Secret Garden, but it had areas that could have been improved upon and isn’t a drama I enjoyed enough to make me wish to watch again even tho I liked the cast.

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