Spring Love Episode 11 Recap

Tai has prepared a feast for dinner at the Longs. Everyone is in a great mood. Xiao Xiang’s business has successfully opened and Ah Xiang and Ah Lun are actually being productive and getting complimented by the customers for how good they are being to help. This really makes Ah Pan happy that her son is now doing well. So what is the reason for the feast? Ren Mei’s dancing troupe audition. Tai wants to nourish her. How sweet! This embarrasses Ren Mei. Tai then tells everyone to dig in since these are also the new menu for the springs. Everyone starts piling drumsticks in Ren Mei’s bowl and encouraging her. Ah Pan then asks if Tian He has anything to say. Tai then complains about the way they congratulate her is too over the top. How can Ren Mei possibly eat that much? The boys then take off the piled chicken to eat themselves. Tai then turns to Ren Mei and gives her a smile and silent encouragement.

Ren Mei has a fantasy that she dances with her young self. She then recalls past memories with her parents and Tai’s encouragement. The next day is the audition. Long and Lao Tu arrive by themselves as Tai has something to do and he instructed Ah Pan to make soup before going to the audition. Long is then surprised to see Zhao. Wenzi goes backstage to tell Ren Mei that she hasn’t given up yet. Ren Mei tries to stop her from leaving, but Wenzi shoves her and this miraculously causes Ren Mei to twist her ankle. Are you freaking kidding me? I’m not saying such a thing is necessarily impossible, but the probability is rather low since it wasn’t even a hard push into something. Tsk.

Tai is in town picking up his gift for Ren Mei—the missing ballet slipper for her necklace. He and his twin then arrive at the same stoplight. Neither notices the other and continue on their way. Ah, before the shit hits the fan, Tian He’s arrival is funny. He goes to the Long home where he runs into Ah Pan who wonders why he came back. Why wouldn’t he come back…this is his home, isn’t it? Ah Pan chuckles, such a tease. She asks why he came since everyone is gone. Where did they go? More laughter. They are at the activity center to encourage Ren Mei on her important day. Ah Pan then takes the suitcases and puts them in the house before propelling the utterly confused Tian He with her.

The auditions continue on as Tai makes his way to the center. He tells her to not be afraid and to keep striving. The nervous Ren Mei peeks behind the curtain and isn’t happy that Tian He hasn’t made it yet. She then gets freaked out when she spots her grandmother. What will she do? It’s soon her turn. Ren Mei takes a deep breath and tells herself not to be afraid. She then goes out onto the stage. Of course, Ren Mei’s dancing is impaired by her ankle injury. Everyone gasps when her ankle turns. Ren Mei gets nervous, but then recalls Tian He’s shout of encouragement the night before. She gathers her wits an continues on. Ren Mei successfully finishes her audition with loads of applause.

Ren Mei’s name is the last name called and she is being happily congratulated by the Long family when Ah Pan shows up with the real Tian He who gets all huffy when Ren Mei hugs him. Enter Tai with his present for Ren Mei. The sheise hits the fan. How can there be two Tian He’s? The eldest brother goes to Tai and demands to know who Tai is and why he is impersonating him. It is Long that speaks up and says that Tai is Tian He’s little brother—Long Tian Hao. He then approaches his two sons. Tian He has an evil scowl while Tai has a worried face and Ren Mei looks so confused.

Ren Hu’s assistant rushes in with big news. Ren Hu doesn’t care about his sister being able to join the dance troupe and tells the assistant to leave. She then says that isn’t it—there are currently two Tian He’s and nobody can tell them apart. Wen Zi overhears this and is overjoyed. With the arrival of Tai’s twin brother, she and Tai can return to Japan (or so she thinks anyways). Ren Hu then gets a call from his spy about the arrival of the doctor and Tian He in Taiwan and Ren Hu bawls him out for being useless and slams down his phone complaining that the Longs made a fool of him as if that was their intention when it really wasn’t.

Back at the snack shop, Xiao Xiang is shocked to learn about the twins from Ah Lun and Ah Xiang. The two boys then wonder who was the one who asked them to reform—Tian He or Tian Hao? Xiao Xiang says that knowing about the twins makes everything clearer now. Didn’t people always comment on Tian He’s previously bad attitude? When his attitude changed, it was obviously when Tai came and took over his brother’s position. Xiao Xiang then tells the boys to quickly help close up shop as she must go to the Long house.

Tian He demands to know why his father didn’t tell him about his twin brother. Long says it was because of the boys’ grandmother. She forbade him. So why didn’t he tell Tian He after granny died? Tian He’s health kept worsening, plus Long had hoped to find his wife and second son, but was unable to do so. Long then tells Tian He that his mother has passed away. Tian He doesn’t believe a word of his father’s story. His grandmother always said that their mother rain off with another man. This incites Tai. His mom would be very unhappy to hear Tian He talk like this as she never forgot him and always loved him. Tian He says that is obviously a lie. Long says that it was probably Granny Long’s doing that they were unable to find the boys’ mother. Tian He yells at his father not to bash Granny Long and pushes all the blame on Long. Granny was the only one who loved him and now she is dead. He then sends a scathing look Tai’s way and complains about how he grew up without knowing a mother’s love while his little brother got it all. Tai is furious about how Tian He keeps referring to their mother. He tries to tell his older brother their mother’s name, but Tian He refuses to hear it—he will never acknowledge that woman or accept her as his mother. This greatly saddens Long.

Outside the room Ah Pan and Lao Tu are eavesdropping trying to figure out the situation while Ren Mei is trying to figure out when the switch was made. She thinks back to seeing Tian He in a wheelchair at the airport and then seeing the perfectly healthy Tai when she ran away from home. She starts recalling all of their moments together and is horrified that she confessed her feelings about Tian He to Tai. How shameless is she? Um…this girl is so stupid at times. Sure…it sounds bad once you know the truth, but at that time she honestly believed that the one she liked and who liked her back was none other than Long Tian He, so she wasn’t shameless in confessing her feelings for him.

Back in the room, Long tells Tian He that their grandmother hated Meizhi and thus she told Tian He a bunch of lies about their mother. Tian He, having been poisoned by his grandmother all of these years, refuses to believe his grandmother would ever do something like that. He complains about his father making a tragedy and then says that Granny Long always told him that it didn’t matter who gave birth to him as he will never be weak like his father. Ouch. Evil grannies. Kudos to Mike He playing two such very different characters so well. Tai can no longer hold his tongue and immediately starts scolding his older brother. He is not faultless in all of this mess, is he? Nope, not at all. Tai also tells him that he’s stupid even though he’s supposed to be smart for not trying to diffused the enmity of the past generation. Tian He snaps that his little brother doesn’t know what happened to him so he has no right to lecture him. Truthfully, I’ve always found Tian He to be too angry and rebellious given his situation. Tian He then says that while Tai may look identical to him, he has no right to live Tian He’s life. Tian He then storms off.

Ah Pan and Lao Tu try to stop Tian He from leaving, but he blasts past them and they wonder which one he is…I would think it would be obvious that he is the real Tian He since he’s cold and vicious and believes he’s above everyone else. Enter our trio from the snack shop. Ah Lun calls out Tian He ge and Ah Xiang scolds him as they don’t know if he’s the old or new Tian He. The eldest twin snaps that he is Tian He and demands to know who the boys are to call him so casually. This really annoys Xiao Xiang and she immediately lights into Tian He. They called him “ge” out of respect for him. She then says that in their eyes, the real Tian He is just a selfish devil. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. I love Xiao Xiang. Tian He then demands of Ah Pan and Lao Tu to know who those people are. Ah Pan tells Xiao Xiang to keep quiet and stop making things worse and then introduces her son, Ah Xiang and Xiao Xian. Tian He then demands that Ah Pan tell “those people” they must be polite towards him from now on. Yeesh. He walks away leaving the crowd stunned.

Once he’s gone, the boys immediately complain about how evil the real Long Tian He is. Ah Pan then sadly says that she had hoped  Tian He would change for the better…but no. Lao Tu says that isn’t right. It’s not fair to think like that about Tian He. He then says they should be happy there are two sons in the house now. The boys are worried, though. If they can’t nail down which is which, they will be in big trouble. They may look identical, but their ways of dressing, talking, and hair styles or so different as are their personalities that it doesn’t make sense to me that people can confuse them. Xiao Xiang then asks where Ren Mei is. She was there until a little bit a go. Lao Tu says that Ren Mei had come back with him to clear things up…so where did she disappear to? Ren Mei is hiding in her room. Xiao Xiang tries to get the girl to open the door, but Ren Mei won’t.

Tian He storms into his room and is livid to find it messy and with Tai’s things strewn about. He walks around the room and starts throwing all of Tai’s things away shouting for Ah Pan to come and clean the room. Meanwhile, Long tells Tai about Granny Long. When her husband died, she ran the hot springs herself. She was livid about her son’s elopement. She kept Tian He by her side and only after the damage was done did Long learn about the many lies his mother told his son. Long hopes the knot in Tian He’s heart would diffuse and he will accept his little brother. Tai doesn’t care if his brother accepts him or not. He then says it is probably better if he returns to Japan since he is not welcomed there. Plus, if he returns to Japan there is the memories of his mother and the house he grew up in. Long tells Tai that he really wishes for Tai to stay, but he knows he has no right to ask that of his son since he failed as a father so horribly. You know this really effects Tai. Long says that regardless of his youngest son’s decision, he will respect it.

Tia leaves the room and apologizes to Lao Tu and the boys for lying about his identity. Lao Tu tells him there is no need to apologize as he stepped in as Tian He and really helped the family out. The boys then agree to this as it must have been really hard on Tai all of this time pretending to be Tian He. Besides…they like the fake one better than the real. Poor Ah Lun is having such a hard time calling Tai Long Tian Hao. Tai says he never uses that name so they can call him Tai from now one. Regardless of his name, he will always be their elder brother. Awww. Ah Pan comes up and starts to call Tai Tian He when she switches it to Tian Hao. Lao Tu then tells her that Tai should be called Tai. This confuses the poor woman even more. Why is there another name?

Lao Tu then asks what Tian He wanted and Ah Pan says the boy asked her to clear the “rubbish” that wasn’t his from his room. When she didn’t move fast enough he started throwing things out the door. This upsets everyone and you know it hurts Tai. Lao Tu tells Ah Pan to be more discreet. The woman then says that Tian He really did have rubbish and it wasn’t Tai’s things. She then petulantly says Tian He didn’t have to throw the things out the door, though. Ah Lun then calls Ah Pan a little cruel. Tai assures them all that it is okay as he would be upset if someone took over his room as well. Lao Tu says that this would definitely touch Tian He (hardly). Ah Pan then says she will prepare an even better room for Tai. The youngest twin apologizes for having to trouble her to do so. Ah Pan says that is not necessary and Lao Tu drags her away to prepare the room.

Tai then goes to Ren Mei’s room where he finds Xiao Xiang outside. He asks if she spoke to Ren Mei, but the girl refuses to open the door. Xiao Xiang says that Ren Mei must be confused as she had always thought Tai was Tian He. Xiao Xiang then urges him to tell Ren Mei everything and then leaves him along outside her room. Tai goes to knock but then hesitates. Will she accept him even though he is not his brother? Ren Mei stands inside and urges him silently to tell her the reason behind his lies. However, Tai just can’t do it. He decides its better to wait until she has calmed down. He walks away and this hurts Ren Mei even more. Why is he treating her like that? She has a mouth…why doesn’t she use it?

Wenzi is busy packing and trying to call Tai. He doesn’t answer which surprises her. But she shakes this off and happily says that they can finally return to Japan and Tai will be by her side once more. Oy. Meanwhile Ren Hu is livid. He wishes to gain back the face they lost. Granny Zhao understands her grandson’s annoyance, but says to leave things to her. They should wait for Long’s explanation over just what happened the day of celebration. At the Long house things are still in an abysmal state. Tian He has locked himself in his room (as has Ren Mei). None of the Longs or Ren Mei came out for dinner. Things are bad.

That night neither Ren Mei nor Tai can sleep. They finally give up trying and turn on their lights. Tai sits against the wall opposite Ren Mei’s room and apologizes. He knows she must be angry over the deception, but he really had no choice but to pretend to be his brother. Ren Mei says she doesn’t wish to hear any excuses. Tai pleads with her to understand that he did not mean to lie, but there as no other option. Ren Mei doesn’t know what to believe any more. What is truth and what is a lie? There is silence and then Ren Mei storms into the room and asks why he still pretended to be Long Tian He when he knew of her feelings for his brother. Ren Mei demands to know why he didn’t say anything when she confessed to him on the mountain. Tai silently thinks that it is because he likes the idiot, but says instead that he didn’t wish to disappoint her. This annoys Ren Mei. So he was just laughing at her? Tai jumps up. All the time he was Tian He he was in pain. The nicer Ren Mei was to him the more pain he felt. Of course Ren Mei being the idiot that she is takes this to mean that he was in pain by forcing himself to be with her when he didn’t really like her. Oy.

The next day the twins run into one another. Tian He turns his back on Tai, but pauses when Tai asks him to listen. Tai then talks about how tough life was in Japan for him and his mother. He then talks about how his mother always prepared double the amount for him. He finally understands why. Tian He turns to face him and asks if Tai is showing off. Tai asserts that was not his point. Tian He then keeps calling their mother “that woman” angering Tai to know end. Tian He then accuses Tai of trying to usurp his position. This upsets Tai even more. Why is Tian He like this? The eldest twin says that aside from his grandmother, he trusts no one. Tai mumbles something under his breath. What did he say? Tai then shouts out that Tian He is pathetic. He keeps repeating it, too. He’s pathetic for holding a grudge. Tian He then wonders what right Tai has to say such things about him.

Lao Tu then happens upon the twins. He wonders which twin is which and Tai asks if he is looking for him. Lao Tu then says Wenzi is there to see him. She gives him a big hug and says that she will be going back to Japan with him. Tai agrees with this, but Ah Pan and Lao Tu do not agree with this. They tell him to hold on and then conspire on how to get Tai to stay since he has really helped his father and family business. Ah Pan then recalls that Wenzi lost her passport. That’s right. That means she has to apply for a new one. she will get that done and then they will leave. Tai thanks her for being understanding. Wenzi then asks to move back in, but everyone says this is not a good idea and urges her to stay at the Zhao’s resort for the time being. Enter the village head saying Ren Hu has gathered villagers.

Tai goes out and Ren Hu demands to know who will take responsibility for the feast fiasco since it was not Tian He that participated. I don’t get why this matters considering it was a still a member of the Long family. Anywho, Tai, of course, says he will accept full responsibility. Enter Wenzi who tells Ren Hu that he is not allowed to give Tai a hard time. Ren Hu still hasn’t figured out that Tai and Wenzi are friends from Japan. Tian He then comes out followed by Ren Mei. Ren Hu complains that his sister is the victim and was forced to work like a slave at the Long house. Ren Mei then says that she is certain the Long family did not intentionally lie. This angers Ren Hu—why is she defending them? Tian He then complains that they have already taken good care of his stupid sister. This incites Tai and he turns on his twin and says that Tian He is not allowed to address Ren Mei like that. When Tian He asks why, Ren Mei cuts him off. She doesn’t want Tai to confess that Ren Mei’s liked him all of these years.

Long then comes out and says that it is his responsibility and asks what Ren Hu wants. Enter Granny Zhao. She will act as the Zhao family representative. This annoys Ren Hu. Long then admits what happened and how he did not know how to explain the situation and thus things got out of hand. He will do whatever Zhao wants. Granny Zhao says that after much thought she will not pursue the matter any more. How can this be? Although they did lose pride, Granny Zhao has watched closely and seen that her granddaughter has changed for the better. This is enough for Zhao to call them even. The townspeople clap and Granny Zhao asks for Ren Mei to come back. Long happily agrees to this. Ren Mei asks for some time to pack while her older brother fumes. The Zhaos and villagers then leave.

Ren Mei packs up her things and recalls Tai defending her to Tian He. She wonders what Tai was trying to say then. Hasn’t she been shamed enough? Tai then stands and watches her gather up her things. He’s not happy to see her go—especially with her still misunderstanding him. When Ren Mei drops her important ballet slippers, the two bend down at the same time to pick them up and their hands touch. They have a long stare down. Given Tai’s emotions that oozed from his gaze, I can’t believe Ren Mei could leave so coldly. She walks away and Tai looks so sad. 😦 Ren Mei then runs into Tian He. Is she leaving? That’s good. Now there is one less worthless fool. Tian He hates looking at her. He then says he almost didn’t recognize her. He never thought she’d be able to lose any weight and would die fat. Ren Mei says his cruel words have not changed. Tian He replies that he does not need to waste good words on people he doesn’t care about. Harsh, man. Ren Mei then says he doesn’t need to talk to her nicely as this acerbic and angry Tian He is the one she has always known. She then walks away while Tian He glares after her.

Ren Mei says her goodbyes to the Long family. Xiao Xiang is worried that Ren Mei will be bullied when she goes back home. Ren Mei assures them that she has changed and will not allow herself to be bullied any longer. Besides, that is her real home. She must return someday. Long then takes her hands and apologizes once more for the lie. Ren Mei assures him it is okay as she was really happy these past few months. Lao Tu then tells Ren Mei while he hates her brother, he has always thought of her as his family. Aww. Ah Pan then tears up and asks Ren Mei not to leave. Ren Mei hugs the older woman and says that she thinks of Ah Pan like a mother. Ah Pan also says she considers Ren Mei as her daughter. Ah Xiang then speaks up and vows to beat up anyone who messes with Ren Mei. Ah Lun and Xiao Xiang then encourage Ren Mei to keep fighting and achieve her dream. It is now time for her to depart. She bows one last time and gets in the car.

Meanwhile, Tai is still kneeling frozen in the doorway of Ren Mei’s room. He recalls their last conversation. He says he only wanted to protect her. How is it that she came to hate him? He sniffs back his tear and goes rushing after the car calling her name.  End episode.

Episode 12 previews shows Tian He being up to no good. Does he really need to go that far because he can’t stand for others to be happy?

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