Crazy Love Episode 30 Recap

I had to pause and keep replaying Kyung Soo clocking Min Jae for awhile…it was slightly satisfying. Even more satisfying would be Min Jae getting beaten to a bloody pulp.

So Mi So rushes to her fallen husband who is livid. He picks himself up off the ground. “Did you just punch me?” Um…let’s see here, his fist met your face and you hit the ground…I think that qualifies to be called a punch, don’t you? Min Jae lunges at Kyung Soo who easily dodges. Hahahaha. Such a lousy fighter. Mi So then steps in between the men (party pooper) and begs her husband to go inside. Min Jae doesn’t want to as he is even more suspicious now of Kyung Soo and Mi So’s relationship. Mi So yells at Kyung Soo to leave, but our friendly neighborhood lawyer doesn’t and Min Jae demands to know just what there is between the two.

Min Jae, Min Jae. Shakes head. You have no right to be jealous because

  1. You have already cheated on Mi So multiple times with Na Young
  2. You have already started beating your spouse which means you really don’t love her (at least not in any healthy form)
  3. You were just kicking her out of the house and telling her you never wanted to see her again

Mi So shoots a desperate look at Kyung Soo who does walk away much to Min Jae’s dislike. Min Jae shoves his wife away and starts accusing her of all the things he’s been doing (you know…sleeping around when Hae Ram has only just been laid to rest, etc.). If she won’t leave, then he will. Good riddance and make sure to get creamed by a truck on your way out. Kyung Soo does pause at the end of the street to see the woman he loves pleading with her husband to stay and take out his anger on her. Shakes head. That has to cut him like a knife. Min Jae doesn’t listen and tears off in his car telling Mi So to never darken his door again. An intensely sad long stare between Kyung Soo and Mi So follows. Pretty music…wonder who it is singing the OST for this part?

Go Se Won, Park Sun YoungKyung Soo returns to his office upset as he recalls Min Jae’s vicious slap while Mi So has her suitcase opened up on her and Min Jae’s bed. Don’t unpack, just leave. The idiot tries to call her husband who is drinking (what else is new?). Na Young comes to join him and takes the alcohol away. Is he still angry at Moon Do? Min Jae then angrily says he got punched by “that loser.” Was Mi So’s family violent towards him again? No, it was that loser attorney. “I only slapped my wife around a little and he punched me.” Again…there is NO justification that gives a man to hit his wife like that. This makes Na Young happy. So Kyung Soo acted as Mi So’s knight in shining armor, huh?

Min Jae then says he will completely end things between him and Mi So. Na Young was right—his heart has already left his wife. Na Young smiles, so seeing Kyung Soo and Mi So together finally opened Min Jae’s eyes to his real feelings. Min Jae then asks if Mi So took Kyung Soo to the river. Na Young confirms this and says she didn’t outright tell him as she knew he wouldn’t believe her unless he saw it with his own eyes. Min Jae then bemoans the fact he married such a two-faced woman. If you only knew who the true two-faced woman was…I’ll get great satisfaction when you learn all that horrible things that Na Young did. Na Young smiles and tells him to quickly forget his wife. She then says that she is sure Mi So was only lonely because Min Jae’s heart had already left her. The two then make out a bit at the bar before Min Jae excuses himself to go to the bathroom. Once he’s gone, Na Young calls up Mi So because she’s evil to the bone. Mi So is unpacking and answers the phone to hear Na Young tell her that Min Jae is very drunk and asks Mi So to go help her take him home. Mi So asks where Na Young is and then heads for the door. Fireworks will follow. Min Jae returns and Na Young asks him to finish the bottle and then spend the night at her place. The setup is now complete.

The drunken Min Jae walks arm and arm with Na Young and wonders why he couldn’t meet her first instead of Mi So. Na Young says that he should have met her first. That’s right…Na Young was the one who was originally adopted by the Yoon family, but it ended up being Mi So who went to live with them. That’s how everything got so twisted, right? Na Young says that Mi So must have told him. It doesn’t matter since they are now together. Min Jae then asks what Na Young likes about him. The lying wench says everything. She then looks around for Mi So who comes running up. Min Jae pushes her away and asks why she came. Mi So says that he should go home and tries to lead him to the car. Min Jae refuses and reminds her that he hates the sight of her and will not return home until she is gone. He then asks if Na Young called a designated driver. Na Young says she must take Min Jae home with her since he’s like that. She walks away and kisses him on the cheek. Min Jae casts a sidelong glance at Mi So before hugging Na Young to him and saying how much he loves her. Slap in the face. Just leave already.

At the Oh household, Hae Ryung is furious and grilling Kyung Soo about why he went to the office after telling her he was going straight home to rest. Kyung Soo says things just worked out that way and Hae Ryung blames him for driving her crazy. No. She was already crazy long before him. Hae Ryung then demands to know if he really only did marry her out of pity. She then takes the necklace and throws it at his feet. Hae Ryung says that since he’s living with her against his will, she will never let him go so that he can be happy with another woman. Kyung Soo shouts at her to stop it and then confirms she is right—if the accident had never happened, he would never have married her. This earns him a slap from Hae Ryung. Did she forget she was the one who had to have him even if he didn’t love her? Kyung Soo then leaves and Hae Ryung drops to her knees screaming attracting the attention of her parents and upsetting Tae San to no end.

Mi So kneels by the bed and recalls Min Jae’s and Na Young’s display of affection out on the street. Just give up. Your marriage is deader than a corpse buried six foot under. Mi So then silently cries. At the Yoon household, Jong Hee massages the sore Moon Do and says that they need to force Mi So to get a divorce even if Mi So is against it. Moon Do agrees with Chan Ki and Jong Hee and asks Jong Hee to call her to check on her. Mi So lies and says she is fine and that Min Jae promised to never hit her again. She then tells Jong Hee to not worry as everything is okay now. Lies, lies, and more lies. There is no reason for her to hang on like she is, but hang on she does.

Mi So hangs up and begins wiping the china again, recalling Kyung Soo stopping Min Jae from hurting her and clocking him good. Mi So then goes into her bedroom and pulls out Kyung Soo’s things. We then cut to Kyung Soo trying to work while he recalls his wife’s angry words. Mi So’s arrival is then announced. This surprises him. Mi So hands over his shirt and handkerchief and Kyung Soo asks for an explanation for what happened the other day. Mi So tells him that he needs to pretend it never happened and just ignor it and walk away. Kyung Soo doesn’t like this and asks when it started. Mi So assures him she is fine and he calls her foolish. This isn’t something that can be ignored. What option does she have? Report him? Leave him? Isn’t Kyung Soo still with Hae Ryung in spite of rough patches? Kyung Soo says that he cannot ignore what happened. Mi So tells him that she will never see him again and this hurts him even more. She also says she knows how she is living is foolish. She can think of many reasons to leave her husband, but as long as she can think of one valid reason to stay, then she will never divorce him. I highly doubt that any reasons you can think of to stay can ever trump the reasons to leave.

Hae Ryung is out drinking when she gets a call from her father which she ignores. A man then sits down next to her and asks if she’d like to share a drink. Hae Ryung smirks and tells him to get lost before he gets humiliated. The man turns tail and goes back to his table. Meanwhile, Oh is livid and worried over Hae Ryung. He wishes to call up Kyung Soo since Hae Ryung is missing, but Yoo Jung vetoes this and then asks him if Hae Ryung is at the wine bar where she went the last time she fought with her husband.

Baek then gets a call to go pick up the drunk girl. Hae Ryung is not happy to see Baek and even more unhappy to learn he’s there to send her home. Hae Ryung asserts she’s an adult and will be home late so he can be on his way. She then yells for more wine and Baek forcibly removes her. He drives her back home where he gets a death glare and a kick to the shin. Hae Ryung asks if he thinks of her as a joke, too and asks for the keys, but Baek won’t hand them over and leads her to the house where they bump into Kyung Soo. Baek hands over the keys to Kyung Soo and Hae Ryung begins complaining about how Kyung Soo mistreats her because he doesn’t love her. Hae Ryung then tries to give Baek money for bringing her home. Baek won’t accept it and Hae Ryung gives it to Kyung Soo before heading in. Baek assures the lawyer he won’t take a tip and Kyung Soo apologizes for his drunk wife’s rudeness. Poor Baek. Poor Kyung Soo…but he should never have let himself be guilted into marriage.

Kyung Soo sits at the dining room table drinking and thinking about Mi So’s words to him about staying with Hae Ryung through difficult times. He then asks Mi So in his head if her decision is really the right one. Nope, it’s not.

Does it not matter if you’re nothing but a source of pain for each other? But still waiting around for them and not giving up through all of that…is that really the right thing to do?

Again, no as it just prolongs the hurt. I think Kyung Soo knows better than any one else that finding that one reason to stay makes everyone suffer. Point in fact is his constant fighting with Hae Ryung and her constant belief that he is cheating since he doesn’t love her.

Myung Ja is livid that Min Jae keeps going to Na Young’s. Is Na Young really that stupid? Doesn’t she know that it’s not right? Does Na Young still have feelings for him? Na Young then says that Mi So has another man. This shocks Myung Ja. Her daughter-in-law is having an affair? Na Young says that this is the reason Min Jae keeps coming back to her. Myung Ja is livid. I can’t believe she honestly thinks her daughter-in-law would have an affair. The evil woman then calls up Mi So and demands her to come into the office now. This definitely won’t be good. You got to love how Mi So is being accused of an affair before she’s even had one…especially when her husband has practically been cheating since day one of this drama.

Mi So bumps into Na Young who says that Attorney Yoon is there so Mi So must be there to stamp her seal on the divorce papers. Mi So is shocked. What does she mean? Na Young doesn’t explain anything and says that Mi So should try to get as much alimony as possible, although it should be Mi So paying alimony since she is the problem. Whatever. Mi So then goes into the office where Yoon tells her that she will only get alimony if she agrees to divorce Min Jae. Of course Mi So refuses so Myung Ja stamps the divorce agreement with a seal she had made for Mi So. Myung Ja then accuses her of having an affair with the orphanage patron. Mi So tries to explain it was all a misunderstanding and gets slapped and dragged out of the office.

Mi So runs into her husband and tells him what’s going on. His response? Good, now he can go stamp his seal and his marriage to her will be over. Just what she wanted to hear, I’m sure. Mi So pleads him not to do it. They can’t end things like this—she will wait until his heart returns to her. She assures him that she is not having an affair. Min Jae shoves her down and asks if she wishes to be arrested as an adulteress. How about you? Shouldn’t you get arrested for your own affair? Min Jae then accuses her of losing Hae Ram because of Kyung Soo. She will have to live with that for the rest of her life. Min Jae then walks off and Na Young comes up to crow about how this is Mi So’s just desserts for taking that which did not belong to her. Gag me.

That’s where this episode ends. Well…at least this woman really can’t cling on any more. I must say that I don’t get it. Min Jae obviously cheated first…so how could a divorce court grant him any favors if Mi So turned around and cheated on him? Seriously. I still can’t believe you can be arrested in Korea for adultery. I’m not sure I agree with that law. I mean, I don’t agree with adultery either…but to be arrested for it…


  • Thanks for the recap. I love you description and monologue of the events that took place in this episode. Finally yes, they are divorced . Good riddance to garbage and bad karma. I was also praying for broken bones but will accept the punch in the face. Sweet.

    For that douchebag to accuse Mi Soo of adultery is so funny when he is the one actually committing it. The sad part was when he told that whore how that loser attorney hit him because he only knock his wife around a little. She just smiled. I’m thinking your day is coming very very soon and you better run as fast as the cheetah.

    For that Icebox MIL to say that Mi Soo is committing adultery when she knows her worthless is the one doing it and more sadist things.

    For Mi Soo I would say it’s okay the sun will come out tomorrow and you will start seeing the light.

    Na Young hate to disappoint you but he will not marry you . You are only a side piece which is usefully to fulfill his sexual needs. He will not give his heart to you, once he finally wakes from his hateful slumber and realize how much he misses and needs Mi Soo you will be put aside like a dirty dish rag. Meanwhile , Mi Soo will gain confidence, hopefully a new love and start her own business. By the way Baek will find out who En Sol is and your other nightmare will begin.

    I am starting to do the jig and smiling right now.

    • Glad you enjoyed the recap.

      They *technically* aren’t divorced yet as Min Jae still has to stamp his seal and then it has to be submitted and then they have to wait for the court to grant them the divorce…but it’s a start.

      Yes, I am waiting for Na Young to be tossed aside like a dirty dishrag. She deserves it for thinking that people owe her the life she *should* have had. If that was meant to be her life, she would have had it then. She should be happy as she didn’t have to deal with the debt collectors and the evil MIL like Mi So did for as long as she did.

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