30 Day Asian Drama Challenge – Day 24

Eh, I hate endings. Seriously.

Day 24: Drama with the best ending in your opinion?

I find that most dramas have less than satisfactory endings. They are either too rushed or too drawn out or don’t make any sense in the grand scheme of the drama over all. I’m trying to think of one that I can actually categorize as “the best” and really just can’t.

I can say that I did like the ending in Can You Hear My Heart? Is it the best? Most definitely not. But, I did like how the bad guy did get a kind of comeuppance and that the Bong family were whole again. The mothers in the drama did need more punishment, though. I guess the ending in Shining Inheritance wasn’t too bad given its extension either. It was a happy ending all around and not too drug out.

Sadly, I am also horrible at finishing dramas, too. So yeah. Between never finishing and never being satisfied…lol. That is why this question is really unanswered as I really don’t believe there’s been a truly exceptional ending for me yet.


  • Yeah, there’s not one single drama that has an ending where you think “wow, that’s an awesome ending”. The CYHMY ending was too happy. The adoptive mum was such a bloody bitch, and the other Mum equally so, and then suddenly they’re gonna start getting along? Pfft. But before that stupid bit, it was sweet.

    • I know, that’s why I can’t say it had the “best” ending. Not that I have a dirty mind…but a lot of dramas are like foreplay teasing you and pleasing you throughout the duration and then the ending comes and is such a let down 😦 So many dramas have good starts only to have rushed, dragged out, WTF endings.

  • What Happened in Bali . . . why?

    The people were just so screwed up, you’re glad that the drama ended the way it did. I think everyone (except the parents, but even the mother was screwed up) got what they deserved.

    It’s my best and worse drama ending, only watched it for the four big main leads.

    • I was also bored to tears with the drama by…episode 6

      I say worst kind of just based on the fact that it was a very screwed up drama with a very warped ending. I know others found it quite satisfying.

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