Vampire Heaven Episode 6 Recap

I am actually NOT behind on this drama. Vampire Heaven didn’t air last week for some special event.

After a brief recap, we cut to Aoi tending to the wounded Hayato.  Aoi assures the worried Sakurako that Hayato will be fine after some rest. Aoi leaves and Koma tells Sakurako to listen to Aoi’s advice or else she will collapse as well. Sakurako states that is fine as it’s all her fault. Koma says that isn’t the case as Hayato protected Koma of his own accord. Koma then rushes out.

Ken is playing pinball with some high school girl when she takes off to attend her next lesson. Ken then goes over to Aoi and puts the stake on the table. It was rather effective against the vampire count. Ken then asks if she always knew the two girls were vampires. Well…yeah. Is Ken mad? No, he is relieved as he no has a human ally. Aoi tells him that he can count on her…but she’s not human. She then smiles and reveals her fangs. This shocks Ken. I was wondering if she was really a human or vampire.

Risa and her friends then bang on Ken’s door. Sakurako lets them in and Risa demands to know what happened to Hayato. Sakurako says it is all her fault when Hayato comes to and complains that the girls are too loud. He hurt himself falling. It’s a lie, isn’t it? It’s all because of Sakurako, isn’t it? Hayato says it isn’t and he just fell on a banana peel. Koma then steps between Risa and Sakurako and thanks the girls for coming. Risa then vows she won’t forgive Sakurako if Hayato is no longer able to play the guitar. She then storms out.

Koma sits looking bored out of her mind as Sakurako watches over Hayato. Sakurako apologizes for what happened and says she should disappear from his life. Hayato says that would trouble him. He also says that getting injured allows him to be pampered by her. He then asks if she is hungry. Whoops. That’s right, humans need to eat. Sakurako then rushes down to the café. Once she’s gone, Koma asks after Hayato’s wounds. He says he’s fine and assures her it isn’t her fault. This surprises Koma and she denies feeling that way. She then rushes out of the apartment. Koma, much like a child in her way of handling her emotions.

Downstairs Sakura is looking at Aoi’s recipes when Aoi reveals that she is also a vampire. She explains she left the vampire world for the same reasons as Sakurako. Koma comes in. She just knew that Aoi was one of them. Aoi then says Ken can go and pick up the ingredients they are missing. Poor Ken. He also has to be their taster since they cannot eat normal food. Sakurako then takes Ken out to go grocery shopping. Meanwhile, I have no idea why, but Koma is taking apart the flowers she found in Aoi’s warehouse and putting them on a piece of paper.

The Count is whining and in pain. His goons try to heal him with human medicine, but it is ineffective on vampires. The Count tells them they should be ashamed for loving human things so much. He then wonders where Sakurako got that stake. What traitor gave it to her? So Aoi is somehow connected to the count it seems.

Back in the human realm, Koma leans in close to Hayato and jumps back when he opens his eyes. She then tosses a bottle at him and tells him to drink it. What will happen if he does? His wounds will heal. Hayato calls her a liar and Koma demands he give it back, but Hayato does drink it. He then asks her why and she tells him because it’s her fault and she doesn’t want Sakurako to collapse next. Enter Sakurako and Ken with groceries.

Koma joins Sakurako in her cooking challenge. The two girls are very nervous, but start chopping away. They soon start relaxing and having fun. When they are done, Koma has created a delicious masterpiece while Sakurako’s is more unfortunate looking. The table is set and Hayato asks which dish is Sakurako’s. Ken points out the disappointing looking dish and Hayato goes for that one. He tries it and says it is delicious. This hurts Koma’s feelings and she leaves to go out on a walk.

Hayato asks Sakurako to make him more next time. It’s simple, but good. Hayato then rubs the black spot on Sakurako’s face. She goes to clean up, but Ken says he will do it to avoid more disasters. Hayato then asks why he is no good. Sakurako assures him he is good. Then…he can love her? He pulls her down beside him and talks about wanting to go on a date with her. He does have an idea…he wishes to go on a picnic and eat her homemade bento and laze away for the rest of the afternoon. He likes this. The more he talks, the more Sakurako hurts—especially when he says he can envision then growing old together. Sakurako says she will have to learn more cooking from Aoi first and then rushes out.

Ken follows after her and offers to listen. Sakurako says that she cannot do what Hayato wants. She can’t eat with him and she can’t grow hold with him. She smiles and says being a human isn’t hard, but she’s dead already. That’s why her hands are so cold. Ken touches her hand and says she’s not cold at all. Sakurako then smiles and thanks him. Enter Hayato who sees Ken holding her hand and telling her that he will always be there to listen to her. Jealousy.

Hayato turns and leaves and runs into Koma. He nearly falls and Koma rushes to catch him. When she does, she starts thirsting for his blood. She hurries and pushes him away, flinging him against the wall. She quickly turns away and hides her fangs while Hayato picks himself up and walks away. Koma is horrified. We then get the voice over talking about how these two girls down know about love being a fragile thing that can lead to intense hatred.

Can these vampire girls handle having the same first love? We shall see. It also looks like Ken might be falling for Sakura, too. And here I thought he’d fall for Koma…

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