Last Cinderella Episode 7 Recap

This show definitely has some cute moments and annoying moments and some completely WTF moments.

Episode 7: Naughty Kiss

We open with Sakura  barging into Tachibana’s room looking for his porn collection. Why is she looking for AV? We then cut to Hiroto bowing and apologizing for lying to her about having slept together when she was drunk. Seriously? That was what he decided to say what he was lying about for all of this time? This make Sakura happy as it means she didn’t forget their first time. She then asks Tachibana for paid vacation, but he refuses saying there is a magazine shoot coming up and the shop will be too busy. I felt so bad for Tachibana when Sakura gets up in his space and asks him how he “does it.” Omo. Seriously…there are some conversations you shouldn’t be having with a guy friend even though you are close.

Sakura also takes her research to the shop and hears all of these different ideas, but Tachibana keeps reminding her that she can’t do any of them. This starts them squabbling like always. These two. So alike in many ways. Meanwhile, Miki reports to her family that she found a part-time job. It’s only short term, but she’s happy. Kohei asks what kind and she lies saying its clerical work at a real estate office. She apologizes to her mother-in-law who starts taking all sorts of jabs at Miki. How annoying. It looks like this upsets Saki and she leaves the table followed by her brother and Mrs. Takenouchi. Miki worries over her daughter’s moodiness while Kohei attributes it to her period.

Sakura and Ken are talking over good spots for overnight trips when Sakura asks him if Tachibana is dating Choko. This is news to Ken. Enter Hiroto. He likes the open air bath place and reminds Sakura he’s paying. She asserts it will be dutch pay, but Hiroto refuses this. It’s his birthday present to Sakura. She decide then to find a cheaper place, but he also reminds her that they wanted this to be a special trip. It’s sweet that he’s doing this…but…something kind of felt off for me in this scene. I’m not quite sure what it is. Anywho, Ken was hilarious as the frozen statue listening in. I was shocked that Hiroto asked for a spare key. I mean…yeah, they are getting serious, but isn’t it too soon to get her key? Sakura then goes to the bathroom where she screams for joy. When she hit her head I so thought she deserved it because she was acting like an idiot.

Saying I’ll give out a duplicate key brings a feeling of happiness.

Tachibana meets up with Choko. Why? To explain what happened the other day with Sakura. He assures Choko that there is nothing going on between him and Kin. Is that the only reason he called her out? Is that bad? No, Choko is happy. Before he can mention anything about knowing about her relationship with Hiroto, Choko asks him what’s bad about her. Nothing. He goes to say more and then remembers Hiroto’s plea to help him protect Sakura. Choko then asks if he can’t give her a chance. Sigh. Chances aren’t a bad thing to give, but still…she is a crazy stalker lady… Tachibana then ends up passing by the warehouse where Hiroto works. I think he’s forming a slightly better opinion of the young man.

Miki goes to Masanori’s for her firs day of work. He explains what she needs to do and tells her to call him if there is a sudden upturn or if she doesn’t know what to do. He then says “good night” even though it is the middle of the day and strips off his shirt as he leaves the room. Miki’s reaction was priceless. I had to laugh when she said that scene was bad for her heart. Miki watches the stocks on screen and says it looks difficult. Will she be okay? At the salon Tachibana and Sakura are now in a silent war that is dragging everybody else down. These two are so childish. The other staff complain that they are worse than children. LOL. They really are being worse than grade schoolers since they are doing this and are adults.

Back at Masanori’s, the young host wakes up to a completely clean apartment. Miki apologizes saying that she got bored, so she cleaned. Masanori thanks her and is excited when she revealed she cooked for him as well. He rushes over to see what she cooked and he is ecstatic as he loves that kind of food (she made a chicken and egg dish). Miki then says it is time for her to go, but Masanori stops her and gives her money. Miki is reluctant to take it as she didn’t do much actual work, but Masanori replies that she did more than she was asked to do and Miki leaves happy. However, once she’s gone Masanori’s attitude takes a complete 180 and he shoves the food aside as he lights up a cigarette. Yep. Bad feeling about this.

Sakura and Tachibana are getting ready to leave, but the others won’t let them leave until they make up. Sakura demands to know why Tachibana won’t let her go on the trip—is he jealous? Tachibana asserts he isn’t and then asks if she’s serious about Hiroto…does she really love him? Sakura says she does. Fine, then she can go. This makes Sakura feel like she’s cheating somehow. Tachibana just warns her she will regret going of she doesn’t seriously love Hiroto. Sakura says that she will never regret the decision. If she’s certain of that, then it’s fine. Sakura bids him goodbye and leaves, but looks quite disheartened as does Tachibana. These two, seriously. It’s kind of obvious where this drama is heading.

For the next girls’ meeting the girls go to a spa thanks to Miki who is celebrating her first job and the money. Shima and Sakura congratulate Miki on her job and she reveals she felt inferior to the self-reliant women. Miki is timid and not confident about herself, but hopes to be like her friends one day. Sakura and Shima give her their support. Shima then complains that being single and self-reliant isn’t all that great as she is lonely since she can’t rely on anyone. She gets up and Sakura and Miki wonder if she really feels the urge to meet that special someone.

The girls then go to a shop where Shima bumps into her ex Tetsuro. The two then have an awkward conversation when a little girl rushes up and calls him papa. This cuts Shima to the quick. Tetsuro tells her he remarried four years ago. Shima congratulates him on his marriage and child. She says she is happy and living alone. Tetsuro tells her that is great and wishes her well before walking away. You know she is depressed and Miki and Sakura ask if she’s okay. Shima forces a smile and asserts she is fine.

The depressed Shima goes into Ken’s bar to drink away her sorrows. At another table group of guys look at Shima and laugh. One young man approaches her and it is the guy she molested in like the first episode coming out of the bathroom. He asks her to go on a group adventure with him which she turns down. He then offers a one-on-one since she likes “that.” Ken watches in horror as Shima throws her drink in the young man’s face. I’m not saying the young man is right in his actions, but it’s also a consequence of being as promiscuous as she was unfortunately. Of course, women always end up with it worse then men when it comes to reputations and sleeping around. Shima says she would never go with such inexperienced men. Come back when they have more. The guy lunges for Shima, but Ken intervenes and Shima leaves.

Miki is washing dishes when she finds out she forgot to buy the outfit her son needs for his sports festival. This earns more griping from her mother-in-law and Saki is looking more and more depressed. Why? Is it some ordeal she’s going through or is it because of her grandmother’s attitude? Meanwhile at the salon, Sakura is acting very disturbing…kind of ero…which really makes Tomonari very uncomfortable. I would run in the opposite direction if she acted like that. So what is the favor Sakura will ask of Tomonari? He leaves and and looks rather uncomfortable. He tries to warn Tachibana, but he doesn’t make it. Tachibana walks in on Sakura watching a porn video. She acts like a dirty old man watching it. Poor Tachibana has to listen to her moaning and odd comments. You do have to love that Sakura says watching an AV alone would be perverted. And watching it with your middle aged boss/friend/enemy isn’t?

Sakura says that she cannot take the lead in the sexual relationship and Tachibana tells her to leave it up to her obviously more experienced partner. Tachibana then wonders if Sakura will be a “dead lay.” Sakura has no idea what that comment means and Tachibana starts telling her, but thinks better of it. He gets up and Sakura goes to follow, but forgot her headphones were still plugged in to the laptop. Tachibana turns in time to see the laptop head to the edge. The headphones come unplugged and Sakura flies towards Tachibana. Their lips meet and things are immediately awkward. They don’t know how to act or what to say. Tachibana then leaves while Sakura touches her lips. Contrived. Such accidental kisses are so contrived. My favorite “accidental” kiss to date was when Lin Gen Xin molested Jiro Wang to prove accidental kisses happen to help out his beloved jie.

There comes a time when women can suddenly see the opposite sex (null).

Shima called Kohei out to drink at a different bar. She talks about how shocked she was to see he now had a child. This means their infertility was her problem, right? This means it was good that she let him go. Kohei then tells Shima she is amazing for being able to congratulate her ex. So how is Kohei’s ED going? He has made an appointment with a doctor for the next month. The two then toast their friendship. Miki finds the outfit she needs and sees Shima coming out of the bar. She calls out to her, but Shima doesn’t hear. Miki is shocked find Kohei leaving the bar as well and even more shocked to see her husband laughing and teasing with Miki. There is nothing to this relationship any more. It is more along the lines of friendship, but still…it will definitely look bad in the wife’s eyes.

Sakura arrives home and uncomfortably passes by Tachibana’s place. She is shocked when her door opens and there is Hiroto. He is using the new key already. Sakura’s awkwardness skyrockets. Hiroto asks if there is something wrong and Sakura just says she thought she’d get home before him. Hiroto then asks if she’s hungry and gets ready to cook for her. Sweet guy. We then cut to Kohei arriving home only to have everyone depressed that it isn’t Miki. She left at 7 saying she’d be right back and she still hasn’t returned nor is she answering her phone. Kohei tries calling, but no luck. He then tells everyone not to worry as he’ll go pick her up.

Hiroto comes out of the bathroom to find Sakura practicing for their trip and he starts laughing at Sakura’s behavior. She was being very spastic. Sakura demands to know why he was laughing. These two are really cute together. As they are happily teasing each other, Sakura gets a call from Kohei asking about Miki. Sakura hasn’t heard from her and is immediately worried when Kohei says she left to buy something and hasn’t returned. Kohei apologizes for disturbing her and hangs up. This freaks Sakura out even more. Shima then joins Kohei all worried. She believes Miki must have seen them and wonders what they will do if anything happens to Miki. Kohei tells her not to say something like that and runs off. So where is Miki? Sitting outside of the host club waiting for Masanori. This can’t end well.

Choko is happily telling Ken that she is getting a chance with Tachibana when Sakura rushes into the bar demanding to know if Ken saw Miki. No. What’s wrong? Miki has gone missing. She went out shopping and hasn’t come back home. Sakura then demands that Ken tell her if Miki shows up. Enter Shima and Kohei. Sakura puts two and two together and asks if Kohei and Shima are the reason Miki is missing. Didn’t Sakura already warn Shima? The older woman asserts it isn’t what Sakura thinks, but she won’t listen. Up rushes Tachibana telling Sakura to cool down as now is not the time. Shima then leaves to go look for Miki some more. Kohei follows after her and Tachibana immediately scolds Sakura for her irrational behavior in cornering Shima without knowing the full truth. He then encourages Sakura to try calling Miki’s house to see if she returns while Ken prepares coffee to help think about where Miki disappeared to. Neither Hiroto or Choko are happy to see how Tachibana and Sakura interact.

There are things where once you lose them you can never get them back (:-().

It starts to rain and Masanori and Miki rush to his place. Masanori gives her a drink and asks her to unload her troubles. After a brief silence, Miki confesses she saw her husband with another woman. It must have been quite the shock. Miki says it would have been less of a shock if it hadn’t been her best friend. So…is her husband having an affair with her friend? Miki says she doesn’t wish to believe they are, but there is no other reason for them to be together. She then laughs as she recalls she was the one who brought them together. Masanori then goes to kiss her and Miki jerks away. Masanori then apologizes saying she was too pretty. He then hits her up for investment money on some stock. Yep. He’s a complete con artist. Don’t trust him, Miki!!!!! But, she does agree. She will need money if she divorces her husband. She asks if there is a store nearby and leaves. What the heck is going on?

Sakura and Hiroto are back at her place and the worried Sakura has been washing the same dish for ages. She’s really worried. Hiroto asks if they should postpone their trip, but Sakura refuses. She then goes to rush out to look for Miki when her bell rings and there is Miki. Tachibana says he found her at the bottom of the complex and brought her up so she doesn’t get sick. Hiroto then heads out where he thanks Tachibana for giving Chiyoko a chance. Hiroto goes to leave and Tachibana asks if he loves her, too? Say what? If he does, then will Tachibana step aside? Tachibana goes to assert once more he doesn’t like Sakura that way and Hiroto cuts him off and tells him to take care of Choko before leaving. Aiyo.

Sakura call up Kohei to let him know that his wife has been found. This relieves him. He wishes to go get Miki, but Sakura says it will be better for Miki to crash at her place for the night. She does promise that Miki will be back home in the morning. Kohei sits down relieved. Miki comes out of the shower and Sakura asks where she went. Miki does say she went to the host club. This shocks Sakura. Miki then confesses that she she lied about getting a job with a real estate agency and started working for one of the hosts. She is very honest, though, about getting swindled by Masanori. Sakura then scolds her for what she did. Miki then says she isn’t too stupid to know that she was being used when he wanted to hire her for that amount of money. When she realized this she was very hurt and disappointed about herself. Miki wondered if she should just go far away, but then she thought about her children. Miki calls herself stupid and incompetent and Sakura hugs her as she cries and worries about her children with the whole ordeal.

The next morning Sakura delivers the uniform and tells Kohei that Miki hasn’t calmed down enough yet and will be staying at her place for the time being. It will be tough, but he will need to hang in there. Saki looks very displeased. What is the story there? Anywho, at the salon, Sakura tells Tachibana what is going on and thanks him. Enter Choko to have her hair colored. Soon behind her is another woman looking for Tachibana. Given Tachibana’s shock and Choko’s evil glare, this would be the ex that hurt Tachibana badly.

So…time to learn his story now, I guess. I wish I could say I’m excited by the previews, but not this time. Actually, this episode didn’t quite meet my expectations, but in some ways that was good and in others, bad. I have to say that I’m really trying to figure out if it really is just friendship and camaraderie between Tachibana and Sakura or if there is something else. As for Miki…I was happy to learns she wasn’t that stupid to fall for Masanori’s scheme. I guess she only told him she’d give him the money to drop him a bone and get out of the sticky situation.


  • When Miki agreed to give Masanori the money, I was seriously screaming at the screen. Well, in my head, anyway. So when we realised she’d only said that to get out of there easier, i thanked God that she wasn’t really that stupid. I wonder if we’re going to get more of Yamamoto Yusuke or if this was just a 2-episode thing. I do like that their way of showing us that he’s a bad guy is by having him not eat her food, and start smoking. Such a bad boy, lol.

    I wish Hiroto would actually say something about his feelings for Sakura. I think Tachibana still thinks he’s just using Sakura so that Tachibana will date Choko, but he’s really not anymore. He has genuine affection for her. The tickling scene was adorable. Awkward, but adorable. I think Hiroto just enjoys being tickled, lol.

    I’m wondering what’s going on with the daughter as well. I would love it if she was just really annoyed at the Gran and wanted her gone, lol.

    Oh, the spare key! Why does Hiroto want a spare key anyway? Why is he just letting himself into her apartment? Sakura didn’t even know he was going to. Don’t just rock up to someone’s apartment and let yourself in without even telling them! Although, that might just be my thinking, lol.

    • Yeah, I was really worried at first. Thankfully, she was using her head to get out of there after realizing her mistake. I’d personally like to see more of Yamamato, but it’s okay if it was only a 2 episode deal.

      I also enjoyed the tickling scene. I was giggling as it was so cute and it is showcasing Hiroto’s genuine like for the girl. Why he can’t actually come out and admit his true feelings for her…who knows? But it’s evident he really does like her.

      I still think its too soon for Sakura to give away that key I tell ya. I have never given anybody a spare key that wasn’t family…this might also be because I don’t date and I live with my grandparents to take care of them…but anywho, I think it’s a big step in a relationship and one not necessarily that should be rushed. Sure, Hiroto’s been spending the night frequently now it seems, but it still seems rushed to me.

  • Hehe I love how you mentioned the kiss between LGX and Jiro!! That was definitely the most epic one ever! Except it was kinda on purpose, but I guess it counts as an accidental kiss! 😉

    I didn’t understand why Sakura & Rintaro looked sad after Rintaro told her she could go on the trip. These two..

    And the whole host-scam thing was so pointless. T_T Masanori was not even good at it, it was like a fail of a scam. Thankfully Miki got out of the situation without being hurt. Even she, in her distressed state, could tell that Masanori was up to no good the very moment he brought up the subject of investing money.

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