30 Day Asian Drama Challenge – Day 23

Actually, I find there are many dramas that disappoint in the end. But how many of them had I actually been anticipating?

Day 23: A drama you looked forward to but disappointed you in the end?

Definitely May Queen. I was looking forward to Kim Jae Won and Jae Hee working together again. I was also looking forward as the plot seemed to be somewhat unique. The plot synopsis was very misleading, the actual plot was downright horrible, and the series lagged so painfully.

There are countless others that have disappointed me. There was one recently, too. What was it? Perhaps Drama Go Go Go as it had potential and I was really looking forward to Jiro Wang and Lin Geng Xin. It’s not horrible, but the way it has gone was really disappointing (not that I have completed it entirely as of yet).


  • With Drama Go Go Go, I’m still thinking it was weird that they introduced a new character more than halfway through the show. It’s a bit late to be introducing another love interest, surely. I’m at ep 20, and i don’t actually like either of the guys anymore, so i’m probably gonna be going for the new guy just because of that.

  • I was going to watch Drama GoGoGo because I’ve already seen most of Jiro’s stuff, but I think I’ll drop it from my list now.

    • If you take out the redundancy and laggy plot…it’s worth it for Jiro’s character if you want to see him acting. He starts out kind of like Mars in ToGetHer and you follow his rise back to fame and his love that started out with ill intentions with Ruby Lin’s character. I like the mature Jiro and how he gives it to Maggie Wu’s character and others for how they stereotype him.
      But then…yeah…you should drop by heisui’s site and check out her reviews of the series and I have recaps up for like the first 10 episodes and decide for yourself if Jiro is enough of a pull after things…get…very…slow and annoying.

      • haha okay I’ll check out your recaps first! From the way it sounds though I doubt I’ll be watching it anytime soon, I’m currently watching 7 dramas and don’t have much more time to spare XP

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