30 Day Asian Drama Challenge – Day 22

It was easier coming up with female actors for some reason…

Day 22: Your least favorite Asian drama actor?

I have to say that I can think of dozens of actors that I don’t hate, but who really aren’t the bast actors out there. If I went by how well they acted…then maybe Yamapi or Kamenashi Kazuya or Calvin Chen. Even Aaron Yan could be better when it comes to acting. But…if you go by the factor of that I can’t just stand someone…then…

Heo Tae HeeI think it would have to be Heo Tae Hee. Sure, I’ve only seen him in Crazy Love, but I really can’t stand watching him. He’s not a 100% bad actor, but the scenes in which he really needs to show emotional depth, he can’t and  that completely destroys his character and the overall tone of the scene…not that the character is a good one to being with… He is at his best when he’s all scruffy and broody. Expect him to cry or do anything very emotional and … it’s just stale and bland and unbelievable.

Or…there is Michael Zhang. I don’t hate him, but the man isn’t a good actor. He’s improved over the years, but he still has a ways to go.


  • I have to say I’ve never seen anything with either actor – I’m planning on watching Down With Love though, and I believe that Michael Zhang is in it. Should I cross it off my list instead?

    • Eh, I recommend watching it at least once. Michael’s acting isn’t too bad in that drama. I can’t say the same for Jerry Yan’s acting, though. I recapped the first half of the drama and another blog friend recapped the last half, so you can always check those out before deciding on diving in.

  • Such a hard category. I agree, it’s easier coming up with women, lol

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