30 Day Asian Drama Challenge – Day 21

On to the least favorite questions…oddly enough, they can be tough to answer, too.

Your least favorite Asian drama actress?

I have to say this…I really hate actresses in dramas with those high-pitched cutesy voices that you know aren’t their natural voices as you’ve heard them speak in their real voice before. I also hate it when girls (or boys) sing in such cutesy voices as well. Blech.

may-queen-35-11As for an actual actress…hmm…Han Ji Hye – the girl can’t act period. Sure, I’ve only seen her in one drama, but it was enough to completely turn me off of her as an actress. I intend to avoid future dramas with her in it. In the nightmare that shall forever haunt me (and be one of the most popular series to date on this site) May Queen, about the only time that Han Ji Hye did a good job was when she expressed anger. Seriously. It is her anger scenes that seemed more realistic and less forced. I believed she was angry. That being said, she had all the emotive power of a wet dishrag. Sure, she could cry, but it seemed so fake. She also had basically one expression throughout the entire drama – wide-eyed shock.

And to add to this…the evil mother-in-law from Crazy Love…I believe the actress’s name is Yoo Hye Ri. She…is awful. Another person who believes they must open their eyes wide for everything. Tsk.


  • Agreed! Part of the reason I’m not a huge fan of Rainie is because of how cutesy she acts…even though she’s 30+ now -__- She not a bad actor, I’m just not a fan of her “cute/sweet” moments.

  • Han Ji Hye, I actually only saw her in Cloud Stairs (KBS, 2006) and agree with your description of her. Have not seen anything else but I think I can beat her bad acting with my choice, Shin Se Kyung.

    I wanted to watch When a Man Loves (MBC, 2013) because of Song Seung Hun (my first official Kdrama crush) but could not take her stares and the contempt she throws at my computer screen. It was the same for High Kick Through the Roof (MBC, 2009). 5 YEARS and she’s still the same corpse.

    She won the Excellence Award for Drama Special, Actress (Shin Se Kyung) for Tree with Deep Roots? Was she good? Did anyone see it??

    Also just to be fair, my least favorite in Taiwan is Barbie Hsu, and Japan Sato Aiko.

    • Haven’t watched Cloud Stairs but was considering it. I might stay away from it now. 😛 Really, really, don’t like her.

      I am not sure I’ve actually watched any of Shin Se Kyung’s work. If I have, I must not have found her very memorable as I tend to remember the names of actresses I like for the most part. There are some people who never change and never get better, but have all the luck in landing roles for some odd reason.

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