Crazy Love Episodes 27-28 Recap

So, the useless, selfish, sniveling husband has become a psychotic, abusive, drunk? Go figure. And since Mi So promised her mother that she would make her marriage work before her mom died, she has to keep that promise? That’s when there is hope—a glimmering light through the tunnel of bad times. Where is there hope when your husband keeps drinking, beating, and telling you to just go and die? Sigh. Talk about misguided intentions. I have a very strong feeling that Mi so’s mother did NOT want her precious daughter used as a punching bag to a drunk husband.

Episode 27

The Lee house is reeling from Min Jae’s slapping Mi So. The wife goes into the bedroom to cry while Myung Ja is amazed her son could turn to violence when he was such a mild mannered man. Min Jae then goes to his office where we can all see his temper has yet to go down. In fact, it doesn’t go down through these two episodes at all and when he starts drinking, it worsens tenfold. Thus, Myung Ja tries to hasten the divorce, but as much as Min Jae is mistreating Mi So right now, he’s still stopping their lawyer from pushing the divorce through as it’s his and Mi So’s matter. Right. You’re not even trying now, but you’re going to hold onto this marriage? Wae? To make your wife suffer more so than she already has because she “murdered” your daughter? I sooo wanted to slap Na Young when Myung Ja revealed that Min Jae slapped Mi So and Na Young replied she is sure Mi So did something to deserve it or else why would Min Jae hit her? We then cut to Mi So texting her husband about how she was wrong for not consulting him…yada, yada, yada. DON’T apologize as he’s the one who is wrong. I don’t care how much he is hurting, you don’t treat another person as our punching bag.

Kyung Soo gets a report that the building matter is becoming murkier and murkier thanks to Baek and his men pushing and bullying the occupants. If the firm sticks with the case, things will get bad for them. Kyung Soo understands this, but what can he do when it’s his father-in-law’s case? Of course he starts thinking about the incident with Min Jae and he worries over calling Mi So who is also worrying about why Min Jae would misunderstand her relationship with Kyung Soo. So what does she do? She calls up Kyung Soo (lies and assures him she is just fine) and apologizes for what happened. This incident made her realize she depends too much on Kyung Soo and that she should stop seeing him from the time being. Girl, when you won’t let anyone else help you, you should keep this guy on your side. This, obviously, upsets Kyung Soo greatly.

We then get scenes of Min Jae’s project planning. Yawn. We then move on to Myung Ja who will not stay out of the kids’ business. She calls up Yoon and tells him to take away his daughter and force her to divorce Min Jae as her son has even gone as far as slapping Mi So. This shocks Yoon, Chan Ki, and Jong Hee. Violence? That b*stard is using violence on their precious Mi So? The two Yoon men wish to storm the Lee castle and drag their precious Mi So home, but Jong Hee stops them as she knows Mi So’s personality and the girl won’t come easily. They must tread carefully and think of a plan to get Mi So to come back to them.

Kyung Soo, still reeling from his “break up” with Mi So goes to the building for negotiations when he runs into Baek who tells the lawyer that he has paved the way to make his job easier. Baek then shows how Tae San gave him pocket money for drinks. Isn’t that funny? Baek does the hard work, but it’s Kyung Soo who gets the premium golf membership as a reward. Kyung Soo then tells Baek to stop mucking things up as Baek’s actions are actually making it worse, not easier on our lawyer. Kyung Soo then leaves the parking garage and Baek stares after him recalling Oh’s words to keep an eye on his son-in-law to ensure the tenants don’t hurt him. I did like how Kyung Soo told him to reign in his mindless devotion. Baek is a smart man, so why the mindless devotion to Tae San? Because he took him in?

Anywho, we get more of Tae San complaining that Kyung Soo is too soft. He says he will let Kyung Soo go to fulfill his dream (of helping people in the countryside) as long as he finishes this job well, so can’t Kyung Soo be less lenient on the tenants so Tae San can get more profit? Then Hae Ryung calls up complaining she’s depressed and Oh immediately tells her he’ll give her his credit card to go on a shopping spree with Kyung Soo. This brightens the girl right up. Sigh. Didn’t Yoo Jung already warn Oh about his constant coddling of Hae Ryung? Looks like he’s not paying heed to this.

Anywho, we then cut to Na Young finding Min Jae drinking at work. She scolds him for being like that when he’s the future owner of the company. Min Jae doesn’t care. He’s a wounded man, you know? So Na Young tells him to come to her and says whatever it is he can’t say at home to his mother or wife. We all know where this is leading. Meh. Some men never learn, but at this point, Na Young is perfect for the violent drunken Neanderthal.

Ah, we then get to see more of Hae Ryung’s excessive jealousy. This time she slapped a college hoobae of Kyung Soo’s that the met at the store. She thought the woman was flirting with her husband and then she accuses Kyung Soo of having an affair with her. The argument is soon taken out of the car as Kyung Soo tries to yell some sense into his wife. Like that will ever happen. Of course, now we have Mi So seeing Kyung Soo’s embarrassing situations and mistreatments. This is why these two will end up hooking up. I be Kyung Soo wasn’t happy to turn his head after Hae Ryung threw her fit and left him on the side of the road. No man would want the woman he liked to see such a scene. When Hae Ryung gets home she tells the whole story to Yoo Jung who is upset with Hae Ryung for acting out like that again. This makes Hae Ryung accuse her of not really caring about her since she isn’t her real mother. I liked that Yoo Jung slapped her for that. The girl needs to learn that she can’t act like she is. Of course, Yoo Jung immediately regrets hitting her daughter, but I think she gave Hae Ryung some good advice…whether or not Hae Ryung will actually try growing up remains to be seen.

Mi So gets home and recalls the fight between Kyung Soo and his wife. She then gets a call from her father who tries to get her to admit what happened with Min Jae in a roundabout way. When that doesn’t work, he comes straight out and asks her since Myung Ja told him everything. Of course, Mi So denies she was slapped and just says that she and Min Jae had a heated argument and there was shoving. You know, shoving can be dangerous…look at all the dramas where shoving led people to fall downs stairs or get their heads smashed onto table, walls, etc. This lie slightly relieves Moon Do, but I don’t think he’s 100% buying it that his daughter is really okay in that house as he does urge her to come back home.

Myung Ja then comes home and tries to talk nicely with her daughter-in-law. This, of course, is just a ploy. She’s trying to use honey to catch her fly and dispose of it. Of course, Mi So won’t be rational and says she wishes to try to work things out with Min Jae. Enter Min Jae. He’s wasted and he complains about how his wife and mother constantly fight. He goes into the bedroom where Mi So tries to talk to him. He slaps her again and throws stuff at her. With her screams, you know that he’s not just throwing things, but they, thankfully, don’t show him actually battering her. Myung Ja worries about Min Jae hitting his wife, but decides he needs to let out the steam so he doesn’t blow up elsewhere. Aigoo. How can she do that? How can she turn a blind eye? I felt so bad for Mi So as her husband screams at her to die. After that, he then heads over to Na Young’s for some nookie while Mi So sits shaking on their destroyed bedroom floor.

Episode 28

Crazy? Check. Love? Not so much.

The next day Na Young acts all housewifey. She buys Min Jae a razor and new shirt and tie. She even cooks him breakfast. Of course, when Min Jae wakes up, he dresses and quickly tries to rush out. Of course, Na Young doesn’t want to let him go—aren’t they just like a married couple now? Min Jae brushes her away, dropping his work badge and leaves. Na Young is happy, though, as Min Jae will soon be hers completely. Meanwhile, the battered Mi So slowly comes to her senses and begins picking up the room, recalling her husband’s violence. I don’t know how she found the guts to make him some lunch and bring him a change of clothes to work. I don’t forgive violence, especially since Min Jae shows no remorse for what he’s done. There’s been a few shows where the guys were eaten alive by guilt over what they had done to the woman they loved…not so in this case. Well…I guess if you go by the flashbacks, Mi So believes this is par for the course as she only thought of her own suffering and not her husband’s. Sure…you might have only thought of your own pain…but that doesn’t’ give your husband the right to beat you.

Min Jae is sitting in his office waiting for Na Young to bring him some paperwork when Mi So enters with the lunch and clothes. It’s not appreciated and gets dumped over the floor. Min Jae doesn’t want to see her and he sure can’t eat her food anymore without it choking him. He leaves while Mi So fights back tears and picks up the dumped food and Na Young smiles happily. Sick, twisted wench. Myung Ja sees her depressed daughter-in-law leaving and Ko tells her how Mi So came to express concern for Min Jae who threw a fit. Myung Ja, of course, blames everything on Mi So…although she does have a point here. Yes, I know Mi So wishes to salvage her marriage with her husband, but at the same time, she needs to know that she can’t keep pushing him like this, especially when he’s ready to explode at her since he, like his mother, blames her for Hae Ram’s death. Myung Ja asks Ko to keep this quiet and report to her if he notices her son drinking at the office more. Myung Ja’s solution to the problem? Call up some Mrs. Chung to find new daughter-in-law candidates. Oy.

Mi So gets up and unpacks the ruined food. She recalls past scenes with her husband and mother-in-law before flashing back to her mother revealing that there were times she really wondered if she should remain with Yoon or not. However, she was happy she stuck through the bad times and remained with Moon Do. This, unfortunately, makes Mi So vow to stick things out. I mean, for the most part, it’s not a bad thing as too many people these days don’t try to make marriages work anymore and head straight for divorce because it’s just the easy thing to do. But in this case…it’s not something you can fight for as we all know Min Jae won’t straighten his act around and try to work with Mi So on saving their marriage.

At the Yoon house, Moon Do can’t bring himself to eat as he keeps thinking about Mi So. Should he pay his son-in-law a visit and have a talk? Chan Ki and Jong Hee nix this idea since it will only cause more problems for Mi So. Unfortunately true. I’m sure Min Jae would get even angrier that Mi So when running to daddy again (when it was his mother this time, not his wife). Jong Hee vows that she will scopes things out herself and if Min Jae has been violent towards her best friend then she will never let him off (punctuated with hard jabs of the chopsticks down into the food). To break up the drama, we then get Chan Ki getting all bothered by Jong Hee wiping his mouth. Yeah, he so likes her.

Yoo Jung is still feeling guilty for the slap and calls up Hae Ryung. The two make amends, but I don’t think Yoo Jung was wrong. Sure…maybe she shouldn’t have hit Hae Ryung, but she was right that her daughter needs to grow up and stop being so selfish and thoughtless. Anywho, this puts Hae Ryung and Yoo Jung in good moods and they agree to cook up Kyung Soo’s favorite meal for dinner. The man in question sits in his office replaying that abysmal scene that Mi So witnessed when he gets Hae Ryung’s call asking him to come home early for his favorite meal. Kyung Soo actually agrees to this. Hae Ryung then asks what he got her since Tae San made mention Kyung Soo bought her a present.

That night when Kyung Soo gives Hae Ryung the necklace, she’s happy at first, but then immediately turns suspicious. He really did have a fling with that college friend, didn’t he? Or else why would he buy her something for no reason. Kyung Soo assures her it is a gift because she has been so down of late. This makes her happy and she goes to show it off. This, in turn, makes her parents happy as their scheme to bring the couple closer appears to be working.

Mi So sits at home alone as neither Myung Ja or Min Jae came home for dinner. We can now see that she has red marks around her neck. So…did Min Jae strangle her a bit? Oy. Leave. Just leave. In cases like this having the patience of Job could get you killed (not that it will happen in this case since she’s the leading lady, but still…). She tries calling her husband, but he refuses to answer her calls. He acts so pissy all the time that it really grates on my nerves.

Back at the Oh house, things are at peace for now. Kyung Soo goes to leave to pick up some shaving cream (he looks good out of his usual suits). Hae Ryung wishes to go with him, but he assures her it will be a quick stop and she orders him to bring her back chocolate. On his way to the store he again recalls Mi So telling him she can’t see him anymore. Of course he runs into her as she is leaving the store. She quickly covers up her neck and says that’s right, they live in the same area so how can they NOT bump into each other? Kyung Soo immediately asks if she is fine and she lies and assures him that everything is okay. Kyung Soo says that relieves him and Mi So asserts he doesn’t need to worry about her any longer. She then beats a hasty retreat, but you know she wishes to keep her relationship with him.

Na Young then pays Min Jae a late night visit in his office to hand him the extra key to her place so he can come whenever he needs to get away from his reality. Eyeroll. We then cut to Baek who finds Na Young’s earring on the floor of his apartment. He then recalls her phone call about being a monster and heads on out. Na Young is shocked Baek came to her place of his own volition just to return her earring. Baek notices Min Jae’s badge and is livid. He is not happy with what Na Young is pulling—hasn’t Mi So been through enough? Why do this after she just lost her daughter? Na Young gets angry as well. How dare Baek defend Mi So in front of her? Besides, Min Jae lost his daughter, too. Na Young then says she is basically Min Jae’s salvation. Baek warns her for the umpteenth time to stop before she does something she’ll really regret. Too late for that. The witch is beyond redemption and won’t heed your warnings anyway. We then see Mi So cleaning up the uneaten supper while Min Jae is in bed with Na Young. I love the irony that even though he doesn’t know Mi So is Eun Joo, he is on her side against Na Young in this case.

The next day Myung Ja hands over the prospective new daughter-in-laws. Min Jae is livid as Hae Ram hasn’t been gone all that long. If they wait a year (it’s more of an Asian thing, although I do remember that historically in the Western world as well after someone dies you have to wait through a period of morning before being able to do things like marry, etc.) things will only get much worse. Min Jae throws his usual fit and storms out of the office. He then gets a call from Hae Ram’s school saying that they tried to get in touch with Mi So to come and collect Hae Ram’s things.

Min Jae does an then he sits at the kitchen table getting wasted and looking morosely at his daughter’s things. He then goes into the bedroom to wake up his sleeping wife and to beat her some more telling her she should be dead instead of Hae Ram. Myung Ja wakes up and hears this and cannot believe its happening yet again. End episode 28.

Previews for next week don’t look well as Mi So still has tons of hell to go through, but then there are promising scenes. I’m waiting for Kyung Soo to layout a can of whoopass on Min Jae’s sorry arse. I’m happy as it looks like Mi So might officially be getting kicked out by Min Jae which means the plot will slowly being to move forward a bit more. I also like that there are some cute Mi So-Kyung Soo scenes coming (after some scenes where Mi So asserts they can’t be friends as it’s inappropriate—ah the laws of propriety, some are just stupid at times).


  • Thanks for the recap.
    I am so waiting for a hospitalization beat down on Min Jae worthless piece of shit ass. Please give me a couple broken bones, broken jaws and broken hands so that he will never hit another woman again.

    • You’re welcome. WIth the scenes for next week, I really want Kyung Soo to beat Min Jae into a bloody pulp since we all know that he’s got some fighting skills. 😛 That would teach Min Jae to treat another woman like he treats Mi So.

      • I am hoping that Mi Soo finally wakes up this week from her slumber. It will take a long time to get over the presumed death of her child but she needs to wake up and start kicking ass. Please try and get some confidence and beat your sorry ass of a husband at his game. Prove to him what a mistake he made by dumping and hurt you. I want Mi Soo to start gaining confidence and I think with Attorney Seo and family she will slowly gain it.

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