30 Day Asian Drama Challenge – Day 19

I stick by the fact that I have eclectic tastes.

Day 19: Your favorite drama genre?

I can’t say I have one particular genre that stands out as my favorite. I like dramas that are really a bastardization of multiple drama genres. I like me a drama cocktail with some romance, action, comedy, and a splash of melodrama rolled into it. I can sas that I tend to stay away from more strict comedy genres as I am not a huge fan of the more over-the-top comedies that come with some horribly exaggerated acting and slapstick. I also like heartwarming genres about overcoming adversity, family relationships, and youth struggling to achieve dreams. See? I just about like it all.

If it counts as a genre, I find myself undeniably attracted to dramas based on manga. There is so much manga out there and TONS of dramas based off of them. I’ve watched some only to find out that they were also manga. I, for whatever reason, love to watch television or movies based off of literature and comics. Sure, I get disappointed a lot, but sometimes the characters and plot are just right to satisfy me that a live action has been made.


  • Although I have my preference, I always find myself watching anything based on the description and the actor/actress involved. I actually like Comedy, Romance, and Action in that order.

    Dramas based on manga/manhwa I tend to stray away from, it’s usually a disappointment, like you said. I did watch them based on the hype but always felt let down.

  • In the early days, I found i would watch a drama and then find out later that it was based on a manga. Because there are so many manga out there, there is automatically so many shows based on them. I like them though, even if they do disappoint (cough*To The Beautiful You*cough).

  • The manhwa ones are the best! 🙂 I think it’s because the plot is already written out, so the drama writers don’t have to worry about plot, and more about minor tweaks to make it better 🙂

  • Well…there is also the point that some mangas don’t translate well into live actions 😛 And…they like to change the high school oriented ones with more adult themes to an adult setting which can completely screw up the plot. Although, I was never a fan of a high school student buying a robot lover…Definitely not one of my favorite mangas by Yuu Watase.

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