30 Day Asian Drama Challenge – Day 18

So many…for soooo many reasons…and soooo many for no reason, too.

Day 18: Name a Drama you dropped, and why?

Chen Qiao En, Blue LanLet’s go with Chen Qiao En’s Easy Fortune Happy Life. What a disaster. I liked the first few episodes, but then about halfway through this got painfully boring to watch. I’m still trying to figure out how her character fell in love with Blue Lan’s when there was the awesomeness of Roy Qiu’s character. This drama had all the common cliches rolled up into it. Death of a hardworking woman who was abandoned by the man she loved, poor girl is really rich heiress, handsome rich snob falls for girl and is reformed, family fighting over an inheritance, a terminal illness, etc.

Oh, and let’s not forget just how plain naive and stupid Chen Qiao En’s character was. I find it rather annoying when people from rural areas are played up as dumb. I still recall the line from Sweet Home Alabama where the leading actor said he may talk slow, but that doesn’t mean he’s stupid. Just because you grew up in a rural area doesn’t necessarily equate to being a backwards hick who knows nothing. Sure, this girl grew up in the mountains with little contact with the world outside, but some of her stupidity…aish.


  • Yeah, I never finished this one either. It had many problems, but one thing I remember was that the main guy basically planned to kill the main girl at the beginning of the series. And that really bothered me a lot about this show. No matter how reformed the guy is in the end, he still was trying to kill off an innocent woman. What kind of a guy is that?

  • “I’m still trying to figure out how her character fell in love with Blue Lan’s when there was the awesomeness of Roy Qiu’s character.” You and me, both!! He was “top dog” in this show, both in looks and acting!!!

  • This drama was so frustrating for me because I was only rooting for Roy Qiu’s character!!!!!!! Forget Blue’s character, Roy’s was so much better! HE CAN COOK! HE CAN FIGHT! HE RIDES A MOTORCYCLE! ARGH!!!!!

  • I considered watching this for Roy Qiu, but heard about the ending and so put it aside. Glad I did 🙂

  • I actually watched Easy Fortune Happy Life until episode 4 or 5 and dropped it as fast and for the same reasons you did.

    As for the drama I dropped: Phoenix, 3 or 4 episodes and the main girl (Lee Eun Joo as Lee Ji Eun) was being tortured by the guys girlfriend, Yoon Mi Ran (who was in a wheelchair, but could walk) and you can imagine my frustration when she tried everything to keep the guy, while Lee Ji Eun just took it all, the insults, torture and sabotage.

    I fast forward to episode 26 and was shocked to see that in the last 10 minutes, Yoon Mi Ran was actually holding a gun pointed at the couple. Talk about glad I dropped this pile of &^%$^.

    Also, I dropped the following as well (saying I will watch them one day but never did): Princess Hours, The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince, and The Return of Iljimae (I know, I’m crazy right) . . .

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