100% Releases Want U Back MV

Yay! Another of the rookie groups of last year that caught my attention has returned! 100% (Teen Top’s agency hoobaes even though most of them if not all are really Teen Top’s hyungs) comes back with an upgraded manlier image. They have one member ripping his shirt open and then we have flashes of all the members dancing shirtless. I’m sure they all worked hard to have some abs to show for that.

I had to laugh as AA came back this year with the song “Come Back” in which they were asking their lover to return to them. Now we have 100% talking about how they want their girl back. Got to love such trends.

Anywho, the song itself isn’t bad and does have a strong beat…but…I don’t necessarily like very strong dance tracks. Sometimes they don’t bother me and other times they just turn me off. This is one song where it kind of bothers me, but doesn’t completely turn me off.

백퍼센트 – Real 100%
Digital album release 23 May 2013
CD album release 27 May 2013
Buy on CDJapan | iTunes | YesAsia
01. Real 100%
02. Want U Back
03. Only U
04. Flavor
05. Why


  • They’re older than Teen Top? *checks birth dates* Oooh, okay well now I feel a tiny bit better… I was trying to figure out how guys that young could have such abs. And implied bed scenes in their MV. O_O

    Not terribly fond of the song. I actually liked their other songs from last year, but this one isn’t grabbing me. Suppose I will check out the rest of their album sometime…

    • Yep, older. I also think they were in training longer, but Teen Top got to debut first for whatever reason.

      Yeah, this and Vixx’s latest…I’m not quite feeling them. I LOVED the songs they released last year, though.

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