Crazy Love Episode 25 Recap

After a recap of last week’s episodes, we open with Mi Soo walking towards an oncoming truck who only hunks and doesn’t try to swerve. What the heck is up with that? Kyung Soo manages to save her in the nick of time. I’m sorry. Mr. Truck Driver actually could have gotten out of the way as the other lane was perfectly clear. How stupid. Anywho, He swerves at the very last minute after Kyung Soo gets Mi Soo out of harms way. He asks if she is all right, but she shakes him off and screams at him to leave her alone to die. Sigh. He grabs her once more and yells back that she needs to come back to her senses. He pulls her into a hug and asks her more softly to please come back to her senses.

Back at the car, Mi Soo tells Kyung Soo that she doesn’t get how the Lees could send Hae Ram off already. She just doesn’t understand that. How can they throw Hae Ram’s things out like they were garbage? Mi Soo then talks about how she still feels Hae Ram can come home at any moment. When she still feels so close by, how can Myung Ja and Min Jae send her off so quickly? Mi Soo then tears up and says she was frightened to death when she saw Hae Ram’s pictures and clothes burning in the funeral urn. She then ponders why everyone is telling her to say goodbye to her daughter and send her off. Kyung Soo tells her to hang on to Hae Ram until Mi Soo is ready to finally let her daughter go and then send her off. Mi Soo looks down at the bear and strokes it’s head.

Meanwhile, Hae Ryung is trying to reach her husband who isn’t answering his phone. She leaves him a desperately angry message and grabs her purse and a coat and heads for the door. Yoo Jung asks her daughter where she’s going and is horrified to learn that Hae Ryung has put another tracker on Kyung Soo’s phone. How many times has Yoo Jung told Hae Ryung she needs to be more trusting? Hae Ryung then complains that he hasn’t answered any of her calls in the past two hours, so how can she trust such an untrustworthy man? Omo. Only TWO HOURS? Heaven forbid. Eyeroll. Yoo Jung then reminds Hae Ryung just why Kyung Soo had to quit being a prosecutor. Why? Since Hae Ryung kept tracking his whereabouts. If she hadn’t done that, he would have been promoted to Chief Prosecutor by now. Hae Ryung understands this and knows this made Kyung Soo angry enough to scare her, but she feels like she’s going crazy. Honey, you’re already there.

Enter the drunk Oh who has just returned home. When he sees Hae Ryung’s sour expression, he immediately takes out his phone to bawl out Kyung Soo. Yoo Jung stops him and Tae San asks his daughter how he should reprimand his son-in-law. Hae Ryung says nothing and just goes into her room. Oh keeps griping and Yoo Jung leads him into their bedroom. Yoo Jung scolds him for re-enforcing Hae Ryung’s bad behavior. Oh believes that everything is Kyung Soo’s fault for making Hae Ryung sad. Yoo Jung then tells Oh about the tracker. This sobers him fast. WHY is his daughter like that? Could Kyung Soo be fooling around? Yoo Jung tells him never to say such a thing like that again or Hae Ryung will flip. Yoo Jung tells him to have a stern word with his daughter and Tae San reveals just how frightened he is of her. LOL. Cute couple scene follows this serious talk.

Mi Soo has fallen asleep and Kyung Soo covers her with a blanket and thinks to himself that she cannot let this weaken her. She must remain strong and return back to her smiling self. Until she can become the woman she once was, he will remain by her side. Awwww.

Next we cut to see Min Jae working late in the office. He gets uncomfortable when Na Young starts massaging his shoulders. He shakes her off and she takes out drinks and brownies and he is immediately reminded of baking brownies with Mi Soo and Hae Ram. Na Young catches on to this and starts playing the sympathetic person. What a soulless person. But Na Young has no qualms about even using a child’s death to get what she wants (not that we know whether or not Hae Ram is officially dead or not).

Anywho, Jong Hee is with the Yoon men promising to return the next day to look after them as they have both gotten a lot shabbier looking thanks to the Hae Ram ordeal. She then wonders how Mi Soo is doing. We then cut to see Kyung Soo walking Mi Soo to the Yoon house. She tells him it’s her father’s house and then apologizes for letting Kyung Soo see that side of her earlier. It’s not the first time he’s seen a woman go a bit crazy. Kyung Soo then instructs her to never do such a thing again. Doesn’t she know how sad Hae Ram will be if she knows what her mother did? This affects Mi Soo. He then makes her promise to never do it again as she is a strong woman underneath it all.

Mi Soo gives her word and Kyung Soo then says he is certain that Myung Ja and Min Jae had a hard time sending Hae Ram off. Mi Soo says she knows that they are suffering probably as much a she is. Mi Soo says that she finds them hateful and despicable for what they did, she is sure Myung Ja was suffering and that was why she got rid of Hae Ram’s things. Kyung Soo tells her to go in and he will leave. Mi Soo then thanks him for all he’s done tonight and goes inside.

The Yoons and Jong Hee are shocked to see Mi Soo so late at night. Mi Soo replies that she had a sudden desire to see her father and brother. Chan Ki immediately is concerned. Why is Mi Soo’s face like that? Is she ill? Mi Soo forces a smile and lies saying she is fine.

We then cut to Hae Ryung grilling her husband about where he was and who he was with and what he was doing to be so tired. Kyung Soo ignores the questions and Hae Ryung stops him and asks what he was doing in wherever Mi Soo was. This horrifies Kyung Soo—is she tracing him again? Hae Ryung doesn’t feel guilty about this at all. She feels she is justified as she believes Kyung Soo is not acting in a way she can trust. Sigh. Well…ok…so he IS in love with another woman, but at least at this time, he would never act on it and he technically hasn’t done anything shameful…so…I still consider it overreacting on Hae Ryung’s part. Kyung Soo then says he told Hae Ryung to never do it again. NOW she looks guilty. She apologizes and Kyung Soo asks when it started again. Hae Ryung justifies herself but Kyung Soo is upset and says he will be staying at the office for awhile. This has Hae Ryung screaming after him that she will be tracking him down every hour. Sheesh.

While Moon Do and Chan Ki wonder just what has happened with Mi Soo, she is confessing to Jong Hee that she nearly committed suicide. Jong Hee is livid, but Mi Soo assures her she will never do it again as she doesn’t want to hurt Hae Ram by being so weak. She’s a bad mother, isn’t she? Jong Hee assures her she isn’t and then again tells Mi Soo that she and the Yoon men will miss Mi Soo and hurt if she is gone so she can never do such a thing again. Jong Hee then goes to sleep and Mi Soo recalls Kyung Soo’s words about letting go of Hae Ram only when she is ready.

At breakfast the next morning, the Yoons and Jong Hee are not happy to hear that Mi So will be returning back to the Lee house. They urge her to say since the Lees didn’t miss her at all, but Mi So won’t listen. She assures them all that she is fine and strong and they don’t need to worry. Moon Do and Chan Ki then talk about how scared they were last night when they saw her zombie-like expression. Jong Hee shuts them up and tells Mi So to not forget what they have said.

Myung Ja is livid to find Mi So returning yet again. What a persistent and shameless person. Mi So says nothing to this and asks after her husband. He’s already gone to work since early that morning. Myung Ja asks why Mi So is insisting on staying when no one on the family wants her there. Mi So then says she will make Myung Ja juice since her mother-in-law isn’t eating. Myung Ja has just about reached her limit. Who will win this battle?

So…Myung Ja’s decision? She hands Min Jae the application for divorce and says the attorney will be there that afternoon. Na Young then ends up overhearing the huge argument between Myung Ja and Min Jae about the divorce. Even though Min Jae doesn’t like his wife much at the moment, he doesn’t want to divorce Mi So right now as they are both trying. Min Jae tells his mother to stay out of his business, but she refuses. He crumples and throws the application and storms out of the office bumping into Na Young before walking away. She smiles and says in no time he will return to her.

Mi So is at home going through the photo album of Hae Ram’s and she recalls Kyung Soo’s, Jong Hee’s, and her father’s words. She takes up Hae Ram’s shoe and dirty puppy that they found at the river. She cries as she places them in a box. Looks like Mi So is forcing herself to move on for those that love her. Notice how Min Jae wasn’t in there?

Min Jae is in his office trying to concentrate on work, but his mother’s words play over like a broken record. He throws down the papers and then gets a call from his wife. He answers the phone snippily. Mi So asks him to accompany her to the last place where Hae Ram was seen. Min Jae isn’t happy with this. Mi So won’t explain exactly why she wishes to go, but she does assert it will be the last time. Min Jae refuses her request. He’ll regret that decision—you can count on it.

Na Young also replays Myung Ja’s words and smiles. She also is happy as she recalls Min Jae drunkenly stating he is beginning to hate his wife. However, it’s not over yet. Na Young needs the final straw to completely destroy Min Jae’s love. What will it be? She flashes back to seeing Kyung Soo with Mi So and grins. Truthfully, Min Jae has no reason to be angry if another man entered his wife’s life since 1) he’s been treating her pretty shabbily of late and 2) he’s already cheated. But of course, double standards abound. Well…I don’t agree with cheating just because you were cheated on as two wrongs don’t make a right. But, yeah. He lost the right to complain when he slept with Na Young.

Mi So is getting ready to head out when Na Young stops by. The evil witch lies and says she is there because she was in the neighborhood and worrying about Mi So. The woman doesn’t care and says she can’t talk long as she has to be somewhere. Na Young looks at her clothes and asks if she is going to visit Hae Ram’s grave or the river. Mi So refuses to tell her. Na Young then says she will leave after putting bone soup away. Mi So then gets a call from Kyung Soo which Na Young eavesdrops on. Kyung Soo is horrified to learn Mi So will be going to visit the river alone as he recalls her trying to kill herself. He tells her to wait for him and he will come pick her up. Na Young then happily says goodbye and leaves.

Mi So waits outside for Kyung Soo. When he arrives, Mi So again assures him she is fine alone as he must be busy. Kyung Soo asserts he has the time and ushers her hastily into the car. He’s taking no chances so she won’t try to kill herself again. Na Young watches all of this before heading to the office. She urges Min Jae to go with Mi So to visit Hae Ram and then throws his words back at him. He said that the only one who he can share his agony with is Mi So…but is the same true of her? Who is she sharing her agony with at the river? Min Jae asks what she means.

We then cut to Mi So saying goodbye to her beloved daughter. She hopes that Hae Ram will be her daughter in their next lives. Next time, she will never let go of Hae Ram’s hand. Mi So apologizes and says goodbye, tears running down her cheeks while Kyung Soo watches on. He finally crouches by her side and cups her cheek, wiping away her tears. Mi So turns to look at him and that’s where we end things.

Liking the development with Kyung Soo. How great is it that Min Jae and Myung Ja tried to force Hae Ram being gone down Mi So’s throat, but it is Kyung Soo who can finally get her to accept that her daughter is gone and try to buck up and move on. It’s just proof that they are meant to be. 😛

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