Crazy Love Episode 24 Recap

The monk finishes burning Hae Ram’s pictures while Min Jae holds Mi Soo back. Jang then tells Myung Ja to follow him into the temple. Once the two leave, Mi Soo goes over to the fire and holds onto Hae Ram’s sweater while Min Jae pleads with her to let their daughter be at peace. Meanwhile, Na Young watches on with a sense of vindication. Now Mi Soo knows what its like to be torn apart like she was. Again, horribly misguided rage and revenge.

Myung Ja gets home and rages over the gall of Mi Soo who threw a fuss after getting Hae Ram killed. She then goes out and bawls Zombie Mi Soo out for making a fuss as her daughter was leaving. Min Jae tells her to stop since Mi Soo is not herself and Myung Ja does. She screams that Mi Soo will be leaving the house, Hae Ram’s room will be cleared out and all photos with Hae Ram and Mi Soo will be taken down. This is a house not a graveyard. OMG. I can’t say that I have experienced any devastating losses as of yet in my life, so I don’t know how I would react…but to completely wipe out all traces of your only grandchild after she has passed away…seems unhealthy and wrong.

Min Jae leads the lifeless Mi Soo to their room where he tells her not to be bothered by his mother as she is hurting, too. Her pain does NOT trump everyone elses. Min Jae leaves her to rest and Mi Soo flashes back over several memories with her daughter and cries. Nothing new.

We cut to Na Young telling Baek about the funeral. He is shocked by how coldblooded the rich Lee family is to do something so quickly without a body (I’m sure he isn’t the only one thinking that). Na Young the talks about Mi Soo’s misery and how she will never forget this pain for the rest of her life. Baek recalls all the times he tormented Mi Soo and says that if he had known the woman’s fate, he would have left her alone. Awww. Goes to show just how much of a better man he is (despite being Oh’s goon for hire). This shocks Na Young. How can he feel sorry for her? Baek says he regrets nothing as it was his job, he just feels badly because of the little girl.

Right. Na Young digs the guilt in deeper by talking about all the horrible things he did to Mi Soo. She then changes topics to Eun Joo and how he would react when he meets her again. This annoys him and he tells her to leave. Na Young reprimands him for always doing this. Dude. WHY keep going back? Twisted psycho masochist. Of course, she pushes everything off on Baek for being the bad one. She’s horrible for hanging around knowing he doesn’t want her. This makes her insult him, insult Eun Joo, and all that jazz. She does make a pretty good point as to why Baek probably isn’t looking for his beloved Eun Joo and she’s more than likely right. While Baek plays it strong that he doesn’t live a regretful life, would he really like Eun Joo to see him as he is now?

Min Jae talks down to Mi Soo as if she’s a child that has done wrong. She is told to sit and take all Myung Ja dishes out as his mother is having a hard time. Eyeroll. He then urges Mi Soo to go back to the Yoon house until things cool down. Mi Soo refuses. She has to tend to Hae Ram’s rooms in preparation for Hae Ram’s return. Plus, what if she goes home only to have the police call after finding Hae Ram? Min Jae yells at her that its time to move on (no, it’s too soon dimwit). He then yells that he’s sick to death of this situation and it’s all her fault. Mi Soo yells back that she won’t give up on her daughter like he has. Enter Myung Ja to yell at the shameless Mi Soo. Yada, yada, yada.

Once Min Jae and his mother leave, Mi Soo gets a call from her father. She answers it crying. Moon Do asks after the funeral service—did Mi Soo send her daughter off in peace? Mi Soo cries and says that no matter what anyone thinks, she cannot let her daughter go. Plus, people find their children 10-20 years later, so she won’t give up. Yoon tells her that is fine and then urges her to come home to get away from Myung Ja. Mi Soo refuses as she can’t leave in case Hae Ram returns. She then asks after her father’s and brother’s healths. Yoon assures her they are both fine and ends the conversation. Jong Hee vows to go over to the Lee house to check on Mi Soo and bring her away from the evil house if she isn’t doing well. She’s a good friend.

I LOVE the next scene just because Jong Hee doesn’t take Myung Ja’s crap. It was priceless to see someone returning Myung Ja shot for shot. The woman deserved it. Why can’t Mi Soo stand up for herself like that? So after Jong Hee calls out Myung Ja for being an evil mother-in-law, Jong Hee urges Mi Soo to leave with her. Mi Soo insists that she can’t. Jong Hee understands this and tells Mi Soo to do as her heart commands. She then hands over the porridge she bought for her. Mi Soo is reluctant, but Jong Hee won’t leave until Mi Soo eats as she must keep up her strength to stay strong for Hae Ram and survive her evil mother-in-law. Mi Soo gives a small smile and then does eat.

Yoo Jung gets good news about the French chef and calls up her husband for money. This puts him in a good mood since his wife’s business problems are clearing. He then hands Kyung Soo an expensive necklace to give to Hae Ram at a romantic dinner to cheer her up. He scolds Kyung Soo for not knowing how to woo a woman. He then tells his son-in-law that he boils up fast and cools down just as fast, so don’t take the earlier harsh words to heart. Oh then gets good news from Baek who handled the Chung matter. Kyung Soot hen gets up and leaves and Oh tells Baek to report straight to Kyung Soo.

Baek hands Kyung Soo the contract. The lawyer asks why Baek must handle thinks this way. Because he didn’t have anyone to give him any support and send him to school, so Baek only knows how to use his fists. Baek then says that out of the two of them, he’s the better man as he is honest and upfront with what he does. He doesn’t coddle people like Kyung Soo only to turn around and stab them in the back nice and legally. This really cuts Kyung Soo to the quick. But…it is true.

Mi Soo is walking home after being told to stop coming to the police station everyday. When she arrives home she finds Myung Ja packing up all of Hae Ram’s stuff. Mi Soo is horrified, but Myung Ja doesn’t care and tells the workers to keep packing up Hae Ram’s things. Mi Soo then puts in a call to her husband who is busy in a meeting with Na Young. Min Jae sighs and answers the phone. Mi Soo complains about Myung Ja throwing Hae Ram’s things away and begs her husband to go home and stop his mother. Min Jae refuses as you can’t talk sense to his mother. Plus, Hae Ram is dead and never coming back so she doesn’t need her things. This upsets Mi Soo—how can he say that? Min Jae yells at her to do what she wants and hangs up. Na Young encourages him and says he’s doing the right thing as is his mother as this way they can move on from his misery.

Back at the Lee house, Myung Ja throws the interfering Mi Soo out into the streets. Mi Soo asks why Myung Ja is doing things against her will since Hae Ram is Mi Soo’s daughter. Myung Ja curses Mi Soo for her being bad luck to their family and tells Mi Soo to go and die with her daughter. Ye gads. The truck with Hae Ram’s things then drives away and Mi Soo picks up a doll and silently follows after it.

Kyung Soo is at the office recalling what Hae Ryung said about Myung Ja rushing things on Mi Soo. He pulls out his phone to call her, but hestiates. Meanwhile, we see the lifeless Mi Soo heading into a forest. Don’t tell me she’s actually going to try killing herself? She goes farther and farther into the woods to the top of a mountain recalling all the bad things that happened. Mi Soo drops the doll and picks it up. When she stands again, she looks around in wonder.

Kyung Soo finally calls Mi Soo who is at first silent. She asks if he knows where she is. She ahs no idea where she is at all or why she is there. Kyung Soo asks what she sees, but she sees nothing. He tells her to come to her senses and look harder. She sees a sign and tells him about it. Kyung Soo knows the area and keeps talking to her, but Mi Soo puts down the phone. When he gets no response, Kyung Soo freaks out. He rushes out of his office to find her.

He gets to the general area and walks around calling her name. He comes to see her crouched by a light pole. He grabs her into a hug and tells her how worried he was and how glad he is that he found her. He takes her to his car and asks if she is okay. No answer. What was she doing there without a car? Mi Soo has no idea and what does it matter since he was able to find her. If Kyung Soo can find the lost Mi Soo, then why can’t she find her daughter? Mi Soo then says that she believes Hae Ram went so far away that Mi Soo can’t get to her. Mi Soo then asks for a cup of coffee and Kyung Soo immediately rushes out to do her bidding. Mi Soo apologizes to his retreating back and says he shouldn’t have come to get her. She then strokes Hae Ram’s doll and hears her daughter crying.

Mi Soo gets out of the car and starts walking again. This time its down the middle of the road and she nearly gets nailed by a car. Is she inadvertently trying to die? Kyung Soo gets back to the car and is horrified to find Mi Soo gone. He puts the coffee away and goes running off in search of her. Mi Soo is at a tunnel. She stands in the path of truck clutching her daughter’s teddy bear and that’s where this episode ends.

Seriously? Please don’t get others involved in your suicide attempt. If you’re going down, go alone. Why make someone else’s family suffer? Just saying. Does anyone else find it ironic that the last time we saw Hae Ram there was a white truck barreling at her, too?

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