Last Cinderella Episode 6 Recap

We open after a brief recap of last week’s episode, to Sakura sleeping like usual. She is woken up by the constant ringing of her doorbell. She groggily gets up and opens it to Tachibana urgently requesting her help. With what? He’s been offered and omiai (arranged date with the thought of getting married). Sakura tells him it’s her day to rest and goes to close the door on him, but he tempts her with the picture of the girl until Sakura tries to squish herself  through her chained door to snatch the photo away. Tachibana, of course, backs off and tells her to “open the door” in English of all things.

Once inside, Sakura encourages Tachibana to go through with it as the girl is attractive. Tachibana, however, thinks the girl is not to his taste. How can he know without meeting her? Maybe he’ll end up liking her. Tachibana doesn’t think this is possible, though. Sakura then notices her toe nails are long and starts looking around for nail clippers. Does she know where ANYTHING in her house is? How bad is it that in the last episode Rie knew where stuff in Sakura’s kitchen was when the actual apartment owner didn’t? LOL at Sakura shoving her tushy in Tachibana’s face.

He scolds her for not offering him coffee and he gets up to make some. Sakura finds her clippers and situates herself on her couch to cut her nails and asks if Tachibana is gay. He drops the kettle in shock. He’s a ladies man he assures her. That is true, but it’s weird that he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Got to love how Sakura says he isn’t popular because he’s a pervert. Then she quizzes him on why he doesn’t go out and what about his sex life? Tachibana says he isn’t interested in marriage or dating at the moment and his sex life is none of her business. LOL.

He then cuts to the point. He told his mother that he wouldn’t except the omiai because he already has a girlfriend. HE DOES? Of course not! That was a lie as he was cornered. Tachibana then begs Sakura to pretend to be his girlfriend as he promised to introduce his mother to her. Sakura immediately refuses as she’s a bad liar plus…she flashes back to the upset Hirota who demanded she stop talking about how close she and Tachibana are. Nope. It’s just impossible. She goes into her room and shuts the sliding door (which only closes over one half so it’s rather pointless. Tachibana tells his Kin that he has never once refused any of her favors (true) and he even let her consult about Hiroto and her pregnancy test (true again). Sakura and Tachibana then go back and forth on all they have done for one another. Tachibana then cuts this arguing off and begs her once more since she is the only one he can really ask such a stupid favor of. His pleading face manages to break Sakura down.

With that matter settled, Tachibana asks after her coffee beans. She doesn’t have any so he can go buy some. In that case he’ll go home and make coffee. Sakura then invites herself over which Tachibana refuses, but it’s not like Sakura will listen, ne? He then takes a look at her outfit and is horrified. She’s walking outside in THAT? Sakura looks at her sweats she wore to bed. What does it matter when his place is just next door? Tachibana then complains she has let herself go too far as a woman. She should at least wash her face. It’s her day off, she doesn’t have to. Got to love how they bicker all the way into Tachibana’s apartment.

On days off, don’t wash your face, but don’t go out, either (^_^;)

Hiroto urgently bikes over to Yoko’s where she is sitting on her floor in her PJs watching her Tachibana slideshow in the dark. He asks her what happened and she replies she got dumped. Maybe she is just born under a star where she can’t be close to anyone. Hiroto lies on her bed as well and asks her what she likes about Tachibana. Everything. She then explains she met Tachibana back when she was in middle school. She had been the only one who had a growth spurt so the boys teased her and the girls stayed away from her. Then she met Tachibana who told corny jokes to make her laugh. Tachibana also told her that she was cutest when she smiled. Hiroto scoffs at this and calls Tachibana a conceited guy.  Choko then says that is far better than Hiroto’s “Love ‘em and Leave ‘em.” The boy takes offense at that and this makes Choko laugh. The two then have a very “sibling” moment where they tease and tickle one another. Their relationship…is very hard to figure out at times.

In order for Miki to escape her overbearing mother-in-law, she looks for a part-time job (which angers her mother-in-law since women she be in the house until their children are out of it). Let’s face it in this day and age, no matter what country you live in, it’s hard to make ends meet on a man’s income alone. However, her excitement at looking for a job is tempered by the contempt she meets at being a housewife for 13 years with no experience or qualifications. Ouch. Harsh, but a fact of life for many women trying to re-enter (or just plain enter) the workforce after taking time off to rear children.

Tachibana brings Sakura a pretty black dress to wear on their date since his mother owns a boutique and will definitely critique Sakura’s fashion. Tachibana also knows that if he leaves things up to Sakura she’d come dressed in the job hunting clothes like she did for the goukon. Tachibana then looks rather pleased with himself as he hands over a shoebox. Sakura is happy to get these insanely tall-heeled pumps. Won’t lie, I CANNOT wear heels. Anything over an inch is pushing it and if it is, they must be strong, sturdy, boot heels—not the fragile and slim high heels. Plus…weak ankles, bad knees, back problems…yeah…heels don’t agree with me. Anywho, Sakura is over the moon about the shoes! She has always wanted slippers like Cinderella’s. Tachibana chides her over her fairytale obsession, but you know he’s happy that he’s made Sakura’s day. He then hands her a DVD (had to laugh when Sakura asked if it was a porn video) on table manners as his parents like to eat Western food. Sakura isn’t happy with all of this, but Tachibana bribes her by saying she can keep the dress and shoes. This quickly makes her agree. Sakura stares at the heels and then wonders if she can walk in them or not. She’ll practice. One step and she nearly falls over. This will be fun.

Miki has no luck with any of her interviews and is fast losing hope. Kohei is not supportive at all. He calls her naïve as no company in their right mind will hire someone who has been a housewife for the past 13 years. He asks for more food and keeps calling her a naïve person (who is a great cook). This angers Miki and she gives him a heaping bowl of rice before heading upstairs. Lame. We then cut to Sakura who is sleeping through the table manners DVD. Don’t blame her as it would be boring to watch.

Those who are bad at staying up late have that old-age feel to them.

Shima is at the salon where Sakura is doing her hair and asking her about where their next girl’s meeting should be. Tough question. Shima wants to try rock climbing, but Sakura doesn’t want anything strenuous. They then get a text from the depressed Miki. Whatever happens, they should choose something to cheer the woman up. Shima’s idea? A host club!!!! This shocks both Miki and Sakura when they arrive. Miki and Sakura are so uncomfortable around the hosts and out of their element that it’s hilarious. WHY did Shima think this was a good idea?

Kohei is at Ken’s bar when Tachibana and Kashiwagi enter for their man date. LOL. There needs always be a male counterpart to our female. Kohei says he came out because his wife went out for her Girls’ Meeting. The men then poke fun of older women doing this. Kashiwagi then describes all the things that Sakura and her gang do in their meetings as a generalization. He then mentions going to a host club and this horrifies Kohei. Is this why his wife wishes to have a part-time job? Tachibana then wonders what the world is coming to and all the men in the bar sigh.

Shima then orders champagne and a huge scene is caused which makes Miki and Sakura even more uncomfortable. What surprises Sakura is that they ordered a bottle of champagne, but each girl only gets one glass as the hosts drink all the rest. How is that fair? A young host then propositions Shima when she leaves the bathroom and she recalls Kohei’s words about not doing it unless you love someone and she…quickly agrees to the hookup. Meanwhile, Yamada Yusuke has a cameo as a host!!!!! Woohoo. LOVE him. He’s a great actor. He is able to get Miki to calm down and relax a little, but his psychology quiz cuts the woman to the quick with its accuracy. Miki then starts crying and Sakura and Shima get mad at the young host and storm out after Miki. Masaomi then finds her application she left behind. He feels bad.

At Ken’s place, Hiroto comes in and he and Tachibana give each other cautious greetings. Once Hiroto sits down, Tachibana asks about his name. Why doesn’t he go by Ogami? Because he lived with his mother’s family (the Saekis) after the divorce and thus went by that last name instead. Later he was sent back to his father, but kept the name Saeki so it wouldn’t be so confusing to others and his friends. Tachibana apologizes for asking something so strange and then asks permission to ask one more strange thing—what is Hiroto’s relationship to Ogami Chiyoko? He calls her is younger sister-in-law? Not a stepsister but a sister-in-law? That implies…he had a brother…right? Or did I mishear?

Tachibana then asks if Sakura knows this. Why is it important if she does or doesn’t know? Tachibana replies that while Choko is his important customer, she is also one that Sakura cares for as well. The older woman would be shocked to find out that Hiroto and Choko are siblings. Plus…if Sakura learns that Hiroto is hiding this, then she must start to wonder why he’s keeping such a secret. Hiroto again doesn’t see the problem with telling or not telling Sakura about Choko. He lies and says that he didn’t know that Choko even went to that salon. He does promise to tell Sakura about it.

As soon as Miki gets home she is scolded by her mother-in-law and finds her husbands taking up their entire bed in his sleep. Perfect end to a rotten day. Sakura then meets Hiroto who asks how the host club went. This shocks both Tachibana and Ken. Sakura explains they went to cheer Miki up, but it had the opposite effect. Hiroto is happy to hear that Sakura, likewise, did not like the club. Tachibana turns a bit green when Sakura starts her mooning teenager acting and tells Hiroto she doesn’t need a host club when she has him. The two then move to their own table where Hiroto asks if he can come over. Tachibana looks very unhappy and gets up to leave. So does he really like Sakura? He’s a tough read at times. Sometimes I think he likes her as more than a friend and sometimes not.

At the hotel, Shim actually stops in the middle!!! Shocking. Looks like Kohei’s words really did have an effect on her. She then goes out to drink. Meanwhile, Hiroto and Sakura both bathe and look extremely tense. While they are in bed, Sakura starts complaining it hurts. But Hiroto hasn’t done anything yet. She then keeps saying she’s in pain and then finally yells out that her tooth hurts. So…random and weird. We then cut to her at a dentist getting her took worked on. Weird. Just weird. Of all things to interrupt “that” – a toothache?

Above all, you should consider your health to be paramount.

Hiroto goes home to find the rest of the Ogamis having breakfast. His stepmother asks him to join them which seems to surprise him, but he agrees. He sits down next to Choko who seems to be silently questioning him about what happened, but can’t say much in front of daddy. Choko then tells Mr. Ogami about Hiroto’s win. Of course, this doesn’t please Ogami. He wants his adult son to start seriously considering the future…which really translates coming to work in daddy’s company. Hiroto does surprise Choko and his father by seriously asking for more time to consider it. Wow.

Sakura stares at herself in the mirror. It can’t be helped. She then puts on makeup and gets dressed. She heads out and we don’t get to see her final appearance until she arrives to meet Tachibana and his mother. Tachibana is stunned by her pretty appearance which earns his mother’s stamp of approval. Sakura introduces herself and Mrs. Tachibana immediately connects it with the Kin-san of the Sakura tattoo. Wow. Mrs. Tachibana goes from one subject to another without allowing anyone else to get a word in edgewise. After complimenting Sakura’s style she asks if the should leave for the restaurant and just heads off. Tachibana then tells Sakura that’s why he started calling her Kin. LOL. Like mother, like son.

The three then arrive at a traditional Japanese style restaurant. This surprises both Tachibana and Sakura. Mrs. Tachibana notices a run in Sakura’s stockings. When Sakura goes to cuss about this, Tachibana clears his throat and Sakura stops herself in time. Mrs. Tachibana then hands over spare set and Sakura goes off to change. Once she’s done, the three sit down to dinner where Sakura dribbles her beer everywhere. Mrs. Tachibana notices this and Tachibana scolds her. Sakura apologizes as it seems the anesthesia hasn’t worn off from the dentist yet. She does assure that despite this, she can eat. Of course, as soon as she starts to eat, she dribbles soy sauce on her. LOL. Got to love Tachibana treating her like a child and taking napkins and wiping it off for her.

Mrs. Tachibana really seems to get a kick out of Sakura who keeps letting her etiquette slip. We then get Mrs. Tachibana asking if Sakura will remain a hairdresser after marriage. Hearing the “M” word shocks both of them. Marriage? It’s a little too soon to be talking about such things. Mrs. Tachibana says it is very important as she wishes for Tachibana to come and work at the family company…which is what? Anywho, Sakura’s bowl goes rolling and Sakura chases after it followed by the scolding Tachibana. This time, Mrs. Tachibana can’t suppress her laughter and she lets out a giggle. Once the meal is over, she then says it’s time for karaoke. Wow.

Sakura goes to stand up and nearly falls over. Tachibana catches her and his mother bursts out laughing. It’s been a long time since she’s laughed that hard. Sakura is the best—she really likes her. She then reveals she used to be just as klutzy as Sakura. She then tells the younger woman as it takes time, but she will slowly move forward step by step. Sakura then gets Mrs. Tachibana’s stamp of approval. She doesn’t care if they don’t get married right away, but she would like to see grandchildren soon. She then gets up ready to go karaoke leaving Sakura and Tachibana shocked. Sakura then tells him to hurry and get married since he has such a great mom. LOL.

Choko and Hiroto are out together. She asks him if he will seriously join the company. Hiroto is reluctant because he doesn’t like the idea of being tied down to that kind of job. She then asks if he’s serious about Sakura. Silence. Since when has he liked mature women? Or will he fall for anyone who resembles his deceased mother. Yowza! O_o What a question. Instead of answering any of these things, Hiroto begs Choko not to let it slip that she paid him to get close to Sakura. Wrong thing to say to Crazy Choko. She goes ballistic. What is so good about that woman that all men fall for her? Not ALL men. She rushes out, breaking a glass.

She runs smack into Mrs. Tachibana. Choko is NOT happy to see Tachibana with Sakura as she is hanging onto Tachibana since her legs still aren’t moving properly. Choko rushes off and Tachibana catches sight of Hiroto who also looks very unhappy. Sakura doesn’t notice her boyfriend, though and Tachibana nudges her to follow his mother.

The three are doing karaoke and Sakura worries that Choko misunderstood. Tachibana assures her that the young woman didn’t. Riiight. Tachibana then promises to deal with the misunderstanding. This relieves Sakura who then focuses back on Mrs. Tachibana’s singing. Sakura then confesses everything to Mrs. Tachibana, horrifying Tachibana. Mrs. Tachibana laughs. She’s liking Sakura more and more. She already knew they weren’t really dating since Sakura is the opposite of Tachibana’s ideal, demure woman. She then tells her son to hurry and get a girlfriend and get married. Sakura urges him to do the same thing. Tachbana calls her every traitors’ name he can think of. LOL. Now that the air is cleared, Sakura belts out her song with gusto.

Miki is back out dispiritedly job hunting. She is also being stalked by the host who made her cry. She ignores him and walks away when he approaches her. He then tells her he is Masanori from the host club and pulls his bangs back. Miki recognizes him this time. Is she out shopping? No, just some minor business. He asks her to tea which Miki refuses. The young man then begs her for only 10 minutes of her time so she agrees to a little drink. The two go to a café where Miki opens up to Masanori about her problems. When Miki complains she’s gotten old and useless and became an incompetent housewife, she notices Masanori’s stare. Did she drone on for too long? Nope. It’s just that Miki’s beautiful. If companies hired Miki, the other girls would get jealous. Miki smiles and thanks him for his comforting words. Masanori then asks her to come work for him as he does stocks when he isn’t working at the club. This shocks Miki. But she doesn’t know a thing about stocks or computers. Masanori promises to teach her and then grabs her hand. He wishes to protect her and offers her $20 an hour. Something smells fishy there.

Hiroto and Tachibana cross paths and Tachibana asks why Hiroto hid instead of coming out that day. Hiroto counters with that all of this mess would be taken care of if only Tachibana would date Choko. What does Chiyoko have to do with this? Hiroto explains that the younger girl is jealous of Sakura. In particular, Tachibana’s close relationship with Sakura. Hiroto then reveals he’s also gotten fired up over Sakura’s and Tachibana’s relationship. Tachibana is shocked. Hiroto talks over Tachibana and explains how hurt his sister was when Tachibana rejected her. At this rate, Hiroto doesn’t know what she will do. Tachibana grabs Hiroto’s collar and tells the younger man that Sakura absolutely cannot know about this. Hiroto must keep it a secret at all costs. He then begs Hiroto to break up with Sakura like an ordinary lover would before Sakura finds out.

Hiroto breaks free from Tachibana’s grasp and says he doesn’t remember having to take orders from Tachibana. Plus…just what is Sakura to Tachibana? Tachibana pauses for a minute and then says they are just co-workers. He’s awfully caring of a co-worker, isn’t he? Hiroto then says that if Tachibana wishes to protect Sakura then the older man needs to take care of Choko. Hiroto then walks away leaving Tachibana reeling.

We then cut to Sakura carefully putting her Cinderella shoes away when the doorbell rings. It is Hiroto. The two begin play Othello. The atmosphere is awkward and tense. Sakura makes a move and goes to talk as Hiroto opens up his mouth. Sakura then reveals she pretended to be Tachibana’s girlfriend to keep his mother from pressuring him into an omiai. Poor Hiroto’s expression here…I just don’t know what to call it. It’s like hurt puppy dog eyes. Sakura then apologizes as she knows it sounds like nothing but excuses. Hiroto then says it’s okay as he needs to apologize to her as well. Can he man up and confess the truth? Hiroto says that he’s been lying to her the entire time. Sakura looks surprised and hurt. And that’s where this episode ends.

The next episode makes things look like they are getting more complicated. Did Tachibana confess that he likes Sakura? And what is with the “accidental” kiss? And is Masanori really helping out our unfortunate housewife or does he have more evil thoughts in mind? I mean, he did look genuinely concerned at the club…but at the same time…stocks? Makes things seem rather fishy. Yep, yeo. I hope not as she has enough problems with Kohei’s obsession over Shima.

I do have some things to say about this episode in particularly the parts where Hiroto was talking with Tachibana.

  1. Hiroto can’t blame Tachibana for being a problem in his relationship with Sakura solely based on the whole Choko situation as its thanks to Choko that he even met Sakura which led him to fall for her even though he was just there to keep her away from Tachibana.
  2. Hiroto has no right to tell Tachibana to get together with Choko as just because Choko is crazy and obsessed with him doesn’t mean he’s obligated to to date the girl. Problems arise when men date crazy women. Too many dramas to name.
  3. Choko has no right to be angry if Hiroto has fallen for Sakura since she was the one who paid him to go after the older woman.
  4. Tachibana’s reaction at the end definitely proves just how much he likes and cares for Sakura. So…again, I’m going back to what he told Choko about his love being out of reach. Is it really a dead ex or does he feel Sakura is unobtainable for some reason (excluding Hiroto)?


  • I can’t wear heels either. I just stumble around in them, haha. O_O That is part of why I thought Sakura was so funny when she was trying them on.

    I really like the points you made about the confrontation scene. Hiroto can’t blame Choko, she was the one that brought him & Sakura together in the first place! How ironic, eh? I think Hiroto knows this but he wants to get rid of Rintaro’s competition. Also he wants Choko to be happy so it’s like he’s hitting 2 birds with one stone. But really, as a fellow man Hiroto shouldn’t throw Rintaro together with Choko especially when he knows about her stalker-ways. And I REALLY REALLY hope that Rintaro will not get together with Choko to ‘save’ Sakura & Hiroto’s relationship. Just no. I hope the drama doesn’t even go there.

    Anyways I also think that Rintaro’s reaction to Hiroto’s big reveal was very telling. He could say he is concerned as just a friend but..he is super protective over her. Not just in a friendly way. For the scene about the unreachable lover, I kinda connected it to the ex-girlfriend that Rintaro told Sakura about in episode 4. But then again, I’m not 100% sure. We need flashbacks!!!

    • Everyone already knows Tachibana likes Sakura…except for Tachibana himself and Sakura. Fairly typical.

      I know, Hiroto is looking out for himself and Sakura, but I will gripe about him foisting the crazy lady off on Tachibana. Shouldn’t he know that such a relationship would never work out anyways and will only cause crazy Choko more pain than she already is in? And JUST why is this girl so flipping nuts? Can we finally get an explanation?

      I think the other girl is someone else, but sometimes I wonder still if it was Sakura…but since he doesn’t know his own feelings, it probably isn’t. A flashback or story at last would be nice.

  • I don’t get Tachibana, because they threw in that comment about the girl that he loved (not necessarily an ex though) but haven’t given us anything since then. They have to explain that comment!

    What I find interesting is that when Tachibana was asked what exactly Sakura was to him, he didn’t even think to say “friend”, which is clearly what they are. But I don’t think he even realises that they’re friends. This episode clearly showed that he has deeper feelings for her now though, even if he didn’t before.

    I thought it was really sweet of Sakura to actually practice table manners and walking in high heels. It was entirely for Tachibana’s benefit, Sakura herself has no problem embarrassing herself, lol. They were very cute together when they were with his Mum. I don’t know how she managed to constantly have something going wrong though, seriously Sakura!

    And oh, the host club. So awkward! I was cringing watching that. The whole idea of Host clubs in general just creeps me out. But wasn’t that Yamamoto Yusuke? I’m happy to see him, and the fact that he’s playing a Host just makes me laugh. And considering what Kohei almost did to Miki, I don’t have a problem with Miki having someone that might make her feel good about herself for a while.

    I was surprised that Hiroto actually admitted to Tachibana what he was doing. I agree with Heisui above though, I really don’t want them to have Tachibana going out with Chioko to save Sakura’s feelings or something. That’ll be horrible to watch.

    And Chioko and Hiroto are so freaking confusing. I saw that the subtitle said “sister in law” but i decided that was wrong and just figured it should have said “stepsister”, lol. That would mean that Hiroto had a brother that died. But surely Chioko is too young to be a widow. And they are close, we can see that they’re close, especially with the tickling and playing around. So they must have grown up together, surely. To have that playfulness? But then, Chioko is so weird, that I just have no idea. Are they going to end up as a couple at the end?

    • I was surprised also when Tachibana hesitates a little only to spit out he sees Sakura as a coworker only. Totally a load of BS. It is also shocking that Hiroto was so upfront and honest with his “rival.” But, kudos for him. He’s a man who stupidly urges another man to go out with a crazy lady. Sure, it gets rid of his rival and saves his lady love…but still…

      I don’t care about Miki spending time with Yamamato’s character. While he did seem genuinely concerned about her, a red flag went up when he talks about getting her involved with stocks. It just doesn’t bode well. Fingers crossed he isn’t screwing her over.

      Sakura was suffering from Murphy’s Law at that dinner. Given her current state and her regressing when with Hiroto, I don’t see her becoming more mature anytime soon. She would have to grow up a little bit more.

  • So the storyline is quite clear. Rintaro and Sakura end up together due to the siblings who need to stay out of grown people’s affairs. Uh huh! Why waste Haruma for such a plot if he was not to be with her. I’m so annoyed. The story is not flowing because now they’ve decided to bring Rintaro up to bat with the lousy mistaken kiss scene in the upcoming episode. Seriously? No need to drag this on any longer. Because it makes no sense saying a person is out of your reach if it is indeed Sakura. She’s right there twenty-four seven working right next to you. Hello?

    Things I don’t get with this drama;

    Rintaro’s continuous plaid shirt ensemble.

    Why would the writers think that a toothache of all things would be an acceptable diversion for viewers when she and Hiroto were being intimate? (Finally) Clearly this ten year old virgin must stay clean and ziplocked fresh in order for her to be with Rintaro. Smt

    Now enters the ‘I love Sakura’ Rintaro spin and they will take necessary steps to show a mistaken kiss which will lead to awkwardness then love? I’ve seen this senario too many times to count.

    Rintaro’s mother stating that in time she will be more refined? If you say so Ms., Sakura’s not a growing kid but a mature older woman who is set in her ways.

    Is Ken from Sobar gay?

    Finally, if Rintaro is her prince, who the hell is he really? Apart from knowing her for years, being her arch enemy turned bestfriend and being overbearing and/or indifferent towards her. All I’ve gotten from him so far is that he’s a chauvinistic prick with a soft spot. Every woman’s dream guy it seems. He bought her shoes that don’t fit and clothes to impress his mother.

    The plot for me would’ve been better if girl changed guy gone wrong life for the better. Not two immature hairstylists that need to get their act together.

    • second this.
      I don’t really like Miura Haruma, but this time I like when Hiroto is the most interesting char… Or I have a thing for bad buys and I didn’t know about it. I think he deserves to fall in love and.. to be left in front of the altar… oh well I would say thanks even if he falls for Sakura and she leaves him.
      IF Chiyoko is his sister-in-law that would make her a widow(kinda too young to be one). And she still lives with her mother in low – not unseen in Asia or in an Asian drama (Be strong, Geun Soon is just one example), however if her wound comes from the time her supposed husband died then it explains the guilt Hiroto feels.This is kinda too extreme and makjang even for Korean dramas. As much he doesn’t care about the women in general,,, he cares about Chiyoko.

      I would have the same reaction as Chiyoko if I would find out that even my best male friend falls for a girl I don’t really like. Sorry in all that crazyness Chiyoko has, her reactions was just a little jealousy

      • I get that it is just jealousy, but I just have to say she brought that bought on herself since she was the one who sent Hiroto after Sakura, thus Crazy Chiyoko really doesn’t have a right to complain.

    • In most plots where there is a an older woman with a younger man…I think 9 out of 10 dramas or so always have the woman end up with the respectable same-age or older other male lead vs. the younger man. WHY? Is this social commentary that it is unacceptable for a woman to marry a younger man? Who knows.

      At this rate…I’m really not sure if she’ll end up with Tachibana or not. As for Fujiki’s style…it suits his character for some reason. Plaid and slightly scruffy. A big change to his more rebellious biker clothing and blonde hair in Shibatora.

      Oh yeah, that toothache scene made me shake my head and go WTF. Sure, it’s not nice to have…but in the middle of getting busy unless its a screaming pain…how could you just put a stop to it?

      In dramaland it’s always the person with the worst character (which may or may not get refined/changed) that gets the girl usually leaving behind a second male lead who was the epitome of the perfect, caring male. Go figure. Although… no such person in this case.

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