Crazy Love Episode 23 Recap

I don’t get the separation of families in these dramas. Myung Ja and Min Jae are like broken records—this situation has nothing to do with the Yoon family, but the Lee family. Um…Mi Soo is Moon Do’s daughter thus Hae Ram is his granddaughter and Chan Ki’s niece, so how can you say this is only a matter for the Lee family? Sure, in the older days women married into their husbands’ families and all that jazz, but it didn’t necessarily mean severing ties. I am also very annoyed that Myung Ja keeps saying that the Yoons have no concern of Mi Soo or Hae Ram since neither of them are blood related. BLOOD means nothing. Absolutely nothing. I have known more bad people who are blood related than art. I also have mother issues…or parent issues in general. I don’t necessarily like them as I’ve seen how they’ve screwed up their own kids’ lives. Sure, not all parents are bad. But not all parents are good. A person who adopts doesn’t necessarily love that child any less than if that child was their own flesh and blood.

End rant. I think.

I am curious as to just why Yoo Jung couldn’t search for Da Hae like Mi Soo searches for Hae Ram. Was it the money aspect? Or something else?

Mi Soo insists that Myung Ja cannot have a funeral for Hae Ram as her daughter is not dead. Mi Soo takes Hae Ram’s things and goes into her bedroom when Min Jae comes in. He’s annoyed by the situation like always. And like always he thinks neither is mom or Mi Soo is right. He wants Mi Soo to wake up and smell the roses. As much as Min Jae doesn’t want to believe it—Hae Ram must be dead. It’s about time Mi Soo accepts this. Of course, Mi Soo refuses to since she has not seen her daughter’s dead body with her own eyes. I must say that listening to Myung Ja’s insistence about just how good that monk is…annoyed me. I’m not saying he can’t give valid advice, but her dependency on him is kind of sickening.

Na Young’s mole delivers her more confidential information. More company planning and Na Young being all icky talking about how she must do all she can for poor Min Jae. Gag me. We then cut to Myung Ja getting a date for Hae Ram’s funeral which will be in just a few short days. Too soon. Much too soon. Na Young then hands over the proposal and tells Myung Ja not to worry as everything is ready as Na Young will do all she can to help Min Jae. Na Young then leaves and Myung Ja calls her a fox in her head. Yep. But this is a fox you let into your hen house—reap the consequences and please be as miserable as possible.

Min Jae comes in and his horrified to learn his mother has already set the funeral date in such a short amount of time. He’s even more horrified as his mother asserts that as soon as the funeral is over he and Mi Soo will have no relation to one another. Thus…Mi Soo is getting kicked to the curb! If Min Jae doesn’t start the divorce proceedings himself, his mother will hire a lawyer to do it for him. Um…can a family member really file for divorce on your behalf? That doesn’t sound right…or legal. Min Jae protests this, but can’t say no to his mother about being able to keep looking at Mi Soo day in and day out, let alone sleeping with her.

Mi Soo cries and holds her daughter’s doll. She can’t let her husband and mother-in-law hold a funeral for her daughter as Hae Ram is still alive. She calls up her father who is shocked to hear about a funeral. Mi Soo begs him to help her stop it. So Moon Do goes to pay Min Jae a visit as his son-in-law is getting ready for an important business meeting. Min Jae is livid that Mi Soo tattled on his family behind his back. He basically tells his father-in-law to butt out since it has nothing to do with him. HELLO!!!! Hae Ram is his precious granddaughter! The Annoyed Myung Ja goes off to find her son and immediately starts cussing Yoon and Mi Soo out. She also tells Yoon that as soon as the funeral is over, Mi Soo will be going back to his family once more. Yoon tries to plead for his daughter, but to no avail.

We then get this nice big fight between Tae San and Kyung Soo. The gist is this: Tae San thinks Kyung Soo is being too nice to the tenants he wants evicted while Kyung Soo thinks Oh’s methods are too harsh and will create more problems and legal issues. Kyung Soo washes his hands of the deal only to have his father-in-law call in Baek to rough up some of the tenants. This horrifies Kyung Soo who rushes after Baek and pleads with him not to. Baek reminds Kyung Soo that he only follows Tae San’s orders and Kyung Soo pleads once more for Baek to do nothing, allowing him a chance to work things out.

Yoo Jung arrives home and finds a crumpled poster of Hae Ram. She picks it up and she immediately begins worrying over Mi Soo. Enter Hae Ryung who went out for some fresh air after the medicine made her calm down and feel better. Yoo Jung then tells Hae Ryung about how cruel Myung Ja is as she is having a funeral already for her granddaughter. Hae Ryung cannot believe this as it is too soon. She agrees to go visit Mi Soo later to console the older woman. Of course, Hae Ryung reports all of this to her husband who is also horrified to hear such news as he recalls his conversation with Mi Soo about all that she will do once her daughter returns home.

Kyung Soo walks to the Lee house as he is wont to do more often than not. He then calls up Mi Soo and leaves her a message. He is hurting for her, he really is. She needs to stay strong and not let anyone tell her that she is wrong this way she will be ready for when Hae Ram returns to her. Does he really believe the child is alive? Because its kind of cruel of him to keep saying these things to Mi Soo if he really believes her daughter is dead. Mi Soo gets this message and it does give her some encouragement and strength.

The day of Hae Ram’s funeral arrives. Mi Soo tries to plead with her mother-in-law, but Myung Ja won’t listen. She also tells Mi Soo to pack up her things as her marriage to Min Jae is over. Myung Ja then calls up her son to hurry and come. He doesn’t want to, but Na Young urges him to as Hae Ram will wish to see her father one last time. This is enough to make him change his mind. Na Young goes with him to the ceremony. Meh. Meanwhile, Mi Soo keeps hearing her daughter crying and recalling that dream of Hae Ram saying goodbye. Mi Soo then gets up and rushes to the temple to stop the funeral.

That’s where this episode ends. I haven’t had time yet to watch 24. But oh boy. This plot that was pretty well paced at the beginning as really faltered with the kidnapping.

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