30 Day Asian Drama Challenge – Day 13

The wording makes this a misleading question taken in context with #14.

Day 13: The last Asian Drama you’ve seen?

I’m taking this to mean the last one I’ve completed. The answer?

xxxHOLiCThe live action adaptation of CLAMP’s manga series xxxHOLIC starring Anne, Sometani Shota, Shigahide Masahiro, and Miyazaki Karen. It was, overall a good drama. There is this slight dissatisfaction factor of the series hitting almost. It was almost a perfect drama, but certain aspects of the plot just fell a little flat. The acting was almost perfection…but certain actors and their characters left a bit to be desired. Sigh. Anne’s version of Yoko started weak, but ended pretty good. Miyazki Karen’s version of Himawari on the other hand…pretty much annoyed me the whole way through. She did have some good moments, but totally ruined the one awesome scene where Sometani’s character of Watanuki was being particularly awesome.

That said. The cinematography was awesome. For a half hour series of just 8 episodes, they had a relatively decent budget to not make it look as cheesy as the OHSHC live action. Of course, this is couple with a few CGI effects that do make you want to cringe because they were sub-par or unnecessary. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. And then there is the fact that the time constraints made certain suspenseful story lines fail because there just wasn’t enough time to properly build the suspense and end it correctly.

Higashide Masahiro, Sometani ShotaOh, and the bromance! Such a cute little bromance between Sometani and Shigahide! Shigahide’s Domeki was a bit flat and stonefaced throughout the series, but those little gem moments with him and Watanuki where they tease each other and his smile! I looked forward to seeing that in each episode. Definitely not enough of it.

I’d probably watch this again if I didn’t have too many other dramas to watch on my backlist. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s worth one watching at least and you don’t have to be a fan of the manga as they did make the story stand independently and changed the story arc so that it is not 100% faithful (they can’t stay faithful without introducing the Tsubasa Chronicles into the mix and that would have been WAY too much to take on).


  • huh looks interesting…I’m going to take a look around your recaps first before I make up my mind, since I’m not familiar with the manga.

  • for this one Anne is my problem, I just can’t watch her.
    Last completed dramas? Bloody Monday-yesterday and Piece-Tuesday. Tower ( a movie with Son Ye Jin) Thursday.
    Bloody Monday totally not my cup of tea, but I watched to compare Miura Haruma at 18 years old with Nakayama Yuma at the same age. And more to compare Hiroto with Narumi Hikaru. While Miura Haruma is by far the better and more experienced actor, Nakayama Yuma and Narumi are the winners for me. I even loved the ending. IN real life kids like Narumi are a pain in the *** but on screen he was win.

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