30 day Asian Drama Challenge – Day 12

More good drama music!

Day 12: Your favorite drama ending?

Again, I don’t watch endings all that much. Either they are cut off, or I just don’t really care to watch when the actual drama episode has finished. But, on occasion, I do watch them. I must say that I absolutely love Mrs. Mizushima Hiro’s ending song for Zettai Kareshi. Ayaka’s beautiful voice singing “Okaeri” along with the cute little video of our leading trio, is excellent. Again, can’t show you the actual ending video, but here is Ayaka’s official PV for the song:

We also have the ending song (notice I’m going more by music than the actual videos) from Thai drama Leh Ratree. Rough English translation of the title is “Not a Flower by the Side of the Road” and it is sung by Punnita Sedtabood. I just really love the song and if you see the English translation of the lyrics, it’s pretty darn good. Pepper’s song from the drama is pretty awesome, too. 😛

I also like the ending theme for Taiwanese drama Spring Love which is sung by Aaron Yan. The baby of Fahrenheit is so grown up and manly now. LOL. The song is “Bei Wang Lu.” I THINK that translates roughly into “Memo.” It’s a great song and the ending video isn’t all that bad…not that I can find it.

Then there’s the ending song for Korean drama Stars Falling from the Sky…which really seems too upbeat for the drama at times, but it is highly addictive. At least…the song opens every episode and closes every episode. The song is by Kara and I believe has the same title as the drama. [fast forward to 1 minute and 6 seconds]


  • I really like Zettai Kareshi’s ending song (her voice is so good!) and Spring Love’s ending song. Funnily enough i found the song before I knew it was part of the tw -drama 😛

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