30 Day Asian Drama Challenge – Day 9

Taiwanese drama posts are hard simply because it took me a long time to get into them and I still have a VERY bad track records at completing them. Sigh. Hopefully this will change in the future.

Day 9: Your favorite Taiwanese Drama?

This category is really hard for me as I have watched entirely more Korean and Japanese dramas than I have Taiwanese. And the majority of Taiwanese dramas I happen to start and never finish. My rate on kdramas and jdramas is slightly better on finishing although there are tons I start but don’t finish for whatever reason.

Thus, I had to go to MyDramaList just to kind of refresh which dramas I have completed. Wow. Only 9 Taiwanese dramas. Aiyo. Less than I thought.

So, after looking at them, two immediately stood out: Skip Beat! and ToGetHer. I was totally in love with Ivy Chen’s portrayal of Gong Xi and seeing a beloved manga brought to life relatively well. But…I think I’ll go with Rainie Yang’s and Jiro Wang’s love story in ToGetHer (aka Superstar Express). This choice is more so based on the horrible ending of Skip Beat! Okay, it wasn’t a horrible ending, but it left you wanting so much more that you know you will never get no matter how much you pray for a miraculous second season.

ToGetHer posterThe soundtrack was great, the plot wasn’t bad, and the chemistry between the two leads was good. Jiro played up his silliness, but we really got to see a side you don’t get to see too much of him, which is his very serious manly side. Up until now, he’s pretty much played the idiotic second lead who never got the girl or an idiotic first lead…did he get any girls in the KO series? I think he kind of got pigeonholed with such roles after starring in the ISWAK series and then moving on to Hana Kimi and the K.O. franchise.

Thus, I was completely happy to see this more mature side of him and I liked his and Momo’s quiet and deep love. I also fell in love with his singing—especially the song “Mo Mo.” Funny how this drama led me to really enjoy him as a singer since he’s been in Fahrenheit for how long now?


  • I have this on my list but i never seem to get around to watching it. Something else will always come along and push it to the side. But i like the cast, so i must get around to it at some stage.

  • Aw ToGetHer! I remember liking this drama because of how sweet/simple it was. No amnesia/moving to america/rich corporate parents tropes. It was pretty refreshing seeing Jiro playing a star who had lost fame, simply because it was a much more complex character than his previous ones.

    • This was the drama that made me love Jiro Wang. It showed the boy could really act. Well…man…he’s one of my idol crushes that is actually older than I am 😛 I like how he’s playing a bigger variety of characters…but his more recent ones all seem to be in the same vein as his Mars role. Sigh.

  • This one is tough, and I’m actually torn between Wish to See You Again and My Queen. If I had to choose, I like My Queen better.

    I also agree with you that ToGetHer was good (big Jiro Wang fan) and I do find myself watching a lot more Kdrama than any other but I always add two or more, each season of Jdramas and TWdramas. If not I would miss out on some really good shows (can you say Bu Bu Jing Xin).

    • Ahhh! Bu Bu Jing Xin! Such an amazing show, though I did get a bit frustrated at the end. Great acting, aching storyline… I liked that it was a complete 180 from Gong which was a similar story, but a romantic comedy.

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