30 Day Asian Drama Challenge – Day 8

I was thinking about this one and it wasn’t as hard as #7 for me.

Day 8: Your favorite Korean Drama?

My favorite. At first I thought maybe Oh! My Lady or You’re Beautiful, but after careful consideration, I decided on Can You Hear My Heart? which was Kim Jae Won’s first drama after completing his mandatory military service.

Hwang Jung Eum, Kim Jae Won I marathoned this drama after it was completed. I watched the 30 episodes in one week. Yes. Only one week. I watched it all day on the weekends and everyday after work until it was complete. I remember loving the child cast, but was also anxiously awaiting the adult cast to take over as well. The story, like all stories, had some drag and some problems, but I really did enjoy this drama. Even when Maru-oppa went all evil (not that Maru oppa could ever be truly evil).

Nam Goong Min as Maru in can You Heart My HeartThe acting was superb, the bad guy sort of got his comeuppance, and there was such a cute love story between our leading lady and man. This drama really led me to like Nam Goong Min who played Jang Joon Ha/Maru. I had loved watching Kim Jae Won mature as an actor and become even better, so his acting in this drama didn’t surprise me, but Nam’s did just as I didn’t know what to expect from him.

And one cannot talk about this drama without talking about the bromance and bed scenes (get your mind out of the gutter, completely innocent bed scenes) between our leading male characters. Their chemistry was just off the charts cute. And I liked how even though Joon Ha was supposed to be “evil” at one point, he never stopped loving and caring about his family or his adopted brother. I will say though that I thought Dong Joo’s mother got off a little too easy as she deserved some sort of punishment for what she did to Joon Ha, but oh well. Nothing’s perfect.

Oh, and I’d be remiss without mentioning the awesome acting Jung Bo Suk who acted as Joon Ha’s father (but in reality was his uncle) who was mentally impaired. He did an amazing job making it believable without being farcical.


  • For me, the list is too long but like Challenge Day 3 some dramas just “holds a special place in my heart since it’s the first.” So with that I will have to say Lovers because it was the first Korean Drama that I saw, that left an impact on me.

    I too started with Korean Movies, 200 Pound Beauty was my first, however I cannot recall the first Korean Drama but I remember the first one that I loved and it was Lovers, I have since fallen in love with so many (Queen In Hyeons Man, Que Sera Sera, What Happened in Bali (Jo In Sung – Damn him), Evasive Inquiry Agency, Soulmate).

    Final answer, My Lovely Sam Soon (LOL)

    • Lovers is definitely a classic and the original was good. The other two…well, I haven’t watched the end of LiParis after I read spoilers about it and the third installment got some really bad reviews, but I’ll probably give LiPrague a chance eventually.

      I’ve fallen in love with quite a bit of dramas, too, so choosing one to settle on is hard, but CYHMH just had that magic for me. I like your final answer. Reminds me I also need to finish the drama.

  • I’ve heard some pretty great things about Can You Hear My Heart, but was a little put off by the 30 episode length. Now that I know it’s good enough to be a favourite, I’ve added it to my to watch list 🙂

    • So glad you added it to the list! I don’t think you’ll regret it. There are some frustration factors, but none enough to turn me off and whine like I am wont to do on occasion 😉

    • I agree with NeeNee entirely. Awesome awesome drama. Definitely worth watching.

  • Haha. I actually hated this drama, but I can’t fault either of the guys. (I just couldn’t stand the girl, her haircut, or her overalls!!!). *ahem* The guys… have to be on my top 5 bromance list. Steamy! Lol

    Unfortunately, for me the story just sort of fell apart and got too long (and had the girl in it). Most of the other characters I adored, and that dad wins for best dad in a drama acting ever! I never even thought of him as an actor, his role and his delivery of that role was so amazing. Whenever I see him in another drama I always do a double-take, but I can’t relate them at all. Stunning.

    • Yes, admittedly there were problems. I thought HJE’s stylist for the drama needed to be shot as I hated her bowl haircut. Her clothes…weren’t too awful. I know, seeing the dad elsewhere is just weird – he embodied that role and to date, one of my top fave father figures. Sure, he was special, but that didn’t keep him from properly raising his daughter and son.

  • That would be a great drama challenge question. Who is your Favorite Asian Drama Father/Mother? I always had a thing for the Mother in ISWAK and the Father in Devil Beside You. (I have a thing for overbearing parents)

    • That may be a question in the 2nd set…those have more actor/character related questions.

      Absolute Fave dad would be the one from CYHMH 🙂 He was awesome.

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