Crazy Love Episode 20 Recap

After watching this episode, I am happy to see the kidnapping plotline might FINALLY be over…although it doesn’t look promising for Hae Ram. It needs to be as its been dragging for far too long. I would also like LESS scenes of Myung Ja’s and Yoo Jung’s business war.

We open with Kyung Soo taking Mi So’s hand. He tells her to not let what happened earlier get to her. There are just as many good people in the world and he is sure that there will people to pass out the fliers and pay heed to them to bring Hae Ram back to her. Mi So says that she is also choosing to think this way. Kyung Soo then says that he wishes to beg for Mi So’s forgiveness as well as thank her. It may seem weird to say, but he has things he truly regrets and is truly thankful for. He also tells her that while he may not be hurting as deeply as she is in this situation, he hopes that she can understand that he is also hurting for her. Kyung Soo then lets go of her hand and tells her to keep her spirits up and go inside. Mi So doesn’t know what to say and so she does  turn and go inside while he stares after her and Na Young grins saying the two seem close. Aigoo.

Min Jae arrives home and asks if Mi So ate. She replies she did and asks after him and Myung Ja. He reminds his wife about a dinner meeting. He had to force himself to eat and is now taking digestive medicine because of it. Mi So replies that she knows the situation is hard on him. Min Jae waves this off when the doorbell rings. He goes to answer it while Mi So uncrumples Hae Ram’s flier and recalls the cranky arse of a man at the store. She is soon distracted by hearing Na Young’s voice.

Mi So goes out as Myung Ja enters scolding Na Young for even coming over without calling. Na Young says she did so since she is grateful for the second chance. Myung Ja reminds Na Young that it is only temporary and she was not hired on as a regular employee. Na Young apologizes for overstepping her bounds. She only came to drop off some fresh abalone as she had Myung Ja and Min Jae in her thoughts and was worrying about them. Notice how she leaves Mi So out. Anywho, Myung Ja storms off into her room while Min Jae stands speechless and Na Young heads into the kitchen to put her gift away.

She sees Mi So’s phone lying on the kitchen table and takes it just as Mi So enters. Na Young quickly hides it behind her back and explains what happened with Min Jae and Myung Ja. Mi So assures her she doesn’t need an explanation as she heard the conversation just now. Mi So then tells Na Young to leave. Na Young then lies through her teeth and says that she only said things so that Mi So doesn’t misunderstand her as she would never try to sneak in like that. Mi So then surprises Na Young by calling her Sun Hee. She tells the other girl that she is going through a hard time and should just go. Na Young promises to go after using the bathroom and then tells Mi So to stop calling her Sun Hee as it brings up bad memories.

In the bathroom, Na Young goes through Mi So’s phone. She notices Kyung Soo listed under Attorney Seo Kyung Soo. She then brings up Mi So’s conversations with him (the texts obviously, not the voice). She sees the texts with Kyung Soo asking if Mi So is okay. Na Young looks at the date and recalls it is the day after she tried to have Kang Sik rape Mi So. Na Young then gets out her own phone and does a search on Kyung Soo, bringing up his profile. It’s the same man as the one she saw with Mi So earlier. Na Young laughs. Here she thought Mi So was a stupid little twit and here she has a guy on the side. They are definitely much too close to be mere acquaintances. Things will definitely be more interesting. Sigh. This woman. Definitely a soulless, scheming opportunist. Not everyone woman is a fraud and player like Na Young.

That night Min Jae has a nightmare about He Ram. Why does certain scenes of his seem way too fake? Anywho, he goes out into the living room where he finds Mi So ironing the crumpled fliers. Mi So cries and touches her daughter’s picture. Her daughter must hate her so much right now. Mi So asks the picture for forgiveness as she was wrong.

Yoo Jung is over the moon where she learns that Chef Parel has been chosen as the next Olympic chef for 2014. This will only mean good things if they can bring him on board. She decides she will pay whatever it takes to get him out of his double contract problem and bring him over to CK. She then asks her assistant about Han Na Young’s return. The assistant knows nothing more than Na Young being brought back solely for this project alone. Meanwhile, Min Jae lets the team know about Na Young’s coming back and says she was only fried over a misunderstanding thanks to a competitor’s sabotage. The team gets down to business and Na Young recalls Myung Ja throwing her out. She then smirks. So Myung Ja has finally realized that Min Jae is nothing but a scarecrow without Na Young. Just you wait, Na Young will make sure that it will be Myung Ja forced out next time.

Yoo Jung’s assistant reports about the amount of money Yoo Jung is planning on throwing Parel’s way just to get the fame of his name and reputation after the next Olympics. With that much money going out…how will there be enough left for product development? Na Young then tells the girl to keep her abreast of the situation. She also promises to reward the girl as it won’t be long before she proves herself to both Myung Ja and Yoo Jung and forces the other two out. We do learn that Yoo Jung only got the VP position because Oh’s company invested in CK.

We then cut to the Yoons where Yoon and Jong Hee are fussing over Chan Ki who got sick after skipping dialysis to hand out fliers. They scold him for being so reckless and tell him to wait until he’s better. Yoon goes out to hand out fliers again leaving Jong Hee and Chan Ki alone. He thanks her for all she’s done over the past four years. The two then bicker when Jong Hee teases Chan Ki about marrying her if she waits to marry for him to be successful to pay her back until she becomes an old woman. Jong Hee storms out and Chan Ki lays in bed with his hand over his heart telling himself Jong Hee isn’t a woman. On second thought…she is a woman, isn’t she? It breaks up the melodrama so even if these scenes are rather useless…I don’t hate them.

Mi So is busily handing out fliers when she gets a call from Kyung Soo asking how she is. She assures him she’s fine and that she brought a sandwich along with her to eat. He scolds her for this as she should eat something more hearty than that. Mi So promises him she will and bids him farewell. She recalls what he said the day before and smiles before going back to handing out fliers.

Later she and her father sit down to eat their sandwiches when she spots Kyung Soo in the distance. I knew he wouldn’t be able to stay away. Mi So immediately rushes over and asks what he’s doing there. Kyung Soo then hands over sushi for her to eat as he didn’t like the idea of her only having sandwiches. Enter Yoon. Mi So tries to get him away before he recognizes Kyung Soo, but too late. He immediately lunges at the younger man, grabbing his collar and demanding to know what a bum like him has to do with his precious daughter. This flusters Mi So and she tries to get her father to stop. She pulls him away and tries to tell him how much Kyung Soo has helped. Kyung Soo then apologizes for not coming and formally apologizing to the Yoon family. This does not make Yoon happy at all and he of course forbids his daughter from having anything to do with Kyung Soo.

Kyung Soo arrives unhappily back at his office to find Baek there.  Why is he there? To hand over Oh’s present for Kyung Soo thanks to the new building acquisition. It’s an expensive premium golf membership. Kyung Soo gives it back to Baek and tells him to return it to Oh, but Baek smirks and refuses. His orders are to give not to take back. He then leaves. Kyung Soo sighs and sits down recalling Yoon’s words about him fattening himself on the misfortune of others. Yeah. Great timing. Kyung Soo then arranges a meeting in 10 minutes time.

He gets a call from his wife who is over the moon about the membership. Hae Ryung wishes to go shopping for golf clothes and the like. Kyung Soo turns her down as he is having a meeting after being in court all afternoon. Hae Ryung isn’t happy about this whatsoever and makes him promise to video chat with her on the hour every hour until his meeting finishes. Oy vey. Yoo Jung then comes out and Hae Ryung tells her mother about a dream she had where she saw her husband having an affair. How could Kyung Soo torment her like that? Yoo Jung scolds Hae Ryung for not trusting her husband at all. Since Hae Ryung is so mistrustful of him, that is why he’s so reluctant to come home. She needs to be more trusting and figure ways to make Kyung Soo happily anticipate coming home. Hae Ryung, like everyone else in the drama, throws all the burden on Kyung Soo’s shoulders. Everything is his fault.

Wrong. Two wrongs don’t make a right. She was wrong for tricking him into marrying her and he was wrong for marrying a woman he didn’t love out of guilt alone. Thus…this unhappy quagmire of a relationship. Yoo Jung then asks if Hae Ryung has ever considered just how hard Kyung Soo’s work is. If she knows how difficult of a time he has, then Hae Ryung should really be more understanding and nicer to her husband. The pouting Hae Ryung reluctantly agrees to this.

Yoo Jung fills Tae San in on what happened with Hae Ryung and Kyung Soo. Tae San is upset that Kyung Soo isn’t more yielding to his wife and he’s also upset that Kyung Soo didn’t call to thank him for the gift. Yoo Jung then asks her husband for some money to help out with the project. Of course, he willingly agrees to this.

Na Young’s mother is going out, but forgets the lock for the house. She is then distracted by a phone call from her lover saying he got into an accident and needs money. Meanwhile, Hae Ram rattles the door begging to be let out as she wishes to go back to her mother who is packing up fliers to start another round of searching for her daughter. Hae Ram manages to get the door open and runs out. She ends up crying by a river with her doll and calling for her mother. A young couple fishing sees the distraught little girl and immediately go to see what is wrong.

Na Young then gets a panicked call from her mother telling her that she forgot to lock the door and now the little girl is missing. This freaks Na Young out. She demands her mother search for Hae Ram and find her immediately. Before she can do anything else, she is told Min Jae is looking for her. Meanwhile, Hae Ram is being carried by the man. Apparently they stopped the child from crossing the river as that is very dangerous. Hae Ram says that an old woman told her that she could get to Seoul by crossing the river. Her mother is in Seoul and she wishes to see her. So…Hae Ram got separated from her mother? That’s right. The man then says Hae Ram’s face looks very familiar—where has he seen it? He then pulls out his phone and shows his wife the missing person poster. It’s her, right? They ask Hae Ram her name and she confirms that she’s the missing child as her name is Lee Hae Ram.

Min Jae is going over the presentation with Na Young, but she is decidedly distracted as she recalls her mother’s phone call. Min Jae then gets a text picture of Hae Ram from the couple. He immediately calls them. The woman tells him where they are and asks if the little girl is really his daughter. Min Jae says she is. He then asks to talk to his daughter. He is ecstatic to finally hear Hae Ram’s voice. He gets the information on the location while Na Young steals his car keys and rushes out of the office. Grrr. The shaking Na Young tries to calm down. She needs to buy some time so that she makes it to the river before Min Jae.

Min Jae asks his secretary for his spare car key and calls Mi So to let her know that Hae Ram has been found. Min Jae tells her where the place is and urges her to quickly take a taxi instead of driving herself. Mi So agrees and rushes out of the house while Na Young rushes to the location after asking her mother for details of where it is. Her mother is shocked to learn just how far Hae Ram managed to get by herself. Na Young then yells at her mother to sneak to the river and steal the little Hae Ram away from the couple. Great. We end with Mi So running down the street to catch a taxi to get to her Hae Ram.

It’s a race against time. Will Mi So or Min Jae beat Na Young? Will anything bad happen to Hae Ram? Pins and needles until tomorrow.

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