30 Day Asian Drama Challenge – Day 3

It’s interesting to think back and try to remember the answer to some of these questions.

Day 3: Your first Korean drama?

I know this is a “drama” challenge, but before I answer which was my first Korean drama, I actually watched a Korean movie before I sampled Korean dramas. So…yeah. My first ever Korean experience was with the movie adaptation of the manga A Wolf’s Temptation which stars popular actor Kang Dong Won and a chubbier, cuter Lee Chung Ah. I guess the main problem is the storyline with that movie. I think there was important substance missing in the building of relationships between our main trio.

For those who don’t know a country bumpkin moves to Seoul after her father dies to live with her mother’s family. There she comes into contact with the best fighter in her school. She also encounters this man’s rival from a different school who appears to know her, but she has no idea who he is. I won’t give away the plot except to say it’s rather screwed up, but so was the manhwa it was based on.

Anywho, back to the actual task at hand. My first Korean drama experience was none other than Song Hye Kyo and Rain’s Full House. It’s funny as when I tried rewatching this drama I was amazed at what kept me hooked and marathoning this 2004 drama. I mean…it’s not bad…but…yeah. Tastes are refined and change over the years. Even so, it holds a special place in my heart since it’s the first. It’s also when I first really started falling in love with Korean music, which, looking back now, I am not quite certain as to just why I was so enamored with the OST for this drama as it’s really only Byul’s song “I think I…” that I love most of all. But still…it was a combination I enjoyed back in my early drama watching days.


  • wahhh I forgot about this drama! It was one of my early ones – and I definitely remember being hooked on it weekly. I really liked the grandma and heroine dynamic – and the 3 bears dance was the cutest. I’m afraid to rewatch it though in the possibility that it ruins all my good memories of it 😦

  • I watched Full House quite a way into my drama watching days, and i still have no idea why it was so popular. I watched the whole thing, but geez it gets boring near the end. It’s so repetitious! A friend did tell me though, that she thinks if i’d seen it first, instead of seeing it after so many other similar dramas, i would have enjoyed it more. She has a good point. It did introduce me to Song Hye Kyo though, who i think is one of the most beautiful Korean actresses alive.

    One of my early dramas was Playful Kiss, and i still think it’s not as bad as people say it is, so i do think the earlier you see a show, the less jaded you are, and the better you perceive it to be.

    • Yeah, since it was in my early watching days, I don’t think I was as discerning, so I loved it and marathoned it like crazy, but now…it’s not bad, but I’m definitely not enamored with it any more. 😛 Song Hye Kyo is quite lovely not that I’ve actually seen her much of anything besides this drama. I really want to see all of her drama called Guardian Angel or something like that starring Kim Min Jong or is it Kim Jong Min? I ALWAYS screw up which one it is since the names are quite similar. Anywho, the one who was in A Gentleman’s Dignity, NOT the Coyote singer.

      Wowza. I remember I tried watching Itzura na Kiss and not being able to get into it, but then after watching a few more comedies, I found myself enjoying it. I was shocked to hear how many people hated it, but I actually am fond of it now.

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