Last Cinderella Episode 4 Recap

For some reason I find it hard to believe we are on episode 4 already. And for some reason, this plot reminds me of a Korean drama. In the fact we have the undeserving yet loved man who drops everything for another woman breaking his promise to the leading lady. I actually haven’t seen that too much in Japanese dramas…probably because I haven’t watch a whole lot of romance ones.

Episode 4: Forbidden Kiss

We open with Sakura coming out of a drug store after having bought a pregnancy test. She recalls what Hiroto said about them sleeping together. I’m sure that isn’t the sole reason she bought a test. She must be having some symptoms that we just haven’t seen yet. On her way home she runs into Tachibana and immediately hides the test in her pocket. Tachibana teases her and asks if she bought condoms. Sakura assures him that she didn’t. He tells her it is nothing to be ashamed of as it is a good sign and necessary in a healthy sex life. LMAO. Well…he’s supportive to say the least.

Of course this turn of conversation annoys the nervous Sakura and she complains about how he keeps popping up just to annoy her. What is with her being so irritable? Ah, she must have bought the medicine that women take when it’s that time of the month, right? Sakura calls him an idiot jerk. He laughs at her antiquated Showa-era (1926-1989) way of speaking. She snaps at him to shut up and stop following her. It’s funny. Usually it is Sakura trying to catch up to Tachibana who always goes on ahead and now we have Tachibana chasing after her. They are neighbors after all!

The two arrive at the elevator and try to squeeze through together. Sakura grumps that Tachibana should let the lady go first. Lady? Where is there a lady? Poor Sakura. But then again…she really doesn’t act the definition of what is considered a lady. I love my sister’s response when people talk about being a lady—it’s too dang hard to be one. Sakura says that as a man Tachibana should show some reserve and Tachibana counters with as a woman she should act more modestly. She then searches all over her pockets for her keys. Of course this means she pulls out the test and Tachibana sees it and they both freak out.

In Tachibana’s apartment, he scolds Sakura for not using protection in the first place. Sakura says she was just too drunk to think properly. If she can’t even recall having sex, then how can she remember to use protection? Tachibana sighs. At her age there is a limit to her shamelessness. Sakura sighs. She’s depressed enough as it is. Tachibana then asks for her plans. She doesn’t want to think about it. Whether or not she wants to, she’ll have to. Sakura then gets up and creeps close to Tachibana, freaking him out. Should she give birth or not? What about work? She’d be okay up to her 8th month, but after that does he thinks she can get maternity leave? Tachibana says she’s jumping ahead—before considering about birth and maternity leave, what about getting married? But he’s only 24! Sakura can’t tell him and tie him down when he still has a future ahead of him. I don’t care about how old he is. My only thought is that baby ≠ marriage.

Tachibana sits down and explains how the fact of life works. A man and woman even using birth control properly can still have a chance of getting pregnant let alone not using anything at all (and how does Sakura know that Hiroto didn’t use a condom? Plus…I have my doubts that anything really happened), thus a man shouldn’t be having sex at all if he isn’t ready to shoulder the responsibility of parenthood should that happen. Sakura then asks if Tachibana thought such things when he was 24. Of course not. Figures. This makes his argument less compelling in Sakura’s book. Tachibana then tells her to hurry and take the test. Now? Because she doesn’t want to take it alone, right? Well…that’s true, but Sakura can’t bring herself to do it yet. She grabs up her things, thanks him for the coffee and bolts.

Do I have the self-confidence to give birth and raise it all alone?

Sakura is at Ken’s restaurant when Hiroto comes in and teases her by tapping her on her shoulder and quickly walking around her. He then sits down and picks up a brochure. What’s it for? Sakura explains that Tachibana’s prize for winning the competition was a company trip to the onsen (hot springs). The brochure is for inns in the area. So…Tachibana will be going as well, right? Sakura turns to Hiroto and assures the young man that she doesn’t like Tachibana at all. Hiroto says that even if Sakura doesn’t like Tachibana that doesn’t mean Tachibana doesn’t like Sakura. True. Sakura says Hiroto wouldn’t think that if he knew just how Tachibana treated her. Tachibana doesn’t treat her as a woman at all. Her expression makes Ken laugh as it is so old fashion. She shoots him a dark look and he walks away after Hiroto gives him their order. He tells Sakura to have fun on her trip then.

So…what did she want to talk about? Sakura sees a laptop open with baby pictures and doesn’t know where to start. Sakura asks if he likes kids. Hiroto says he does. This relieves Sakura. When Hiroto asks why she’s asking, Sakura says for no reason. Sakura then tries to talk about a possible pregnancy, but just can’t spit it out. So she asks if she bought pre-pickled meat would he eat it. Aiyo. This girl. Hiroto also isn’t following Sakura’s weird segue. Sure, he’d eat it…but what do the two things have in common? Sakura nervously titters and says there is no connection, is there? It looks like a light bulb goes off and Hiroto makes an exclamation. Did he figure it out? So… Sakura wants him to eat a lot of garlic to perform well, right? Sakura heats up and nervously titters at this as Hiroto calls her ecchi (erotic kind of).

It’s the day of the trip and the workers are excitedly gathering at the van. Sakura comes out of her apartment looking all pale and miserable. She has a fever. Tachibana sees this and is immediately worried. He touches and she’s burning up. She must have a fever of about a 100. Nope. More like 102.5. Baka! How can she think of going to an onsen in this state? She’ll cure her fever by going into an onsen. Tachibana calls her an idiot again—that’s not going to cure her fever (increasing your already hot body temperature with a hot bath or shower is a big no no). Sakura then whines that she doesn’t want to go. Tachibana scolds her for whining and then warns her about what will happen if she really is pregnant and doesn’t take care of herself. This works on her.

Tachibana then takes her to the doctors and gets her medicine. Sakura immediately goes and lies down on her bed. She assures Tachibana that she will be fine and if she needs anything she’ll call Hiroto. Only…she really doesn’t want to call him to come over and have him baby her. Tachibana tells her that her relationship will not last long if she only shows her strength and not her weaknesses as the man will soon come to think she doesn’t need him. Sakura says that 10 years ago that’s what a guy said before jilting her. Tachibana replies that humans who feel they are unneeded are creatures who can’t easily find self-esteem. Sakura sits up in bed. Tachibana, too? Not at all. Then he must not be human. LOL. Sick as a dog, but still bickering with her friend. Tachibana laughs in relief since Sakura still has her smart mouth she must be fine. He holds up the medicine and reminds her to take it and call over the man who got her pregnant to come and take care of her.

I have no idea why, but it really annoys me to see how Kohei acts with Shima. He’s like a jealous lover whenever he sees her talking to or flirting with another man. Kohei plays this off by saying he’s worried about her since adultery is a bad thing and she’s Miki’s friend meaning she’s his friend. Kohei then invites her out for coffee. Shima then orders him to the hotel and he happily follows to get nailed by an exercise ball again.

At the onsen, everyone is having fun. Tachibana looks beside him and misses Sakura who he recalls curled up on bed telling him to give everyone her regards. The drunk Haruko goes up to him saying it’s now his turn to sing. Tachibana passes as he is so good everyone else will look bad. But he does cave and go up to sing only to hear Sakura’s voice saying to hurry up and get it over with since no one is expecting much. LOL. This is so cute. Tachibana then starts singing in a husky, low voice after Kashiwagi cuts his speech short.

Hiroto is practicing for the upcoming tournament but is having no luck. He sees his cell and we then cut to Sakura lying on her bed. She falls off when her phone rings. She picks it up and it is a text from Hiroto asking about the onsen and asking her to get together with him sometime. Sakura then struggles to go out for supplies when she sees a plastic bag full of food and drinks. She smiles happily when she thinks of Tachibana. The smile fades when she sees the condoms he also bought. She then looks down on her flat stomach.

At the hotel, Shima is giving Kohei a foot massage. I’m guessing it’s supposed to be some kind of therapy to help. Kohei then asks why Shima looks for an affair. She says it isn’t an affair, but something easy and convenient she’s looking for. So…she doesn’t plan on remarrying? Nope, that ship has passed already. She then talks about how much of a blessing it is for two people to meet, fall in love, and promise to love each other until they die. It’s even more of a blessing if they can have children. However…not every story ends that way so Kohei should treasure what he has with Miki and his children. Of course, Kohei wasn’t paying attention to her grand speech. I wonder if Shima wanted children, but was unable to have them?

Kohei gets home and is immediately scolded by Miki for being out so late. HIs mother then comes out and scolds Miki for scolding Kohei as soon as he gets home. Poor Miki. She has to live with that witch. The tired and irate Miki then notices his socks are inside out. Kohei quickly laughs and lies and goes to shower and go to bed. He’s not even having an affair, but he’s sure acting like he is.

Sakura is finally better and complaining about how she didn’t get to go on the trip. Tachibana returns and immediately heads over with a gift and to see how she’s doing. Sakura tells him she is completely better and complains that he is a lot like a concerned mother. Tachibana asks if she finally took the pregnancy test and Sakura’s guilty expression lets him know she didn’t. Nothing good will come from procrastination, you know? Sakura then pulls him inside her apartment saying she has a good treat for him that he’ll like.

The two end up staring at the pregnancy test. Sakura explains that she couldn’t bring herself to take it for fear of disappointing results that could hurt her feelings. Tachibana understands this. Sakura then says she didn’t take the cold medicine. Why not? Because…if she is pregnant it would be bad for the baby. She then picks up the test and goes into the bathroom. After taking it, she clings on to Tachibana terrified. She finally manages to peek at the results and they turn out negative. Sakura seems more disappointed than relieved. Tachibana tells her it is too bad and she quickly asserts this was the result she wanted. Tachibana leaves and looks back at her in worry.

Why is it, I wonder, though I desired it, I sigh?

At the shop, Shima and Miki are there for nail treatments and Sakura complains they came there for their normal girl talk. This is because a girl needs to do herself up every now and then. Talk goes to Shima’s one night stands and Miki hopes that Shima uses contraception. Shima assures her she does, but she can’t get pregnant. How come no one picks up on that? They seem to think that is her talking irresponsibly. Not so. Looks like she may not have told anyone about her inability to have a child. The talk turns to periods, babies, and menopause and Kashiwagi’s horrified face as he covers his ears is priceless. I feel for him. But it’s not only him, all the other employees stare horrified at the conversation as well.

Of course, if Sakura and the girls talk about such things, Tachibana and the boys do, too. Ken, Tachibana, and Kohei talk about “old man smell” in particularly in the flatulence department. Ken is known as “skunk” at work. Yowza. That’s a bad smell. Ken then tells the other two that they need to watch out for menopause as it is not just something that happens to women. Tachibana says he doesn’t need to worry about it yet and turns to Kohei. He assures them he’s already a father, plus that part of him is all ready useless. This causes Tachibana and Ken-chan to stare at that particular part of Kohei’s anatomy. Subtle. Tachibana then complains that the conversation as turned into an old man one.

Back at the salon, Shima and Miki ask when they can meet Hiroto. Sakura says not at the moment since he’s busy right now. Shima says that he’s only a cyclist so he should have plenty of time. Sakura calls her rude, but does breakdown and call Hiroto who has just finished up a session with Momo. She tells him that her friends wish to meet him. Hiroto looks annoyed at first and a little taken aback when Miki and Shima take the phone and greet him, but he does end up smiling. What have they been drinking? Oh…they are like that sober. This seems to surprise him again, but he smiles again and promises to meet them if Sakura arranges it. Hiroto then blatantly lies and says he already ended things with Momo.

At Momo’s place she asks if they are really over. That’s what he said. He can’t really be serious about that old woman can he? It’s impossible, right? Hiroto is incapable of being serious over anyone, right? Hiroto doesn’t answer any of these questions and just leaves. Momo happily smiles and tells him to call her sometime, but she looks unhappy as he leaves.

We then get to see Kohei doing his job. He goes over to a house to sell insurance and the woman has a little boy that colors on him with a red crayon. He doesn’t notice this and it is enough to look like a lipstick stain. Which, when Miki sees it, is exactly what she thinks. This coupled with the receipt found in his pocket…is he cheating on her?

She takes her suspicions to Sakura’s hair salon and Sakura says it is obviously just a crayon mark. Impossible! How would he get a crayon mark on him? Well…she has a point since their own children are past that age. Miki then lays out the late nights, the receipts, and everything else adding up to Kohei having an affair. So what if he is really having one? She’ll go in for the kill. Up pops Tachibana who asks Miki if she’ll go after her husband or the other woman. Must women who have been cheated on go after the woman. Why is that? Miki says that is because they think that the woman must have been the one who initiated it. Sakura then says that Miki can’t give up so easily since she chose Kohei and married him. Tachibana then chides Sakura on giving advice when she has next to no experience in the love department.

While Tachibana and Sakura bicker about their views on what love and marriage are, Miki says when she was in her 20s she thought she’s be a fool not to get married. However, since she’s been married, she has never felt that she’s happy to have married. This shuts the squabbling pair up. This is why if her husband is cheating on her, she will never forgive him. I thought this really affected Tachibana and Sakura, but then they went back to making their faces and teasing each other, so who knows?

If he has an affair, who couldn’t I forgive? Him? Or the other Woman?

Sakura goes to meet Hiroto at the skating park. She reveals that she didn’t go to the onsen so she has no gift for him. Hiroto is upset to hear that she was sick and that Tachibana took care of her. Sakura tries to placate him by telling him Tachibana only helped her out as they met when they both opened their doors, but Hiroto won’t listen. Just because he’s young doesn’t mean he has no feelings and is not serious. Does she think he doesn’t care about her talking to other guys? Sakura quickly assures him that isn’t the case and Hiroto tells her to stop talking about how close she and Tachibana are before he goes back to practice. Sakura looks a bit upset and lost.

Miki is at home when she gets a call from Saki’s school. Her mother-in-law corners her and asks what problem is. Miki says that Saki got her first period and the school called to have her come pick her daughter up. On their way home, Miki talks to her daughter about how scared and alone she felt for her first period. The two talk and laugh and Saki makes Miki promise not to tell Kohei. Of course not. However, when they get home her grandmother has prepared a special dish in celebration of her granddaughter’s womanhood. Oy. I’m not saying that you can’t celebrate womanhood…but a period celebration never made sense to me and it makes Saki very uncomfortable and unhappy. This, of course, annoys Mrs. Takeouchi.

That night Miki tells Kohei about Saki’s first period and swears him to secrecy. She then complains that while he’s always going to the gym, he hasn’t lost some of his barely-noticeable-to-begin-with belly fat. Kohei stutters out that instant results don’t’ happen. True, but has he discussed things with Shima? Kohei replies he hasn’t and rushes off to take a bath. While he’s gone, Miki goes through his pockets to find another receipt.

Crazy stalker Choko is out staring at pictures of Tachibana on her phone when she sees him walking by. She quickly locks her car and rushes after him. Her bright smile fades when she sees him approach Sakura who is sitting watching kids play baseball. He chides her for stealing his special seat and is surprised when she doesn’t bit back like normal. Is she out of order? Sakura then asks him about his dream of playing professional baseball. Tachibana replies that even if she asks what happened to his dream, he knows the answer lies elsewhere. He’s played baseball since elementary school and he even had a ticket to Koshien (kind of like the world series of Japanese high school baseball). So…how many rounds did his team go in Koshien? He finished without ever getting to actually play in the tournament. A teammate got caught smoking and the entire team was banned from entering. If he had been able to play then his pro dream might have become a reality.

Tachibana then sits down beside Sakura and hands her a bread. What was her dream as a child? To be a mother, but that dream is all but impossible now. Sakura then says she visited the hospital and got the news that her hormones are out of whack. Thus, even if she did settle down and find a husband, the likelihood of her getting pregnant is very slim. Tachibana then says he went through a similar situation with his girlfriend. A test told her she might be pregnant, but in the end she wasn’t. Tachibana was disappointed, but his girlfriend was clearly relieved. Maybe that’s why she didn’t want to marry him? Sakura says it was probably just the fact that the timing was all wrong and she was not yet ready for a child and family.

Tachibana swivels around and says there is still a chance for Sakura. Tachibana then asks if she thought at that time last year that she’d be dating a guy 15 years her junior. This puts Sakura in a bad mood which surprises Tachibana. A ball goes astray and the children yell out a warning. It goes flying towards Sakura and Tachibana. He dives in front of Sakura and tries to catch the ball only to misjudge and get nailed in the head instead. Poor guy. Sakura teases him at first, but when he doesn’t respond Sakura freaks out. Tachibana then tells her to stop yelling as his eardrum is about to burst. She then scolds him for tricking her. Why was she really scared and worried about him? Tsk.

The boys come running over and ask if Tachibana is okay. He immediately holds his head and exclaims he’s in pain. Sakura tells the boys not to worry as he is just faking it. Tachibana then moves his hand and says the only cure for the pain is to play baseball. Thus he and Sakura join in the boys’ game and have a blast. Choko can only watch on unhappy. Meanwhile, Hiroto is still having problems landing a certain stunt. His fellow biker asks if he will be okay since the tournament isn’t that far off.

Sakura, Miki, and Shima then go to Ken’s bar where Sakura is displeased to see Tachibana who explains to Ken that it’s their regular “Girl Talk Meeting.” Her friends then tell Tachibana that they are there to meet Sakura’s young boyfriend. Tachibana then asks about Miki’s affair suspicions which is news to Shima. Miki then says she has to ask the older woman something. What? Has her husband been behaving strangely at the gym? Kohei started acting weird ever since he started going to Shima’s gym. Shima assures Miki that Kohei would never cheat on her. Sakura says that the suspicions all go to prove that Miki is still very much in love with her husband and then Sakura and Shima chime in unison that they are jealous of such a relationship.

Shima then asks Tachibana if he’s single. He replies he is and Shima says she is as well. They should get together and drink to their singleness. Sakura immediately jumps in and tells Tachibana to stop hitting on her friend. Tachibana and Shima both point out that she’s the one hitting on him. Anyways, they can’t go out together. Sakura then pulls Shima away and Ken comes over asking if they want to order a drink while they wait for the rest of their party. The girls chime together that they will and Tachibana mutters “who’s the one who soaks in alcohol” as Sakura told Shima Tachibana does. Sakura angrily snaps loudly at him making him wince. He heard that you know.

Hiroto goes to make his way to the bar with flowers when he gets a call from a drunk Choko. She asks where he is and he asks why. Choko then says that if he doesn’t come to her right away something might happen. This freaks Hiroto out. He calls out her name, but she doesn’t answer and he drops the flowers and rushes back the way he came. Sakura and friends begin to notice that Hiroto is running late.

Hiroto goes to Choko’s house and she smiles and calls him her servant. They fight over the wine and it goes smashing into the wall. Hiroto gets her to calm down a bit and then she notices the wine on the wall. It reminds her of that. Of what? Of the scar on her back. Hiroto pulls her away as she gets close to the broken glass and she whirls on him. Isn’t it his fault that she can’t fall in love with anyone? Say what? She starts hitting and pushing him and he hugs her to stop her. She pushes him away and keeps screaming that everything is his fault. He didn’t make “that woman” fall for him. Hiroto once again puts his arms around her to stop her. Hiroto then holds her, crying and apologizing. He then starts kissing her scar. Okay. So…definitely not siblings or stepsiblings otherwise that is a WHOLE LOTTA WRONG.

Sakura is disappointed that Hiroto stood her up, but she puts on a cheerful face. Tachibana leaves the bar and sees the flowers on the ground. Meanwhile, Hiroto keeps kissing Chiyoko’s back while Sakura is all depressed.

End episode.

Now I’m all confused. If Choko and Hiroto did have a thing in the past…won’t that make Choko doubly crazy if Hiroto starts honestly liking Sakura? That means she’d have lost the unattainable Tachibana and the mysterious Hiroto to Sakura.

I will also say that I really don’t get much chemistry with any of the leads. I mean…sure…Tachibana and Sakura genuinely care about one another, but I just get a very strong friendship vibe and not really a romantic one at the moment. As for Sakura and Hiroto…definitely and older sister/younger brother relationship. He tried to strut his manliness and possessiveness, but that just really falls flat along with Sakura’s feelings for him since they are rather unrealistic. What has he really done so far that she’s as gaga over him as she is?


  • Yeah, i really thought Hiroto and Choko were actual siblings. They could still be step siblings though; actually, step siblings being in a relationship never really bothered me. They’re not blood related.

    I wonder how Hiroto caused those scars on Choko though. And yeah, I think she’s gonna go all jealous when Hiroto starts having genuine feelings for Sakura. He’s always been her go to guy for everything, and he’d do anything for her. But if he starts thinking of Sakura before Choko, she’s gonna crack it. And we have proof now that she’s bat shit crazy, so who knows what she’s gonna do before this series is over.

    I still agree about the chemistry. And it’s like, they don’t seem to be trying to create chemistry either. Maybe if they actually sleep together again or something?

    Oh, the girl chat in the salon was hilarious. They’re just freely talking about menstruation in front of everyone, and don’t care at all who’s listening. I loved that.

    • Well…the step siblings part wouldn’t bother me, either since they aren’t blood related, if they were real siblings, then that would be bad.

      I know. I was trying to figure out if they were burn scars or what, but that’s a pretty nasty one and I’m not quite sure how he could have caused it. Given Choko is definitely NOT sane now, I wonder if she was before the accident or what. I’m sure we’ll get her acting all psychotic later on Sakura, which is interesting because I did not expect such a crazy character when this show started.

      LOL, the girl chat reminds me of how my family used to sit down at the dinner table as that is the time when everyone was present and could talk. There were four girls in the house and we’d discuss all of this stuff in front of the only male of the family. Poor man.

  • I agree with your comment that pregnancy DOES NOT EQUAL marriage!! She is an adult with a steady paying job, fully able to pay caregivers to help her. Why the heck does she need to marry?!

    I also cannot see what H has done to have her so gaga over him. The ew factor of knowing he’s seeing someone else, even while claiming to have feelings for S is just.. well….EW to me. And the kiss to C, again, EW.

    What I did like – 1) T’s attention to S, how sweet was that care package! And he is so in tune with her that even when she’s not around he knows how she’ll respond to him. Playing ball, too cute. 2) S and her friends, how great to have folks that are so easy to talk to! Loved their gal powwow at the hair shop! 3) M is finally wising up to her douche bag of a husband – let the bashing begin.

    • I know, but it seems a lot of people are still of the mindset that getting pregnant = getting married. I agree that it’s good if a child can be raise in a healthy two parent home, but at the same time, many people who rush marriage due to pregnancy have a lot of problems as there are tons of stuff they don’t consider. Since Sakura is nearly 40 with a stable job and income, then she can take care of a child herself. Even better if Hiroto could help out and be responsible, but there is no reason to think of jumping right into marriage basically after a one night stand.

      I liked Tachibana’s care for Sakura in this episode as well. It’s nice to see just how much these two care about one another even though they always say they don’t like each other and bicker constantly. The entire episode did a pretty good job with showing their friendship, which I really enjoyed. Baseball scene was the cutest!

      Yeah. Kohei needs to grow up and be a man. I find his character frustrating. Shima may be a horny woman, but she knows when and where to draw the lines and is quite mature. Kohei should take a page from her book.

  • I am not really getting the chemistry between the leads either! I really hope Hiroto doesn’t end up with crazy Choko she is so weird and I am not getting her obsession with Tachibana. I mean he is hot but is there a reason why she likes him so much? I am pretty sure Tachibana doesnt like Choko even after that awkward kiss scene. Anyway I really hope Sakura gets her make over soon!!

    • I hope so, too. I’m sure Crazy Choko deserves happiness…but if she can’t temper that craziness and obsessiveness, I don’t think she’ll get it. I’m also quite mystified about just WHY she’s obsessed with Tachibana. He’s good looking, sure, and nice to other women in general, but for her to stalk him and go crazy when other girls go near him? Not seeing it.

      I was surprised they didn’t show any fallout from the kiss scene at all. I was expecting SOMETHING, but we got nothing. Maybe they’ll address it a little later? But, yeah, I don’t see Tachibana ever reciprocating her affections.

  • Thanks for the recap!

  • I still think Choko & Hiroto are siblings..or at least step-siblings. I don’t really see them having a romantic relationship.

    Kohei also annoys me, it is like he is still eager for an affair even though Shima is telling him no. Shima needs to back out of this before Miki gets the wrong idea!! But I did like Shima’s little speech about how marriage & kids are a miracle.

  • No chemistry?? I find the leads to be very cute together besides the age difference. I feel that Sakura being so tomboy-ish for a mature woman makes their interaction more believable. Some viewers ( not particularly this site) said that they disliked or couldn’t understand why Sakura gave Hiroto such a pass in regards to Momo.. but I say any, if not majority of women who’ve been on “dry dock” as they say in my part of the world for longer than two years would’ve surely jumped the young studs bones and think about Momo another day. Sakura is a ten year virgin; are you kidding me?! I agree with you guys that I also get the strong friendship vibe between Sakura and Tachibana nothing more. I really don’t know where the writer is gonna go with this story. For instance, Kohei is really going too far as it is to ever redeem himself with Mika. As for Tachibana, if you so care about Sakura just date her already make a move. What a bore? Choking is definitely from another planet, I just don’t know where she is coming from. Beautiful girl, rich with an attractive boy toy at her disposal (provided they aren’t siblings) this chick has no real issues. Momo… Why even write her into this story? Makes no sense. I guess homeboy had to get his ‘rocks’ off somewhere.

    Please please writers give me a solid believable ending.


    • I meant ROMANTIC chemistry. Sure, they are cute together and have fun together, but I don’t necessarily see the sparks of romance. They are almost like friends vs. lovers. To me at least. I give up on understanding chemistry anyways.

      As for Momo, you can’t be too upset by it considering that she and Hiroto haven’t really been dating, but at the same time… This guy confesses to you and asks to go out with you but forgets to mention he as an F. B. that he’s been seeing for who knows how long…I don’t know how I feel about that. Sure…she’s been without a guy for 10 years, but does that make it right that she quickly accepts the Momo situation (even if she hides her true feelings about it)? But then again, if you take that mentality, Hiroto would be a fling and a fling only, not a boyfriend. So…yeah. Too confusing.

      Tachibana and Sakura’s friendship, for right now, is great at showcasing the best friend relationship without romance between a man and a woman. That might change later, but who knows?

      This wouldn’t be the first drama where it seems the writer really didn’t consider things very well and threw everything but the kitchen sink in so we can cover all stupid stereotypes and annoyances for our OTP…whoever they are…I’m still not sure just WHO I’m supposed to be shipping with Sakura right now.

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