Smile, Donghae Episode 61 Recap

We open with Bongi pleading with Dongahe to please stay since she’s in love with him. We then cut to Sool Nyeo spilling the beans to Anna who misunderstands that Kim Joon knows James. Sool Nyeo then does her best to cover her tracks when Pil Jae calls out for Anna. The agitated Sool Nyeo reminds Anna that she and Donghae need to go back to the states and then pushes past Pil Jae knocking him to the ground to make good her escape.

Pil Jae and Sun Ok then freak out. Did Sool Nyeo come to hurt Anna? The rush into Anna’s room and ask what happened with Sool Nyeo. They see the envelope full of money—did Sool Nyeo give it to Anna? She nods. Sool Nyeo wants her to take Donghae back to the United States. The angry Pil Jae grabs the money and rushes after Sool Nyeo.

Pil Jae demands to know why Sool Nyeo gave Anna money to leave Korea. Sool Nyeo says she has her reasons. Pil Jae then asserts that even if Anna wasn’t there, he would never like Sool Nyeo. This wounds her. Does he really think she’d try to chase Anna out of Korea because of him? She’s not that kind of woman and would never stoop to doing that. Sool Nyeo is only doing this to save her daughter, so why does Pil Jae always think she’s bad? What about Anna? That woman is selfishly clinging on to James? Why is she better? Well…Sool Nyeo’s point is not wholly invalid. She then rushes away and Pil Jae just doesn’t know what to do as he is completely confused since he doesn’t know the whole story.

Back at the hotel, Bongi and Donghae get off the elevator and Donghae thanks him for saying she likes him when he doesn’t deserve it. The reason he is leaving the hotel has nothing to do with Bongi herself. They will discuss their own issues later. Awww. He was so gentle when saying this, but Bongi is still crying her heart out as she doesn’t want Donghae to leave the hotel or the Lee house.

Hye Sook gets a report from her assistant and learns that Bongi and Donghae’s menu was the most popular over the holidays. People have even asked if they could buy the fired kimchi and kimchi salad as a side menu. This doesn’t make Hye Sook, too happy since it involves Donghae, but she does tell him to tell Chef Bang to add those items to the menu. The assistant leaves and Donghae enters. What is going on? He gives her his letter of resignation and apologizes for staying and hurting her and her family. He’s really quitting? Hye Sook thought he wanted to stay and find his father. No matter what, he has to find his father and he will. It’s just that he doesn’t want to hurt her when she’s been so kind to him and his mother. Donghae vows to never forget what she’s done for him and wishes him well. Hye Sook looks…annoyed instead of happy. She puts the letter in her desk.

Saewa follows Do Jin to his office and begs him to listen to her. Do Jin refuses as he’s caught her sneaking around with Donghae one too many times now to believe her. Saewa says she was only begging Donghae to leave them alone. Do Jin must believe her and protect her from Donghae. Drama queen. Do Jin looks torn, and rushes out of his office. He only knows how to run away instead of consulting the problem rationally.

The angry Saewa goes to leave and runs into Bongi. She glares at her and goes to walk away, but Bongi stops her. Saewa finally got her wish. Saewa turns back, what? Bongi says that Donghae has quit his job for her. Saewa doesn’t care whatsoever. Shouldn’t she feel guilty? Guilty? Why should she feel guilty because of Donghae? Oh, let us count the ways… Bongi reminds her he lost his athletic career to save Saewa from getting run over by a truck and now he is giving up his only chance at finding his father to help Saewa save her marriage. Nope. Saewa won’t feel guilty over such petty things as these were decisions Donghae made himself. Wow. Yep. Shameless wench.

Oh Ji Eun

Bongi yells that Saewa threatened him. Saewa was selfish and wanted everything to go her way. she wanted to keep her marriage and didn’t care how much Anna and Donghae wanted to find James. Saewa doesn’t like this and tries to cut her off, but Bongi won’t be stopped.

Why does he have to be dragged around in the mud by you? Why?

Saewa smirks. That’s his destiny. She walks away only to meet her mother-in-law. Hye Sook’s mouth crooks up and she walks away. Saewa goes to follow but gets called by the PD. She promises she will be right there and then glares at Bongi—the other girl had better be careful and watch her mouth or else. Eyeroll. Will her threats ever get more creative?

As soon as Sool Nyeo gets home Sae Young foists the babies on her mother. Since Sool Nyeo doesn’t want to support her, fine. Sae Young will go out to earn money thus her mother has to watch the kids. LOL. Meanwhile, Sool Nyeo worries if Anna realized that James is Kim Joon. At the Lee house, Sun Ok tries to comfort Anna by saying that Sool Nyeo is loud and crude, but not a bad person. Pil Jae then comes in and gives Anna the money back telling her to have Donghae return it. HE then promises to stand guard outside her door to keep Sool Nyeo out. Anna isn’t really listening to this.

She says that Sool Nyeo mentioned James. Donghae’s father? How would Sool Nyeo know him? Pil Jae then asks if Sool Nyeo told Anna James was in the States and that’s why she’s trying to send Anna there. Anna replies that Sool Nyeo said James has moved on with his own family and doesn’t love Anna anymore. Then she mentioned Saewa’s father-in-law. Anna asked her to repeat it, but Sool Nyeo denied it. This relieves Sun Ok. When Sool Nyeo gets upset she confuses facts and spouts nonsense. You have to listen to her really carefully. For once, Sool Nyeo’s behavior works in her favor…but for how long? Sun Ok then tells Anna to get some rest. She then scolds Pil Jae for staying when he should be leaving. Of course, Anna won’t let go of what Sool Nyeo said.

Bongi is sitting alone and depressed when Yoo Jin comes to pick on her about the competition. Bongi has enough and yells at Yoo Jin to leave her alone. Yoo Jin scolds her for yelling at her superior and Bongi reveals Donghae quit. The production team overhears this and the PD gets upset. They thought Donghae was a shoe-in to win so they had a lot of film of him for the broadcast. The news then makes its way to Do Jin who wonders just what Donghae is planning. Nothing. Seriously. Why doe everyone think everyone else has an ulterior motive of harm or revenge or whatnot? Do Jin then thinks Donghae is running away as he’s been caught and he refuses to let him go.

Do Jin rushes after Donghae who is leaving the hotel. Donghae bows to him and continues walking, but Do Jin grabs his arm. Donghae tells him to quit it now as Donghae has already quit his job. Do Jin tells Donghae that while Donghae may have gotten this job on his own, he cannot quit it on his own. Um… that’s not true… Do Jin then reminds Donghae that he cannot quit until Do Jin gets his revenge.

The production team goes to meet with Hye Sook. The PD asks her to not process Donghae’s resignation until after the competition. Since Donghae is handsome, has an interesting back story, and can cook well, the production team would really like to focus on him. Plus, if he wins, it’s free publicity for the hotel. This annoys Saewa. Knowing her daughter-in-law doesn’t like this, Hye Sook says she will take it into consideration and let the team know. Haha. Hye Sook might do it just out of spite. I’d love to see that. Saewa then excuses herself and the team.

Do Jin then comes and asks if his mother processed the resignation. Not yet. What does Do Jin think? He doesn’t want her to. This shocks Hye Sook—didn’t Do Jin want Donghae gone? Do Jin then lies through his teeth saying he doesn’t want his personal life to hurt the hotel’s business. What does he mean? Is he promising to keep his personal and work lives separate? Exactly. Plus, if they really let Donghae go, people will think badly of Do Jin.

Donghae goes to the kitchen to say his goodbyes. Donghae thanks everyone for their help and says he will never forget them. He then goes around and shakes everyone’s hands. Dae Sam asks for Donghae’s recipe as a parting gift, but Donghae refuses. Yoo Jin then scolds him for leaving the competition since Dae Sam and Bongi are not up to snuff. Yoo Jin then tells Bongi to say something and stop standing stiff and silent. Bongi keeps her mouth shut and her gaze averted.

Hye Sook sits in her office and recalls Donghae’s explanation of the kimchi salad and her assistant’s words about Dongahe’s dishes being the most popular. She also recalls Bongi’s impassioned words to Saewa and the PD’s words that Donghae’s win would help the hotel. She’s torn. What is the right decision? Can she separate work and and private matters? She calls for secretary Kim. He stops Donghae from leaving.

Anna is busy cleaning her room and she picks up the money. She then gets a call from Hye Sook asking to see her. Back at the hotel, Donghae meets with Do Jin and Hye Sook who returns his letter and asks him to go back to work. Hye Sook tells him his recipe brought in the most revenue and the TV station believes Donghae will win. Hye Sook cannot let the hotel suffer for  personal reasons. She wants Donghae to leave for lying to her, but as a manager, she cannot let him go. Anna then comes in. Why is she there? Hye Sook replies she called her.

Anna sits down and Hye Sook says she can have her job back. Really? Can Donghae and Anna really come back? Hye Sook says that they can and it is her final decision. Donghae replies that he does not wish to be a burden. Hye Sook replies she came to this decision after much difficulty. Both Anna and Donghae must work hard so that Hye Sook does not regret keeping them on. They thank her and leave the office.

Downstairs Pil Jae awaits to hear what happens. Donghae thanks Pil Jae for bringing his mother. Pil Jae then asks what happened. Anna happily delivers the good news. Pil Jae congratulates them and goes to leave. Anna tells him to wait and wraps her scarf around him so he can keep warm on his undercover duties. This touches Pil Jae and he happily leaves. Donghae scolds Anna—what if Pil Jae misunderstands? Anna replies that Pil Jae is always kind to her…besides, that’s his scarf anyways. LOL. Cute. The dispirited Bongi comes upstairs to find Anna and Donghae. Anna reveals the good news and Bongi is delighted.

Hye Sook tells Joon about keeping Donghae and his mother. This surprises Joon. Hye Sook says that after all, Donghae was a victim of Saewa’s games, too. Still…what about their son? Hye Sook says it was Do Jin’s decision, too. Alarm bells should really be ringing since Do Jin is neither mature enough nor broadminded enough for such a decision. Joon then asks what about Saewa and her feelings. Hye Sook does not trust her. So will Hye Sook really force the kids to divorce?

Saewa is happy. Donghae is no longer the problem, she now needs to get on her mother-in-law’s good side again. When she hears Hye Sook as at the station, she rushes off to invite her to tea. Hye Sook asks if Saewa smiles like that when lying to Do Jin as well. How long can Saewa wear that smile? Hye Sook can’t wait to find out. On the car ride home, Hye Sook recalls that earlier moment and smirks. What devious plan is she hatching to oust Saewa from her family’s life?

Sool Nyeo is watching the twins and wondering if she should steal the Lee family television to keep them from watching the news. No. That won’t work. Tae Hoon comes home and Sool Nyeo gives him the twins. She asks if the Lee family still hates Kim Joon with a passion. Of course. This relieves Sool Nyeo a bit. It is unlikely they will watch the news if Kim Joon is anchoring it. She then gets a call from Hye Sook inviting her over. This freaks her out and she calls Saewa who tells her not to worry. Wear respectable clothes and do whatever Hye Sook wants. She then calls her sunbae back about the favor she asked for earlier.

Anna, Donghae, and Bongi arrive back at the Lee house. Anna goes in first so Donghae and Bongi can talk. Donghae asks about what she said in the elevator. Bongi confesses that she really does like him. She can’t tell him when it started, but she has fallen for him completely. She wants to see him smile and wishes to be the person to make him happy. Awwww. Donghae goes to say something, but in comes Kang Jae. Drat! When will we get Donghae’s confession?

Donghae tells the Lee family the good news. They are happy for him and Anna. Donghae is then asked who he thinks will win between the two of them. Song Yi pipes in and says that it will be her oppa of course. This makes the family laugh. Pil Jae then scolds his daughter. She shouldn’t wear her heart on her sleeve. A girl should never make the first move and let the man confess first just like Pil Jae did. Bongi starts choking on her fruit. LMAO. She then says she was only thinking of the competition and vows to win first place. Pil Jae then darts a suspicious glance between his niece and Donghae.

Anna and Donghae return to their room where Anna hands over the money Sool Nyeo gave her. This shocks Donghae. What is the money for. Ann then says that Sool Nyeo apologizes for being mean and told her to use the money to go back to the states. She then mentions Saewa’s father-in-law.

Sool Nyeo arrives at the Kim house and Hye Sook immediately tells her to take her daughter back since Saewa refuses to listen. Before Sool Nyeo can do more than stutter about divorce, Saewa arrives with reporters. Hye Sook asks who they are and Saewa smiles. There have been rumors about her having problems with her marriage. They are there to prove those rumors false. Sool Nyeo is not happy with her daughter’s methods I don’t think. And we all know how much Hye Sook likes being cornered.

Donghae asks why Sool Nyeo mentioned Saewa’s father-in-law. Well…they were talking about James when Sool Nyeo brought Kim Joon into the conversation. Really? Donghae needs must know more.

Well…we are in the 60s now. The big birth secret should be coming around the corner at last…don’t you think? What will be revealed first? Kim Joon is James or the fact that Anna is the Jos’ daughter?


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