Crazy Love Episode 13 Recap

We open with Na Young being forced out of CK by the security guards. When she looks up and notices Mi So, she slowly  gets to her feet and walks away quietly. Mi So asks what happened and her husband’s only reply is that he doesn’t get that woman. The two then go back to his office where Hae Ram is quietly playing. Min Jae reveals all of Na Young’s lies. He also complains about how much Na Young tried to cling on to him. If she had not done that, Min jae would have settled things with her quietly and even gave her severance pay, but she persisted in latching on like an octopus, thus the ending we get.

Na Young paces outside the company and calls Myung Ja who ignores the call. How dare a showgirl who forged her diploma call her? Myung Ja is happy that the truth was discovered before she gave everything to her. Back in Min Jae’s office, Mi So pleads with her husband to follow the normal resignation and severance procedures, but he refuses. Na Young then tries calling him. This annoys Min Jae. See? She won’t go quietly—if she would, she wouldn’t have lied about 99% of her life. Mi So then wonders how bad Na Young’s situation was to make her do this. She then reveals what the headmistress told her about Sun Hee’s hard life. Mi So then reveals that she was adopted by the family that was supposed to take Sun Hee, thus Sun Hee got adopted by a poor family and lived a miserable life. When Mi So confronted her that one time, Na Young definitely seemed to hold a grudge against her.

Min Jae wishes to know why Mi So feels guilty about the situation. People’s destinies are already determined. He’s sorry to hear that Na Young had a rough life after adoption, but a person’s true nature doesn’t change easily. Still…Mi So feels bad. So what will happen to Na Young now? Min Jae says that she is capable with skills, so she should be able to land on her feet. Hae Ram then asks if her father will buy her chocolate snacks. Min Jae agrees to this and they three go to visit Mi So’s mother’s grave. Meanwhile Na Young sits outside and vows to pay back the Lee family all the humiliation they have given to her 10,000 fold. When she sees the happy family scene, Na Young vows once more to destroy Mi So’s life.

Na Young calls up Kang Sik who is in the hospital with his ill mother. She promises him a huge amount of money if he does something for her. Kang Sik is not biting. He’s not crazy. The money doesn’t matter at this point. Doesn’t it? He’s in desperate need isn’t he? Na Young tells him that Mi So and her daughter will be arriving at a park in 40 minutes and she estimates their departure time at about an hour…he has that long to make up his mind. Kang Shik says he understands and she needs to cough up the money she owes him from the last job. Na Young refuses since it failed. However, she will give him that amount plus more if he does this job successfully. This annoys Kang Sik. She’s jerking him around, isn’t she? He refuses to do the job and says that he will pretend he never heard her request.

Kang Sik hangs up and says Na Young is a crazy whore. He doesn’t want to do it, but his mother needs surgery or she will die. Thus he cusses and calls Na Young back. Does he think his mother will be happy if he saved her life by harming an innocent woman and her daughter? Na Young sits at her vanity and recalls her painful past and the recent events at CK. She won’t back down now just because she’s standing on thin ice. She’s come this far and won’t lose everything.

At CK, Myung Ja calls Ko and tells him to quickly find someone to replace Na Young. Enter Min Jae who chides his mother for not handling the matter more quietly. If the situation leaks out, it will make the company look bad. Myung Ja doesn’t care. Na Young betrayed her and she still could call the police to report the young woman for fraud. Min Jae then says that Myung Ja asked for this. This shocks his mother. Min Jae reminds her that Myung Ja kept pushing them together without knowing everything about Na Young. Of course Myung Ja replies it is all Mi So’s fault. Aigoo. This woman. Shakes head. She will never learn. Min Jae is also unhappy that she is having Ko find a replacement for Na Young. Can’t she let him handle the presentation himself? Of course not. Does he know how important this is? One wrong move and Mrs. Go will step in and control the company. The annoyed Min Jae asks his mother have just a little faith in him.

At the grave site, Mi So recalls her happy childhood with her mother, father, and baby brother. She then recalls all the unhappiness of recent events. She apologizes to her mother as she is having a very hard time. She must have not been good enough. However, Mi So promises her mother she will stand strong and raise her daughter to be the happiest person in the world. Hae Ram asks her mother why she is crying. Mi So says it is because she hasn’t seen her mother in so long. Mi So then asks if Hae Ram has anything to say to her grandmother. Hae Ram talks about her school friends and asks her grandmother to help Chang Ki pass the audition. She then smiles and says she likes talking to her grandmother. So adorable.

Back in Myung Ja’s office, Min Jae tells his mother he will never leave his wife. If she persists in staying the way she is, then he will take Mi So and Hae Ram and move out. Myung Ja cannot believe this. If he stays with Mi So, then who will inherit CK? Will he let it be torn to pieces and taken over by others? Of course not. Min Jae plans on letting his daughter inherit the company as women are smarter nowadays anyway. Dang straight. Business is not only for men! Min Jae then reminds Myung Ja just how well Mi So did at the company before she married him. As Mrs. Go passes by the office, she hears Myung Ja cussing Min Jae out. When he comes out of the office, she asks if Myung Ja is mad at him because of what happened with Na Young (referring to the elevator molestation). Stay strong, the rumors will quickly die down.

Mrs. Go then visits her husband and says that thanks to Na Young, she might end up winning by default. He should have heard Myung Ja screaming in her office. It gave Mrs. Go great satisfaction, but something is odd. What? Why did Myung Ja change her opinion about Na Young as a prospective daughter-in-law overnight? The kiss scandal isn’t valid enough. Oh says that obvious isn’t it. He then tells his wife it’s a perfect opportunity for her. His wife agrees. She can’t let the wet-behind-the-ears Min Jae inherit CK.

At the Oh house, the family is gathered in the living room. Hae Ryung asks why her mother married a a widower with a child when she was still single. Mrs. Go smiles. She married him because she loved him. Oh was so good to her that she couldn’t help but fall in love with him. Plus, he’s been faithful and good to her all this time. That’s right. No one is as good as Hae Ryung’s father. Hae Ryung then asks why Go did not have a child of her own. Oh’s expression darkens. You have GOT to be kidding me! I highly doubt that she will end up being Na Young’s mother. So…Mi So is probably her biological daughter. See? Crazy Asian dramas with a tangled web of interconnections. I mean…truth is stranger than fiction, but it’s really hard to believe all these coincidences piling on top of one another.

Go then says that Hae Ryung was enough for her. From the time she met Hae Ryung and the girl fell asleep in her arms, she has thought of her as her biological daughter. Hae Ryung smiles and says that she is glad Mrs. Go is her mother. Go then thinks about being with a little girl named Da Hae. Ok…maybe Mi So isn’t.

Kyung Soo is in his office talking about a case when Hae Ryung calls (against Go’s wishes) to show off her manicure to her husband. She was depressed so she got one with her mother. Kyung Soo casts a glance at the waiting man and says he has to go as he’s in a meeting with a client. Crazy Hae Ryung then suffers. Male or female? Male. Kyung Soo must be lying. Kyung Soo cannot believe she’s doing this again. He assures her the client is a male and Hae Ryung demands he show her proof. Eyeroll. Kyung Soo hangs up on her. This makes Hae Ryung decide to march to his office. Go tells her to calm down and trust him since Kyung Soo is not a person who lies and Hae Ryung knows this. Then why was he acting weird? Because he got a video call when he was with a client. Go knows the feeling as she feels very awkward when she gets such calls herself and she’s with a client. Hae Ryung sits back down and then tells the manicurist to take it off since her husband doesn’t like it. Crisis averted.

At the Yoon household, Yoon, Chan Ki, and Jong Hee are sitting down to a meal. Jong Hee bought them pork hocks to celebrate. She then hands over their pay for working in her factory. Chan Ki gets an envelop full of cash while Yoon gets a savings book in his son’s name no less. Why doesn’t he get cash? So he can’t blow it on gambling again. This money has to sit in the account for three years. By that time, Yoon will have a tidy sum. When he gripes about this, Jong Hee tells him to hurry and save money to help pay for Chan Ki’s surgery (kidney transplant?). Yoon then asks for the pin and of course Jong Hee refuses to give it. So…he has money…but he can’t use it. LOL.

Baek is on the phone worried about Kang Sik. He asks how the other man is doing and is surprised to learn he’s not doing well at all since his mother’s cancer is back and she needs surgery right away. Why didn’t Kang Sik tell him? Because he already feels bad about Baek paying his deposit for him. Baek hangs up and then calls up Na Young. The two meet and he asks her what job she gave Kang Sik. Didn’t she tell him that he was taking care of guys who were bother her? The job was completed successfully and he received his money. That’s a lie. Kang Sik was to contact Baek as soon as the job was completed, so something is up as Kang Sik only doesn’t call when a mess is made. Did Na Young ask Kang Sik to hurt someone? Of course not, she just asked him to scare someone.

Does Baek not trust her either? Does he also think she’s murky like dirty water? What’s the matter? Someone said that to her. She was murky like dirty water and he didn’t want to see her or be near her. Is that also what Baek thinks? He angrily demands to know who said that (dude…when will you wake up to her true nature? Sure, you know she isn’t a saint, but you treat her better than she deserves). Baek wonders why she cares as she never did before. That’s right. She then reveals she was kicked out of CK. That’s why she’s at her apartment at that hour instead of work. He yells at her as he told her to end things cleanly and walk out herself. Right. She should have listened to her oppa. If she had left of her own volition, she wouldn’t be as humiliated as she is right now. She flashes back on the being kicked out and seeing Mi So.

Baek goes to leave and Na Young asks if Hong Eun Joo knows how much Baek likes her. Baek pauses and looks at Na Young. Can Eun Joo even imagine how much Baek still likes her and misses her? Sore subject, kiddo. Na Young is curious if someone cares that much about her. Baek doesn’t answer to this and turns the conversation back to the missing Kang Sik. If Na Young made him do something stupid because he’s in desperate need of money, he won’t let it go. Baek then gets up and leaves and Na Young wonders what he would do. If Baek learns what Kang Sik is going to do to his precious Eun Joo…Baek would probably want to rip his heart out. This girl.

Mi So is taking her daughter around to the places she used to go with her own mother. It’s really cute seeing how the two interact and play with one another. Poor Kang Sik watches from his car and you can see how conflicted he is. We now get to learn Na Young’s orders (although we can always guess what they were to begin with). She told Kang Sik to kidnap the little girl as Na Young wishes to scare the Lee family since the treated her badly. Kang Sik doesn’t believe Na Young’s words at all, but what can he do when he needs the money? Hae Ram then asks for a balloon and Mi So picks her up an takes her over to the clown selling balloons.

Kyung Soo is in his office and he takes out his phone seeing Mi So’s text that she is fine. He decides to call her and ask if she is really okay after the incident from the other day. Mi So replies she is honestly fine and thanks him for his concern. Kyung Soo says it is a relief to hear her voice and that she sounds well. Mi So apologizes for not calling since he was so worried. Kyung Soo says that isn’t it and tells her to have fun with her daughter. The two hang up and Mi So recalls the agitated Kyung Soo after the incident. She is rattled from these thoughts when Hae Ram asks her to go somewhere with her. As  Kyung Soo is about to leave his office, he knocks over his plant, shattering the vase. Bad omen.

Mi So and Hae Ram watch a man making popped rice. Again, cute scenes. When the rice popper goes off, Mi So notices a grandmother fall down. Mi So rushes over to help when Hae Ram loses her balloon. Hae Ram chases after it and this is noticed by Kang Sik. When Mi So looks over and doesn’t see her daughter she starts getting anxious and yelling for her. Meanwhile,  the anxious Na Young waits in her apartment and jumps at the sound of the screeching kettle. It’s almost like a child’s scream. Mi So looks all over and cannot find her daughter. That’s where this episode ends.

Let us pray that nothing bad happens to Hae Ram. I really don’t want the little girl seriously hurt or accidentally killed. From the previews…it looks like Na Young might realize she did something horribly wrong. Let’s hope it’s just the kidnapping and not anything worse.


  • For my sanity, I’m just gonna believe Baek tolerate that psycho because he feels guilty for messing with the adoption papers cause seriously she has nothing that is remotely decent about her. And where does she get all that money? Some American sugar daddy?? Money wise she seems to better off than Mi So since the latter had to go through her husband and his mom so why is she still pressed about her life? Ugh! Mi So’s hubby seems smarter than I thought. He said what I was actually thinking. Yes, it sucks she was adopted by an abusive dad, but her nature was already rotten. Just look at those flashbacks when she was little. Psycho in the making.

    lol I bet that little girl with that other psycho’s mom is Mi So just to make that situation even more awkward hahaha I cannot stand Kyung Soo’s wife. Shouldn’t they provide her with psychological help? They can’t just think that she is just extremely jealous.

    Last note: I really need them to speed up the Baek finding out the true identity of Mi So. I’m still creeped out by the whole being hung up on a 8yo (I’m just guessing ages lol) I understand when the kids are teenagers to hold on to a crush but just not little kids lol At least, I can get in the adulthood bandwagon instead of him looking at an old picture of them kids *shivers* And really? Why hasn’t he even made the effort to track her down like his psycho friend did if he likes her so much? Does he think she left Korea?
    And I assume when she got picked by her parents at the orphanage, he didn’t see them cause he would have remembered the dad. I just know that he saw the car leaving unless I missed something.

    • That is probably the main reason…I hope. You have to love how Na Young will hurt even the man she truly loves just because Eun Joo/Mi So has always been the apple of his eye. I think that no matter what Crazy Lady has, she will never deem it good enough. It doesn’t matter that Na Young is better off now as Mi So had the better childhood and life until 4 years ago when the whole bankruptcy and debt happened. I was also surprised by Min Jae’s insight. It proves he does have a functioning brain…but I have a feeling we can still expect great bounds of idiocy and childishness on his part (and his mother’s).

      I was wondering, but then in the flashback the child was called like Dae Hee or something like that. If Mi So is Crazy Wife’s mother’s daughter…then why would she have been known as Hong Eun Joo at the orphanage? But then again, when have dramas ever had the facts 100%? Crazy Wife needs LOADS of therapy. Yes, people are naturally like that, but with some help…they can overcome their issues. Some times.

      Yeah, Baek watched Mi So get driven away by her new family, but maybe over 20 years would render him unable to recognize adults…but all the flashbacks show her parents looking exactly the same so…I don’t know. Since he was the one who swapped the paperwork, I am surprised he doesn’t know her family name or where she was/is. I am soooo waiting for him to learn the truth and sooooo dreading it because as Na Young said in this episode, that knowledge will probably make him wish to rip out his own heart.

      • Before ripping his heart out, he should start with hers lol And is she gonna ask him to love her directly and indirectly everytime they see each other? I think the way he rolled his eyes when she told that Robert dude that he was her husband was pretty telling and hilarious lolol

        I bet Kyung Soo is gonna find out about Mi So’s daughter through his gossipy in laws which works on my favor. Like I said before I don’t even care he’s married, the guy is a better husband than her own lol

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