Crazy Love Episode 9 Recap

My what a tangled web we weave.

Na Young is startled my Min Jae’s question. Before she can answer, Mi Soo comes out and asks what Min Jae means about a bar in New York. Na Young picks up her fallen purse and puts on a mask of bravado. Min Jae heard that from Robert Chung, right? How annoying. She already told Robert he was mistaken—how can she be a bar girl? Min Jae needs to go back and tell Robert to stop spreading his lies.

Na Young turns to leave, but Min Jae doesn’t want to let her go until he gets some answers. Na Young replies that she has no reason to listen to something that isn’t worth hearing. Min Jae sighs and enter Myung Ja onto the scene. Why isn’t she coming in? Na Young puts on her smile and lies—what she’s really good at doing, you know? She ran into Min Jae after the call got disconnected and was just about to come in. Myung Ja invites both Min Jae and Na Young in and scolds Mi Soo for not rushing to pick up Hae Ram. Min Jae says he will pick up Hae Ram with his wife and the three will have a family dinner outside together. This angers Myung Ja to know end. It makes me happy.

Min Jae takes his wife and daughter out to eat and apologizes to the young Hae Ram for being so busy so they can’t eat out or go to amusement parks all that often. Mi Soo says it’s because Hae Ram is unfortunate to have them as parents. She hopes her daughter doesn’t have their luck. How can she say that? Is she still upset that Myung Ja invited Na Young over? It’s not the first time Myung Ja has done that. Mi Soo then asks what the conversation earlier meant—did Na Young work at a bar in New York?

Back at the Lee house, Na Young is giving advice on how to renovate the house for a fresh, trendy feel. Of course Myung Ja eats it all up as she is putty in Na Young’s capable hands. At the diner, Min Jae says that Chung must be mistaken as how can a bar girl from the US be able to get into CK? Plus, her parents own a business in New Jersey. Mi Soo asks if this is just Min Jae wanting to believe in Na Young. He quickly says it isn’t. After all, it jus doesn’t add up, does it? Mi Soo says it doesn’t matter if it is true or not to her, but to him, it would make him look pathetic if it was. Shouldn’t they at least find out the truth?

Mi Soo they reveals she hasn’t forgiven him yet and thinks about divorce daily. This surprises Min Jae. Mi Soo says Myung Ja ignores her (or blatantly insults her all of the time) while Min Jae is like a candle in the wind who can go out at any time. Just what is she doing in that house? If things continue on in this vein, Mi Soo just might give up and move out—that’s how frustrated she feels. Min Jae says he knows and will never repeat his past mistake. Can she please give him some credit? How can they have such a conversation in front of their young daughter? Aigoo.

At work, Min Jae goes over Na Young’s personnel file. He’s looking at her educational background and recalls Chung wondering how a girl who graduated from a New Jersey university would need to work as a New York bar girl. This sends Min Jae calling up Chung once more. Min Jae is hoping to meet him just once more before he leaves. Chung then calls up Na Young to let her know that Min Jae keeps asking about her. Na Young repeats that she isn’t Reese so why is he still being like that? What does he want? He laughs, what does she think he wants? Call him. Na Young hangs up and angrily sweeps the stuff off her desk. She then puts in a desperate call to Baek.

Na Young pretties herself up at home, she thinks back on the past and complains about the pervert daring to blackmail her. Just wait, she’ll make sure he’ll never think of Reese again. Chung arrives and asks if Na Young found a sugar daddy to move up so far in the world. The two drink some wine and Na Young does her best to keep him from being too touchy feely. Na Young lures Chung to her bed where Baek pops out and starts punching him. Who is this guy? Na Young smiles—her husband? She’s married!? Why didn’t she tell him? He didn’t ask. I love Baek’s expression when Na Young calls him her husband, he was NOT happy.

Chung keeps calling Na Young Reese and this earns him more kicks and punches. Who is Reese? Chung gets to his knees and begs for mercy since he didn’t know she was marry. Of course Baek doesn’t lay off and keeps hitting Chung. Na Young stops him because if he goes too far, he’ll get in trouble again. Baek then warns Chung that if he bothers Na Young again, things won’t end well for him. Reese doesn’t exist. Chung quickly says he understands and that he was mistaken. Baek then throws his coat at him and the scared Chung turns tail and runs.

Na Young laughs happily. Serves him right for not leaving her alone. Baek turns and angrily demands to know what happened. Na Young says she did what she had to do when she lived in New York and had nothing. She didn’t think it would come back to haunt her. She thanks him for his help. The two sit down and Baek demands to know what Lee from CK is to Na Young. Why does he want to know? Baek is worried about her. Na Young says she’s interested in Min Jae and Baek tells her to wake up since Min Jae already has a wife and child. Why does she care about that? He’ll divorce his wife soon—it’s only a matter of time.

Baek tells Na Young she is someone who should know better than to desire such things. He then says that life is precious and shouldn’t be ruined by any bad decision. This annoys Na Young and the conversation, like always, goes back to Hong Eun Joo. What kind of life does Baek think she’s living right now? Baek closes his eyes and sighs. Na Young asks what happens if Eun Joo lives a life like her? You never know, right? Omo, omo, omo. I ♥ Baek’s response!!!! And his expression? Priceless. As was Na Young’s hurt face.

I’m warning you—don’t talk about Eun Joo that way in front of me. Eun Joo is different than you.

It does make one wonder though…if Baek has such low regards for Na Young why does he help and protect her? Yes, I know deep down he is a good guy and you could see that in the flasbhack scenes of the orphanage days…but still…she can’t compare and is different than “his” Eun Joo. So why help her at all? Let the girl drown in her jealousy and anger.

Mrs. Go and Mr. Oh come in and find the kitchen a complete mess. Looks like Hae Ryung binged again. Mrs. Go goes up to her daughter’s bedroom where Hae Ryung is sleeping surrounded by food remains. Go cries and wonders if she wasn’t a good enough mother to Hae Ryung. Why is her poor little girl like this?

Mi Soo meets with Kyung Soo who hands over the certification that the debt has been repaid. Mi Soo is over the moon. It’s really over? Her father and brother will be so happy to hear this news. Her family can live a normal life at last. How can she ever pay him back? Kyung Soo looks guilty and says nothing. Mi Soo then says Kyung Soo and tells him she has changed her mind about lawyers thanks to all of his help. Why—what did she think before? Lawyers were evil because Yoon told her they lost everything because of an evil lawyer. This makes Kyung Soo feel even guiltier. It’s the lawyers’ fault they lost everything and her mother passed away.  Now her opinion is amended and she knows there are good lawyers like him around.

Not being able to bear it anymore, Kyung Soo interrupts her. There is something he hasn’t told her yet. He goes to tell her he was the lawyer at her father’s trial, but his assistant comes in saying Lawyer Choi is asking for him since the credit union is now suing them back. Mi Soo then takes her leave not allowing him to explain anything. Poor guy. Just wait until she finds out later.

At the Yoon home, Chan Ki is practicing while Jong Hee keeps giving him advice. He grabs for her and their lips bump. Cute. Each blames the other and Yoon bursts in and asks how the two kids can do something like that in front of him. LOL. Yoon then gets a call from Mi Soo who tells him the happy news. Yoon is shocked, how can the debt be resolved? Mi Soo happily tells him he doesn’t have to worry or run any more. Yoon tears up and hangs up saying they will talk more about it later. Chan Ki and Jong Hee asks what happened and Yoon tearfully says that their private loan has been cleared.

Mi Soo is doing the laundry and finds Kyung Soo’s handkerchief. She hasn’t returned it to him yet. She then recalls the past moments she’s shared with him with a smile. Meanwhile, Myung Ja meets with Yoon to discuss their children’s divorce. This has Yoon spitting out his tea. Divorce? Myung Ja says she’s already told him that the marriage has soon ceased to have meaning. Myung Ja brings up the grandson thing again. Yoon then mentions the affair and says they should be the first to mention the divorce—not Myung Ja who then turns around and blames Mi Soo for the affair. If Mi Soo was a good wife, would Min Jae turn around and have an affair? Myung Ja then tells him to  convince Mi Soo to sign the papers and she will be set for life. Yoon then gets down and kneels.

Kyung Soo sits outside the Lee house and watches Mi Soo happily interacting with her little girl. He recalls the moment in his office when Mi Soo was happily thanking him for the debt clearance. Mi Soo and Hae Ram then go into the house where Yoon is pleading with Myung Ja who refuses to listen. Mi Soo is shocked to see her father in such a state. Yoon quickly gets up and asys he has nothing left to say, but he will pretend he didn’t hear what Myung Ja said. Please don’t punish his daughter because of his mistakes. Mi Soo stares in shock and Hae Ram asks if her grandfather can’t stay and play with her. Yoon promises to play with her next time and leaves. Mi Soo leaves Hae Ram with Myung Ja and chases after her father.

What happened? Why did he do that? Yoon says that his daughter has been suffering because of him. He tells her to go back inside, but Mi Soo won’t. What did her mother-in-law say now? Why did he have to kneel in front of her? Yoon refuses to say anything and just asks Mi Soo to stay strong and do her best to be sincere to move the mountain that is Myung Ja. Before he goes, he does tell his daughter she can always come home if things are too hard on her in that house.

Mi Soo goes back into the house and asks Myung Ja what she said to Mi Soo’s father. Myung Ja says it was about the divorce. Mi Soo says that her mother-in-law has gone too far. Myung Ja says that it is Mi Soo who has gone too far clinging when she should be leaving. Mi Soo cuts her off and rushes into the kitchen to make dinner. Myung Ja then loudly complains about her daughter-in-law having no manners and being just like her dad not knowing her place. Yoon is handed an envelope full of money for drinks and inside is a large sum. I think its from Myung Ja.

Oh asks Kyung Soo to go after Ma for writing the article. Kyung Soo says that it will be hard to convince such a well known reporter. It doesn’t matter. Kyung Soo must do whatever he can in order to get that reporter on his side.

Meanwhile, Yoon is happily going through the money and divvying it up. Money for Chan Ki, money for the house, money to start a new store, and money to bet on horses. Yoon then recalls Myung Ja’s words. No, he would be horrible if he does that with Myung Ja’s money. Mi Soo comes in and he quickly hides the money. She has brought him some porridge and will go and buy him some medicine for body aches. Such a sweet daughter. Yoon then asks who the lawyer was to solve their problems. He would like to personally thank him. Mi Soo says that the lawyer refused any fees, too, so she was wondering how to thank him. This is good—they can go together now.

Mi Soo then tells him Kyung Soo’s name. Yoon starts freaking out. That evil lawyer solved their problems when he was the one who made them that way? Mi Soo is shocked to hear this. You mean she got help from him without knowing who he was? Then again, when everything had happened, she was being rushed into emergency surgery right after Hae Ram was born. Yoon went down on his knees to beg Kyung Soo who didn’t even bat an eyelash and now he’s helped them?

Mi Soo goes to JR and recalls her father’s words and Kyung Soo’s reactions to the case. He had tried to tell her. Mi Soo tears up. So it was Kyung Soo who took away her father’s factory which led to her mother’s death? She then sees Kyung Soo exit the building and she immediately jumps out of her car. Kyung Soo asks what happened and why is she there. Mi Soo says nothing and just slaps him. She then calls him a bastard. Poor Kyung Soo. But he did help create such a mess.

Guess this goes to prove that your past mistakes can never be escaped from at all. At least Kyung Soo has woken up and is trying to do right (by Mi Soo and her family at least).

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