Crazy Love Episode 8 Recap

NeeNee’s weekend marathon of tvN’s daily drama Crazy Love continues. Hopefully I can get through episode 12 today so I can be caught up with the beginning of the new week and new episodes!

We open with Mi Soo seeing her husband kissing Na Young. At this time, Min Jae opens his eyes and sees his wife below. He is horrified and pulls back. Na Young wonders what is going on and glances below as well. She smiles. What will Min Jae do now that he has been thoroughly caught? Min Jae goes to rush off and Na Young stops him and reminds him he was to spend the night. Since he’s been caught now, why change the plan? Min Jae shakes her off and rushes down to his wife.

Min Jae tells Mi Soo he can explain everything and says he’ll take her home. Mi Soo says nothing and just walks away with Min Jae staring helplessly. Jong Hee is irate that Mi Soo left without confronting the “whore” and rushes up to start scolding Na Young for coming on to a married man. Jong Hee immediately then attacks Na Young. She is Mi Soo’s best friend! Her friend, sister, and mother. Unfortunately, Na Young is a mighty opponent and shoves Jong Hee down. Jong Hee sees blood and goes crazy. She will definitely NOT let Na Young go. The cat fight continues.

Meanwhile, Min Jae has caught up to Mi Soo who breaks down and starts crying. Why did he do that? WHY? How is she and Hae Ram going to live now? How can she ever trust him again? Min Jae stammers out an apology—he must have been out of his mind. Min Jae says his heart was saying “no” but if his heart was saying that why was he holding and kissing another woman? It was alcohol—that’s it! He had been drinking to celebrate success with his team. It was only this one time. Snort. One time? Riiiight. Mi Soo of course doesn’t believe it was only once. She throws back his earlier words about standing by her and Hae Ram no matter what. Min Jae hugs the screaming and sobbing Mi Soo to him and can only repeat he is wrong, he must have been out of his mind. Very weak excuses.

Na Young is sitting at her vanity and looking quite bedraggled and unhappy. She pulls out a wad of hair. I laughed at that. Good going, Jong Hee! Na Young takes out her brush and starts brushing her hair. Now is not the time to get upset as this is just the beginning. Her real war with Mi Soo will start now and no matter what, she has to win. Evil, crazy laugh. Well, we all knew she wasn’t playing with a full deck of sanity.

The next morning Min Jae sits all depressed recalling Mi Soo hitting him and crying and demanding to know what she and their daughter will do now. His mother interrupts his depression by saying she wishes to invite Na Young over to share a bottle of wine the American James Wayne brought them [Robert Chung is his secretary—the one who used to be Na Young’s client in the US]. Min Jae  says she doesn’t like it. Why would she invite Na Young over? Why, also, did she move Na Young to the planning department? Does she really like Na Young for a daughter-in-law that much? Well, too bad. He refuses to divorce Mi Soo. Myung Ja is exasperated. Doesn’t Min Jae know that Mi Soo is stumbling block to his success? Min Jae says marriage and career are two very different things. Myung Ja is exasperated again. She wants a grandson. Aigoo.

I pause to recall another Korean drama. It’s the SBS 2009 weekend drama Loving You a Thousand Times. In that woman’s pursuit of a grandson, all hell broke loose. Her daughter-in-law became an alcoholic, her son started cheating on his wife, and her step-son fell in love with the surrogate mother. One crazy, twisted cycle. This drama’s craziness is even more tangled and crazy than that one.

Min Jae goes to the office and calls his wife. Will Mi Soo pick up the call? No. Since she won’t answer, he texts an apology when Na Young enters. She complains that Min Jae left her alone to face the wrath of Jong Hee. She even had a bunch of hair pulled out. How come Min Jae looks fine? Min Jae says he’s going through a lot right now and he doesn’t want to talk to her right now. Na Young then says she’s being transferred to the planning department—is he going to congratulate her? Min Jae then buzzes Whang and angrily demands the things he asked for earlier. This disappoints and angers Na Young. Min Jae turns back to her. They’ll talk later, ok? She says nothing and leaves the office. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

At the Yoon home, Jong Hee is talking bout what a tough opponent Na Young was. Jong Hee then asks how Min Jae met Na Young…at a bar? No, they work together. This horrifies Jong Hee. This means that Na Young entered the company expressly for Min Jae and will cling to him like a leach. How do they get rid of her? Mi Soo recalls the night before and asks Jong Hee to watch Hae Ram as she rushes out.

Min Jae meets with Na Young at her place and says he did start liking her. She was a great help to him and he does think she’s intelligent and beautiful and he was happy she liked him as well. However…he doesn’t want to hurt her or his wife any more. This has to stop here. Of course this annoys Na Young and is the opposite of what she wanted to hear. He knows how she feels. She is quite the actress as she says that she won’t give up on him and wishes to remain with him just like this. Min Jae tells her not to be like this and Na Young demands to know why it can’t be her. Why Mi Soo? Min Jae says that he will never leave his family. Plus, he’s nothing without Mi Soo. It’s time for them to end this. Na Young tries to stop him from going and pleads with tears, but Min Jae leaves. This only incites Na Young more. Just wait and see, he will never be able to leave her.

As Min Jae goes to leave he sees Mi Soo coming and makes a mad dash in the opposite direction. I don’t think she sees him. Mi Soo takes a deep breath and enters Na Young’s place. Na Young then talks about how long she’s been seeing Min Jae and how charming he is. Mi Soo says that Na Young is nothing—just another surrogate her mother-in-law found. This earns Mi Soo a slap, but she doesn’t cower and returns the slap back just as hard. Mi Soo, Mi Soo, such an interesting character. One moment a spineless ninny and the next hard as steel. Mi Soo warns Na Young to stay away from her husband as he is not someone who is easy. Na Young then says that Min Jae was just there. Of course she changes the story to say that Min Jae couldn’t live without her versus Mi Soo.

Mi Soo then takes out her phone and calls her husband. Was he just at Na Young’s place. Thankfully, Min Jae doesn’t lie. He says he was, but it was to end things. Mi Soo turns the phone on speaker so that Na Young can hear Min Jae say he was ending things as Mi Soo is the only woman for him. Wow. I love how Na Young gets thoroughly denounced by Min Jae for clinging on to him so he made a mistake a few times. Think of it as a couple wild times at a bar as men are wont to do. Omo. NICE! I do like that Na Young’s plans do not proceed so smoothly.

The angry Na Young then calls up the security guard and berates him for letting weirdos in. Mi Soo tells her to stop taking her anger out on others. Mi Soo then demands to know what is it that Na Young really wants. No matter what, Mi Soo won’t let her take what is hers. Na Young tells her to think about it—hasn’t she already taken something and ruined someone else’s life? Mi Soo says nothing and walks out. Na Young is angry at this. How could Mi Soo forget she destroyed her life? She vows to walk all over Mi Soo for the rest of their lives. Psycho.

Kyung Soo is working hard at the office when he gets a call from Hae Ryung to hurry home no later than 10 as it’s an important full moon night. Remember, she got the fortune about when is the best time to conceive a baby. Kyung Soo promises to make it when he gets a call from a sunbae he’s been waiting to hear from. Unfortunately, the man is leaving for China tomorrow and can only meet with Kyung Soo tonight. I sense more psychotic happenings with his angry wife here. The man then says if it isn’t urgent, they can meet next week when he gets back. However, we all know that Baek was only given a week to get the money, so Kyung Soo has to move now or never.

Hae Ryung is at home happily primping. If she wasn’t so crazy and selfish and spoilt, I would feel bad for her. I will also pause here as I misunderstood what the fortuneteller said in the previous episode. It has to be on a full-moon night that month between 9-11 pm. Not on the 9-11. My bad. Hae Ryung puts the charm under her pillow and now everything is set. She only needs Kyung Soo. Yep, definitely not good.

At the Yoon home, Jong Hee informs Yoon and Chan Ki what happened and she wishes to storm out and do something, but Chan Ki stops her and tells her to stay out of it. Chan Ki is upset. He never would have believed that his brother-in-law would cheat on his angel of a sister. Awww. That’s so sweet. Chan Ki is immature at times and does have a rather unrealistic dream, but at the same time, he does love and worry about his noona. Chan Ki then turns to his father and demands Yoon make Mi Soo divorce the cheating bastard. This earns him a hard slap to the back of the head from Jong Hee. Divorce isn’t easy, plus Mi Soo loses out if she divorces him now. Yoon is unhappy as he believes it’s all his fault—it isn’t. He’s only one of many factors in this whole mess.

Meanwhile, Min Jae is pleading for Mi Soo to come back. He will clear things with his mother so she changes her ways. Never going to happen. Min Jae also promises to make sure it’s not hard on Mi Soo any more. She doesn’t trust him any more so how can she live in that house? Min Jae then says he’ll write an oath in blood if that is what it will take. Can’t she just come home with him? Mi Soo angrily replies she can’t and won’t. Enter Jong Hee. She tells Mi Soo to get up and go back home. Why? Will she really divorce Min Jae and let that “whore” win? Min Jae’s face at what Jong Hee calls Na Young is very uncomfortable. Jong Hee also says that Myung Ja will never let Mi Soo keep Hae Ram and Mi Soo can’t live without her daughter can she?

Mi Soo gets angry and demands to know why Jong Hee is doing this. Jong Hee replies that if Mi Soo insists on divorcing Min Jae, then she had better go back to the Lee house to discuss the divorce so she can get a fair sum of money and retain custody of Hae Ram. If Mi Soo stays at the Yoon house she will lose everything. Min Jae is quick to agree with Jong Hee. If they divorce, Myung Ja will never let Hae Ram go with Mi Soo. Jong Hee goes to get Hae Ram and hands her over to her father. Mi Soo doesn’t like this, but Jong Hee tells her to shut up and begins packing. She tells Mi Soo she is doing this for her own good. She needs to choose pride or her family—which is more important? When Hae Ram is taken to the car, Jong Hee urges Mi Soo to put her faith in Min Jae and trust him one last time.

Of course, as soon as Mi Soo gets home Myung Ja attacks her and vows she will never let her come back. Myung Ja threatens to move into a hotel and Min Jae threatens to make good on his vow to move out. Myung Ja cannot believe this. Min Jae then reminds her that when she was against him marrying Mi Soo, he stayed out on the streets for 2 whole months, so she knows very well he’s good as his word. He goes into his bedroom and Myung Ja feels faint. When Mi Soo goes to help, she shakes her off and goes into her own room.

Hae Ryung is anxiously waiting in her bedroom watching the clock. 11 is getting closer and closer. Will she lose the opportunity? Probably as Kyung Soo is meeting his colleague and giving him information to take public. This shocks his friend, but Kyung Soo tells him not to worry as he will deal with the aftermath if there is one. His friend reminds him that Oh Tae Sang is no one to mess with—why does Kyung Soo think everyone remains quiet about what Oh does? This is why Kyung Soo is entrusting the matter to his good friend who replies he’s not the same man any more and does Kyung Soo wish to see him get beaten up? Kyung Soo then asks him to help him just this once. His friend then asks why Kyung Soo is only now trying to get out of Tae San’s shadow. Kyung Soo says nothing and his friend breaks down and vows to help him this once. After all, he’s still one of the gutsiest reporters in Korea. His nickname is rabid dog.

This makes Kyung Soo happy. He thanks his friend who warns him that if he goes after Oh Tae San, he needs to do it right. If Kyung Soo doesn’t, he’ll get hit hard in spite of being Oh’s son-in-law. He gets a call from Hae Ryung, which he ignores and texts her that an urgent matter has come up so she should go to bed first. OF course Hae Ryung throws a fit and then goes on an eating binge. Go rushes downstairs and demands to know why Hae Ryung is doing this again. Hae Ryung tears up. No matter how much she eats, she still feels empty inside. When she thinks of her husband, she wishes to die. Oi. This girl.

Na Young officially moves to the planning department and is immediately called out by Myung Ja to attend a meeting with James and Chung where they sign an agreement for three years. During this time, Chung keeps winking and smiling at Na Young. Talk about inappropriate. Afterwards, Chung calls her Reese once more and says he recognized her instantly with her unique accent. How did Reese from Sunny, Texas end up as an employee at CK in Korea? Na Young keeps insisting he has the wrong person. She goes to walk past him, but he grabs her arm. Is she sure she doesn’t know him? He’s Robert Chung a VIP from a club called Brassier in the US.

Na Young breaks his grasp and again says that she is not that person. Chung, of course, doesn’t believe this. Enter Min Jae to witness the rest of the conversation. Na Young is then complimented on her ample bosom and how much better she looks now in business attire. Robert tells her to calm down in English and hands over his card. Call him for a drink before he heads to the US. Na Young angrily tosses the card down and storms away. In his office, Min Jae recalls Chung’s behavior at the contract signing and what Chung said about “Reese” and “Sunny, Texas.” Min Jae puts in a call to Ko and asks if the Park team has left yet. He then rushes out to stop Mr. Wayne so he can talk to Chung.

Oh is playing cards on his computer when he gets a call about his company. Oh immediately goes online and sees the article with the byline Ma Kwan Jin—the rabid dog. Oh is furious that Ma is messing wit him. Hopefully nothing bad happens to Ma now that Oh is angry at him.

Myung Ja returns home and is greeted immediately by Mi Soo. She ignores her daughter-in-law and goes into her room complaining about the “leech.” How long will Mi Soo last this time? In retribution, she calls up Na Young to come over after work to share her special bottle of wine. Of course Na Young happily jumps at this chance. Myung Ja pours the wine nad recalls the fortuneteller’s words about the good luck woman. I still think it wasn’t Na Young. Mi Soo then comes out to pick up her daughter and is still ignored by Myung Ja.

As Na Young happily arrives, so does Min Jae and he is NOT happy to see her at home. Na Young happily greets him and says they could have come together. Mi Soo comes out and stops to listen to their conversation. Min Jae demands to know why Na Young is there. Na Young says Myung Ja called her over to share a special bottle of wine. Fine. Min Jae will talk to his mother and Na Young can just leave now. She then sounds like a whiny teenager—”But I was invited.” Eyeroll. Min Jae then demands to know why Na Young is still doing this after he clearly said to ends things. Na Young pulls out her phone and calls Myung Ja to let her now she’s arrived. Min Jae grabs the phone and demands to know just who Na Young is. What does he mean? Min Jae then asks if she is Reese who used to work at a bar in New York called Sunny, Texas. This shocks both Mi Soo and Na Young. Min Jae angrily demands to know who Na Young really is and that’s where this episode ends.

Unfortunately, even if Na Young’s past is exposed somewhat…you know it won’t end just like that. She’s cunning enough, plus she as the evil Myung Ja on her side. Sigh.

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