Crazy Love Episode 11 Recap

I kind of wanted a song recommendation. But…should I do another so soon? And then…I kind of want to say this one might fit more so with episode 10 near the end where our drunk puppy Kyung Soo is confessing to the Mi Soo’s back as she walks away that he genuinely liked her and is hurting because of her. So…what is his song? M-tiful’s “Sick Enough to Die.”

I think it suits, don’t you? Basically its saying it hurts to the point of death as you won’t see that special person any more.

We open with Mi Soo tending her wound and noticing Na Young’s information on her husband’s tablet. Mi Soo is shocked to learn they came from the same orphanage. Min Jae comes in and asks if she has any glass under her skin. Mi Soo doesn’t care about that. Does Min Jae know Na Young came from the House of Angels, too? What is she talking about? Mi Soo hands over the tablet. Min Hae is also shocked to see Na Young grew up at the same orphanage. If she was adopted in ‘88 then they were there at the same time. Does Na Young know a Lee Sun Hee?

Sun Hee? Memories start flooding back as well as hints that Na Young kept dropping. Han Na Young is really Lee Sun Hee? So…that means Mi Soo knows her? Mi Soo grabs her coat and Min Jae tries to stop her since it’s late, but Mi Soo needs to know the truth. What truth? Did Na Young know she was Hong Eun Joo? If she did, is that why she approached Min Jae?

Min Jae goes with Mi Soo and wants to come up with her in case a fight breaks out. Mi Soo says that won’t be happening as she will just be asking Na Young some questions. Mi Soo then turns to him…did he do a background check on Na Young? That’s right. Some things just weren’t adding up. Mi Soo then clucks. He does this behind her back after saying that Robert Chung must have been mistaken. Min Jae asserts he wasn’t sure at that time, but he couldn’t believe someone like that could get hired into CK. Add on to Chung leaving before their meeting, things just began piling up. Just who is Han Na Young? Did she approach him with ulterior motives? Mi Soo asserts he’s more important than Na Young. Mi Soo gets out and Min Jae has her promise to call in case things go south.

The doorbell rings and Na Young stops her exercising. She is annoyed to see Mi Soo. Did Min Jae go missing again? No, Mi Soo just wants to talk. Na Young lets her in and tells her to be quick. Mi Soo is—she calls her Lee Sun Hee. Na Young turns around startled. Is she really Lee Sun Hee from the House of Angels orphanage? Of course, Na Young won’t admit to this truth and she denies knowing who Mi Soo really is. She then threatens to call the police if Mi Soo doesn’t get out. Mi Soo doesn’t listen. She cannot believe that Na Young didn’t know she is really Hong Eun Joo.

Na Young smiles evilly and drops the act. Of course she knows Hong Eun Joo. Hong Eun Joo was the favorite at the orphanage who acted all sweet and innocent, but how was really cold and calculating and who had the adults wrapped around her little finger so in the end she was adopted into a better family. Mi Soo is shocked by this portrait of her childhood self. As always, Sun Hee only sees things her way. Of course, Na Young does deny knowing that Mi Soo is Eun Joo. Mi Soo doesn’t believe her and throws back previous conversations, but Na Young still denies everything.

Min Jae paces back and forth worrying about what is going on. Na Young smiles and says it is fate that Mi Soo stole her parents and now Na Young will still her husband. Na Young then says that Min Jae was her fate from the beginning. She will sacrifice everything for him. This shocks Mi Soo. Na Young says that she has come too far to let go of Min Jae now. She doesn’t want to become a person who steals her friend’s husband, but oh well. Mi Soo didn’t think of such things when she stole her family, did she? Na Young then tells her to leave and Mi Soo takes her parting shot—she’s warning Na Young to stay away from her husband. Mi Soo then calls the company—how could they sell her information? She is shocked to learn that Min Jae offered triple her amount.

Kyung Soo goes downstairs for a drink of water and recalls his drunken confession about liking Mi Soo and wanting to see her. Is he planning something or will he let things go for now?

Na Young goes into Min Jae’s office acting completely normal. She talks about getting ready for the second presentation before asking him if he has nothing to say to her.Min Jae cannot believe Na Young. She then complains about how hurt she was that he didn’t trust her and ran a background check on her. What was he so desperate to know? Then what was she so desperate to hide? Na Young replies that she didn’t want anyone to find out she came from an orphanage as people looked down on her or pitied her. She didn’t want him to do that. Who would have known that Min Jae’s wife came from the same orphanage? She then cuts back to working on the second presentation. This woman. Unbelievable. Mi Soo sits at home and recalls Na Young’s proclamation from the night before. She’s worried and you know it.

Na Young goes to visit Myung Ja as she is worried that Min Jae or Mi Soo told her the truth. Since Myung Ja treats her so warmly, it means she doesn’t know yet. Na Young then hand over an expensive necklace and lies saying her mother sent it as a thank you. Myung Ja says that she feels guilty to always receive things from Na Young. When she gets married, Myung Ja will make sure to give her an expensive set. Na Young then tears up and says that she feels guilty. Myung Ja has been so kind to her and hear Na Young has told her a lie.

Myung Ja goes home and reveals that Na Young took the initiative to tell her. Min Jae is amazed. Na Young must be trying to hide something if she took the initiative to talk to Myung Ja first. Min Jae then tells Myung Ja to never involve him with that woman again. Unfortunately, Myung Ja is still on Na Young’s side. Min Jae tells her to give up as Na Young scares him. Myung Ja snaps at him for ruining things and then turns to Mi Soo. What does one talk about when you meet an orphanage friend? Mi Soo replies they are just like anybody else so it is wrong for Myung Ja to be so biased. This, of course, angers Myung Ja and she leaves the table. Typical.

At the Yoon house, Moon Do keeps thinking about the 500 million won that Myung Ja gave him. Chan Ki asks what he’s muttering about by himself. Moon Do says he was honestly going to give the dirty money back, but Chan Ki caught him before it could happen. Chan Ki smiles and tells his dad to hurry and eat otherwise Jong Hee will dock their checks for being late. Yoon then complains about how much he doesn’t like her. How could his precious daughter have a friend like that? Chan Ki smiles again. It’s rare to find a smart, tough girl like Jong Hee. Whoever marries her may suffer a bit, but won’t be on the street penniless. Yoon casts his son a suspicious glance. He warns Chan Ki that he is not allowed to like a girl like that.

Hae Ryung is in a bakery picking out breads when Mi Soo and Hae Ram enter. Mi Soo recalls Myung Ja’s words the night before and is depressed. Meanwhile, Hae Ram and Hae Ryung reach for the same thing. Both declare they picked it first. Thus, Hae Ryung decides to do rock paper scissors with Hae Ram and wins. She’s…surprisingly better with children, though compared to what I thought she’d be. She even gives in to Hae Ram. Hae Ryung recognizes Mi Soo, but Mi Soo doesn’t at first. She then recalls that Hae Ryung is Go’s daughter.

Hae Ryung invites the two back to her parents’ house. She coos over Hae Ram and talks about how she wishes to have a beautiful daughter like her. She then confesses that she and her husband are trying to have a baby. Mi Soo wishes her a daughter as pretty as she is and the flattered Hae Ryung says that Mi Soo is so nice that its unfair how Myung Ja treats her. Omo. Looks like Hae Ryung completely lacks in social graces and manners. But the again…I don’t think Oh or Go taught her properly anyways. Hae Ryung realizes she shouldn’t have said that and apologizes. Hae Ryung then asks if she can come visit her “unnie” every now and then. Mi Soo turns around and is shocked to see Kyung Soo in the family picture. Mi Soo says she should be going, but Hae Ryung urges the two to stay and finish the tea as she rarely gets to have any friends over.

Okay. I am starting to pity the girl somewhat. With parents like hers…she can’t help how she’s turned out and now she’s all alone with a husband who doesn’t love her. Sigh. I didn’t think I could feel sorry for her at all.

As Mi Soo and Hae Ram are getting ready to go, Kyung Soo arrives home. Awkward. He is shocked to see Mi Soo there. Hae Ryung tells him to greet Mi Soo as they will be like sisters in the future. The two awkwardly greet one another and Hae Ryung rushes to get medicine for him to drink. Mi Soo goes to leave and Hae Ram cutely says goodbye. The shocked Kyung Soo gathers his wits to bid the child farewell, but Mi Soo pulls her back when he tries to touch her. Ouch. She calls out to Hae Ryung that she’s leaving. The younger woman is disappointed, but Mi Soo promises to see her again. The mother and daughter leave and Hae Ryung says that Hae Ram is cute and she wants to hurry and have a child just like her.

Oh and Go come home and are surprised to find that Hae Ryung made dinner all by herself. I actually think that Hae Ryung and Kyung Soo have been married close to the same amount of time as Mi Soo and Min Jae (about 5 years—Hae Ram is 4). Kyung Soo tries her stew and calls it “tolerable.” Of course, Oh and Go praise it to no end. This makes Hae Ryung happy. She sits down and tells her mother and father how she met Myung Ja’s daughter-in-law today. Go is surprised her daughter recognized Mi Soo as they haven’t met in a long time. Hae Ryung has a good eye for faces. Hae Ryung then talks about the cute Hae Ram and how Mi Soo said Hae Ryung’s daughter would be pretty like her mother. This thrills Mrs. Go as well.

Mi Soo may have bad luck when it comes to mother-in-laws, but she seems to be a good person. Oh then says that it’s good they met since she can have a friend in the area. Go doesn’t mind this, but knows Myung Ja would hate it. That’s okay. Myung Ja doesn’t need to know they hang out. They can even go out to eat with their husbands. Right? Of course Kyung Soo doesn’t like this conversation one bit and excuses himself after eating only a little and Hae Ryung pouts that he is not fun. Go reminds her that Kyung Soo was never a friendly person. Oh and Go encourage her to take her medicine to have a baby as soon as possible as that will change Kyung Soo. Kyung Soo goes up to his room where he recalls Mi Soo jerking Hae Ram away from him. That hurt.

At CK, Min Jae divvies out the jobs and Na Young is livid that he has her organizing material. She storms into his office and slams the door. How can he do this when she is the section chief of the planning division? Min Jae says he doesn’t like working with her and wants as much distance between them as possible. This is all because he found out she’s an orphan, isn’t it? Can’t he separate work and private life? Min Jae assures her that isn’t the case. She makes him uncomfortable and while he doesn’t have proof, something just doesn’t feel right to him. Min Jae then says if she’s unhappy then she can hand in her resignation.

Na Young replies that isn’t fair as she’s only guilty of loving him. Love? What is truth and what is lies when it comes to her? Robert Chung leaving early had to do with her, didn’t it? How can he say such nonsense? That’s the problem, it makes sense to him. Plus, he cannot find a pure motive in her. Right from the beginning she was coming on to him and flirting with him. She is dirty like murky water. What? So is wife is innocent and pure? She then talks about how Hong Eun Joo used to act sweet and suck up to adults. Sitting on a rich man’s lap didn’t make her bat an eyelash. Is that how she came on to Min Jae? SLAP! Omo. Min Jae HIT her. I don’t like violence, particularly against women, but I was kind of cheering for that one. Na Young deserves more than one slap. I especially like it that Min Jae says the same thing Baek did—“My Mi Soo is different from someone like you.” [insert Eun Joo in place of Mi Soo and it’s the same!] Min Jae then demands her to never mention his wife’s name again and yells at her to get out.

Na Young leaves the office in disbelief. She cannot believe what he told her. Alone she asserts that he is just a tool to achieve her goal and that she doesn’t like him. So Mi Soo is different, huh? She will prove she is just the same as her. Na Young will drag Mi Soo into the hell she lived in and make sure to heap humiliation onto Min Jae just like he did with her.

Of course Na Young goes to Baek. She wants his men to go to the forgery place as they are now hounding her for money. This angers Baek. How long is she going to keep covering things up? Until there is nothing left to cover? What an answer. Baek warns her that her sin will be discovered. She should quit now before she gets caught and fired. Get a guy who will sincerely love her and not feed her ambition. Na Young says if Baek could be that guy, she would drop everything. She could really leave everything behind if he would choose her. Apparently they’ve had this conversation before. Na Young reminds him to find her a guy and takes off. What will Baek do?

I don’t know what Na Young has planned, but she offers Baek’s man twice the original amount to keep it a secret from Baek an to make sure that Mi Soo has no place to run and that her family falls apart. If Baek finds out that Mi Soo is Eun Joo and Na Young used him to hurt her…there will be hell to pay.

Mi Soo is working in the kitchen at home when she sees a note reminding about a birthday. She completely forgot. Mi Soo goest out to get something for Min Suh. Baek’s man stalks her and after she hangs up the phone, he grabs her. Na Young wishes Mi Soo a good night and hopes she likes her present. What did she order the man to do? He drags her into an abandoned workshop. What does he want? Can he please let her go? The man smiles and rips open her shirt.

Figures. I’m looking forward to the next episode. It will have to wait until after dinner, though.

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