Last Cinderella Episode 3 Recap

After the previews from last week, I really wanted to know what will happen. I sincerely hope that Sakura doesn’t turn into a weepy willow over Hiroto.

Episode 3: The Old Man-Woman’s Huge Struggle?! The Couple’s Night Alone…!

We open with Sakura returning to the salon to see the employees all gathered around looking at a magazine. It has an interview with the new head of the Ginza store. Sakura takes it and looks at it—this guy is popular enough to get on the first page? That’s because he became manager at an even younger age than Tachibana did. Reading the interview, the new manager is credited for making the Ginza store what it is today…but that was really Tachibana’s doing. What should they do? Sakura says they should hide the magazine just as Tachibana walks in. The employees immediately scatter and Sakura puts the magazine on a shelf out of reach.

Tachibana calls a meeting introducing the annual live show the salons participate in. This year the highlight even with be a hair show involving all the branches of the salon. Tachibana has been chosen as their store’s rep and he tells the staff to come watch him win if they have free time. At this time, the magazine falls and Sakura dives for it and quickly hides it behind her back. Tachibana, unhappy with the interruption, tells the entire store that Sakura has her first man in ten years and has become a typical half-wit. Harsh. He warns them not to fall to her degree. Poor Sakura.

The meeting is adjourned and Kashiwagi hurries and grabs the magazine from Sakura before she goes up to Tachibana and asks what that was for. He tells her it was to help regain her fighting spirit and to bring her back to her sense for the good of the team. He then warns her away from the competition as he doesn’t want her to bring him bad luck. She then teases that he really wants her to come. She then gets a text from Hiroto asking her to meet up after work and she starts giggling. Tachibana says that freaks him out and Sakura stumbles into a cart since she wasn’t paying attention. Doe she really need to be that dopey and klutzy because she’s “in love”?

A pounding heart in your mature years can give on the creeps (;_;).

At Miki’s house, her mother-in-law saying she left her other child’s house since the other daughter-in-law was a pain. Poor Miki. She’s stuck with the demon mother-in-law now, which she complains about when she meets the girls for a backing class. Since Miki is a housewife, her bread is perfect while Shima’s is a sticky mess and while Sakura’s isn’t bad, she only has hearts on the brain. Shima and Miki congratulate her on getting some endorphins back in her life before Miki complains about how that doesn’t apply to her life at all.

At Ken’s bar, the boys get chocolate with their drinks as they were a gift. Kashiwagi talks about chocolate being a substitute drug. Kohei starts listening to their conversation when they start talking about sex, endorphins, and serotonin. Why so curious? Anywho, for whatever reason, our trio of boys decide to stand up and do some exercises. Kashiwagi demands they yell out “A, I, U, E, O” while doing this. How…random. Kashiwagi then leads the older, reluctant men who follow him after hesitating. They then notice Kohei doing it too and invite him to join. Soon the entire joint is following suit. Omo. It’s was funny.

Back at the baking class, Sakura is mooning over her heart shaped bread saying it’s too cute to eat. Blech. I don’t like this crazy in love Sakura. Shima asks about the sex and Sakura says they haven’t done it since that night since she can’t show her body to a young man like that. Shima tells her to come to the gym and she’ll whip her into shape in no time. I love Sakura’s response. Even though she’s all mooney and gushy, she really hasn’t changed yet. She doesn’t have the time or more importantly the willpower. Miki reminds her that at 39, Sakura has time to squeeze out some children before being too old. Shima agrees. Marriage can come at anytime or any age, but not kids. Sakura says she has no desire to burden a 24-year-old with children. That is a very important thing to remember about larger age gaps—the people are at two very different points in their lives and that can make it harder than normal. Miki then asks what kind of work Hiroto does. Sakura thinks for a bit and says she doesn’t know. This shocks her friends.

Hiroto is practicing at the bike park when Choko shows up. Is he okay eating expensive jelly bread? If he’s hungry enough, he’s okay with anything. She shouldn’t have wasted her money and just shopped at a convenience store. So why is she there? Choko says she thought she’d stop by since he said he was practicing. Is that really all? Choko turns, does she have to have something else? Yes, because it’s weird—almost ominous—that she showed up just to watch or bring him food. Choko calls him rude and then says she’ll be there to cheer him on at the next tournament coming up. Hiroto gives his sarcastic thanks and steals her drink after complaining there was no more food.

Hiroto tells Choko that Sakura will definitely fall for him soon, so how far is he taking this whole thing? Is there some goal Choko has in mind? Hiroto then reminds Choko about Sakura’s age. If she starts pushing for marriage, he’ll be forced to tell her the truth. Choko quickly says he can’t as that is a breech of contract. Since when did they have a contract? Choko then says finding out Tachibana and Sakura live in the same apartment complex was a nasty shock. Hiroto comes over and asks when Choko plans on making her own moves. This surprises her. Is she okay just staring at the middle-aged guy? Choko says she understands this, but Hiroto should know better than anyone why she can’t do anything. She clutches her shoulder and Hiroto notices this and apologizes. WHAT? What happened to her?

That night Choko gets out of bed where she turns on a projector full of photos of Tachibana. Psycho stalker alert. She even “hugs” his picture on the wall. If she has some painful past with love…is she just worshipping Tachibana as a safety mechanism know that there is no possibility for them to be in a real relationship, thus she can’t get seriously hurt? Meanwhile, Sakura strips a she walks through her house as normal. She then looks in the mirror at her fat and saggy skin. She gets in front of the TV and starts exercising. However, she deems it too hard and stops. She sits on her coach drinking beer instead. LOL.

A diet is, in the end, drinking a beer.

The next day Tachibana is meeting with other staff and discussing about the competition. His goal is to show how well their store does perms. He wants soft waves with lightened hair—so his team should look for a model with long hair (how much you want to bet he’ll end up using Miss Sakura and she’ll get a bit of a makeover? then again…maybe not). Sakura asks if its really possible to do a perm in such a short amount of time. Tachibana says that the stylists and models are introduced at the beginning of the event an the show is at the second half, so there should be. The others are then dismissed.

Sakura comments that Tachibana is really on the offensive. Of course, he doesn’t wish to lose. Tachibana holds up the magazine and says that man will also be there. Sakura feigns ignorance. Who is that? The store’s last hope. But, putting that aside, is Sakura really only eating that little for lunch? Yep. She usually eats like a man…is her stomach sick. Awww, he’s showing concern for his friend! Sakura denies this and gets up just as Sakura’s stomach growls like crazy. Sakura then asks what machine is making such noise. Tachibana isn’t fooled—the machine is her stomach. He leaves and Sakura throws the magazine in the trash. She’s so sweet. She calls him her enemy but worries over him and and his feelings as well.

Sakura meets up with Hiroto where he shows off his bike tricks to her. That’s awesome. What is it? He explains about BMX. Amazing. It’s like he’s a pro. Hiroto says that right now he is considered a pro. So this is his current job? Yes. Hiroto flaps his T-shirt showing glimpses of his belly. Sakura averts her eyes and says she wishes she could see more, but Hiroto is done for the day, plus he’s not supposed to do such things in that area of the park. Sakura helps him put his coat and backpack on. He tells her to watch him at the skate park next time. Sakura promises to and then Hiroto leans in to kiss her. Sakura immediately puts up her hands and backs away. She tells him goodbye and turns to leave.

Hiroto calls out to her. Sakura turns and he asks if they can go where he wants on their next date. Of course they can. Where does he want to go? To her place! This shocks Sakura. Why does he want to go there? Because he wants a home date to eat her home cooking. Does she have any culinary skills? Hiroto then takes off and Sakura happily waves goodbye before recalling the type of date he wants. Is he serious? She’s in trouble.

Tachibana is sleeping on his coach when he hears banging next door. One of his baseballs lining the walls falls onto his head and he wonders just what is going on. He heads outside and is shocked to see all of Sakura’s stuff outside. What is going on? He goes on and gets a shock when he sees Sakura trying to move stuff. She tells him he’s just in time since she’s twisted her hips. Tachibana calls her useless, but does pitch in to help move her couch. They find something underneath it that brings back memories. Tachibana says slovenly women aren’t popular and asks when the last time she cleaned was. 5 years ago when she moved in. Say what?

Tachibana then warns her a new apartment must be cleaned often. What new apartment? Well…from the looks of things…isn’t she moving? No. Anyone can see she’s just cleaning up the place. Really? What crazy spring cleaning is this as it looks just as if she’s moving? It can’t be helped when she has a home date coming up. Sakura then gets up and asks his help to move a chest of drawers. Tachibana goes to help and wonders why he’s helping clean her apartment, Sakura points out it is only fair since she helped him move in. Yes, but he’s her boss. Sakura calls that power harassment and Tachibana says he loves it and is going back to sleep. He then drops his end of the drawers and leaves.

Sakura calls up Miki’s help for a recipe. Miki apologizes and tells her good luck looking up something on a popular website. Enter Mrs. Takenouchi. She wants Miki to wash her pajamas. But Miki’s done with laundry for the day. When Mrs. Takenouchi starts whining, Miki promises to hand wash it later. She then asks for boiled or baked fish. She leaves and Miki starts complaining and goes for a drink of her hidden beer.

Kohei goes to see Shima at the gym and sees her make an arrangement to meet a customer at the usual spot. When Kohei starts questioning her she says its none of his business and asks why he’s there. Because Miki told him he had to come until he loses 5 kilos. He then says he has something he must talk to her about. They go to a crowded restaurant, but Kohei would much rather be at a quieter place to discuss things. Miki immediately and loudly refuses to take him to a hotel as she does not sleep with her best friends’ husbands. Kohei tells her to quiet down and he promises to tell her. He then says quietly that he has ED (erectile dysfunction). MIki sad ED loudly and everyone stares an some start laughing. Kohei tells her to quiet down and confesses that at first he thought it was just because Miki was his wife, but since he failed with Shima, too, he must have ED. He doesn’t wish to consult a doctor and has no one to talk to, so he figured he’d go to Shima for help since she’s already seen his shameful side. Shima breaks down and promises to listen to him and then sends him home to his wife.

Sakura finishes her cleaning and looks up a recipe on line while Hiroto leaves his girl toy early much to her annoyance. The shop is abuzz about the upcoming live stylist event. Tachibana has finally found his model. Sakura then cuts out of work earlier than normal and Tachibana gives Kashiwagi and Haruko overtime after they gossip about how Sakura’s changed since she’s in love. Back at her place, sakura practices with a mannequin about what to do if Hiroto wishes to do “that.” Her phone rings saying she got a text and she remembers something.

Sakura heads out to the supermarket to buy groceries and reaches for a bottle of wine at the exact same time as Tachibana. The two then start struggling over the bottle and complaining about one another doing it on purpose. Sakura replies she has a purpose for the wine. What? Cooking. Tachibana is horrified she’s using that classic wine for cooking when any cheap wine will do. But Sakura won’t give in. They then decide to do jankenpo [rock paper scissors]. T achibana wins, but Sakura still doesn’t want to give the wine up. She then spots Ken in the market.

Ken comes over and asks if they are out together. They immediately reply they are not—its just a coincidence. So what are they doing then? Fighting. Ken laughs and says they get along. He then asks Tachibana to come for dinner as he is teaching Sakura how to cook. There will be a feast, plus Tachibana can drink while he waits. Sakura smiles and says that is why she needs the wine.

Tachibana pokes around the apartment while Ken and Sakura start cooking. Tachibana is horrified to see Sakura putting the fish over a grater. What is she doing? Ken told her to cut it into three pieces, she can’t do that easily. Ken laughs and says Sakura is joking, but she doesn’t stop. Tachibana’s and Ken’s faces are priceless. Looks like Sakura is even more ignorant and hopeless than they thought. Tachibana says that even if Sakura puts in a lot of effort it will be useless as she doesn’t have the basic skills. Sakura says he is right—she has no energy to put into love. Tachibana calls her useless at more things and Sakura kicks him out. He goes to take the wine and they fight over it again only to be stopped by Ken who has the fish sliced already. This shocks them both.

Sakura wakes up on the floor and gets up to see Ken has left a not saying he left to take care of stocking the shop. He also wishes Sakura success on her date. She roles over and is shocked to find Tachibana on the floor next to her. She yells and demands to know what he’s doing there. Tachibana gets up and calls her noisy. What time is it anyways? It’s 10. No good. The rehearsal is at 12. Tachibana tells Sakura to go with him, but she refuses since she has a date. That’s right. Tachibana says he feels sorry for the bloke who has to eat her minced sole. Sakura tells him there’s no way she’d serve that and tells him to hurry or he’ll be late. Tachibana goes to leave and Sakura wishes him luck and tells him to win it. Sakura gets up and starts planning her day. First a shower, then buying the things she needs and then…a visit to the skate park?

Tachibana arrives at the shop to learn that his model came down with a high fever. Haruko goes to rush out to the train station to find a new model, but Tachibana stops her. She and Kashiwagi go to the show in his place and he will search for the model himself. The two leave soon followed by Tachibana. Will he find a model in time (again, I’m sure it will end up being Sakura)?

Sakura is rushing about when she comes across a line of elementary school children. She sees a woman smoking and her cigarette nearly hit a little boy’s cheek. Sakura immediately starts scolding the younger woman who calls her annoying. Sakura agrees that she is, but asks the girl to stop smoking there. The girl then blows smoke in Sakura’s face. Sakura points out a sign saying you’re not allowed to smoke there when a man comes up asking Momo what is wrong. Momo talks about the nosey old lady and walks away. The man glares at Sakura before rushing after Momo. Sakura picks up the cigarette butt and snarkily apologizes for being an old lady.

Sakura then heads to the skate park where she watches Hiroto do his stunts. When he stops, she goes to head over, but Momo is there with a towel and a kiss. Sakura witness this and hides behind one of the ramps, crying. She wipes away her tears and leaves. Well…even though there’s still quite a few episodes left, isn’t it better for her to now Hiroto isn’t sincere before she really falls for him?

This pain isn’t an illness is it? It’s love, isn’t it?

Sakura still picks up her groceries, but heads home dejectedly. She then gets a text from Hiroto. She doesn’t reply and then sees Tachibana asking girls with long hair to help him by modeling. Sakura asks what happened and he replies his model came down ill. Sakura puts her stuff down and immediately starts helping, which makes him smile. Meanwhile Hiroto arrives at Sakura’s place, but no answer. He tries calling, but she’s too busy, plus she put her phone down with her bags.

The rehearsal is almost over. Tachibana is ready to call it quits which earns him a scolding from Sakura. She doesn’t like his defeatist attitude which is so unlike him. Tachibana points out that he said the same thing to her. Sakura then says they haven’t met one girl who met the requirements yet. She then recalls Momo from earlier. Damn. She  quickly calls the annoyed Hiroto who asks if she’s standing him up. Sakura apologizes and asks where he is right now. He’s at Ken’s bar. Sakura then says it’s a bit rude to do this since she’s already stood him up, but she needs a favor.

Tachibana and Sakura wait at the venue for the show. What is this girl’s name? She doesn’t know? If she’s her boyfriend’s friend, then why doesn’t she? Sakura replies that she doesn’t know if they are friends or not. This confuses Tachibana. Sakura just asserts once more she knows nothing and she only saw the girl from a distance. Sakura then says she’s already cooperated with him so he had better win over the Ginza manager. Tachibana goes to say she’s misunderstanding something when Hiroto and Momo arrive.

Momo takes one look at Sakura and is not happy. Sakura greets them and thanks them for doing such an unreasonable request at the last minute. Momo says this isn’t their first meeting. Sakura knows this and apologizes, but she begs that Momo do this for Tachibana. Momo smirks. Sure—if Sakura lowers herself and apologizes. Tachibana looks quite upset by this and Hiroto scolds Momo. He doesn’t know what happened, but surely nothing to deserve that? Sakura says nothing and immediately drops to her knees and apologizes for the rude things she said. Neither Hiroto or Tachibana look happy. Momo smiles. Is that all? Sakura bows once more and asks for forgiveness. Momo then goes over and leaves with Tachibana. Hiroto asks what happened, but Sakura won’t say and just says she needs to leave as she promised Tachibana that she wouldn’t be there for the show. Of course, Choko witnessed everything and wonders what is going on, but Hiroto doesn’t know.

Shima waits in a hotel room for Kohei who immediately pounces on her. Shima says they are not there for sex, but to only talk. Shima then sits down and immediately begins questioning him like a professional doctor. Kind of amusing… Meanwhile, Miki is sorting the laundry and is happy to overhear her mother-in-law call her an angel until her Mrs. Takenouchi calls her a pushover in the next breath. Poor Miki.

Hiroto and Sakura arrive back at her apartment. Hiroto is surprised over its cleanliness. Doe Sakura like places to be that clean? Not really. Sakura quickly throws something on her bed and slides the door closed. So what is she making? Sakura takes out the meat and fish that had been sitting in the sun all day. Well…that’s spoiled. Hiroto then steps up and starts cooking and Sakura watches on mesmerized. Meanwhile, Tachibana is working on Momo’s hair for the competition. Can he win? Truthfully, I would laugh he if gave her a bad hairstyle in retribution to what she did to Sakura.

Hiroto finishes his fried rice in a jiffy and Sakura is envious. It’s just friend rice, but Sakura doesn’t have the skills for such a simple dish either. As woman she is ashamed. Besides the fact that I do cook, why is it that women are automatically supposed to be able to cook? Hiroto says there is nothing to be ashamed of as its neither a male-female thing. It’s something to gradually get good at by trying, right? This comforts Sakura. The two then sit down to eat and Hiroto asks why she didn’t call him to let him know that she couldn’t make it to the practice field. Sakura recalls the kiss and lies saying she was called in for a work emergency. Doesn’t he thin its odd that she asked him about Momo? How else would she know that he knew the girl?

Tachibana has won the competition and is walking with Choko. He talks about really wanting to win to get he money to help out the shop so they can get new equipment and cover travel expenses, etc. What a good manager! But he gets Choko’s dander up when he starts talking about Sakura. But that idiot had convinced herself that he wanted to win against the Ginza manager who is his most adorable and best student he ever trained. LOL. She even forgot about her date to help him find a model. Well…that’s just how she is. So simple and single-minded. What an idiot. Not being able to take any more Sakura talk, Choko says goodbye. Tachibana thanks her for her help and asks why she isn’t on a date herself. Choko says she has no one like that and then screws up the courage to ask if Tachibana has anyone he likes. There is, but she’s at a place that he cannot reach any more. Sakura? The ex who broke his heart? Who?

Sakura then gets a text from Tachibana saying he’s won. Hiroto says that’s amazing and Sakura says she will have to give him and Momo her thanks. Hiroto says that’s fine since Momo wanted a change and was ecstatic to learn it was free. Hiroto then says he’s jealous as Sakura even prostrated herself for Tachibana’s sake. Be honest—she likes him doesn’t she? Without hesitating, Sakura says she definitely does NOT like him. Hiroto says if that’s the case then that is fine. Sakura puts down her glass and says that she’s jealous as well and confesses she saw Momo kiss him at the practice field. This surprises Hiroto. Sakura then back peddles and says she’s wrong for not contacting him and leaving. Somehow…she was a little shocked.

Hiroto says nothing and Sakura apologizes again. She’s sorry, they shouldn’t talk about it anymore. She then gets up and complains about her numb legs. Hiroto jumps up and apologizes. He’s in a relationship with Momo. They only just like each other…you can say they are mutually sensitive people. What’s that supposed to mean? He then promises to talk to Momo as he is sure she’ll understand. Sakura just needs to give him some time. Sakura says nothing and looks at him before smiling and saying ok. Just like that? Is she really THAT naïve?

Hiroto sits back down on the couch, relieved and asks why she didn’t let him kiss her the other day. Sakura explains this is because they are unbalanced age-wise, so doing such things outside in front of people seems a little wrong. Hiroto then asks if she likes him. Sakura replies she does and Hiroto says that is enough. He likes her, she likes him and he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. Hiroto goes to kiss her, but pulls back. They will have to postpone it until he breaks things off with Momo. This shocks and slightly disappoints Sakura. She then goes in for a quick kiss on his mouth and its more like a collision. Choko calls out to Tachibana and plants one on him, too. End episode.

Does anyone else notice Haruma actually has surprisingly little screen time for someone who is supposed to be a leading character as well? I don’t necessarily mind as I like seeing Tachibana and his two buddies and Sakura and her two friends as well. But it’s just a bit strange. I still think it would have been cool if Tachibana had used Sakura as his model, but oh well.


  • Actually I feel like Haruma has more screen-time than Fujiki does. O_O

    I was so frustrated when Sakura didn’t give Hiroto a piece of her mind! I mean, at least she sorta confronted him about it (at first I was really scared that she would just pretend she didn’t see anything) but STILL!!!!! I think Sakura isn’t as naive as we think she is (although her character is supposed to be naive) because it felt like she was forcing a smile when she ‘forgave’ Hiroto. But then again, she is really taken by Hiroto’s lovey dovey behavior. T_T

    I think I’m on Sakura x Rintaro’s ship now. I just love their chemistry!

    • Well…I think Fujiki got more screen time in the previous two episodes compared to Haruma, although we saw more of our younger man in this episode.

      I thought she forced a smile when she forgave him, too, but then she acted so naturally bubbly after that I thought I must have imagined it as I honestly didn’t think she was that great of an actress when it comes to her real feelings. Whenever she was feeling depressed with Hiroto before, she would smile, but then quickly look away so her expression didn’t show how depressed she really was.

      I’m on their ship, too. I am really curious now as to who this woman Tachibana professes to love, but its too late for them. Is it Sakura or someone else? And if it is Sakura, why would it be too late?

      • Somehow I got the exact opposite feeling, I feel like Hiroto was getting more attention than Rintaro. O_O Now I’m not sure though since you are right that Hiroto didn’t get as much screen-time particularly in this episode.

        I thought that Rintaro was implying that his love passed away. As in, she is unreachable because she is not even in this world anymore.

        I think Sakura was forcing it, she was just able to mask her sadness by running back to her ideal fantasy of a romance with Hiroto.

        • I sort of got that feel, too, but you never know in dramas. It would figure Tachibana would be the one to have had a tragic love.

          So how long can Sakura enjoy her fantasy with Hiroto without getting hurt?

  • I wonder what kind of relationship does Hiroto and Choko have? I first thought they might be step-siblings but from the next episode’s preview it would be weird if they were… I think Tachibana’s ex girlfriend must have passed away and that she might be related to Choko?? Ahh its all a little confusing at the moment! I hope Sakura gets her make over soon as her messy hair kind of bugs me a little! I can’t wait until Hiroto really falls for Sakura then he will be sorry for taking her for granted!! I am totally on Sakura x Tachibana’s ship! They are so cute together and all the bickering is actually enjoyable to watch!! It’s been such a long time since I watched J-drama I am really losing my touch here! Thanks for your lovely recap!

    • I’m still thinking siblings for Hiroto and Choko or some form of relation…
      It is possible that the woman Tachibana loved did pass away, but right now everything is still buried, so who knows? I think it would be nice for Sakura to have a makeover. Her hair (that little whisp of bangs) is the worst thing about her aside from her slightly dowdy way of dressing. Oh, I’m sure we’ll get the younger man falling for his prey and then feeling guilty. Yes. Such a Drama Go Go Go vibe, excepting Hiroto isn’t using Sakura to get ahead in his career.

  • Yeah, Haruma isn’t in it as much as the others, but i don’t really mind that. If we get too into his character, he might not be as interesting. I have such a thing for Haruma though. Even when i think he’s not acting very well, i want to keep watching him. Not necessarily just his looks, but he has an aura that just captivates me.

    I’m annoyed at Kohei, he seriously has no problem cheating on Miki. But i appreciate Shima for being a loyal friend and NOT sleeping with him.

    I seriously need Sakura to have a makeover. I hate seeing her like this. And i think in some other shows, if the girl was pretty anyway, than i dealt with it better. But the actress playing Sakura isn’t that attractive to begin with, so seeing her acting and dressing like an older woman is just putting me off her. And it’s worse when she’s with Haruma, because he’s SO MUCH younger than her. I’m very superficial when it comes to my dramas…

    Oh, i liked it that the bar owner helped her cook. He’s a lovely little side character that doesn’t need to do a whole lot but is just nice to have pop up every now and then.

    The competition – why didn’t they call Choko? She turned up there later, which means she knew about it. If Tachibana had asked her, i’m sure she would’ve helped him. She’s too young for him though, i hope he never actually considers her as anything other than a client.

    Hiroto’s friend… Making Sakura beg? Urgh. I hate characters that are bitches for no reason. If she knew that Hiroto was seeing Sakura, and that was what made her dislike her, I would accept it more. But she’s just like that because she can be. Even if Sakura hadn’t annoyed her with the cigarette thing, she would’ve still acted like a bitch to her later. But when Sakura brushed aside the fact that she saw Hiroto kissing the girl, i was actually okay with that, because realistically, they’re not dating exclusively. They’ve been on like, 2 dates. So Sakura actually didn’t have a leg to stand on, and she knew that. Hiroto did a good job of acting honest and genuine though.

    “Mutually sensitive people” – lol.

    The thing is though, Sakura is almost 40. She’s been in relationships before. Why is she being all shy with Hiroto? In Korean dramas, when the women act like that, i can mostly understand it if they’re young and haven’t kissed before. But Sakura has, so she doesn’t need to be this innocent woman that she’s acting like now.

    • I know, Sakura and how she behaves in her “love” for Hiroto seems very unrealistic. If you do the math, then her last relationship was when she was 29 since it was 10 years ago. Since Sakura doesn’t seem to be all that immature in other aspects of her life…why does she become a silly school girl with Hiroto?

      I agree about Haruma, he’s not just goodlooking, but has a charisma that pulls you in. I have no problem with age gap romances…unless you get the ones of 20 years or more. For some reason those really bug me. Kudos if it’s real love, but I find such a gap so hard to overcome when people born only a few years behind me are so different. We didn’t grow up experiencing the same things and they have no idea what I’m talking of. It’s shocking. How do you overcome a very large generational gap? Maybe I should ask my dad that as my stepmother is only…6…years older than I am, but that only puts her at a 15 year gap from my father.

      I also love Ken-chan. He’s a great side character who pops in when neeeded and pops out when not. Kind of like the young stylist. I guess since Sakura and the girls make a trio, they had to contrive a male one as well.

  • Oh, your Dad was young when he had you! Do you get along with your step mother? I always figure that if you’re married to someone so much older than you, either you are really mature or they are just immature. If i ended up with a younger guy, it would be because i’m quite immature for my age, lol. So we would get along.

    I always find the idea of charisma so fascinating. Thinking about it logically, it doesn’t make sense that someone would have more ‘presence’ then someone else. But it totally happens. But what is it about someone that makes them more charismatic than someone else? There’s nothing to explain it.

    • Yeah, he was only 21 when I was born. Well…I neither get along or don’t get along with my stepmother as I have never had to live with her for any extended period of time as she married my dad when he was living overseas. But…instead of the age problem, it’s more cultural. I was born and raised in the Midwest while she was born and raised in the Philippines. We have more problems communicating and understanding each other that way.

      I think in some older-younger relationships, the older one can be a really nurturing and caring person or, you’re right, very immature and that puts them on the same level as the younger one. And sometimes the younger one can be very mature for their age and other times they can still be very immature and get spoilt by the older one. Personally…I really can’t see myself in a relationship with a younger man. For some reason even if they are only 2 years younger than me I put them in a category that says “too young.” Kind of odd, but just how I feel for some reason.

      Charisma is fascinating. How can a person draw someone in? And you know it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with their physical appearance as someone quite plain can be quite charismatic.

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