Crazy Love Episode 7 Recap

Ah, I was wrong. In the last episode it looked like Min Jae saw Kyung Soo with Mi Soo, but nope.

Kyung Soo puts the pillow behind Mi Soo’s head and sees Min Jae, Na Young, and Myung Ja leaving the hospital together. Myung Ja is happy as by being sick she got rid of that girl. Na Young laughs at this but scolds her as she was scared when she found Myung Ja. Min Jae then urges the two women to his car and they leave. It’s at this time that Mi Soo wakes up. She asks why Kyung Soo didn’t wake her. She fell asleep almost immediately after they left the orphanage, so he didn’t want to as she seemed very tired. Is she getting enough sleep? Mi Soo says it’s been awhile since she’s slept well and she almost never falls asleep in a car. What’s wrong with her?

Mi Soo goes to get out so she can be in there before dinner is served, but Kyung Soo stops her. She might want to call before going in. Mi Soo says she doesn’t need to since she’s already there. She then thanks him for everything and promises to contact him later to take him out to dinner as repayment. Kyung Soo says that he will definitely rearrange his schedule to make time for her. She then gets out and smiles and bows at him. Why couldn’t he just says that he saw them leave? He buckles up and recalls Myung Ja’s cruel words about being happy that Mi Soo won’t be there when she gets home.

Mi Soo gets up to Myung Ja’s room and is surprised to find it empty. She then calls Min Jae and asks where his mother is. Min Jae replies she woke up and is now on her way home. Why didn’t he call her then? Min Jae says it was a sudden decision and he was too busy processing the discharge to call her. He then asks why she’s at the hospital. How can he ask that? Anyways, she is to stay in Ho Ahm Dong for the time being. Mi Soo says she has some things to give his mother and would like to go to the Lee house that night. Min Jae cuts her off and says he’s driving and there are other people in the car. He’ll call her back later. This makes Na Young smirk an Myung Ja immediately starts griping about her again.

The three get to the Lee house and Myung Ja happily rejoices that her daughter-in-law is gone. Na Young says she will make dinner and then goes into Min Jae’s and Mi Soo’s room to gloat. She bets Mi Soo has never imagined that Na Young would be the future owner of that room. Na Young looks around and says she will have to change everything in the room. She pulls open a desk drawer where she finds a bracelet. she flashes back to the orphanage where she was going to smash that bracelet, but Baek took it from her and ran away with it. So she still has that? She can’t still think to find her mother with that bracelet can she?

Mi Soo arrives home to overhear Myung Ja talking to Na Young about making sure Min Jae divorces Mi Soo and marries Na Young. Mi Soo then enters the kitchen where Myung Ja immediately starts scolding her. Mi Soo says she has something to talk to Myung Ja about and give her. Myung Ja insists she won’t listen and that Mi Soo can’t possibly have anything she needs. Enter Min Jae in time to hear his mother request Mi Soo stop calling her mother-in-law as it just creeps her out. Min Jae immediately pulls Mi Soo into their bedroom to talk. Na Young looks displeased again.

Min Jae asks why Mi Soo came now. Didn’t he say he’d call? Did he know? Myung Ja was talking to Na Young about moving in after the divorce. Is this why Min Jae wanted her at her father’s in Ho Ahm Dong? Min Jae is surprised—what divorce? Mi Soo doesn’t answer and hands over the jewelry and tells him to give it to his mother. Min Jae opens it and asks how she got it back. Again Mi Soo doesn’t answer. She only says that her family’s debt is not his problem. She talked to a lawyer she knows who is optimistic that given the amount of money they already paid, they might be able to get the debt declared cleared. This relieves Min Jae who then asks where she got to know the lawyer. Mi Soo goes to tell him about Kyung Soo, but just says she’ll tell him later. Then Myung Ja yells to get her out of there. Min Jae goes to confront his mother, but Mi Soo stops him and says she’s leaving as she doesn’t want Myung Ja to faint again. Min Jae says he will take her, but Mi Soo refuses. However, Min Jae insists.

The two leave the bedroom and Mi Soo bows her goodbye to her evil mother-in-law. Na Young says that Mi Soo is trying desperately not to be pushed out. Go ahead. Let’s see how far she can go. Outside Mi Soo keeps telling Min Jae to just go. He misses his daughter already—can he come in to see her? It’s too late, she’s probably in bed so he needs to go. Min Jae then apologizes to both her and Hae Ram. Mi Soo say she’s more sorry as it’s all because of her. Min Jae tells her to hang in there a little longer and he will definitely bring her home.

At Oh’s office he is throwing a hissy fit. Didn’t he tells Baek he’d die if he didn’t get the 30 million from Yoon? That’s right. Oh gives him one more week and sends Baek out of the office. He then turns on Kyung Soo. What is his son-in-law thinking of talking to Baek behind his back? Kyung Soo apologizes, he was going to talk to Oh about it first, but that didn’t happen. He then tells Oh to change his ways or else he will face criminal charges from the victims of his illegal money lending. This makes Oh erupt. He’s survived for as long as he has using the methods he has. He tells Kyung Soo to focus on Hae Ryung more instead as she is over the moon about the good results from the hospital and having a baby.

Min Jae tells his mother about the jewelry, but she doesn’t care. She doesn’t want it back now that it’s been in someone else’s hands. Min Jae wishes she’s just accept Mi Soo, but she refuses. He then says that Yoon’s debt problem might be fixed soon. This freaks Myung Ja out. What did her son do? Nothing. Mi Soo consulted a lawyer who is optimistic. This only makes Myung Ja scoff. Where is Mi Soo getting the money for an expensive lawyer when she has none? Myung Ja then gripes that they will suffer from lawyer fees now. No matter what, Mi Soo will never be right. Min Jae says he’ll bring his wife and daughter back home in a few days and she yells at him to concentrate on the project as she didn’t build her company up to have Go take it over.

Na Young is at home working. She used underhanded methods to get the information about Go’s proposal from her assistant. What a horrible and underhanded woman. She has no integrity whatsoever.The proposal day arrives and Na Young tells Min Jae he looks sexy and not to worry as everything will be fine. Min Jae gives his proposal and Mrs. Go finds a point to pick on which makes Min Jae stumble. Na Young gets up and addresses this point earning approval from Myung Ja and dark looks from Mrs. Go. Min Jae continues and then its time for Mrs. Go’s proposal. Hers goes well until Na Young drops her bombshell which completely discredits Go and her proposal.

Mi Soo anxiously awaits for news on the meeting when Kyung Soo arrives at the restaurant for their lunch date. The owner happily greets him. He represented her for free in a case so that she was able to keep the store. So…Kyung Soo does evil for his father-in-law, but also does much pro bono goodness. I think it safe to say the latter is his real self as he doesn’t seem happy being Oh’s stooge. Mi Soo then says she wanted to thank him with an expensive meal. Kyung Soo replies he doesn’t like expensive food. He grew up in Jung Sun, Kang Won Do after all and often ate food like the aunty serves. Mi Soo then asks what kind of payment she owes him for his help on her case. Kyung Soo waves this off. If she’s that concerned, then she can keep buying him noodle dishes. LOL. Mi Soo isn’t comfortable with this exchange, but what can she doo. Kyung Soo then says she can’t eat properly like a lady and he shows her how to gobble the food down. The two laugh when Mi Soo gives it a try.

Chan Ki is at the Superstar K season 5 audition. He’s not horrendous, but not good enough also to please the judges. He gets upset when the judges say his voice suits trot over rock. Outside Yoon and Jong Hee await. Yoon is wondering how long until his son starts earning millions. Jong Hee says this is the preliminary audition, the changes are not in Chan Ki’s favor. The dispirited young man comes out and they ask after the results. He says in disbelief that the judges told him to sing trot instead of rock. Jong Hee assumes this means he failed and tells him not to be discouraged as you know “rock spring,” right? She can never manage to say rock spirit, lol. Chan Ki tears up and then holds up a T-shirt saying that they actually let him pass through to the next round. Shocker.

Mrs. Go is livid. How could her team not do their homework and cause such an embarrassment to her? Go screams at them to spend all nighters and prepare for the second presentation. If they fail again, then their heads will roll.Meanwhile, Mrs. Go’s stepdaughter is at her fortuneteller again. This time she’s praying for a child. The fortuneteller hands her slip of paper and says that between the 9-11 of the month a healthy child will be conceived. I wonder if the happy Hae Ryung will the one who is conceiving the child at that time? I can’t see Kyung Soo have romantic relations with his wife especially since Kyung Soo is happily recalling his meal with Mi Soo, but his smile fades as he recalls Oh’s orders to Baek. He quickly goes to his computer to check something out… does he have the funds to save Mi Soo?

Myung Ja congratulates Na Young on a job well done. Myung Ja was happy to see Mrs. Go humiliated. Na Young says this is all because of Myung Ja’s belief in her. Myung Ja then says she is thinking of promoting Na Young to the planning department to permanently work with Min Jae as she is certain they make a great team. Myung Ja then hands over money (or is it a credit card?) so that Na Young can treat the team for the success. Na Young refuses, but Myung Ja insists.

Enter some businessmen from New York. Secretary Chung looks at Na Young oddly. He then asks if she is Reese? This confuses Na Young. Or more like, she lying through her teeth. She says its her first time meeting Chung, but when they go to sit down she looks very nervous. She goes to the bathroom and demands to know why Robert Chung showed up now of all times. Just who is he?

The Yoon family celebrates Chan Ki’s success. Yoon wishes to do a second round outside, but Jong Hee vetoes this. Someone needs to stay home and take care of Hae Ram. Mi Soo says she will, but Jong Hee won’t hear of it. Can’t Yoon let the kids go out and celebrate themselves? Meanwhile, the CK team is at a club celebrating the successful presentation. They compliment both Na Young and and Min Jae. Na Young is having a good time until she recalls meeting Robert Chung. She leaves the dance floor and we flash back to US where she worked in a nightclub. It would serve her right if her lies were discovered. It turns out Robert Chung was one of her regular customers.

She drinks shot after shot and Min Jae watches this from below with concern before rushing up to stop her. He asks her what is wrong and she says nothing. She just feels good. Min Jae takes a shot and thanks her for saving his mom’s life and helping with the presentation. Na Young doesn’t want a thank you. She then asks if they should go out as it feels stuffy in the club.

At this time, the Yoon family are having fun celebrating as they walk outside. Mi Soo then wonders again why Min Jae didn’t call her about the meeting. She pulls out her phone to call him when Jong Hee spots him getting into a taxi with Na Young. Jong Hee quickly pulls Mi Soo with her and Chan Ki asks where they are going. Poor guy got dumped. The two girls are following behind Min Jae’s car in a taxi. Mi Soo asks what’s going on and Jong Hee explains what she saw. Jong Hee then urges the driver to go faster or else they will lose them. Mi Soo says its okay as she knows where the girl lives.

Min Jae gets Na Young back to her place. She keeps having flashbacks to her life at the club. Min Jae worries about her. Did she really drink that much? Na Young doesn’t answer and says she loves him. She hates that he is next to Mi Soo instead. Then what does he want him to do? What can he do? Na Young says nothing and hugs him. At this time, Mi Soo and Jong Hee arrive. Mi Soo wishes to stop, but Jong Hee doesn’t wish to. Mi Soo pleads that she doesn’t want to see and doesn’t want to know, but Jong Hee won’t listen. We then cut back to Na Young and Min Jae. She professes her love again and Min Jae kisses her. Mi Soo goes to walk away and Jong Hee yells at her. When Mi Soo turns around she sees her husband and Na Young making out. End episode.

Wow. This drama. It really is doing things I did not expect. I kind of like it. It makes me think that 100 episodes won’t be too dull or boring after awhile, which is good.


  • lol Wait till you catch up! This show is crazy in a good way. Cable network have been way better than the big 3. Then again it’s the same in the US lol

    • My goal is to finish catching up tomorrow! Hopefully I will. It is true that this drama seems much different than the daily dramas from the big 3 in a good way 🙂

      I grew up w/o cable so when I saw my first cable series I was shocked by how different they were.

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