Crazy Love Episode 5 Recap

Episode 5 starts with a brief recap of the first four episodes. Of course, we get to see only the most exciting events to date between Mi Soo and her family, Kyung Soo and his wife, and the meeting between Mi Soo and Kyung Soo.

So we open this episode with Mi Soo searching for her husband at Na Young’s apartment. Na Young asks if this means Mi Soo acknowledges their relationship. Mi Soo doesn’t answer this and asks why Na Young is going after her husband and trying to get close to her mother-in-law. Na Young says nothing and Mi Soo says that no matter what Min Jae will never cheat on her (got to love the pained and guilty look on Min Jae’s face as his wife says that). If that is so, then why is Mi Soo there in the middle of the night looking for her husband? Busted.

Na Young then states they did not sleep together. She is only guilty of tending Min Jae’s wounds and sending him back home after he got into a drunken fist fight. This shocks Mi Soo. Hae Ram’s father got into a fist fight? Na Young replies that she got a call from the police and rushed down to save him. She then brought him home to rest as he did not look like he was feeling well. Mi Soo then demands to know why Min Jae called Na Young instead of her. Na Young says she will have to ask Min Jae that, but maybe because he’s more comfortable with Na Young then his own wife. Burn. Mi Soo yells and demands to know what the two of them are. Na Young says coworkers, but Mi Soo isn’t biting and yells louder demanding to know what they are. Na Young won’t answer this again and demands to be thanked for helping Min Jae. She also warns Mi Soo that she will not tolerate such rude behavior again. Mi Soo needs to grow a spine and lay the smackdown on Na Young’s lying ass.

Mi Soo leaves and Na Young looks delighted. She tells Min Jae that his wife is gone and he can safely come out. Min Jae peeks around the corner and she repeats that Mi Soo is gone. Na Young then says that since Mi Soo came all the way there in the middle of the night, she and Min Jae could end up getting their hair pulled as Mi Soo must have a temper. Na Young finds this thrilling while Min Jae looks sickened. He goes to leave, but Na Young urges him to stay until daylight since she told his mother he’s spend the night. This shocks Min Jae. Na Young called his mother and said he’s sleep there? Then…should she have called his wife instead? Na Young says Myung Ja would be worried about him if she didn’t call. Min Jae complains that he has only himself to blame and rushes out of the apartment. Na Young doesn’t look too happy.

Mi Soo gets home and sits at her vanity and cries. What did she do? Why did she go there? Na Young is cleaning things up and finds Min Jae’s tie. She smiles. Min Jae is a man who means nothing to her. She will use him and throw him away like the tie that she tosses in the trash.

The next day Mi Soo meets with Jong Hee. She is very apologetic thinking that she did the wrong thing since Min Jae has been having a hard time because of her. Jong Hee cannot believe her friend’s attitude. Why get married if you go looking for another woman (very true)? Plus, Min Jae…is he the only one having a hard time (true again)? Jong Hee then says there is no point to arguing any more when everything comes down to money. If she were Mi Soo, she would have kicked Yoon to the curb a long time ago. How could he gamble away all that money? Even so, Mi Soo should NOT sit around and just take her husband going to another woman. Jong Hee admits shock that Min Jae is cheating. This goes to prove that no man can be trusted.

Just as Jong Hee tries pry Na Young’s name out from Mi Soo, Chan Ki and Yoon arrive home. The quartet set down to eat with Jong Hee urging Yoon to come work in her factory so that the debt can start getting paid off as quickly as possible when Baek slams in. He doesn’t look happy. Yoon says he was going to call Baek later, but Baek rubs his head and yells that Yoon answers their calls—he doesn’t call them…got it? Mi Soo tries to usher the thugs outside, but Baek wishes to talk in the nice house. Mi Soo quickly says she will give him the money if he talks outside. This surprises Baek. She has the money?

Mi Soo then goes to a shop to pawn her ring. She doesn’t wish to let go of the gift her husband gave her after all of these years, but what choice does she have? Meanwhile, Baek stands and waits for her. I think he’s surprised when she does hand the ring over and asks the jeweler how much she can get for it. Poor girl. Unlucky in the family that adopted her and unlucky in the man that she married. She’d be lucky to have a friend like Baek by her side if he wasn’t working for the wrong team as you know Baek would actually do all he could to protect his precious Eun Joo.

At CK, Na Young and Min Jae are having a meeting, but Min Jae’s mind is elsewhere as he recalls what happened the night before when Mi Soo came over to Na Young’s. She asks him to focus, but Min Jae wishes to wrap up the meeting. Na Young wishes to continue. Is this about last night? Min Jae has nothing to worry about since Mi Soo didn’t say anything to him, right? Min Jae doesn’t care and says they’ll continue the meeting in the morning. Na Young then rushes after him and wraps her arms around him. Why can’t he understand her feelings? She’s never liked any one the way she likes him. Min Jae reminds her they are at the office and apologizes as he cannot continue the relationship any further than that.

Mi Soo quickly goes over and gives Baek the money from the ring. He quickly counts it and is NOT happy. She wants him to present such a paltry sum to his boss? Mi Soo promises to get the rest somehow and Baek gives her until the next day as the money must be in his boss’s account by Friday. If she cannot come up with the rest of the money owed, then Baek will make a nice, memorable scene to outdo the previous ones. Poor Mi Soo. What can she do to make the deadline?

Hae Ryung is in a better mood as she talks to her mother on the phone. Hae Ryung managed to change the appointment to a time that works for Kyung Soo. To thank him for doing so, she is making sandwiches to take to him at work. She promises to leave her mother some and the two end their call. Mrs. Go turns to let Oh know, but he isn’t happy at all. It’s like Kyung Soo is the boss of their house since they have to go out of their way to accommodate him. It’s so much easier if Kyung Soo just gives into Hae Ryung right at the beginning. And completely bad for Hae Ryung if you give in to every unreasonable whim, but whatever.

Hae Ryung gets to Kyung Soo’s firm where Kyung Soo and colleagues are coming out of the court house after a success. Hae Ryung smiles happily until she sees a woman walking with her husband. Hae Ryung then goes into the ladies room where she throws a thermos full of hot liquid on the girl who demands to know why Kyung Soo’s wife did that. Hae Ryung belittles her education and says that she’s cozying up to Kyung Soo instead of working hard at her job. Hae Ryung then goes toe to toe with her and says if she wishes to keep her job, she had better stay away from Kyung Soo. Hae Ryung leaves the bathroom and the girl calls her crazy. Outside, Hae Ryung throws away all of the food and stomps on it. What a waste.

That night when Kyung Soo gets home he asks why Hae Ryung came by the office. Was she spying on him again? Hae Ryung comes in the bedroom and states that Lee So Yeon was using Kyung Soo’s favorite perfume. Kyung Soo cuts her off and says So Yeon handed in her resignation that afternoon. He turns to his wife and asks her to please not be so sensitive. She needs to think before she acts. Hae Ryung’s response? That b*tch was making eyes at him. He should be honest—didn’t he nearly fall for So Yeon’s come ons? Kyung Soo goes to walk away, but Hae Ryung asks for the shirt. Kyung Soo peels it off and goes to the bathroom. Hae Ryung sniffs it, rips it, and tosses it in the trash.

Meanwhile, Kyung Soo is showering and recalling what happened earlier. An angry and bedraggled So Yeon came into his office and slammed her letter of resignation on his desk. So Yeon then commented on his abnormal wife and how she pities Kyung Soo having to live with a woman like that. He then flashes back to Mi Soo asking if she is pathetic and going on to say that life is hard. Kyung Soo then agrees with her. Life is not easy. No, it isn’t.

Mi Soo is at home recalling Baek’s words. What will she do to come up with the money? She goes to call the debtor, but they have already arrived at the house. They barge into her mother-in-law’s room and start going through things. When Mi Soo tries to stop them, she is thrown down. She then rushes out to the living room where she begs Baek to not do this as her mother-in-law will kill her if she finds out. The Lee family has nothing to do with Yoon’s debt. Baek then reminds her that she is part of the family on paper. Maybe it’s about time Myung Ja is made aware of Mi Soo’s debts. Mi Soo gets off her knees and angrily replies that she will not leave Baek alone. He stands up and asks what she will do. Call the police? Kill him? If she was going to do something, she should have done it earlier. Baek comments on how amazing it is that Yoon gambled so much money away so quickly.

His men come out with a baggie full of jewelry. Mi Soo lunges for it, but Baek shoves her onto the couch. He sits across from her and says it is her fault for having a dad like him. Oh, the situational irony right here. It’s technically his fault that she has a dad like him as he switched the papers so that Mi Soo could get adopted instead of Na Young. Mi Soo cries and he shouts at her. Baek then tells her to call her dad to wake him up. If he doesn’t repay the money soon, then Baek will keep circling them and this bad cycle will continue. Why? He shakes the bag of jewelry…because there is a way they can get their money. Baek says he will get the jewelry appraised and if it is still short of the target, then he will contact her again.

Mi Soo goes into her mother-in-law’s room which is now a complete mess. She cries as looks around. What can she do? Her decision? She calls Baek, but he’s in the shower so it is Na Young who answers his phone. Mi Soo begs him to return Myung Ja’s things and promises to get the money somehow. Na Young hangs up on her. The panicked Mi Soo then texts Baek begging him to answer her call. Of course, Na Young deletes this. She needs must cause as much problems for Mi Soo as possible. She goes into Baek’s bag and sees the jewelry. She recognizes the broach she bought Myung Ja and recalls Mi Soo’s words begging Baek to return her mother-in-law’s stuff. This makes Na Young smile maliciously.

Baek finishes his shower and comes out demanding to know why Na Young is touching his stuff without asking. She smiles and says it just looked so pretty. Right. Baek then says he only let her in because she said she would leave quickly so she needs to go so he can sleep. Na Young says he must have one glass of the rare wine she bought first. She then holds up the broach she bought and says it belongs to the president of CK, right? She bought that broach on Myung Ja’s birthday. She then asks about the 30 million—wasn’t it paid back already? Baek reveals Yoon gambled it all away in only a day. What bad luck for Mi Soo, but what can you do? Because she has such a dad, she’ll probably get kicked out of her house. Na Young lies and says she feels bad…how did Mi Soo end up with such a father? She then offers to buy the broach off of Baek. What diabolical plan is she coming up with now?

Min Jae and Myung Ja come home and are greeted by the nervous Mi Soo. Myung Ja insults her and goes into her room while Min Jae goes to Hae Ram’s room. Mi Soo goes into Myung Ja’s room to talk, but if it’s not about divorce, Myung Ja doesn’t want to listen. If Mi Soo dares to ask for money for her family, Myung Ja will really let her have it. Mi Soo tries to tell her about Baek coming that afternoon, but misses her chance as Myung Ja got a call and kicked her out of her room.

Mi Soo immediately calls up Baek who groggily answers the phone. Mi Soo says it’s her. So what does she want? He still has her mother-in-law’s stuff, right? If so, please meet with her right away. She will even go over to Tae San Capital to meet with him. This fully wakes him up and he screams at her to not go there as that will completely screw him over. Guess it looks bad to the boss man.

The two then meet at a café where Mi Soo once more makes her request to have the jewelry returned before her mother-in-law finds out. That’s it? That’s the only reason she asked to meet? Baek yells that money is the only solution to the problem. He tells her to come to his senses and goes to leave, but Mi Soo threatens to report him. Baek laughs. The police? The law? He knows more about them than she does. He will text her the amount of the appraisal and hopes for both their sakes there is enough to cover the debt. He gets up to leave and Mi Soo throws her water in his face. Nice. He’s garbage. Does he realize how much he’s already taken from her? Either way she’s dead and she refuses to suffer through this. Baek gets angry and threatens that there is only so much he will take just because she’s a woman. He then leaves.

Mi Soo goes home dejectedly. She sits down on her bed and recalls her first meeting with Kyung Soo where he handed over his business card. He’s a lawyer so maybe he can help? She puts in the call and Kyung Soo is surprised to have her contact him (but you know he’s happy). She asks if he has time and he quickly says he does and that she can meet him at his office. I had to laugh as he rushed to hide the oranges as he was telling her how to get to his office.

Mi Soo arrives and she apologizes for being so shameless as to ask for a favor when they don’t know each other all that well. Kyung Soo quickly assures her it is fine. It must have been hard on her to be hounded so badly over the past four years. Wowza! That long? Why didn’t she seek help earlier? Mi Soo then says that she and her father have already paid off more than double the principal amount of the loan. Sheesh. And these sharks still aren’t happy? She has no idea how things have gotten so out of hand now, but she cannot take anymore. Even though she is afraid of retaliation, something needs to be done. Mi Soo then says she feels as if she’s doing something terrible to her husband and in-laws.

Kyung Soo nods and recalls the scene when Myung Ja kicked Mi Soo out of the Lee house. Of course he will help her. He needs details. Who is the lender? How was the initial contract made? Mi Soo quickly tells him it is Tae San Capital. Eeek. This really shocks him. Can Kyung Soo go against his father-in-law to help her?

Meanwhile, Na Young delivers the broach back to Myung Ja who wonders how it was taken from the jewelry box in her house. Na Young pretends to hesitate not being sure if she should say anything, but she feels she has no choice since it is a matter that has to deal with Myung Ja’s family. Na Young then says she met a man selling Myung Ja’s jewelry at a store Na Young went to for a ring redesign. It was the lender who crashed Myung Ja’s party. He said he received jewelry as payment instead of money from Mi Soo. Oy. Na Young says she thought Myung Ja gave her the jewelry to sell until she saw the broach. Myung Ja is livid. What will she do with a thief for a daughter-in-law? Na Young then adds to the problem by saying that the 30 million borrowed to pay off the debt was gambled away in less than a day.

Mi Soo arrives at home only to get a call from her very angry mother-in-law demanding Mi Soo come to her office immediately. Meanwhile, Kyung Soo gets a copy of the contract made between his father-in-law and Yoon. He is shocked when he sees Yoon was the owner of Unicorn Candy Company. He recalls the angry Yoon cussing him out after court. Wow. What a tangled web they weave! How can their lives be so connected without them knowing it?

Mi Soo arrives at Myung Ja’s office and recalls Baek pillaging Myung Ja’s room. She’s reluctant to go in, but does gather her courage as Na Young watches on with an eager smile. As soon as Myung Ja sees Mi Soo she throws something at the girl’s feet and that’s where this episode ends.

Poor, poor Mi Soo and Kyung Soo. I’m hoping that Kyung Soo will wake up and stop being his father-in-law’s puppet and destroying innocent lives. I also wish that Min Jae would man up and stop being a whiny kid, but that doesn’t seem too possible.

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  • I am watching the drama and reading your posts at the same time. These men are pussies and the women r total shrews. It’s annoying but difficult to stop watching.

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