Smile, Donghae Episode 59 Recap

You may or may not have noticed I started doing another daily drama. I’m definitely crazy. This drama has 150 or so episodes. I’m not even half way through and this started in 2010. Can I survive a 100 episode currently airing drama? We’ll see.

We open episode 59 with Hye Sook announcing to Saewa that the marriage is over. Saewa, of course, is freaking out. What does her mother-in-law mean? Hye Sook, having said her piece, hangs up on the distraught young woman. Sool Nyeo demands to know what was said to make Saewa react like that. Meanwhile at the Kim house, Do Jin is horrified. How could his mother go that far? Isn’t Do Jin the one who said earlier he couldn’t trust Saewa and that their marriage was essentially over? For Hye Sook, it’s not far enough. Saewa lied to them about Donghae and she snuck behind their backs to see him at Hye Sook’s hotel. She cannot excuse that. Joon tries to step in and say it’s not what it seems, but Hye Sook is livid to learn this was the secret her husband and Saewa were keeping. She has put her foot and the marriage is over. Do Jin needs to prepare himself for the coming storm.

Hye Sook storms off into her bedroom. Joon tries to stop Do Jin from following her, but Do Jin won’t listen. He tells his mother that she had no right to pack up and send Saewa’s things away without consulting him first. This problem is between him and Saewa and his mother shouldn’t interfere. Hye Sook won’t listen. Saewa is a scheming young woman how can Do Jin still love her? Hye Sook had to take action immediately since she doesn’t know what Saewa will plan.

Sool Nyeo demands to know what is going on and Saewa just insists she refuses to get a divorce. Sool Nyeo points out with how far Hye Sook has already come, so there is now way that Saewa can oppose the divorce. Saewa then crazily says she has worked so hard to create the perfect family that no one can beat, she will not let it slip through her fingers. Ick. Well, I always knew she wasn’t quite right. Meanwhile, Sae Young is freaking out. If her sister really gets divorced, she will be kicked out of the family and never forgiven. Tae Hoon tells her not to worry as he will do his best to protect her. Enter the freaked out Sool Nyeo asking Tae Hoon to drive her to the Kim house as she things Saewa has headed over there. Sae Young says that Tae Hoon shouldn’t go there, but Sool Nyeo insists that she can’t drive in that state.

Bongi is anxiously waiting in the kitchen for Donghae when he returns. What did Hye Sook tell him? Donghae says that Hye Sook told him to wait at home until she contacts him. What about the competition? She didn’t mention that, but Donghae doesn’t think he’ll be able to compete now since Hye Sook is really angry. Why didn’t Donghae try to explain the situation? Donghae sighs. No matter what he says now, it all sounds like excuses. He cannot blame Hye Sook as she must be shocked and feeling betrayed by him and his mother. Donghae then gets a bad expression on his face as he recalls Saewa’s threat about James. What’s wrong? He tells Bongi what Saewa said to him and says that he doesn’t think Saewa was bluffing about keeping James from them. Things just get worse and worse.

At the Lee house, Pil Jae and Song Yi are decorating the tree when Anna comes rushing out of her room. Where is she going? Donghae hasn’t returned from work yet. Pil Jae tells her Donghae is a big boy and can take care of himself. He then takes her over to the tree to help decorate which annoys Song Yi. As Pil Jae is making Anna promise to decorate the tree with him and Song Yi again next year, Donghae and Bongi finally arrive home. Anna shoves Pil Jae away and asks her son if he’s okay. Donghae replies he’s fine and goes to head into their room. Bongi rushes after the two only to be stopped by Sun Ok. Why would Bongi go into their room instead of her own? Important hotel business to discuss between the three of them.

Inside the room, Anna worries if Donghae’s job is safe at the hotel since Hye Sook as found out the truth about him and Saewa dating for 6 years. Bongi and Donghae do their best to assure Anna that he’ll be fine, but who really knows? Donghae vows to find some other, slower way to find James if he can’t appear on the cooking show broadcast. The three then ponder what Saewa is up to with the picture and hiding James. Bongi is especially confused. Saewa knows Donghae is only working at the hotel to find his father. If she knows who James really is, then why won’t she reveal him so that Donghae would leave and things would settle down? What a mystery. Bongi demands to know when Yoon Saewa will finally tell them the truth.

Saewa arrives at the Kim house and approaches the door. She goes to ring the bell, but hesitates before digging into her purse for the keys. She then enters quietly and sneaks upstairs. Hye Sook catches a glimpse and rushes up after her. Saewa goes into her and Do Jin’s bedroom where he looks all depressed. He is shocked to see her when he turns around. Saewa apologizes for startling him, but this is the only way she could think of. It’s true that she didn’t love him at first, but after she got to know him, she truly fell for him. If only she could take an eraser and rub out her past. She wishes Do Jin will keep her promise to protect and love her. Enter Hye Sook who bawls Saewa out for her audacity and demands Do Jin kick her out.

Do Jin drags Saewa out to her car as her mother and Tae Hoon pull up. She begs him not to leave her like that, but Do Jin shakes her off and closes the gate on her. Sool Nyeo rushes up to her daughter who demands to know what she can do. When they get back to the Yoon apartment, Sool Nyeo demands Saewa get the divorce, but Saewa refuses. Sool Nyeo reminds her that the Kims are already mad about the secret boyfriend, what happens if they discover Donghae and Do Jin are half brothers? Things won’t be as bad as a divorce (Saewa doesn’t want the shame of being divorced for a shady past since she’s a public figure), it will be even worse—that secret will destroy the Kim family completely. Saewa vows she will keep that secret. Right. Just like she kept the secret about her ex so well? Even Sool Nyeo cannot believe her daughter. She cries and begs for her dead husband’s help.

Donghae is outside in the courtyard staring moodily up at the sky. Bongi comes out and pokes his cheek. They discuss Saewa, James, Hye Sook, and Donghae’s job. Bongi wonders why he talks of his job and not finding James as if it’s already been decided. Donghae wishes to quit so people will stop suffering just so he can find his father. Bongi tells him he is not allowed to do this. He needs to stand firm and keep his head high until the very end and the decision is final. She then drags him into the kitchen to help her practice for the final competition.

Ji Chang Wook, Oh Ji Eun

The next morning Joon asks if Hye Sook is really sticking to her decision. Yes. It will be even easier since Do Jin never registered his marriage. Really? Do Jin confirms this as they had just kept putting it off since things were so busy. He excuses himself and leaves. Joon tells Hye Sook that this matter is between the children and they should stay out of it. Hye Sook replies this is a matter that involves the whole family, so she will not stay out of it. Joon then asks what she will do to Donghae. Hye Sook says she doesn’t know yet. It looks like he was another of Saewa’s victims. But…at the same time, she isn’t sure if Donghae harbored no ill intentions. Plus, she cannot forgive Donghae for hurting Do Jin. Since Joon and Do Jin are the only family she has left and she will forgive no one who hurts them.

At the Lee House, Donghae goes out to do volunteer work since he can’t work at the hotel. Anna wishes to go with him, but Donghae tells her to stay home as the volunteer work is hard. He and Bongi leave for their respective jobs. Pil Jae comes and asks if Anna will go with him to do some Christmas shopping and Sun Ok overhears this and gripes about all she’s done for him with nothing in return. LOL.

At the hotel, Bongi asks for the day off to do volunteer work. Of course, Yoo Jin won’t stand still and let her do it alone. Since Yoo Jin wishes to spend Christmas Eve with Donghae, she also asks for the day off to do volunteer work. Chef Bang is not happy that they are both requesting a day off in tandem, but he does grant it.

The volunteers are dressed in Christmas outfits. Donghae is absolutely thrilled when Bongi shows up to help. She hands over a hot packs as Yoo Jin shows up with heat fans since a mere hot pack isn’t enough. Yoo Jin then clutches his arm and asks if the fan is enough to melt him. Bongi gets in between them, but Yoo Jin sends her off to get food. Poor Bongi. She came there to be next to Donghae, but Yoo Jin keeps interfering.

Yoo Jin asks Donghae what the most delicious dish he ate since he came to Korea was. Donghae doesn’t think too long about this and says sweet potato fried rice. Bongi’s ears prick up at this. It makes her both surprised and happy as she made him that dish at the hotel before the accident. Yoo Jin is surprised that it is such a simple dish. Awww. I LOVE that he chose Bongi’s dish. Since the theme is proposal, Yoo Jin wanted an idea of what Donghae liked. She then tells Donghae he better be preparing well for the competition as she’s looking for a good fight.

Anna waits for Hye Sook in her office. Didn’t Donghae tell her not to go into work? Yes, but Anna has a favor to ask of Hye Sook. She wishes that Hye Sook will show mercy on Donghae and let him keep his job in the hotel so that he can find his father. Hye Sook asks where Donghae is and Anna replies Donghae went to do the volunteer work. Do Jin angrily mumbles that Donghae takes every opportunity to show off. Hye Sook kicks Anna out of her office and scolds Do Jin for being easily angered. He will go on to do great things, so he needs better control of his temper. She then reminds him that they have an appointment with their lawyer that afternoon.

Sool Nyeo brings Saewa a tray of food, but Saewa is not there. Where is she? Sae Young comes in and says she saw Saewa rushing out, but Saewa refused to tell her to where. Sae Young then asks if Saewa is really getting a divorce. Sool Nyeo vows to kick Sae Young out if Saewa’s marriage really does end since its all Sae Young’s fault. The younger girl yells that it wasn’t intentional. Poor Sae Young.

Hye Sook recalls all of Donghae’s good deeds and Anna’s pleads. What will be her decision? Meanwhile, Saewa goes to the volunteer place to talk to Donghae and he is less than thrilled to see her. In fact, he has nothing left to say to her. Saewa says he does since its about James. Hye Sook then arrives and sees Donghae going off with Saewa. She is not happy.

The two go to a café where Donghae gets angry because Saewa wants him to confess to Hye Sook that he stalked her. He’s had enough of Saewa. How much farther is she going to hurt him and ruin his life? Saewa says that no matter what, he’ll lose his job and be unable to enter the competition, so can’t he help her this much and save her marriage? Selfish witch to the end. Saewa then promises to let him know where James is just to get him out of her life. We all know that Saewa will never be honest about James given his real identity. Donghae also has a hard time believing that Saewa is being honest.

Enter Hye Sook. So they have been sneaking around like this all of the time? Both immediately answer no. Hye Sook then tells Saewa to get out as she has questions for Donghae. This make Saewa very uneasy and unhappy. She shoots a look Donghae’s way before leaving. Hye Sook and Donghae sit down and he asks her not to get the wrong idea—he and Saewa have no feelings for one another. Hye Sook cuts him off. She only came to ask one question because of Anna’s desperation to save Donghae. Did Donghae hang around the hotel and help her because he had an ulterior motive or because he really wanted to find his father? Donghae replies he only got a job there as he desperately wishes to find his father. Hye Sook says even if that is true, Donghae must know how she feels about having him in her hotel. She has two options—send him to Gyeongju or fire him. she wanted him to know that.

Hye Sook leaves and is confronted by Saewa. Hye Sook tells her they will end things here and leaves. Donghae comes out and Saewa immediately vows he will never, ever find James. She’ll see to that.

Saewa goes back to the Yoon house. The family goes out to greet her and Sae Young immediately apologizes. Saewa then vows once again to sever all ties with her little sister if she is forced to divorce. Tae Hoon, lawyer-to-be (remember?), pipes up and says that won’t be that easy to get a divorce. She and Do Jin must already have a marriage license, so that makes things harder for divorce. Plus, a spouse’s past is not considered a valid reason for divorce. This gives Saewa a thread of hope and an idea. She orders her mother to send her things back to the Kim house at once.

Saewa arrives at the Kim house with movers and the anxious housekeeper states that Hye Sook has demanded Saewa be barred from entering. Saewa smirks. If the housekeeper goes this route, Saewa will lie and say she accepted money to keep the secret of Saewa being at the house before. The movers put Saewa’s things back in the bedroom and Saewa calls her sunbae. she gave him an exclusive scoop last time, so how about an interview in her house?

The Kim family get home and the housekeeper tries to warn them about Saewa when the young woman comes out of the kitchen, shocking them all.

Devious, evil Saewa. She’s a fit for that family. Hye Sook is pretty devious herself, Do Jin has a temper that explodes and Kim Joon…well…his only mistake was/is not being able to get over Anna… Other than that… he’s actually the least bad in the family, don’t you think?

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