Crazy Love Episode 2 Recap

I will kind of, sort of, not really, catch up with the episodes already aired. It’s really hard to keep up with a daily drama to begin with. But, as I said, I’m going to try keeping more on top of this one than I did with my beloved and long drawn out Smile, Donghae.

We open with Min Jae holding the sheet to cover his manly parts and freaking out when he sees Na Young in her bathroom. Na Young reminds him that he came willingly and Min Jae stutters out that he was drunk. Omo. Did he forget that he said he wanted this? That made Na Young’s heart flutter. Min Jae gets dressed and rushes out of the hotel where he is spotted by his mother and her assistant. The assistant wonders why Min Jae is there and Myung Ja snaps at him to keep it a secret. Meanwhile, Min Jae calls up Mi Soo apologizing and assuring her “that isn’t it”—he got drunk at his friend Seung Ki’s house and ended up crashing there. He then promises to be home in 10 minutes.

Myung Ja sits having tea and recalls Min Jae refusing the woman he set her up with earlier and then her conversation with Na Young. She puts two and two together when she sees the smiling Na Young leaving the hotel and she couldn’t be more pleased. What a horrid woman.

Min Jae comes home to an angry Mi Soo. She slams a sparse breakfast in front of him and he asks after his mother. She already left for an appointment. Mi Soo gets up, but Min Jae pleads with her to trust him—he’s never met a surrogate mother. It’s just his mother’s greed talking. Mi Soo assures him that she believes him. She’s just angry and sorry—sometimes she wishes she were dead. That last statement horrifies Min Jae. How can she say that? Mi Soo then vows she will do her best to try harder for Myung Ja who is difficult to get along with. Mi Soo then vows she’ll kill him if he does something stupid behind her back. Mi Soo then promises to make his favorite seafood stew. Poor guy is definitely sweating bullets now. But…definitely not the time to tell your wife you got drunk and ended up sleeping with another woman. Actually…there is no “right time” for that.

Na Young meets with Myung Ja who asks the younger girl to be her “friend.” What about Min Jae? When Na Young has children, she’ll understand a son will not be a companion for his mother. How about her submissions, nice daughter-in-law? Na Young is positively thrilled that Myung Ja detests Mi Soo so much. Na Young promises to be her friend and Myung Ja asks if there is no man Na Young is interested in. Na Young denies interest in any one as she is picky, but she does say she’s like a man like Myung Ja’s son. Now… I’ll wait for the lovely day when Myung Ja learns her choice of woman for her son is the worst it could ever be because you know Na Young will eventually show her true colors after she gets what she wants. Myung Ja expresses surprise at Na Young’s interest as Min Jae is married. Na Young then reveals she was married for only two months, but the marriage failed.

Na Young is exercising when she gets a call from the worried Min Jae who wants to talk. Na Young replies she’s in the middle of her workout, so she can’t. Min Jae replies he’ll meet her there. He shows up while she’s doing all her stretching…I’m guessing she’s doing yoga or some such workout. The place she’s in looks like a temple almost. Min Jae watches on until she asks him what he wants to talk about. Min Jae starts out talking about how he was drunk and Na Young finishes for him. He was drunk and not thinking straight, so let’s just forget about it, right? Women hate that the most from the men they are seeing. The frazzled Min Jae points out he’s married, but so what? Married men can see other women can’t they? Um…no. Otherwise, what is the point of being married if you’re not going to change your ways and COMMIT? Na Young vows she will not cling and will not spread rumors. She then asks him how it was the other night—a startling question for Min Jae. Did he like it? She liked it. She then asks him to leave as she’s going to shower and change.

Min Jae and Myung Ja arrive home where Myung Ja ignores Mi Soo and goes straight into her bedroom. Min Jae replies his mother already ate and asks after their daughter. Mi Soo replies Hae ram is in her room and then goes to tell Myung Ja her bath is ready. Again, Myung Ja ignores her completely. How childish can this woman be? And, like always, Mi Soo says nothing and just takes it. Really, with a woman like her mother-in-law there isn’t anything you can do about them. Shakes head.

At work, Min Jae asks his assistant to help him borrow 30 million won. The assistant asks why he needs that much. Min Jae won’t tell him the reason and promises to take full responsibility if his mother should find out. Min Jae then goes to visit his father-in-law to hand over the money to pay off his debts to Oh. Yoon takes the money and keeps thanking Min Jae who apologizes for not paying the debt earlier. Yoon says he has already received so much from his son-in-law, that there is no need to be sorry—in fact, he feels guilty.

Yoon then says that Mi Soo brings a smile just like her name suggests. He tells Min Jae that Mi Soo’s real name was Hong Eun Joo, but he had it changed when he adopted her. She lost her parents when she was three and led a sad life. He changed her name to Mi Soo in hopes that she would have a life full of smiles. Yoon feels he doesn’t have to worry about her now that she has someone like Min Jae to care for her.

Yoon goes to deposit and transfer the money but he has visions of slot machines and horse racing. Great. He’s a compulsive gambler. He tries to fight the urge, but just can’t. He cancels the transfer an goes to the horse races where he loses big time. You know this will also get Min Jae and Mi Soo in big trouble with Myung Ja.

Min Jae calls up Mi Soo and asks her to  get a babysitter for Hae Ram. He wishes to go out on a date with his wife—he’s made the reservations already. Na Young overhears all of this and smiles. What evil is that wench plotting now? Who knows. She follows Mi Soo and Min Jae to the restaurant Min Jae has rented out. He surprises his wife with a song. His voice isn’t great, but not bad either and Mi Soo is really happy and Na Young…notsomuch, but you know the vindictive vixen won’t give in easily.

While Min Jae sings, we cut to scenes of how our couple first met and started dating. Mi Soo was a worker at the company and the two fell in love and began dating. He then proposed to her. The two look so happy there. Mi Soo thanks him and he told her he is the one who is thankful. We then cut back to the present where Mi Soo smiles happily through tears while Na Young glares.

Min Jae finishes his song and hands her a big bouquet of flowers. Does she know what day it is? What day? It’s the 2013th day since they first met. Snort. LOL. I had to laugh. Having not been in a relationship…ever…I don’t know if people in the US keep such a close notice or care about days in a relationship like in Asia. I mean…sure…you celebrate certain months or years…but days? Mi Soo laughs and says that is pushing it and exaggerating a bit. Min Jae says there days together are like years for other people thus the year 2013 means 2013 days. Mi Soo says she knows he’s trying to make her feel better an thanks him.

Min Jae changes the subject. The wedding presents were managed by his mother. Mi Soo must have been very disappointed. Min Jae then takes out a jewelry box and opens it. Inside is a ring! Mi Soo is shocked. Min Jae tells her to hold out her hand and slips the ring on her finger. He apologizes and promises that from now on he’ll do better. He will never leave her and stay by her side until the day he dies. He then reveals he gave her father the money to pay of his debts, so she should not worry. Mi Soo is really touched. The two then toast to their happy future.

The angry Na Young then recalls the past where she watched over the adopted Mi Soo. She complains that Mi Soo has always been lucky, but that her days of happiness are now numbered.

Na Young goes to pay Baek a visit. He’s working out on the rooftop and she tells him that she fell for him because he was the only one at the orphanage who helped her up when she fell. Baek listens, not really believing her words. Na Young then says that despite this, Baek liked Eun Joo more. Na Young still remembers that Baek would do anything for Eun Joo even if it meant he got scolded by the head mistress. Na Young then says he wouldn’t have been sent to a youth detention center if it hadn’t been for him beating her stepfather which is the reason he’s living like he’s living now. Poor guy. He’s a softy at heart who protects those who are weaker and he’s got a job roughing people up to ensure they pay their debts.

Na Young then talks about how that man wasn’t even human. He beat her during the day, tried to molest her at night, and made her beg for money on the streets. Only a few punches from Baek had him begging for his life—how pathetic. Baek asks why she’s talking about that again after all of these years. Na Young then flashes back to the scene where Baek shoved Mi Soo. Isn’t life strange and fascinating? She goes to tell him the story about just who Eun Joo is, but he cuts her off again. Oi. This will be frustrating…but at the same time…what would she have to gain since she likes him…loves him?…considers him her friend/guardian angel?

Baek tells Na Young to go home as it’s getting late. But no one is worried or waiting for her. That doesn’t matter, times are tough and its dangerous for a woman to be out late alone. Na Young says she doesn’t wish to go home and asks if she can’t crash at his place since she has something to tell him.  Baek doesn’t answer and just walks away. Na Young throws a drink at him making him turn around. Is Hong Eun Joo the only woman in the world to him? He couldn’t even recognize her if he saw her again. What a moron. Put two and two together, man. You can’t be this stupid, can you? All these not-so-subtle hints and references to Eun Joo and all that should have your radar tingling. Na Young then angrily leaves.

We then cut to a a factory where people are listening to Chan Ki [Kang Seo Joon] singling loudly and rather badly. Only one woman smiles and continues working while he sings while the other three grimace. When the song ends, the three give their honest opinions—the high notes are too difficult, his posture is wrong, his breathing is wrong, and the tempo was too fast. And this…reminds me soooo much of the critiques of the judges from Kpop Star (particularly JYP’s). The woman who was happily listening gets annoyed at the criticism as is Chan Ki. She defends Chan Ki, but she obviously doesn’t know what she’s talking about. LOL. This annoys Chan Ki more. Oh, and in case you don’t remember, Chan Ki is Mi Soo’s little brother. We didn’t meet him in the first episode, but he was mentioned in Yoon’s and Mi Soo’s conversations.

Oh and Kyung Soo are at the shooting range. Oh compliments that Kyung Soo is getting better. He then hands over money to Kyung Soo who doesn’t wish to accept it, but Oh insists as he is grateful that Kyung Soo’s father gave him such a son-in-law. Kyung Soo finally accepts the money and Oh turns the topic to Hae Ryung. How nice if she was here with them? I don’t think I’d want her anywhere near a gun given the scenes from the first episode where she’s all crazy. Oh asks how things are going on the Sung Jin creditor problem and Kyung Soo replies they are going good and a team is being made for training.

Kyung Soo gets a call from Hae Ryung who wishes to know here he is. He replies that he’s with her father. He won’t be coming home for dinner as he is going out with colleagues for a meeting. He then assures her it will only be male employees and no females. That night Hae Ryung anxiously awaits for news from him, but gets none. She then sees a scene in a historical drama that has her recalling the ceremony she went to to ensure her husband never strays. She goes ballistic and tracks Kyung Soo’s phone. He’s at a hote. She rushes to the hotel imagining her husband sleeping around on her and wouldn’t you know? He’s just in a meeting like he SAID he was. Go figure. Kyung Soo and Hae Ryung both look surprised.

Kyung Soo sits in Hae Ryung’s car where she balls him out for not calling or texting like he promised he would. Kyung Soo apologizes as he was too involved in the meeting and lost track of time. But it’s been 4 hours! Kyung Soo shouts at her and then lowers his voice. It’s time to stop this. Hae Ryung starts crying and yells back that he has know idea how tiring this is for her every time he does this. Well…have a little faith woman and it won’t be so hard on you. Seriously? This woman is her own worst enemy. No wonder her husband is not happy. But given who her father is…he’d be kind of crazy to cheat, too.

Mi Soo drives out to the orphanage where she is happily greeted by the children asking if she brought cookies. Of course she did! She takes out a large box and hands it over. She then goes inside where Kyung Soo is handing over a donation from his law firm. He is only sorry that it is not a large amount. The headmistress tells him she will spend it well for the children before she happily greets Mi Soo. Kyung Soo, of course, is surprised to see Mi Soo there as is Mi Soo to see him. They greet one another and the headmistress asks if they know each other. Mi Soo says sort of and then hands over a present before leaving the two alone to finish their conversation as she visits the children.

After Mi Soo leaves, the headmistress opens the box and it is stuffed full of cookies…that make me REALLY hungry for cookies now. LOL. Kyung Soo is surprised. Did that woman make them herself? The headmistress replies that she did. She then says Mi Soo has a good heart. Normally people are busy hiding they are from and orphanage, but not Mi Soo. She comes regularly and brings the children cookies and spends time with all of them so that the kids look forward to her visit. This really surprises Kyung Soo. He also realizes that Mi Soo was telling the truth about making cookies for “her children.”

When he goes outside, Mi Soo is happily playing with the kids. One little boy invites him to come play soccer and Mi Soo is invited as well. The adults are having as much fun as the kids at they play. It’s a really cute and touching scene. When Mi Soo acts just like a kid when she scores a goal, Kyung Soo can’t help but smile. Afterward, he comes to find Mi Soo putting ointment on a her ankle. Is she okay? Mi Soo replies she is fine and Kyung Soo tells her to apply more ointment. They then both reach for the ointment at the same time, hands brushing. Awkward moment. Kyung Soo takes his hand away while Mi Soo finishes tending her wound.

Kyung Soo asks if she is okay after her accident. Mi Soo replies that she is and that relieves him to hear. He then goes to tell her what traffic law 17-2 is, but Mi Soo beats him to the punch and he laughs. Looks like she looked it up after she realized she used a made up law in front of a lawyer ( the real law has something to do with a police commissioner helping with traffic). Mi Soo then laughs as well. Kyung Soo then tells her that her cookies were really tasty. Mi Soo smiles and thanks him and bends over to put a band aid on her ankle.

Mi Soo heads home where Kyung Soo follows behind her. She recalls their first meeting and their second and smiles happily. Meanwhile, Kyung Soo is thinking of their second meeting and smiling happily as well. It’s starting!

Myung Ja hands over a huge project to Min Jae who refuses as he’s busy enough as he is. Myung Ja scolds him for being childish. He needs to man up and prove himself to the board or else he will be pushed from his position. She has even got Na Young to help him. Yeah, that doesn’t make him feel any better. Min Jae then calls home and lets Mi Soo know about the big project and the overtime—he even says he won’t be coming home since he needs to work. Mi Soo tells him he should at least come home to sleep as she worries over him.

Na Young visits Min Jae’s office with materials she’s collected since her days of studying abroad in the US. It’s late and Mi Soo arrives with some food for her husband. Meanwhile, Min Jae is dozing in his office. Na Young sees this and helps him settle in more comfortably. Na Young then vows to take everything from Hong Eun Soo since that girl stole the life she was supposed to live. Na Young then gets up and leans. Min Jae’s eyes snap open and he recalls Na Young’s sexy stretching. Na Young leans in to kiss him, but he moves his head and tries to push her away. It’s at this time that Mi Soo arrives and from her perspective it looks like the two are making out. End episode.

Looks like things are going downhill from now on. It’s all happening so fast that it’s hard to believe how long this drama is supposed to be. But still…I’m loving it. It’s not quite as cheesy as Smile, Donghae and even though it’s very melodramatic, it doesn’t seem overdone or overwhelmingly so. And…I must say I absolutely LOVE the leading male Go Se Won. And he only does daily dramas really.

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