C-Clown Releases “Shaking Heart” MV

Ah, malaise did overcome me. Not enough energy to go through and take the 2-3 hours to recap an hour-long drama episode tonight. So… a shoutout to one of my favorite rookie groups from 2012 – C-Clown. Their first new release of 2013 is “Shaking Heart.” I like how there is a balance between somewhat of a story mixed with their dancing in the music video.

When I first heard this song, I thought, “Wow. It’s different.” By that, I mean different from their previous releases of “Solo” and “Far Away Young Love” in the sound and style. It’s good and they do well. Rome’s English rap isn’t stilted or throwing off the rhythm of the song like is want to happen in a lot of kpop with native English speakers, so yay!

Watching the video, I got a surprise with some of the member’s new looks. Ok. Mainly Ray’s. They did a sandyish blonde which shocked me. I was used to dark brown/black. Not a style I’d thought I’d see on him. My favorite part of this song has to be TK’s rap parts. Why? Heehee. NeeNee’s bias in C-Clown is TK, although I love all the rest of them equally. There’s just something about TK that just stands out to me.

I do find it amusing that C-Clown’s releases are never quite happy. I think the song “Solo” was about regretting a breakup. I’m half asleep now, so I could possibly be remembering wrong. And then “Far Away Young Love” was about liking a girl but being too afraid to confess for fear she’ll leave you en toto, thus you’re stuck watching her with a guy you know is wrong. And then with this song, this girl treats a guy badly, but he can’t stop himself from being drawn to her and being hurt all over again. Wonder what a cheerful release and video would be like?

So, anywho. Enjoy their latest release! I plan on buying their album… when my bills for the month have finally been paid. I hate the time of the month when all your bills come due. Being an adult sucks sometime.


  • Are you covering Kazoku Game?

  • C-Clown is alright!! I prefer my *SHINee & Rain Bi <3……..Aloha kakahiaka kakou ❤

    • Hmm, Infinite and SS501 shall always have special places in my heart 😛 I do like SHINee, too, and Bi is…Bi. He’s an entity unto himself in his awesomeness.

  • Aww, I like C-Clown. 🙂 Been following them (sort of) since I heard Far Away… Young Love. I already have this new song, and listen to it on repeat every other day. My goal over the next month is to learn ALL their names, and adding them to my ‘fledgling fandom status’ xD They’ve got grrreat potential. I’m already stalking all their live performances for this new song. 1 – is the song good, check. 2 – can they sing live and still be awesome, check. I’m in!

    • I like C-Clown. Yep, yep. I remember being impressed by how well they performed their debut stages for “Solo” but it wasn’t until “Far Away… Young Love” that I really fell for them and followed them religiously. I have their songs playing on my iPod daily. I can tell you all of their names now 😀 That’s one of the hardest parts of kpop, even with smaller groups – remembering everyone’s name.

      I know, that’s my standard, too. I’ll watch an MV and think that a group might be good and then I watch the live performance. I can forgive first stage jitters or a bad performance or two, but some groups never perform live well so I was very impressed. I don’t think they had a performance that disappointed me yet.

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