Spring Love Episode 9 Recap

Whoohoo! Caught up. Sort of. When I get episode 10 up, then I’m officially caught up.

So Tai and the Long household frantically search for Ren Mei who can’t handle their kindness and would rather take their wrath (since it was her brother behind everything) and has run away. They don’t know where she has gone considering she vowed not to go back home since she didn’t have the courage to scold Ren Hu. They spend all night looking, but no Ren Mei. Tai goes back out alone with no rest, annoying Wenzi who realizes when Tai breaks down and says he already lost his mom and can’t lose Ren Mei, too, that Tai is in love with Ren Mei. Lao Tu goes to report the matter to the police and Long goes to tell Granny Zhao.

At the Zhao hot springs, Zhao is livid to learn that Ren Mei went missing while in Long’s care. Long tells her it was all just a big misunderstanding and that Ren Mei is taking responsibility for a matter that did not involve her at all. When he goes to tell her about what happened, Ren Hu enters and hastily cuts him off. In fact, every time Long tries to say the truth, Ren Hu bursts in. The younger man says his grandmother suffers from high blood pressure and Long must stop pestering her. They are aware of the situation and he is certain Ren Mei is fine. Long calls him cold blooded. Ren Hu states he is just calm. Noticing that Zhao has no idea what her grandson has done, Long keeps mum on it to avoid hurting her and apologizes for Ren Mei going missing.

Afterward, Zhao learns from her assistant that Tai came over with two people the other night and caused a big commotion. She demands to know what happened. Zhao then immediately seeks out her grandson and condemns his behavior. Ren Hu believes that the ends justify the means since the Zhaos and Longs have always been enemies. Zhao doesn’t believe this at all. She believes that a fight, especially involving business, should be fair and above board. Moreover, how could Ren Hu completely ignore his baby sister’s situation? Ren Hu’s response? What does it matter since he’s her favorite? Aiyo. Just when he showed a smidgen of concern over the missing Ren Mei, he has to say that.

Granny Zhao is shocked. Ren Hu then says that whenever he was bullied or troubled, she took care of him and stood up for him and defended him. When his parents died, she was all he had left. Besides, with granny’s treatment of Ren Mei, doesn’t she hate his baby sister? Zhao replies that both of her grandchildren are equal in her heart. She was only strict with Ren Mei as she knows Ren Mei’s character is weak. She then vows that she will not let Ren Hu bully his little sister any longer and leaves the room. Put that in your pipe and smoke it! Poor Granny Zhao is one step away from a heart attack or stroke because of her grandchildren. She wonders when Ren Hu became so heartless and prays nothing bad happens to her granddaughter.

Meanwhile, Tai finds the place the village head was talking about where Ren Mei might have gone to visit her parents. Tai finds her bag and a rope. He yells out for Ren Mei and says he will never forgive her if she does something stupid and harms herself. He then yells to the sky that he can’t take losing anyone else and demands that he get Ren Mei back. And there is Ren Mei right behind him. The idiot girl asks why he is there, what’s wrong, and who did he lose. She then shows him her mother’s favorite flower that she found and picked. Tai says nothing and grabs her for another kiss. Ren Mei’s flowers drop to the forest floor, forgotten. What a loooooong kiss scene. LOL. It’s not the horribly fake scenes either which would be painful to watch.

Mike He

After the kiss, Ren Mei puts flowers on her parents grave and tells Tai that this is the first time she has ever visited. She always made excuses every time her grandmother wanted to visit so her grandmother stopped asking. Isn’t she unfilial? Actually she refused to go as this way she could pretend her parents weren’t really dead. She, of course, blames herself for the accident even though it really wasn’t her fault. Tai puts his arm around her and says that her parents in heaven must be happy their children weren’t in the car as well. He is also certain they want Ren Mei to live her life happily and not riddled with guilt. They then leave to head back to the Long house.

Meanwhile, Zhao is frantic since there is still no news of the missing Ren Mei. She is also feeling rather guilty about how horribly she treated her granddaughter over the years. She decides to go out and look for Ren Mei herself. Her assistant tries to get her to bring along Ren Hu (who is eavesdropping), but Zhao angrily says there is no need as she will personally handle all matters regarding Ren Mei.

Tai and Ren Mei are heading home and Ren Mei wonders if Tai technically confessed to her. But what about Wenzi? Tai tells her to hurry back since it is getting dark and they don’t want to get lost. Ren Mei says he’s going the wrong direction, but Tai doesn’t think Ren Mei is right. However, he chooses to believe her and it does turn out they went the wrong way. However, Ren Mei does find another small hot spring. They go back and it starts clouding up. Looks like rain is on the way. They get into the forest and it starts pouring. They make a run for it, but Ren Mei slips and twists her ankle. Tai quickly piggybacks her to a nearby cave.

Tai asks after her ankle and Ren Mei says it is painful. She then shivers. The girl is cold. Tai immediately demands she take off her clothes since they are soaked through. She got sick once already and has just recovered—does she wish to fall ill again. Tail strips his clothes off first (just the top half) and Ren Mei reluctantly follows suit as Tai gathers wood from the cave to build a fire. He accidentally looks up and sees the half naked Ren Mei. This takes him aback, but he quickly gathers his wits and tells her to help find things to make a fire.

Tai tries rubbing to rocks together, but can’t get a spark to save his life. If things continue at this rate, they really will freeze to death in that deserted cave. Tai gets angry and throws the stones. He then finds a lighter in his pocket. He had confiscated it from Xiao Xiang earlier when she was trying to smoke at the hot springs. He thanks her and quickly lights a fire.

Meanwhile, Zhao is in the car and begging the driver to think about any place where Ren Mei would go. Her assistant tries to get Zhao to calm down, but to no avail. The assistant then says that Ren Mei only ever stayed home, thus they have no idea where the girl would go. Zhao calls for them to stop the car and says that since Ren Mei is a simple and innocent girl, what if she runs into bad people? She then gets out of the car and goes to the village head’s office in order to make a plea over the town’s PA system for everyone to stop what they are doing and help her find her missing granddaughter. How come its raining where Ren Mei and Tai is, but not in the town?

Tai massages Ren Mei’s sore ankle and she expresses surprise at him knowing how to do things besides studying. Tai says he hated studying and only did so because of his teacher. Then how was his grades so exceptional? Whoops. Tai quickly says it was just a joke—he had forgotten he was supposed to be Tian He and not himself. Ren Mei then asks how he knew where to find her. Tai counters and asks if she really went to the woods to kill herself. Ren Mei quickly refutes this and asks if that is what Tai sought her out so frantically. Tai tries to brush the matter off and Ren Mei thanks him for finding her. For a long time she’s felt like she was falling in a black hole, but thanks to him, it feels like someone threw her a lifeline, thus it doesn’t matter if he only pities and feels sympathy for her.

Tai cocks his head to the side. Sympathize? Why would he sympathize with her? Where does Ren Mei need his sympathy? Ren Mei then reveals she overheard his conversation and quickly stops talking and tells him to never mind, she probably misheard. Tai can’t believe her treatment of him was just because of this. Ren Mei then stutters over her words as she tries to explain about the matter and her confusion. Tai, getting annoyed, calls her an idiot and says that it means he likes her. His confession seems to not only startle Ren Mei, but himself as well. He then starts massaging her ankle again. Awkward silence.

Ren Mei then asks what they shall do about Wenzi. Tai wonders what their relationship has to do with Wenzi. Ren Mei asks if they are dating and Tai quickly says that they are of course not dating. Looks like Ren Mei misunderstand again. Tai says that Wenzi is only his friend and the closest thing to a little sister. He vowed to always take care of her. He then says that he never knew what love was until Ren Mei. The girl smiles and tells him that she never imagined he could like her.

Ren Mei then talks about Tian He’s popularity in school—all the girls had a crush on him. She then mentions how he was seriously ill in his senior year. Of course this is news to Tai. Ren Mei can’t believe Tai would forget such a serious thing. He collapsed and needed a blood transfusion in order to make it. The problem is that his blood type is extremely rare (RH-). Long went around begging people to donate, but no match was found. The village head then recalled the former head of the Zhao family had the same blood type, so Long went to Granny Zhao to beg her help, but since their families were enemies, Zhao refused.

A brief pause. It’s a life or death matter. Sure, there may be enmity between your families, but would you let a young person die over such a (petty) matter? I’m a bit shocked that granny Zhao would really refuse to help over such a serious matter.

Ok. Done ranting. So, Ren Mei secretly snuck out and begged the nurse and doctor to keep it a secret so she could help Tian He by donating blood. When she heard that he woke up, she was so happy and secretly watched him. That was when Tian He found her binging in the hospital. Since she had given so much blood, she was very dizzy and plus they were throwing out the leftover food given to blood donors, so Ren Mei was tucking in. Lo and behold she ran into Tian He. Even though Tian He scolded her, she felt very happy as she could only look on him from afar since childhood. This story does not make Tai happy at all. That means Ren Mei has loved his brother secretly since childhood.

Yes, because since childhood, Ren Mei noticed his heart disease. We then cut to a flashback of Ren Mei seeing Tian He on a bridge out in the rain complaining about how he hates living people and dead people. From that day on Ren Mei didn’t think he could have any love in her heart. Who would think Tian He would come to love her? Tai turns away, unhappy to realize the girl he loves is in love with his brother. He had forgotten she saw him as Tian He and not Tai. He curses himself for being an idiot. Tai then says its time to go back.

The two return and at first Zhao looks happy, but then she kind of looks very angry. Ren Mei apologizes for making everyone worry. The village head says that it was Zhao who worried the most and we flashback to her plea for help before cutting to Ren Mei going up to her grandmother and apologizing. Zhao’s response? She slaps Ren Mei and starts scolding her for acting like a child and ruining the Zhao family’s reputation. Zhao then walks out and Xiao Xiang comes up to comfort her. Zhao was just angry because she was really worried. Ren Mei holds her cheek and says she is very happy to realize just how much her grandmother cares about her.

At the Long house, they celebrate Ren Mei’s safe return. The group is all merry, but Long does tell Ren Mei seriously to talk things out first before running away like that again. Ren Mei quickly agrees. Enter Wenzi and things get a bit awkward. Wenzi toasts her with three wine glasses for coming home safely and having Tian He go out looking for her the whole day. Wenzi also pours Ren Mei a glass. Ren Mei wonders if Wenzi already knows what happened with Tian He. But she does decide to drink Wenzi’s glasses of wine even though Ren Mei can’t handle alcohol. The girls keep drinking and everyone else keeps watching in worry and telling them to stop.

Ren Mei then quickly becomes drunk and starts seeing multiple people. She nearly collapses and Tai quickly catches her. Then up stands Wenzi and she fake collapses onto Tai, too. Tai quickly calls for help. He leaves Wenzi to Ah Pan and picks up Ren Mei to take back to her room. This hurts Wenzi’s feelings even more. Xiao Xiang watches all of this with a knowing look.

Tai takes Ren Mei to her room and tucks her into bed. He becomes sad when she calls out Tian He’s name and says she likes him. He then goes to Wenzi’s room and asks if she’s okay. Wenzi is sitting all depressed. Tai goes over and touches her shoulder, and calls her Atsuko (her Japanese name). Wenzi turns and hugs him and begs him to not fall for Ren Mei. It’s too late for that, but Wenzi must understand that he can never be with Ren Mei since she has someone else she likes. Wenzi then asks for Tai to be with her. Tai says he has told her many times already that he cannot be with her in that way. This angers and hurts Wenzi who yells at him to get out.

Wenzi then goes to the drunk Ren Mei’s room. Ren Mei says she can’t drink any more. Wenzi ignores this and asks if Ren Mei likes Long Tian He. Ren Mei apologizes as she knows Wenzi likes Tian He, too. Wenzi quickly says that its not surprising that Ren Mei thinks this, but she doesn’t like Tian He at all. Wenzi likes someone else. Wenzi then warns Ren Mei away from Tai as he is not her Long Tian He. Ren Mei doesn’t get it. Then who is Tian He if he is not Tian He? Wenzi goes to confess the big secret, but Tai enters and tells her to say no more. Does she know what she’s doing? Wenzi (in Japanese) replies they can be together if Ren Mei knows the truth and walks out.

Tai follows and demands to know why Wenzi broke her promise to keep his secret. Wenzi says that basically since the ending is inevitable and Tai keeps burying his head in the sand, then she had to take action for Ren Mei to learn the truth (since Ren Mei likes Tian He and not Tai). Wenzi also says that she has never NOT gotten anything she wanted so she refuses to believe that Tai doesn’t love her. She leaves and out comes Long—he overheard everything. Tai says that since Wenzi let the cat out of the bag to Ren Mei, he will clarify everything to Ren Mei later. Long forbids this since Ren Mei was drunk and probably won’t remember. Tian He is coming back at the end of the month, Tai just needs to stay strong until then.

This angers Tai. So, after all, their father only cares about Tian He and never cares about Tai. Long isn’t considering just how hard it is for Tai to pretend to be his brother, does he? Tai says he also has feelings and feels hurt and sad. He doesn’t want to be anyone’s shadow and wants everyone to know he is Long Tai, not Long Tian He. Long reminds Tai that he plans on returning to Japan and thus why Tai is pretending. Tai demands to know if his father really thinks he would return so quickly. Or is it that Long hopes to be rid of Tai and the unsightly past? This shocks Long. He tries to tell Tai he has no such intentions, but Tai cuts him off. Isn’t Tian He the only he cares for? Long then thinks to himself about whether or not Tai really wishes to remain there or not. Instead of saying this out loud, he only says he hopes to repay Tai someday. Tai, fighting back tears, says that once a mirror is broken, you can’t hide the cracks. He’s an adult now and his mother is gone—its too late for everything now. Long promises that it is only for one more month and he will definitely clear things up when Tian He comes back. Tai refuses this and says it doesn’t matter any more and walks away.

Tai returns to his older brother’s room and catches sight of the photographs. He angrily picks up the photo and scolds his brother for leaving him behind to take his place, get a lover and new friends. He throws the photograph down on the couch and wonders why they must have the same face. He really hates that face now. Meanwhile, Long goes out to the cherry tree and asks if he really is being selfish and not taking Tai’s feelings into account at not being able to reveal himself. He again asks for trust and says he will definitely reveal the truth when Tian He comes back. It’s been 20 years already and he has much to make up for. Can his youngest son ever forgive him?

Xiao Xiang is going to her room when she hears a commotion in Wenzi’s. She goes over and asks if the younger girl is acting like a crazy drunk now. Wenzi opens the door and says she isn’t in a good mood and to leave her alone. Xiao Xiang asks if it has something to do with Long Tian He. Wenzi tells her to butt out. Xiao Xiang doesn’t talk of interfering just that Wenzi should already know where Tian He’s heart lies. Wenzi doesn’t care. She only cares about who she likes. She goes to shut her door, but Xiao Xiang stops her. Men don’t like clingy girls. They like women they can’t get. If Wenzi continues to cling to Tian He, he will never like her. Wenzi gets angry and slams the door. Or as much as you can slam a sliding door 😛

The next day Wenzi recalls the conversation and thinks that Xiao Xiang is right. If she leaves, Tai will most definitely follow. However…she doesn’t have a passport or money. At a time like this, it would be great if her dad was there. We then cut to Japan where Kenji is viciously scolding his man. He sends them off and answers his phone, his manner changing immediately into that of a doting father. Wenzi asks if she good enough. Of course she is, she’s the best. Wenzi says he’s only saying this because she’s his daughter, others don’t think that way. Kenji then asks if Tai has been bullying her. Wenzi says that Tai has not been bullying her. If that’s the case…are they doing well? Wenzi lies and says that everything is fine. She tears up and says she will be home soon and hangs up. Kenji doesn’t know whether to believe her or not that she will come home soon. Wenzi cries and wishes to go home even more now that she has heard her father’s voice.

The drunk Ren Mei wakes up with a horrible hangover and wonders how much she drank that she can’t remember anything. She hits her head softly and then recalls Wenzi’s words from the previous night. End episode.

Previews for episode 10 really make it seem like the drama is winding down as Tai does all he can to be with Ren Mei before his older brother returns. It shall be an interesting episode.

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